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Tired of Hand Eczema

Greetings. I have been experiencing a rash on my hands for about 6 weeks. It started with a small patch on my right middle finger, on the same side as the palm. A few small blisters were visible below the skin. They itched, and eventually came to the surface and broke, releasing clear to yellow fluid that dried to form a crust. This pattern continued as the rash spread to most of the middle finger, the area between the first and middle finger of my right hand, and eventually to the rest of my fingers and palms of both hands. eventually the skin peals off to reveal very sensitive skin of a purplish color. This skin becomes leathery and dry and can have further blisters that move to the surface and the process begins again. The skin is thickening, becoming dry and pealing, itchy, sometimes painful. I have self- diagnosed this as dyshidrosis, or hand eczema, Pompholyx etc.
This began after a stressful, anxiety producing event (a wedding, not even mine.) I had a small patch of these tiny blisters under the skin on my finger for at least the past six months, and occasionally I felt a mild itch. It did not, however, erupt into a rash like now. Nothing else in my environment changed at this time. I get especially itchy on waking up in the morning. It feels better after I soak my hands in cool water. My sleep patterns are irregular. for a couple weeks I'll sleep at night, and for a week I'll sleep during the day and be up all night. I tend to sleep a lot, at least 10 hours. I dream often of fishing, which I enjoy while awake, and of dropping out of school, and I did drop out of high school many years ago. I am currently 35 years old. I would say I am sensitive to heat and humidity, and I sweat a lot, especially while sleeping. I have suffered from depression and anxiety for the last 10 years or so, and did as well when I was a teenager. I have improved in the last few years, primarily from counseling, as opposed to medication, which I am also on. I am extremely sensitive to criticism, I am easily coerced by authority figures, especially father figures. I have a great deal of anxiety related to my parents, who are getting older, and I'm concerned for their health and happiness. I desire foods like pancakes with maple syrup and doughnuts, I even dream of them. I usually don't eat them as too much sugar makes my stomach hurt. I am prone to constipation, although this is much better as I've been taking probiotics for the last six months or so. I also crave chocolate, which I do indulge in. Plain milk chocolate bars. I had eczema on my legs as a child. now the backs of my hands are covered with a rash, different than the rash on my palms and fingers. This appears as small red bumps that do not itch much. I have bad breath. I like hot showers. The rash on my fingers and palms feels better when covered in cotton bandages, maybe because I can't scratch it as easily. I can't sleep unless my feet are cold. If they are hot I cannot sleep. The room I sleep in must be cool and pitch black or I cannot sleep. I have thick hair that is not thinning, and seems to be getting coarser as I age. It is greying a little. My fingernails are very strong and seem to grow faster than the average person.

I tried to treat this condition myself with sulphur pellets, 6c, 5 pellets 3 times a day for 2 days, so approximately 30 pellets total. I seemed to get worse after the sulphur. The rash seemed to spread faster, and I developed the different rash on the backs of my hands. I thought this might be an aggravation. This happened 2 weeks ago, so if sulphur was the cure I would have expected to be better now, even if the dose was wrong.

Please help! I am becoming extremely discouraged, and homeopathy is the only thin that promises a cure to this condition. All other treatments claim to only partially control the symptoms. Sorry this post is so long, I don't know what information will help.
Thank you for your attention.
  superdude on 2011-09-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The remedy for your Eczema is Arnica 6c in the Wet dose which is made up as follows:

Order the remedy in the Liquid Dilution in Alcohol in a bottle with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake it hard to produce bubbles. This is homeopathic succussion and must be done every time before a capful of the bottle which is the dose is taken as directed.

Take a capful of the remedy water twice daily and also apply the water on your lesions as often as possible.

You should observe some improvement in your condition on about the third day into this therapy.

Please report your response on the third day.

