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Constant headache from 15 years. Page 5 of 7

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Sir, as already said, I drink less than 100 ml or so, 4-5 days a week.
gkumar last decade
Today I took Nat.Mur.6X twice, as prescribed.
gkumar last decade
'meet all this expenses'

Please describe the above in detail?

So, there was no salary money in your pocket?
nawazkhan last decade
Acid phos is good for headache! But, 6C you took, for how long and how many times a day. How did you prepare your dose? When did you take this remedy?
nawazkhan last decade
Sir, in the dream, he was walking with me, when he said he has not enough money in his pocket, I was worried a bit, as I have to meet all his expenses. When he said he has enough money in the pocket (salary), I was little relaxed. This is exactly the feeling, when they came to my house. I want not to bear all the expenses and expect them to make some expenses.
gkumar last decade
Sir, Acid.Phos6C I had taken about a year ago, may be two or three times a day. Not properly, due to lack of knowledge. In the pills form, from a local homeopath, who prepare the medicine from a big (local) bottle. This medicine had shown some relief, but due to lack of knowledge, could not take properly.
gkumar last decade
OK, please take Acid Phos Q, 4 drops in 2 sips of mineral water, 3 times a day, for 5 days. Stop all other remedies. Also, please do not drink during these 5 days.

Please get German small bottle, original and sealed.

Many prayers for you.

nawazkhan last decade
As prescribed, I will start the medicine from tomorrow and report progress accordingly. Thanks for your prayers and good wishes.
gkumar last decade
Good luck to you!
nawazkhan last decade
Sir, it is total restlessness today. I wake up at 11 a.m. today, after sleeping for about 10-11 hours, but feeling like not slept for an hour. Eyes are looking sleepy, body and mind are restless. Sir, this is the only unusual thing in my case that despite sleeping for sufficient number of hours, I feel sleepy, restless and nervous. Lying on the bed from the morning with no desire.
gkumar last decade
So, did you drink last night?
nawazkhan last decade
No Sir. It seems aggravation of Acid.Phos. Immediately after taking the first dose of Acid.Phos, the headache as well as other problems increased. Today also feeling the same aggravation. Mouth is dry, part from other problems, heart is also showing some discomfort. Headache is worse.
gkumar last decade
Sir, cannot express my condition in words.Extreme restlessness, head and mind are feeling numb/frozen. Even cannot think property. Don't know what to write or not. Great irritability. Sir, am I the most unlucky person on this earth. No medicine works. Sir, please don't mind my negativity, but it has developed after such a prologned and continuous headache. Everybody goes through good and bad times and get rid of his problems as well. I have never been through such worst times, which may lead to such an unending headache. I have not heard about a single person, whose headache has not been cured though for sometime.
gkumar last decade
Please stop the remedy. Let the things settle down.

Please be patient.
nawazkhan last decade
Sir, while reading a post on the forum, I observed that following may be my case :
'Carcinosinum is complementary to Staphysagria but the Carcinosinum situation is caused by being heavily controlled by the person on whom one depends, whereas that of Staphysagria is caused by being insulted by him'. I will explain it, if you desire.
gkumar last decade
Dear Gireeshnarang,

Q)What is your Blood pressure at present ?
Q)Present Cholestrol level?
Q)How about sugar level ?

Your system is tampered with so many (LOT), remedies. As requested , put a halt to all intakes for time being.

[message edited by Nikkie on Mon, 12 Sep 2011 14:44:07 BST]
Nikkie last decade
Thanks Nikkie,
The exact report about these reports , I will give tomorrow, after tests. However, in the past, my BP often remains on lower side, cholesterol level on higher side and sugar level on lower side. As already said, cannot express the condition in words, extreme restlessness..... However, thanks for your concern.
gkumar last decade
Dear Nikkie,
Although this is a stupid question, do you think homeopathy can help me in such a worst situation? Please don't mind, this feeling is not genuine, but natural, after such a long period of time. Please advise me as a real good-wisher.
gkumar last decade
Dear Gireeshnarang,

I dont think any stupidity- wrong with your Question. 'YES' you will get resolution for your long pending problem.

