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Desperate for sleep

I am sooooo tired. I know the sleep thing in infants gets a lot of attention on this forum, and I would too appreciate any help. My delightful 2 year old girl (just turned two) sleeps appallingly. It all started when she was four months old...she had "slept thru" from an early age. We moved, she had vaccinations and I had PND and we both went on an international flight (only two hour time zone difference). She had a terrible cough after the vacc and high fever that wouldnt go down. The vacc was DPT. She is tall for age, was a chubby bub but now long and lean, very happy althogh gets terribly sad when people leave (dad, friends, new friends). She gets rather attached to people and I try to distract her and it seems to work. The dog makes her smile and laugh and she loves animals of all sorts. Her eyes are green and her hair is mid brown with gold thru it. She is incredibly active and bright and runs really fast, preferring to run when she is out rather than walk. She has a good appetite, loves strawberries, plain rice, salty chips (she doesnt have them often,,,only at parties!), apples, oranges. She goes "off" dairy regularly and shows no real sign of intollerance. Her poo is small balls at the moment but not regularly like that. She is still breastfed cos she likes to go to sleep that way - she doesnt "bomb out" when tired. She used to (when little - til about six months old, maybe a bit longer) wake up talking and happy but now she wakes up whingy (not crying as she seldom cries) and sounds sad although she is a really happy little mite who gets heaps of attention and love. Even when she naps she will wake at least once and sounds irritated that she woke (??). Evening sleep from about 8pm to 6am-7am and geting up some five times. PLEASE help.
  zulie on 2005-06-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Forgot to mention she was late to walk and talk. She loves water - swimming pool a favorite. Shows no fear. Adores books. Doesnt really feel the cold from what I can gather. Sleeps better with socks off. Sweaty head often at night - but our temperate is hot.
zulie last decade
Forgot to mention that she is regularly woken by dreams. I have seen her "jump" in her sleep and that wakes her up. She is also sensitive to light and will at least stir if light is turned on say in the hallway and appears to sleep lightly as noise will wake her too. Sounds pretty normal I think but thought i'd include it. Thanks
zulie last decade
I have used Arnica 30c in the treatment of insomnia in adults but have no experience in the treatment of this problem in babies.

I do not think however that there are any contraindications to your using it for your child as it is very safe in use.

The method that I would recommend it to be used is as follows:

Take a 500ml bottle of water and decant 100ml. Drop in 3 pellets of Arnica 30c and it should dissolve in a few minutes. Hit the bottle hard on your palm or a cushion and watch for the water to fizz like when you open a bottle of soda. This action is called succussion and should be done 6 times before you give a teaspoonful of the water to your baby about 10 minutes before sleep.

She should fall asleep within a few minutes and should also sleep soundly.

Please report progress on this forum on the day after you use this remedy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Dr Joe, Thank you SO much for your reply. Was only able to get 6c arnica (and that was difficult enough!). Homeopathics are so hard to come by where I live. Certainly not by post though, but I simply cant wait two weeks til delivery! I will give her 6c tonight and I will report back in the morning. Hopefully we'll still be snoozing at noon! Hee hee! Thanks again. So much appreciated.
bels mama last decade
I do believe that the Arnica 6c should also work OK and since you already have it with you there is nothing to prevent you from using it.

It is just that I have always used the 30c for helping with insomnia and I do not know how the 6c will work. If it does not work, you can always look for the higher potency.

Incidentally where are you located ?

PS I am not qualified to be known as a "Dr". I do have about 30 years of experience with Homeopathy which is my hobby. I use my experience and the remedies that I stock to help anyone who come to me with their ailments free of charge of course.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hey Joe, Thanks for replying so quickly. You are very kind to help others. I am in Hong Kong. Not many natural therapy stores here. A few homeopaths but havent seen one here yet. Originally from Australia - lots of over the counter homeopathics sold readily. By the way, I gave my little one two pillules of arnica 6c. She had a late dinner today as we had been out and had a 15 min break before I gave her the pillules. She then had breastmilk some ten mins later. Would the treatment be less effective? Sorry...lots of qu's. I am a little green when it comes to homeopathy. It is an interest but I havent really explored the potencies at great length. Kindest regards.
bels mama last decade
By the way, I am also "bels mama" on this site - had trouble with the registration for a while. Thanks.
bels mama last decade
I am rather confused about your name but looking back on your posts under Zulie and Bels Mama you must obviously be the same person.

