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Eczema on newborn face/inside elbows/diaper area PLEASE HELP! Page 2 of 2

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the remedy is now on its way
Hawaiianmommy 9 years ago
Received a package...but it was the wrong one!! waiting for customer service to get back to me...

I had a question... what kind of brandy should I use??? Cognac, armagnac, pomace, or an eau de vie??? I'm not particularly familiar with spirits. Please excuse me for my naive-ness, but I need help picking one that will taste 'good' to the kids, so that I may use it in all the remedy mixtures. I know that the older it is - the less 'firewater' it will be. That being said, I know that the armagnac is normally the oldest, and cognac with vsop denotes an older batch from that particular company, i know that the eau de vie's are fruit brandys, but tend to be very young, but will have flavors of a particular fruit. Which brand/type would you recommend?
Hawaiianmommy 9 years ago
Okay I got the remedy now. And will be making the mixture as you described.

Please advise.
Hawaiianmommy 8 years ago
The kind of spirit doesn't matter, as long as it doesn't have milk or cream in it.

For the most part I would say try to avoid anything with strong flavours and aromatics in it as well.

Did it really take almost 2 months for you to get that medicine?
brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago
No. Shortly after I received it, I lost it.

How often should I give baby a dose?

I gave her one dose the other day, and noticed that the secretions from under her neck came back on the left side, it is also a bright pinkish/red on that side.
Hawaiianmommy 8 years ago
One dose, wait about 5 days to see what kind of response she has, then we can look at further doses.
brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago
My daughter always had a bit of an issue with BM's....(it seemed she didn't like pooping...like it freaked her out, then she started making weird faces and things like that)

She's been seeming very fussy lately and I noticed some times she has gas, some times she'll poop soon after.

Last night, she had a very small BM (amount about a tablespoon), it had a florescent green color to it.

She's been suckling more to, not sure if thats just because shes getting older or not, but she's ALWAYs drooling.

Also, her BM's seem to be less in quantity...not sure about frequency yet.
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Hawaiianmommy 8 years ago
Fluorescent green? That is a very peculiar colour. I know of only one remedy that produces that kind of colour.

She isn't teething is she?
brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago
Not that i can tell.

Oh, as for the green poop... yeas. it was light fluorescent green... kind of like the color of a glow stick
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Hawaiianmommy 8 years ago
Can you list all the symptoms you originally gave, writing Better, Worse, Same, Gone next to each one. If better or worse can you write a score or percentage to represent how much.
brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago
Please describe the rash exactly.

-Face/ears/neck/diaper area/inside of elbows/arms: are small bumps, skin is red, and looks crusty. It covers every spot of her face EXCEPT the tip and bridge of her nose and on her lip.

NOW: Rash on her face, arms, back and stomach is coming back (it was going away while I was using the topical balms while awaiting the remedy and stopped using them a few weeks before I mixed the remedy)
Legs are getting a little crusty feeling on the outer thigh area and I can see a little sheen otherwise its not very noticeable. Also on shoulders and upper parts of the arm area, little patches that are more noticeable because they are getting lighter.

Scalp: Very scaly/crusty - still crusty but seems to be decreasing.

What times of the day is she fussy?

-During the first month, she would fuss between the hours of 1 and 4 am. Now she fusses between 5:30/6 and 8/9pm. And at times when its hot

NOW: She gets extremely fussy when she has to have a BM – like she constipated or it’s extremely uncomfortable or painful or something. (she’s always express a dislike of having a BM)

What is she like when she is fussy?

-She cries – more like a “complaining” kind of cry, like shes uncomfortable, followed by frustration… and exasperation.

I see her trying to scratch her face/ears and rubbing at her eyes (before, during and after a fuss) She also tries to suckle, but won’t stay on.

NOW: Screams and cries with a vengeance – today was the longest, about an hour. Wouldn’t take the boobie at first, standing up and rocking her did not help soothe her. I gave a her a warm bath (which did not ease the crying/screaming), and she then took the boobie after went to sleep and had a small BM upon waking up. (she is actually still slowly having bm’s as I’m writing this)

What are her bowel movements like?

-mustard color with some curdles and all the time.
NOW: A few times it was the consistency of squash soup. Color ranged from light and dark yellow/green to an orangey color.

She has had a total of 2 fluorescent/neon green colored poops (including the one I described before). The 2nd time it was about ½ a tablespoon of poop.

Curdles in her poop slowly came back over the past couple of weeks. This current bm she is having right now seems to be the most its been in a while and is of a dark green liquidy consistency with light colored curdles.

The frequency and volume of poops have both decreased.

What is her appetite like?
-Sometimes she’ll nurse frequently, sometimes she’ll break for 2 -3 hours before she’ll nurse again. Sometimes she’s on for 7 minutes sometimes she’ll be on for 30

NOW: Every 1-3 hours for about 45 minutes to a little over an hour.

What is her sleep like?

-Undisturbed she’ll sleep for 1 – 3/4 hours…in the night I wake often to change her and apply oils and the balms so she doesn’t wake from being uncomfortable, I’ll even slip her the booby so she doesn’t really wake for that either. Prior to me figuring out what this rash was, she would wake up frequently

NOW: She mostly sleeps through the night, wakes up or starts tossing around when she wants boobie or a diaper change and goes right back to sleep

Where does she perspire?

NOW: I haven’t really seen her perspire lately, but it’s been under her neck, have not seen sweat on her face in a while.

Does she have an odour about her?

-Yes. neck and behind ears. I don’t really smell them now that I’ve been putting the balm on the rash under her neck

NOW: I smell it faintly, neck behind ears and underarms.

Anything else about her that seems strange, difficult, or peculiar in any way.

-One of her legs shakes sometimes… I noticed it a week or so before birth. Dad says his leg does the same. It doesn’t happen often…it seems to be a random event.

NOW: I don’t recall seeing this occurring for a while now.

I’ve noticed that patches of hair is falling out on both sides of her head toward the back, kind of behind the ears.

I think it was the day before yesterday, she was feeling warm, was suckling more, slept practically all day only waking to be fed.

I hope I explained it well
Hawaiianmommy 8 years ago
Can you give me a score or percentage to represent how much better the symptom is. Also can you make it clear that the symptom is better or worse.

ie. Odour - better - 40%
brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago
It seems as of right now the odor is gone

The race on her face is getting smaller and looks about 75% better

the patches on her arms and legs seem to be improving now by about 40% or so.

She had a huge bowel movement last night and this morning and followed by an off smelling little one (there was no fussiness surrounding BM today, at least not yet as it is only noon)

I hope I am explaining things well.

Thank you so much for your help!

oh I failed to mention it sounds like she's starting to get a little stuffiness in her nasal passages (has never happened before)

The weather here in hawaii is starting to get 'cold' and rainy. not sure if that may be affecting the symptoms.
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Hawaiianmommy 8 years ago

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