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To Yuliak

Glad to note that your baby is OK now.

I appreciate your kind expression of gratitude on the part I played in stabilizing his GERD with my default remedy Nat Phos 6x with Arnica 30c but as far as I can see you have not used the Arnica up to now and this is, in my opinion, the reason why your baby seems to suffer from a lack of continuous sleep which is essential at his age of 4 months.

It seems to me that even the half tablet of NP may have been an overdose and the simple solution is to reduce the dosage even more by giving him just quarter tablet or less. The fact remains that NP has actually cured him even without the Arnica which would have helped to reinforce his general state of wellbeing. I would advice you even now to give him a half teaspoonful of Arnica 30c Wet dose twice daily and you should observe that his sleeping pattern improves almost immediately after the first dose. If there is any negative response you can give him the Split dose where you will insert a teaspoonful of the Arnica into a cup of water from which you will give him a teaspoonful.

I was awaiting David's prescription for your baby with some interest as I had the impression during the past 2 days that he had convinced you that NP was virtually poisoning his (baby's) condition which you reported was getting worse even though he was not spitting up the milk. His interference with my therapy is not at all uncommon as he seems to harbour some deep grudge at the success of my therapy which types like him who are classically qualified homeopaths derisively termed 'Joepathy' in the fond hope that they could suppress my participation on this and other Homeopathic forums I have visited for the last 10 years where the successful conclusion of my Joepathy is available for scrutiny by anyone at any time. It seems to me that there may also be some tinge of jealousy on the success of my Joepathy in comparison to his classically oriented therapy.

You may perhaps not be aware that I am not a qualified Homeopath and am all of 82 years of age and the CEO of a very old family owned business organization in Colombo where I live. I have been involved with Homeopathy since 1968 first as a skeptic but after I discovered that it helped me I studied this science using the standard texts use by classical homeopaths and after experimenting in the use of remedies first on myself and later on others I have evolved what is now known as 'Joepathy' which is listed on Google and currently has over 3400 hits. Reference to my name Joe De Livera will show almost 70000 hits the majority of which are selected from the many cases that I have treated on the homeopathic forums I visit. Homeopathy to me is a Hobby to which I have dedicated the rest of my life and I treat selected patients here in Sri Lanka free of charge including the remedies.

Please feel free to address your baby's problems if any in the future on the ABC and if you feel that I can help him, I shall be glad to do so.
Joe De Livera last decade
I ordered Arnica 30c liquid dilution over the internet on Thursday. As it is made to order, it usually takes 1-2 business days for them to make it, and with the Holiday in the US on Monday, I should receive it this coming Tuesday. It is Saturday in California. At first, I just wanted to wait for the liquid dilution, but now as you mention the importance of Arnica once again, I went ahead and bought the pellets this morning. I am planning to make Arnica wet dose from the pellets today, and start giving it to my son, and when the liquid dilution arrives, I'll switch to that.

How long should I use Arnica for? Is it until I see the improvement in his sleep?

Joe, I did get the impression that you know what you are talking about when it comes to homeopathy. I did my research before I decided to contact you. I checked out numerous forums that I read from the beginning to the end where you helped people with different kinds of problems; I also checked out your website. I do believe that having professional credentials does not mean much when someone does not use the knowledge in practice on a daily basis, and when someone doesn't have a need for self-actualization in a particular field of interest, whereas it means a lot when someone desires to constantly learn more and more about a particular field, and when someone devotes half of his life to curing illnesses with homeopathic remedies. It also impresses me when someone thinks outside the box instead of just keeping it safe by staying inside. That is why it didn't matter for me that you were not a 'qualified' homeopath. I just think you are qualified enough if not more than a lot of your colleagues that hold credentials. I am genuinely thankful that there are passionate people like you out-there!
[message edited by yuliak on Sat, 02 Jul 2011 21:01:38 BST]
yuliak last decade
I gave my son a half teaspoonful of Arnica 30c Wet dose one hour ago. He started crying 20 minutes after receiving it, and I thought he was just tired so I put him down for a nap, and he keeps waking up every 5-15 minutes screaming... I believe he is very sensitive to homeopathic remedies as he did the same while taking Nat Phos. Should I give him the Split dose in the evening or should I wait until tomorrow with that? Thanks!
yuliak last decade
It is obvious that baby is hypersensitive to all remedies and perhaps also drugs and it is best to remember this fact in his future life.

