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Eczema help - Brisbanehomeopath

My daughter has developed a flare up of eczema in the last couple month. Its continued to worsen with time. At first it was just 2 red blotches on her backs of her knees than blotches formed on her insides of her elbows and her eatting (right) arm has developed the most severe rash with pimplely like blisters. SHe has always had a little rash on this arm from foods running down her arm during feeding time. She is now 19 months old and up until now hasnt really had problem skin. She has had a small dry spot here and there during the winter that lotion worked on right away and had cradle cap as an infant which went away with coconut oil treatment. I had originally tried coconut oil on this eczema but it seemed to make the flare ups more red and didnt really improve or releive the condition. I have also tried many lotions and creams and the only thing that is currently helping is EMU oil and a topical cream with all natural healing oils etc. She is a very active child and loves being outside but sweating can make it worse as bathing too. Playing in the ocean seems to help but it will look red right after getting out, since any water contact does turn it red no matter what.

This seemed to come on in the heat of spring and after spending time rolling on the beach sand as well as eatting lots of strawberrys in early spring, which I cut off over a month ago. I have suspected dairy and gluten and detergents as an issue and have restricted all of those things but without much proof. Just suspicion. Its only been a week since I did remove and it seems that we have it in check now with a little improvement from time to time but very slow progress and flares that often take us a couple steps back. She has been very restless at night and wanting to nurse nearly all night long if I let her. She itches around 3am every night where I often have to distract her or reapply her cream. She is in a very needy stage where she always wants to be doing things or have what she wants right away or she gets upset probably due to this rash that is getting on her nerves so to speak. I have tried Sulphur without any improvement, it just seemed to actually make her warm and her spots seemed to get inflamed and fevered afterwards. I have eczema that developed after a round of vaccinations 8mo before her conception and never had it before. I only get it on hands mainly and sometimes on the legs but only in little itchy bumps. Mine seems more to be contact related. Specifically glycerin heavy soaps and harsh detergents. I am looking for some ideas to try to help her restore her immune sys to its proper fuctioning.

Thanks so much!!!!!!!
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  greenmama on 2011-06-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
try weekly one dose of rhus tox 200 report after 4 dose...

dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Thanks for the response...what if I can only get a lower potency at my local health food store? I'm thinking they dont sell 200 there but 30c most likely
greenmama last decade
I could not find 200 potency for the Rhus tox all they had was 6c so I gave her 1 dose of 5 tabs daily for 2 days. Her eczema is better however now there seems to be a secondary rash of bumps that look like they might be something else, possibly infection, and they seem to spread from one place to the next place she scratches. She seems better but still itchy and restless and likes to be carried and nursed ALOT! Any idea what I should do next. I'm thinking she has a mild bacterial infection from scratching. No other symptoms. I am giving her baths with 1 cup vinegar at night.
greenmama last decade
Any ideas what to do next. The bumps are skin colored and barely there unless you run your hands over them, they are near the clearing spots of eczema. Should I have continued with the Rhus tox? She seemed to get a calm about her when I administered it this weekend, it at first would make the spots of eczema slightly pinker but they would slowly subside and look better. These little bumps are new though and they actually remind me of how this all started, the bumps were the very first symptom then came the eczema and her arm is by far the worst spot since it has weeped. This weekend after giving the remedy the arm looked the worst and weeped and shed its skin and became new looking but is starting to go back the way it was. I just dont know if the 6c 5 tabs each day was the right dosage. Any ideas?
greenmama last decade
Ok last night I administered 3 tabs of 6c Rhus tox in hopes to clear up her remaining spots. So this morning she woke and the worst spot that almost looked like it had been infected is peeling or shedding skin which makes it a little itchy for her. Is this the result I am looking for? Last time this happened new skin came from underneath that was healthy but then it appear that the infection/eczema took over some of it again and I had stopped the rhus tox. SO someone please give me advice...do I continue with another dose today or stop and wait. LOOKING for advice PLEASE! :(
greenmama last decade
How is she today?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
today her eczema was inflamed the worst its been in over a week. Her arm which is the worst spot got dry peeled and then is red. So I am stopping the rhus tox since it seems to make things worse and we were actually going in the right direction before without any homeopathy but with topical natural cream with diet changes and lots of ocean time. Makes me leary of trying any new remedys since both that I have tried have worsened her condition. :( Thanks for asking. I was beginning to wonder if anyone was going to respond.
greenmama last decade
I would be willing to try and help you out if you are willing to go through the process of analyzing and prescribing in a more careful homoeopathic manner.