I note that you gave your baby 2 pillules of Arnica 6c. This is OK for the moment and you can check how this remedy helps her during the night and perhaps you can update me tomorrow morning.

I would however prefer that you use the method I specified above succussed in 400ml water as it is likely that you will have to use it for some time in the future and it is best for your baby that you use this method.

It is my pleasure to help you and anyone in distress with Homeopathy and I do hope that we will be able to jointly ensure that your baby has her restful sleep every night.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe, The little one only woke ONCE last night - at O230!!!! Wow! Now that that is an improvement, how long should I give her the arnica for? Will do the water thing and give it to her that way. I dont know what woke her but she was scratching her eczema - she has a little behind her knees and on elbow region. When she wakes again in the middle of the night, should I give her another dose? I have read in some books on homeopathy for babies that you can give the remedy three times before they go to bed - say 6, 6:30 and 7 pm. What do you think? And how important is the food away from treatment? Thanks most sincerly. I enjoyed my sleep too! :)
bels mama last decade
I am so glad that your baby has reacted positively to the Arnica 6. You can continue the therapy in the water dose as I indicated above and this should help her and you to sleep peacefully in future.

Arnica is a remedy that is used widely to promote healing of wounds but I discovered quite accidentally some years ago that it also promotes deep sleep. I take it myself every night for the last 8 years and feel that I owe my wellness at age 75 to it.

I note that you mentioned that your baby was scratching her eczema. Arnica is one of the remedies that I have used to treat this ailment and it would be interesting to see how her eczema will react to the Arnica.

Do not overdose as you suggested as this is not the homeopathic approach. The dosage I suggest is 2 pellets or a teaspoon if you use the water dose method twice daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe. Guess what?! Annabel slept thru last night!!!!!!!! She got up at 5:50 which was a bit early, but unbroken sleep was wonderful for her! Wow! And go figure...guess who woke in the middle of the night? I guess my mind and body are so used to getting up for so long that it is now habit for me. Should I take arnica too?

I used the three balls in 400ml succussed method of yours....the only thing was was that I used water from our filter and it comes out cold. The balls didn't entirely dissolve but almost did after the 6 succussions. I am going to buy some plain spring water today and use that.

Do I use the same liquid for a while? Where do I store it? Oh, by the way, with the second dose, should I give that to Annabel before her nap (usually about 12:30 - 1pm for two hours)? And the second dose tonight? THANK YOU most sincerely. I am so grateful.
bels mama last decade
I know that this succussion seems like a lot of hocus pocus but you have now confirmed that it works. Do not exceed the dose I indicated of 1 tsp twice daily before her sleep time. If ou would like Annabel to sleep more deeply in the afternoon you may give her the first dose for the day at that time but I would like to see how the Arnica helps her eczema and this would indicate that her first dose should be in the morning and last thing at night.

And remember that Arnica for promoting sleep is my own discovery and it is not listed in the Repertories for sleep. Thi is like another major discovery that I made of using Nat Phos 6x for Obesity which helps to reduce weight by about 2-3kg per month.

You too can benefit from the Arnica to promote deep refreshing sleep and the dosage remains the same.

You can get bottled spring water but since you already have the standard water supplied in large containers which I presume you have on the standard unit with the cooler and heater units built in, you can use that water. However the potentized bottle should be kept in the fridge.

I am very glad that my prescription from 4000 miles away from Hong Kong has worked and I would like you to please keep in contact with me in the future.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thankyou Joe. I will update you regularly. Is your personal email active or should I reply on this site? Kindest regards.
bels mama last decade
Try Avena sativa in liquid form.

[moderated - please don't post contact details to the forum.]
kalibrom last decade
Hi Joe, Just wanted to update you....last night was good - just woke once at about 2:20. Woke at 6am on the dot for the day. Interesting benefit of arnica....her poo used to be quite soft and now it looks "normal" and in one piece (was sometimes little balls clumped together). Have been observing her eczema (which is slight at the moment) but I do think that it has improved and also, she had a little scar on a finger from a burn (steam) and that seems to look better too. Thanks Joe. Do you think that I should "upgrade" to 30c? Regards.
bels mama last decade
You have already seen how the Arnica 6c has helped your baby and I would not like you to increase the potency to the 30c as it may undo all the good that the lower potency has done so far.