The Split Dose is the answer.

Thank you for your vote of confidence in my 'Joepathy'. I hope that my detractor will take note of your comments.
Joe De Livera last decade
It is true that some people appear to overreact to every remedy they are given. This can be compensated for in the first instance by the dilution step of the split dose (the amount of water the drop is put into).

Some of my hypersensitive patients will dilute their doses into 5 cups of water - this means they put the drop into 1 cup, stir and take a teaspoon out into a 2nd cup, and repeat this until the 5th cup. Then they finally take the teaspoon into the mouth.

However, it is not necessary to do this always, as the correct remedy, the Simillimum, will also cure the oversensitivity, as it is part of their general disease state. It often needs to be worked into the big picture on which we prescribe the medicine.

General rule for any aggravation, or reaction to a remedy that is seemingly negative, is to wait until things have died down.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Update: the reflux has been gone for almost 2 weeks now!

His sleep has improved somewhat on its own. I am still waiting for Arnica 30c liquid dilution that I ordered on-line a week and a half ago... It seems like the post office lost the package, can you believe that?.. :(

Unfortunately, his stool frequency hasn't improved at all. He can go for 5-6 days without it, and then when he tries to move his bowels, he's unable to... He doesn't even try to poop for the first 3 days after his last bowel movement, and it doesn't seem to bother him at all. From day 4 he begins to pass a lot of smelly gas, really tries to poop every time he eats, but nothing comes out... Is there any remedy I can give to my son for this?

yuliak last decade
Glad to note that his improvement in his reflux has continued.

I note however that his bowel movements are not regular as they should be at his age.

Please confirm that you are giving him the Nat Phos 6x today. It seems such a pity that your mail order of Arnica has not reached you up to now as it is the combination of both remedies that is the answer to his condition.

Nat Phos 6x is the ultimate answer to his constipation and you can give him 2 tablets after every feed. When his condition improves you may reduce the dose to just one tablet after a feed.
Joe De Livera last decade
I haven't been giving him Nat Phos for over a week now. I only gave it to him for 3 days. Even a half-a-pill dose made him really alert so I stopped administering it after 3 days, and NP wasn't needed for his Reflux anymore.

I just received Arnica. Is it okay to give it to him just by itself for his sleep?

I understand that as he is exclusively breastfed, he can go without bowels for several days, however, it seems to start bothering him from day 4 and on.
[message edited by yuliak on Mon, 11 Jul 2011 18:15:17 BST]
yuliak last decade
Stay with the Nat Phos 6x and you also add the Arnica 30c in the Wet dose of which you can give him half teaspoonful twice daily.

You will have to make up your mind whether or not to give him the Nat Phos and this will depend on whether you consider his constipation for 4 days a source of worry both to him and you. My experience in the recent past with my grandchildren is that Nat Phos helps to promote peristalsis and pooping results very quickly.
Joe De Livera last decade
I'd like to stay away from Nat Phos as my son is very sensitive to it. I think I am okay for now with him moving bowels once every 5-6 days as long as it doesn't bother him much, and he can do it by himself at the end.

How should I go about his sleep? Will Arnica improve his sleep if given by itself without Nat Phos?

Thank you!
yuliak last decade
You will have to give it to him and observe his response as from my end I can only prescribe the remedy I have prescribed to countless other patients who have invariably responded positively to it.

What did you observe when you gave your son the Nat Phos 6x?
Joe De Livera last decade
He stopped sleeping, and became very alert. Even when he was out, he'd only sleep for a short period of time. He woke up 1, 2, 3, or 5 minutes after falling asleep on several occasions. It took me a lot of time and effort to put him to down at night and for naps.

Other than that, it worked magic for his Reflux.

So, just to confirm. Arnica will NOT work for his sleep on its own, but only if given TOGETHER with Nat Phos, am I understanding this right?

Thanks again!
[message edited by yuliak on Mon, 11 Jul 2011 19:06:33 BST]
yuliak last decade
I still feel that NP and Arnica will help him.