If you have become too cautious now to try that I understand.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I am open to your suggestions. However I want to be very careful and not give her something that may cause things to get much worse again. This morning her arm is oozing so I put some Hydro. perox. on it to kill bacteria and then some emu oil to help with inflamation. Her arm is very different than all the rest, it cracks, flakes, oozes/weeps at times where all the other spots behind her knees are smooth and just speckled red dots at time under the skin that itch a little from time to time and have healed into smaller spots with white spots covering the area that use to be eczema. She is still very restless and impatient, she has a desire for pickles and cookies all the time. The chlorine pools do seem to worsen it if she goes too often. However the ocean seems to make it better. Let me know what information you need.
greenmama last decade
1. What exactly happens? Eczema rash behind knees came on first then spread to insides of arms and forearm at the onset of warmer weather and spring time. She also had been experiencing constipation issues prior to this for 5 months in which she had a reoccurance of anal fissure that would come and go. I wonder if it isnt all related with the constipation starting not long after solid foods became a larger part of her diet. This has also caused her to become less compliant with potty time. prior to the contipation she was going 50%-90% on the potty for pees and poops. During the constipation she would not want to sit on the potty at all. Affraid of the pain. Since going gluten free the constipation and fissure is gone and back to pooping on the potty happily. Peeing is a different story, she doesnt have the patience these days.

2. Describe all sensations and pains. Each pain or sensation should be described in such a way that allows us to imagine having the same pain.
She itches when shes idle and at times the areas seem warmer than the rest of her skin, she is restless due to the itch, it seems intense when her arm is weeping, like she just can't NOT scratch. She likes to stay moving due to this itch and irritation, so she is always going or wanting to leave the house. When she was experiencing constipation she would cry when she had to poop and her face would turn beat red as if she was pushing as hard as she could and it was barely coming out. The stool wasnt always super firm but it was very hard for her to push out anyhow. And the fissure would cause her to scream in pain when it would tear. Again the digestive issues have resolved with the diet changes.

3. What causes the problem to get worse after it has started occurring?
Eating gluten, Warmth, sweat, water, the pool and becoming upset and crying make the eczema worse. Eatting too much bread product seemed to increase the constipation issue as well as the fissure. Teething also made the constipation worse.

4. What creates some relief for the problem?
Staying active and distraction as well as natural cream topically soothe it as well as cold compresses. her arm is different though and weeps at times so not much really improves it. However the Rhus tox did seem to clear it up somewhat. Her arm seems to be something in addition to the eczema, like a secondary infection on top.

5. What triggers the problem into occuring?
The eczema came on at the end of her teething her eye teeth as well as the spring warm up season she also ingested MANY strawberrys and went and played on the sand at the beach right around the same time it was triggered. Also was eatting more cheddar cracker snacks at the time on her outdoor adventures. No other food or environment changes were noted. The teething did cause her stress and sleep was very much disturbed. It still has not gone back to normal since we rolled from one issue into this one.

6. What time of the day or night does the problem occur?
The rash is better in the mornings and progresses worse during the day so it is often the worst when she finally goes to bed. We have gotten it to subside twice in the 2 months shes had it for a couple days where I thought it was leaving her finally, but then it returned quickly. So strange, it was like her body was beating it but then something got the upper hand.
7. When did the problem start? What was happening in her life at that time? Did some specific event or treatment take place just before the problem started?
Teething, spring time, strawberry season, rolling in the sand at the beach, warmer weather, sweating, eatting more crackers.

As well as this, please describe any traumatic incidents that have taken place in her life. Discuss anything that has had a lasting impact on him mentally, emotionally or physically.
She had reflux as an infant that I cured with dairy elimination, she has also had bouts of constipation after turning 1 and eating more solid food and she has had anal fissures that would heal and reoccur. This had been happening for 6 months before this issue. But has seemed to resolve itself somewhat when eliminating breads.

Discuss the way that he manages or deals with her problems, or any problems that occur in her life.
She gets very frustrated when she cant solve a problem and will get impatient and throw whatever it is or scream or cry for us to help. She has her daddys patience. She likes to keep busy and do things constantly and doesnt like to sit still for long except for mornings in bed. The rest of the time she wants to GO somewhere and see things and do stuff. Bike rides are her therapy in a way, its like she can sit still but still be doing things and relaxes and sometimes falls asleep. She loves outside and nature and loves animals but doesnt really like to pet them, just to look at them.

Discuss any patterns you have noticed in her behavior especially concerning his disease.
She gets frustrated when I ask her not to itch and also doesnt have the patience to sit still long enough for me to apply creams or oils to her skin. She arches and cries and screams. Shes very stubborn and demanding at times. She doesnt listen to NO and will always push the limit which I guess is typical toddler. She isnt sleeping well and will nurse all night long if I allow it. As soon as she finds that she is not nursing while sleeping, she sits up and insists on it or cries and throws a fit. This eczema has brought on this sleep trouble since prior to this she was getting very close to sleeping through the night without any nursing or only one small session.