This is a remedy that was first discovered to heal wounds band it was later discovered that it did so by promoting the blood flow in the capillaries which then quickened the healing of wounds.

I have used it for many other ailments not recorded in the texts an it was I that first used it for insomnia and there are many other uses for it which I seem to be discovering every so often.

The scar on her finger and any other wound will heal in half the time with Arnica and I hope that it will continue to bring relief to your baby.

I may be able to suggest another remedy for her eczema but let us first get her used to the present therapy which I believe in time will also heal her eczema.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks again Joe. I have been putting a cream on her that is natural and mainly calendula and lavender. It is designed for babies so the concentrations aren't harsh. She actually didnt have eczema from birth - her father and my sister have it so the likelyhood of her getting it was high but it all started when a homeopath (actually, a naturopath who does homeopathy) prescribed silica. If I know then what I know now, I wouldnt have given it to her. He prescribed (and she was only about a year old) silica 200c for five days and then she got it right away. I feel bad about it and have read that silica can bring out skin conditions but I didnt know that then. I was relying on his expertise. Thanks again Joe, I'll keep in touch.
bels mama last decade
By the way, the silica was prescribed for her sleep...so was sulphur at one time with the same strength and frequency. ??
bels mama last decade
When was it prescribed and have you already used it ?
Joe De Livera last decade
My apologies. I did not read your previous post as I had only read the one above the last one and you now know the result of using Silicea 200 for 5 days. It would be interesting to learn if it helped her to sleep. And how long ago did you use it ?

It is indeed unfortunate that your baby will have to suffer the result of a prescription from someone who obviously did not know his Homeopathy. These are the types who give Homeopathy a bad name.

The Sulphur too is dangerous to be used for babies and must not be experimented with.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe, I'll check the bottles and report back. She has had the usual stuff like Thuja for post vaccinations, chammomile for teething and hepar sulph for a bad cold. This chap always seems to prescribe 200c or 1M and so does his associate who I have seen too. Will check the bottles and let you know. He even prescribed ignatia cos he thought she was suffering from repressed sadness (she is so delightfully happy) and that was affecting her sleep. Yes, these two should not be practicing homeopathy. I feel rather worried now - to their credit, my PND was cured and for this I shall be eternally grateful but I feel bad about Annabel being put in this position where her scratching has sometimes kept her up or woken her up. This has not been (I dont think) the real cause of her wakefullness. To further complicate things, she had enlarged adenoids such that she had OSA (obsrtuctive sleep apnea) and would stop breathing for up to 6 seconds at a time, rather reguarly. She had her adenoids removed three weeks ago. This problem didnt arise until some months ago, and it just contributed to the sleep problems. So much info. Sorry. By the way, Annabel slept for two hours this afternoon - uninterrupted and is sleeping well now. I used to go to her room so regularly after she went down for the night. Thanks Joe and thank you for taking our case on board. Will post again tomorrow with her prescriptions.
bels mama last decade
Hi Joe, Please excuse late reply. We have unfortunately regressed. Seems like she has become "immune" to the arnica. Could this be so? I am so tired again. Please help.
bels mama last decade
Zulies case, seem more like a pulsatilla babay.
And arnika, well, it works, but temporarily, due to the fact it lowers acidity.
The problems in breasfeed babys, that get colicky, is most often due to mothers who dont know that what they eat, goes through to the milk, and that may be irritating to the baby, raising its acidity levels.
A go through, of the mothers diest is needed, in order to find what creates the problem.
some cases,(caesarian, the baby has muscular cramps in the back, will need chiropratic treatment to fix), it also has to do with mothers health, and if on medications, some cases, the cause is vaxinations, or medications used to induce the birth.

To prescribe in these case on scanty info, is guesswork, and not homeopathy.
In the worst case scenario, a wrong remedy may cause a problem,that wont go easely, if at all.
allvis last decade
Alvis's advice about checking the food you eat is valid. Is there some food that you eat which can cause the baby to be restless ?

I presume that you are succussing the remedy prior to each dose. Please confirm.

In my experience, I have not come across a case, in an adult of course, where the Arnica was not able to help to promote sleep. Try altering the food you eat and let us know tomorrow.
Joe De Livera last decade
Late to walk and talk, likes books - possibly calcarea sulphurica?
saltOftheEarth last decade

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