You may reduce the dose of Nat Phos 6x by dividing the tablet to half or less and add the Arnica in the Wet dose of which you can give him a few drops
Joe De Livera last decade
Got it. Thanks!
yuliak last decade
So how have things been going with your son?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I've been meaning to post an update, thanks for your concern!

The Reflux never came back! It's been gone for a month now!

The bowel movements improved on their own when I started giving our son his first vegetable (sweet potatoes). He now poops every day or sometimes every other day. :)

My husband and I decided not to give our son wet dose of Arnica. Instead we had decided to sleep train him. As much as we understood Arnica improves quality of deep sleep, and we didn't think that was the case with our baby. The problem that many babies his age experience is that they don't know how to fall asleep unassisted, that is why they wake up every time sleep cycles change and call for parents. The sleep training worked wonders, and our son has been sleeping through the night for over 2 weeks now. His naps have improved as well.

As for the Arnica... My sleep has become disturbed with so many night wakes over a period of 4 months. So 3 days ago I had decided to try Arnica myself. I made a Wet Dose of it using liquid dilution of Arnica 30c. I had a dose at bedtime, and it worked, it took seconds for me to fall back asleep after being awaken by my baby's voice (he'd still make sounds while being asleep in the middle of the night). As I have become a sound sleeper, I hear every single tiny noise coming from his room, and then... it takes me over an hour to fall back asleep... So, yes, when I took Arnica, it worked, and I was very excited about that in the morning. I took another dose (1 teaspoonful) that morning, and I was sleepy for half-a-day...however, my son started acting all hyper, and super alert that same morning (I breastfeed him). He wouldn't go down for his naps, and when he did, he only slept for 30-50 minutes (instead of 1.5-2 hour naps that he's been having lately). I had to rock him to sleep, he was such a disaster for the whole day from being so tired and not being able to sleep...

Now I am thinking that the Split Dose would not have worked for him... Even what he got through breast milk was overdosing his little body...

Anyway, I stopped taking Arnica immediately, and he's returning back to normal with his sleep.
[message edited by yuliak on Fri, 29 Jul 2011 05:21:38 BST]
yuliak last decade
Glad to note that Joepathy has worked yet again.

I have been monitoring the sleep pattern of my grand daughter 14 months and have had daily contact with problems associated with her growth and many of my remedies are based on the therapy that I have used for her.

It seems very early to give your baby, who I believe is around 5 months, solids as we gave ours solid food after she was just over a year old. However as long as yours does not react to the sweet potatoes it may be OK but I would advice you to first check with your pediatrician and also do some reading on the web about giving yams as they may contain trace chemicals like Cyanide which is present in Manioc, which incidentally has recently been found to be a cure for C ancer in adults.

I have always maintained that it is through this exchange of information that those of us who are deeply interested in helping others can do so and the information you have given about how Arnica helped you but was passed in your breast milk to your baby is very interesting as it seemed to disturb his own sleep pattern.

Keep us informed with his progress.
Joe De Livera last decade
I appreciate your concern, and I agree with you saying that 4 months is a bit too early for starting solids. It is recommended to start a baby on solids around 6 months of age.

I started my son on buckwheat baby cereal and sweet potatoes this early for a reason. He had trouble with his bowel movements, and nothing seemed to help. I didn't want him to continue suffering from it, and knowing that if I add some fiber to his diet, it may help his constipation, that's why I had decided to start him on solids this early.

He's been on baby cereal for 2 weeks now, and on sweet potatoes for a week. He is doing fine with 2tbsp of buckwheat cereal and 1tbsp of sweet potatoes given once a day a long with breast milk. It seems to work for him as he's not constipated anymore.

Also, we buy only organic (grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation) foods for our family. So I believe our baby's sweet potatoes should be free of chemicals.
yuliak last decade
If he can tolerate solids, I do not see any reason for you to not continue with your diet chart especially since you are only giving him Organically grown food.

I shall be monitoring this thread in the future and would appreciate your regular reports on his progress.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi. My son has really bad reflux and I was reading alot of reviews of the Hylands Nat pho 6x my son is 9 months and weighs 11pounds I was wondering how many pills should I give a day...
cherrybomb91393 9 years ago
I am in no way entitled to give professional advice here. I would start a new thread if I were you as this one is over 2 years old.