Discuss any part of his life where he seems stuck or unable to change and grow, especially where this occurred around the beginning of his disease, or as the disease evolved.
Her sleep has never been great due to long teething periods. SHe has never slept through the night ever. And now due to the rash she will wake and cry or scream with frustration when she has found herself asleep without nursing. So she is constantly nursing at night to soothe herself.

Describe her childhood and the kind of environment she grew up in, with reference to his relationships with his family, his school experiences, and any serious childhood diseases. Happy childhood, she stays at home with daddy and they explore and are on the move contantly, she loves being outside and its what she prefers. Also always wants to go go go never stay and relax at the house, its just too boring for her. She loves bike riding and its probably her favorite thing. She has become very clingy lately and has started to insist sitting in our laps to eat for dinner. She just seems to need a lot of attention and will not play by herself for very long without fussing.

1. The specific foods that he craves (not just like) or hates
cookies and sweets are often asked for along with fruit and sometimes asks for pickles. But she will often want to try whatever someone else is eatting even if she doesnt like it. Shes curious

2. The specific drinks that he craves or hates loves water but its all she knows besides breastmilk, wants baba breast milk ALL the time, its gotten so now she even asks her daddy for BABA much more.
3. What her sleep is like - its terrible with her waking 3-6 times a night, but if she is nursing she will not wake.

4. How the weather and the temperature affects him. She kicks covers off a lot at night, so she seems more warm blooded where I am the opposite.

5. What kinds of things in the environment she is particularly sensitive to. Gluten it seems, she also doesnt like it when a room is dark and I ask her to go into it alone, but I think I created that monster when I turn lights on and tell her not to go into it as a way to keep her out of an area I dont want her to mess with.

6. What is her general level of energy is like
shes high energy and loves to go, she will be constantly moving when she is nursing during the day. And if confronted with nothing to do will insist to go on a bike ride or to the park or just outside in general. She also will go go go and never stop to nap and usually has to be going in order to nap. She will nurse to sleep but if that isnt available she will only sleep on the go, like in the car or while bike riding. She cant keep still long enough to fall asleep on her own.

9. Also give these details

a) Body type and build
slim and tall and muscular because she is very athletic and can lift heavy things

b) Skin colour and texture light brown hair with strawberry tint, fare/medium skin - tans easily, soft skin but will burn innitially

c) Areas of the body tends
to perspire on
head when outside or has a hat on but never really noticed a lot of sweat, she is warmer in the behind the knee region also
d) Odour of sweat, body, stool, flatus, urine no real odor, smells like outdoors usually and doesnt have a lot of smelly gas

e) Colour of stool, urine, sweat
regular brown sometimes dark brown with some small peices of foods with tougher skins like peppers and tomatoes and beans and nuts and pee is light colored depends on food consumed