'Your feeling is not genuine but natural' -- what does this mean ?

There is an urgent need to study your cardio health, do cooperate on this.

[message edited by Nikkie on Mon, 12 Sep 2011 17:31:20 BST]
Nikkie last decade
'I will explain it, if you desire.'

Please do that will certainly help.

Did you ever take Arg. Nit?
nawazkhan last decade
Sir, there may be other reasons as well, but, probably, a sense of 'to be the best', both in office and home has led me to such problematic health condition. When I joined the office, I had a zeal to work with utmost sincerity and probably a desire 'to be treated as the best in the office'. Which also did, but when I realised that I was being only used and controlled by the superiors, I really felt hurt. Similar is the case at home. I tried everything to show my love and affection to my wife, so much love and affection that nobody can give. But after sometime, I realised that I am being controlled by her. To quote an instance, when we were looking to purchase a house, I had gone outside with my father, but when returned I realised that my wife is upset for my going outside. Such type of behaviour has probably forced me to remain in house all the time, which I do, and had explained in my earlier posts.
There are some other similar instances too to quote. I feel that wherever I showed love, sincerity, affection and care, I am used by others by taking control over me.
Regarding Arg.Nit., I am not sure, Sir.
The only thing I need from a person, is love, care and sensitiveness. Rudeness affects me a lot.
Thank you very much for your concern, Sir.
gkumar last decade
Thanks, your addl. info. is very helpful.

So, how are you feeling now?

How is your constipation?

Any other abdominal or physical issues, please give details?

When you are questioned, how do you respond?

How do you take criticism?

When you are angry, what do you do?

How is your thirst?

Do you feel good in open air or inside?

Do you love the summer season?

How many good friends do you have right now?
[message edited by nawazkhan on Mon, 12 Sep 2011 23:47:02 BST]
nawazkhan last decade
It is 7.45 a.m. here and I wake up at 7.30 a.m. Exactly cannot say how am I feeling.
Today, the stool was very very loose (like diarrhea).
Any other abdominal or physical issues - Last night, I was having acidity and a pain in the abdomen is often felt. As already said, hiatus hernia type. About 6-8 inches above novel. My appetite is not great. If I eat something prior to my meals, even a little, I cannot take my proper meals. Heavy and spicy things create indigestion.
Regarding response when questioned - if the question is according to my wish and asked by a person I like, I give proper answer, but otherwise and especially to those I don't like, I feel irritated and do not give proper answers.
I take criticism badly. As earlier said, if notice someone was criticising me, it makes me very restless and irritating. I also often don't criticise others, except a few ones, who are made for criticism. I love to praise the good human beings.
When angry - often I go to silent mode. But at times, there is an outburst (only on family members), shouting loudly. I have also a tendency to patch up the things as early as possible, as after anger on my wife or children, I try to patch up. After that outburst, I feel constantly bad till the things are settled.
Thirst - I take water in small quantities all the day. I have noticed that in office, I take more water, that too in sips (after every 15 or 20 minutes).
I feel OK in open air and equally comfortable inside. But in a warm room, I don't feel comfortable.
No, I don't love the summer season, hot drinks, hot wash, very hot food. Rather, I love winter season.
gkumar last decade
To be honest, I must add that I also found myself 'totally fit' in the picture of Staphysagria and when coming to Carcinosinum, it looked more appropriate. Sir, I change my opinion very quickly. Regarding medicines too. A number of medicines seem appropriate.
So, it is upto you, Sir to decide and guide.
gkumar last decade
But, what time did you go to sleep last night? Any dreams last night?

Please let me decide on the remedy as you said before Acid Phos helped you, but, now it is not helping?

Do you have Arg. Nit. with you right now, if yes, what potency?

Hiatus Hernia complaint, how long have you been encountering?
nawazkhan last decade
Sir, I go to sleep at 1 a.m. Dreams I don't remember, Sir. Regarding Arg.Nit., I think I had taken it about a year ago for one or two days in 30 potency. The problem of Hiatus Hernia was diagnosed about 7-8 years ago after an endoscopy test. Sometime, I feel that I have no hiatus hernia. This problem is not causing any sort of discomfort.
gkumar last decade

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