I was giving my son 1 Nat Phos 6x pill diluted in 5ml of water at his weight of 17.5 lb. As your son weighs 2/3 of the weight of mine, I would assume that it is okay to give him 2/3 pill after each feed. Again, this is only my assumption.

Nat Phos 6x really helped our son. He is 2.5 years old now and his Reflux never came back. Just like that, it took 4 days for Reflux to go away forever!

Start a new thread just to make sure you're treating your baby son a proper way! And don't forget to address it to Joe, he's amazing. :) I hope he's still practicing!
yuliak 9 years ago
Hi Joe's protocol, is to start with 1/2 tab of the nat phos after
a feeding. Do not do more than 5x in a 24 hour period.
You can dissolve the 1.2 tab in a tablespoon of water and spoon
it in or use a dropper.

Sometimes you have to go up to one full tab for a bit and
then reduce to the 1/2 and then less and less as the baby
gets better.

Joe is not on the forum everyday you can talk to him or read
about this on his own website- http://www.joedelivera.com

There are other remedies if this does not work, but very often
it does work in a very short time.

You get the natrum phosphoricum Cell salt 6x- these are
little tablets. They are at Whole foods- hylands brand and you
can also order them from Vitacost online. Cell salts are very
mild, safe and they balance out the interior of the cell so
that nutrients are utilized properly.
simone717 9 years ago
Cherrybomb and Yuliak

I do wonder how you dug up a thread that dates back to 2011 where I helped yuliak's baby to overcome Baby GERD with my own version of Homeopathy which the classically trained homeopaths labelled 'Joepathy' when they discovered that my therapy CURED while theirs invariably did not.

It is also personally satisfying to note that the therapy I first formulated in the early days of this century is still current and is being used today by thousands of mothers and also adults to treat their GERD in preference to the standard remedies prescribed by classical homeopaths. I am also glad to learn that a baby who was suffering from GERD was CURED in just 4 days.

I do hope that classical homeopaths who may read this post will remember that the remedy I pioneered in prescribing to literally over thousands of patients suffering from Gastric problems is indeed very effective especially to treat desperate cases of babies whose doctors had prescribed the standard PPI drugs which invariably made their GERD infinitely worse till the mothers discovered that I had been helping babies to overcome their problems and posted on the ABC which I used to visit on a daily basis but do not today as I have my own website where I believe I am treating over 6 babies today for GERD and other ailments.

You may like to know that I am NOT a professional Homeopath as I am the CEO of a very old family owned business organisation in Colombo, Sri Lanka, to which I do still drive to work daily as I have done for the last 65 years. I am 85 years of age and believe that I owe my wellness first to God in whom I have an abiding trust, and to Arnica which I have taken nightly since 1996 when I first discovered its incredible effects on the body which I have collated in an article which you may care to visit on:


Thank you Simone for referring baby patients to me as you are doing them a great service as they will invariably be cured without using the nasty PPI drugs which they had been prescribed by their doctors, which the mothers were compelled to use as they did not have any alternative.
Joe De Livera 9 years ago
Hi there,

My 7 week old daughter has terrible reflux, I was hoping you could give me some advice for her if possible.

She has been prescribed Ranatadine which helped slightly but it seems to be getting worse again. I give her colocynth for the wind which seems to help bring it up but the reflux symptoms are relentless!

She stops breathing all the time, sounds like a hoarse dog when she breaths, she hiccups after feeds, throws up after every feed, has real difficulty sleeping and only rests when on myself or her dad... she constantly gags and chockes when feeding, arches her back... the list is endless.

Please help!!!

Many thanks,
mammycameron 9 years ago
Hi Sara,

See the post by me above Joe's post that is above yours?

Please try that- Buy the Natrum Phosphoricum CELL salt 6x
at Whole foods or Vitacost online.
simone717 9 years ago
Hi Simone

Thanks for your reply.

Can I ask, what foods you had trouble with? At the moment it seems like I can't eat anything...

Thanks again,
mammycameron 9 years ago

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