10. Give any reactions to vaccines or medical drugs. none given

11. Please describe the pregnancy in great detail, noting any problems or symptoms you had. Most important are any strange or unusual symptoms that vanished after your child's birth, or any symptoms that you experienced which your child now shows.
I had my first issue with eczema while pregnant I got it on my arm, forearm and it itched like crazy. It resolved somewhat in the summer time. My pregnancy was pretty easy although at the end I was in labor (false intense labor) for 3 days before admitted and induced and delivered. Although actually child birth was fairly smooth.
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greenmama last decade
We actually saw an improvement in all her spots today so I am putting homeopathy on hold to see if it continues. I will post again if I see no futher improvement...thanks brisbanehomeopath
greenmama last decade
Ok we are back from vacation and introduced her back to dairy which showed little response but then introduced her to gluten and her arm flared up red and itchy and weepy and terribly uncomfortable for her to sleep as she itched til she bled all night. My poor baby. So I am wondering if there is any rememdy that may help her heal from exposure to gluten and what we might be able to do about it. Please let me know if you need more information. She actually had started to heal up while on vacation. I also noticed a mood change when she had gluten, she became naughty and hyper, moving from one destruction to another so fast I had a hard time fixing what she tore into last before she tore up something else or got into more trouble. Shes normally not like this but is very active and doesnt heed to NO.
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greenmama last decade
greenmama last decade
Is she still improving?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
she improved dramatically over vacation with her worst spot on her arm healing 75% and not feeling like sand paper anymore. but then we gave her regular bread (gluten) on the last morning of vacation and within 8-10 hours her arm flared up red and she scratched it till it got swollen and bled a little. So now she is healing slowly with applications of shea butter and another natural creme. Last night her little arm was red still and hot to touch from the agrivation. but less itchy. She also was not in chlorine pools for a week which I think helped things heal faster, I dont think she is allergic to chlorine I just think its drying on her skin and harsh when her skin is raw or reacting to something she ate. We have an allergist appointment in a couple months but I dont have high hopes for that since we are stripping gluten out now it will not test properly at that time. But I refuse to give her something that will cause her that much pain and irritation when it seems so obvious.
greenmama last decade
Do you feel comfortable to just take her off gluten to treat the skin?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I think that's the right thing to do right now, I just didn't know if there was something that could speed her recovery from the exposure that wouldn't hinder things. Its obvious things are starting to clear up, her arm is still in bad shape but its getting ready to go through the shedding of the irritated skin phase which means new skin is on the other side that will hopefully stay new looking. I'm just making sure to soap up (mild of course) her inflamed skin every night to keep bacteria at bay since its at the stage where it could easily fall into infection like it has in the past. I kinda wonder if I have gluten sensitivity myself since I have occasional spot of eczema here and there at times. Maybe my intollerance isnt as bad as hers. Thanks for listening :)
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greenmama last decade
Well I think it is prudent to see how far withdrawing her from gluten takes her towards cure, and whatever is left can be dealt with via homoeopathy. Keep us informed :)
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Ok so its been a week gluten free again, and all spots seem better except for her arm which has continued to be the worst spot, however during the week of vacation after taking 3 tabs of rhus tox had nearly healed completely but when introduced to gluten at the end of vacation the spot now is back to the way it was and not showing much improvement from day to day. I gave her the Rhus tox on thursday before vacation, I saw agrivation that weekend and then spontaneous clearing of the spot Mon - friday that followed. Could this have been the working of the rhus tox. Obviously after we introduced gluten again we ruined any of the healing that was done. Do you think I should give her less this time since I saw innitial aggrivation that caused her skin to open up and then weep and peel. What are you recommendations. I gave her 3 tabs of 6c, maybe just try 1 this time? Let me know your thoughts.
greenmama last decade
The real issue here is her gluten intolerance. That needs to be healed since the skin condition only seems to be a reaction to it. The allergy will be part of a deeper problem too from a homoeopathic perspective. While the rhus-tox seems good for healing up the lesions, it would be probably be a good idea to look at increasing her level of health so she doesn't remain restricted by her diet.

Are there any other differences in her behaviour or symptoms since removing the gluten?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
her skin symptoms have improved, however she still remains super needy and wants to nurse ALL the time for comfort. Its like there is something secondary occuring on the arm that is the worse like there is another type of infection there, maybe not just eczema. Like infection or bacterial on top of the eczema. The mild soap wash every night seems to keep it from getting worse and keep it from getting the way it was when it would weep. Its just different than all the other spots and she has developed bumps on her stomach where the inside of the arm has graised the tummy like the rash transferred from the arm by contact. Strange. Thats why I wanted to try something to help get rid of whatever is on top of the eczema not letting her heal from within. Because all her other problem areas are healing up nicely. She doesnt have any signs of illness though like fever etc. Just is really needy, she doesnt want me to go to work in the morning, she actually doesnt want to stop nursing or get out of bed in the morning, she cries when I tell her I have to get a shower because she just wants to stay in bed and nurse. She isnt napping well during the day with her daddy so she wants to sleep in. I guess I should be patient, its just that my husband is not and wants instant results hes not sold its gluten but I see an obvious reaction and tie to gluten from her reaction. Not to mention that since we started gluten free her constipation and anal fissure also healed and have not returned. I'm exhausted with this eczema and mine has flared up too now, probably stress related and maybe part of getting gluten a week ago. Eczema is NOT fun! :(
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greenmama last decade
Ok let me have a look at the case you previously presented before removing the gluten.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I updated the case info with more data. I am thinking that she might have a slight case of dermatitis herpetiformis on her arm that might make it more stubborn, or possibly a bacteria that is thriving on top that need to be gotten rid of. The problem is that all antibacterial product sting too bad for me to apply on her arm and really make it flare badly and her to scream. The arm is just more bubbly and flaky and cracks and stuff. It also has little pricks of pimply looking spots that have transfered to her tummy. Let me know what you think might help.
greenmama last decade
posting to get back at top of discussion
greenmama last decade
I am sorry I have been having trouble getting into the forum to do anything here. My personal computer mysteriously stopped working, and at the same time our network at the clinic will no longer allow me to log into the ABC forums. This has severely restricted my ability to look over cases as I was mostly doing this in-between clients. I will do my best to work within those restrictions to keep up with cases here.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade

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