It is understood that you will not take any other drug while using the Arnica therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you greatly for your response. I have followed your directions. I had the arnica 6c prepared locally. I started the treatment Friday and today is Monday. I see no obvious improvement. I will continue the treatment, but is there any other comment anyone could make?
Thanks in advance.
superdude last decade
I am happy to take your case if you wish - for a confident homoeopathic prescription the situation needs to be fleshed out fully. This does take some time and requires quite a lot of questions and answers. Are you willing to put that effort in?

David Kempson
Professional Classical Homoeopath
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Sorry for the lapse in time between this and my last posting. It is a little over a week and I have seen some significant improvement. The inflammation is completely gone. The skin that was affected is dry but seems to be healing. The surface skin is pealing a bit but the new skin revealed seems healthy. I still see a few small blisters below the surface in patches. A few came to the surface and itch and then open, but not with the level of pain or itching as before. They dry up overnight and seem to be healing after that. I also have fits of itching maybe once or twice a day, mostly on the palms, but these pass after about 15 minutes or so. I rub noxzema on my hands when this happens, and the menthol, eucalyptus, and so forth is cooling, and it's slippery enough so the rubbing seems to satisfy the itch without tearing up the skin.

So I'm not completely healed, but if things continue this way I guess I will be.

Thanks Dr Joe!!!
I will continue to take the arnica as described. If this is not recommended please say so.

Dr Kempson, words cannot express my gratitude for your offer to take my case. As long as my symptoms continue to improve I won't ask you to take my case. I hope If I do get worse your offer would still stand. I am the kind of person who would be willing to put forth the effort.

I will post as I see further developments.
Thanks to all who read these posts.
superdude last decade
I note that it took a while more than the usual 3 days for your Eczema to show some signs of improvement. I presume that you are using my Wet dose protocol precisely as prescribed.

I believe that the reason why your Eczema has not healed completely is because of the Chocolates that you seem addicted to, which you will have to stop eating if you wish to be cured.

You may like to know that Arnica has that incredible property of quelling the urge for that next bar of chocolate and I have evidence of 2 Chocoholics who did justice to about 250gm Chocolates on a daily basis for years and also were overweight who are no more interested in eating that next bar. Arnica 6 is also my default therapy for Smokers and Alcoholics and there is evidence from the addicts on this forum on how they were helped.

It is important that you cover your hands and lesions with the Arnica remedy water as often as is possible and you may also use a gauze to dampen the lesions but you will not use it for over an hour per session as this is counterproductive.

You will NOT use any other drug, cream etc to help your lesions to heal as they will all antidote the Arnica.

You may like to know that I have been taking Arnica nightly or more often on demand for the last 16 years and at age 82 I have proved that my 'Joepathy' is by far more effective than the classical homeopathic remedies that some members feel is the only solution to the cure of an ailment with a Homeopathic remedy.

I would recommend that you too take a dose nightly after your lesions as healed for life. I shall then prescribe the higher potency of Arnica 30c in the Wet dose.
Joe De Livera last decade
The only difference in the dose you prescribed was that my local homeopathic pharmacy made the liquid dilution in spring water with 5% alcohol to preserve it. It is kept refrigerated. Otherwise I follow your directions exactly. Anything else I should be aware of? Should the dose be taken on an empty stomach, should I avoid any particular foods other than chocolate? I know you can't know every thing I eat, drink, or do but I am probably a typical American, and you know what we're like. I will assume an excess of any food a poor idea. Thank you again for your reply.
I today had a terrible itching attack and before I knew it I had scratched a few spots raw. I hope these will pass soon. I will NOT use any cream, etc.

Again, thank you.
superdude last decade
I believe that the reason why you have not been cured of your Eczema so far is because you have not followed my instructions precisely as prescribed.
'my local homeopathic pharmacy made the liquid dilution in spring water with 5% alcohol to preserve it.'

I am copying my instructions :
'Order the remedy in the Liquid Dilution in Alcohol in a bottle with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake it hard to produce bubbles.'

If you are serious about a cure you MUST follow my instructions.

Do not entrust the simple job of making the Wet dose to the local pharmacy.

As for restrictions on foods, you should avoid all sausages, ham bacon as they contain Saltpeter which will antidote all homeopathic remedies instantly.

No coffee, chocolates and any other item of food that you have found has exacerbated your Eczema. No canned pop.

Drink plenty of water.

Are you using the water directly on your lesions? You may even use a wet gauze bandage to do so.
Joe De Livera last decade
My local homeopathic pharmacy is well respected. It is not a 'Walgreens' or some such. They have plenty of experience making this 'liquid dilution.' Where would you suggest I get the dose? I hope none of this sounds disrespectful as that is not how it is meant.

Thank you for the other comments you made. I always drink plenty of water, one of my few good habits. I have not used the water on my lesions much. I will increase the frequency.

Is pop out of a plastic bottle acceptable?

Again, thank you.
superdude last decade
Just to clarify the previous post, a proper Homeopathic pharmacy prepared the liquid dilution. Does it matter that it is in spring water as opposed to alcohol? If so I will have them prepare one in alcohol.

Again, my thanks.
superdude last decade
I can see that neither you nor your pharmacy have followed precisely the therapy protocol that I have prescribed to hundreds of thousands of patients on this and other forums.

Please indicate precisely the steps taken by your pharmacy to make the Wet dose. I wish to ascertain if my instructions have been followed as otherwise we are just wasting time and you the patient are suffering unnecessarily.

Pop out of any container can antidote the remedy. Especially Coke drinks
Joe De Livera last decade
At the pharmacy I asked for a liquid dose of arnica 6c. This came in a stoppered bottle with a dropper. Of this I put 3 drops in a 500ml bottle of spring water with about 3cm removed, and shook it hard to produce bubbles. of this I took a capful twice daily. I had done a little reading about homeopathic dosing and perhaps I was confused. Should I have acquired undiluted arnica in alcohol and put three drops in 500ml of water to produce a strength/potency/dilution of arnica 6c? Have I been taking a much, much more diluted dose?

Please forgive my ignorance and confusion of homeopathic dosing. I hope I now understand what you meant. I am grateful for your patience and continued correspondence with me. Please continue to clarify your instructions, and, again, sorry for my confusion. Homeopathy is so new to me and the concepts, while no doubt obvious to you, are not so to me.

Thanks so much for your help. I'm so grateful for your continued support and clarification.
superdude last decade
My offer will stand indefinitely. Good luck.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
To Superdude

You seem to have followed my instructions precisely but your Eczema did not respond in the standard 3 days.

It occurred to me that there may be some irritation of your skin which may be caused by soap or other substance that you are using during washing your hands and if so, you are advised to use Johnsons baby shampoo which lacks the Alkali base and has made the cure possible in some cases.

I would also like to experiment with increasing the relative concentration of the Arnica in the water. Please insert another 10 drops of the remedy from the bottle into the water as it is possible that the increased concentration of the remedy may make some difference in healing your Eczema.

I see that David Kempson has been assiduously following every one of my posts as he is wont to do with all posts I make on the ABC in the hope that he will get the opportunity to prove that my 'Joepathy' does not work as effectively as his classical homeopathy which I used to practice, and which I discarded about 25 years ago.

I shall then let David take over and watch the results.
Joe De Livera last decade
David Kempson,
I am at a point where I feel I've done all I can with the Arnica Dr Joe prescribed. I should point out I experienced significant relief with it, but I was not cured. I wont be satisfied until I experience a complete cure. I hope we are able to achieve that together. I am asking for you to please take my case at this time. Please let me know how we should begin.

Dr Joe, thank you again for your help. I'll say again that I did experience much needed relief, and on this I place a high value.

I look forward to hearing from you, David.
superdude last decade
Of course I am happy to take over.

I will post my intake form. Any information you give this way I will add to what you gave in your first post.


It is important to describe all your problems in as much detail as you are able. One word answers and short sentences are not particularly helpful. Discuss each problem one at a time, providing (as a minimum level of detail) the following information.

Please do not answer each of the following questions by placing all your problems in each one. Each of these questions needs to be answered for each problem eg. For you headaches answer 1-7, then for your reflux answer 1-7 and so on.

1. What exactly happens?
2. Describe all sensations and pains. Each pain or sensation should be described in such a way that allows us to imagine having the same pain.
3. What causes the problem to get worse after it has started occurring?
4. What creates some relief for the problem?
5. What triggers the problem into occurring?
6. What time of the day or night does the problem occur?
7. When did the problem start? What was happening in your life at that time? Did some specific event or treatment take place just before the problem started?

Move from one problem to the next, doing the same thing. IT IS VITAL THAT YOU GIVE A COMPLETE PICTURE OF YOUR HEALTH BY PROVIDING ALL PROBLEMS YOU HAVE, EVEN IF NOT CONNECTED TO THE MAIN ONE, AND EVEN IF YOU CONSIDER IT OF LESS IMPORTANCE. You should address each problem separately using the above 7 questions as a guide.

As well as this, please describe any traumatic incidents that have taken place in your life. Discuss anything that has had a lasting impact on you mentally, emotionally or physically.

Discuss the way that you manage or deal with your problems, or any problems that occur in your life.

Discuss any patterns you have noticed in your behavior especially concerning your disease.

Discuss any part of your life where you feel stuck or unable to change and grow, especially where this occurred around the beginning of your disease, or as the disease evolved.

Describe your childhood and the kind of environment you grew up in, with reference to your relationships with your family, your school experiences, and any serious childhood diseases. Your parents may need to help you answer these questions.

If your earlier discussions have not mentioned these already, please describe:

1. The specific foods that you crave (not just like) or hate
2. The specific drinks that you crave or hate
3. What your sleep is like
4. How the weather and the temperature affects you
5. What kinds of things in the environment you are particularly sensitive to
6. What your general level of energy is like
7. What your level of sexual energy or desire is like
8. Describe your menstrual cycle

I will probably have more questions for you after that.

I also need to know what homoeopathic remedies you have taken in the past, and what the results were.

David Kempson
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thanks for taking my case.
I think some background on myself would put the rest in perspective. So first I'll answer the last 8 questions, and then maybe anything else I think is important in a paragraph or so.

1. Foods I crave or hate: I crave doughnuts and pancakes with syrup, these 2 I don't indulge in much as the doughnuts make me constipated and the pancakes I am to lazy to make. I also crave chocolate bars, pizza, burgers, Doritos. I do indulge in these. I can't think of foods I especially hate.

2. Drinks I crave or hate:
I crave soda, and drink 2 to 4 cans of diet colas per day. I also crave water, and I drink it constantly throughout the day. I sweat a lot. I dislike alcohol, as I used to have a problem with it and now I find it repulsive.

3. My sleep is not regular. The hours I sleep vary. I used to sleep late and be up late at night. Now I can be asleep at any hour or up at any hour. But typically, I will be up during the day for about two weeks and then shift to a pattern of being up at night and sleeping during the day, for about a week. I sleep a lot, between 10 to 12 or more hours at a time. I always get up at least once to urinate, but that seems appropriate to the amount of water i drink. I sweat a lot while I sleep, and need the room to be cool to cold to sleep. I can't sleep if my feet are warm, they need to be cool. I sleep on my side, mostly my right side but some on the left.

4. I am much more comfortable in the cool or cold weather than warm and humid. It was warm when my rash appeared and really warm and humid as it got worse, 90+ Farenheit and high humidity.

5. Other than humidity, I prefer it dry, I'm not particularly sensitive to the environment.

6. My general level of energy is low. I think this is as much mental as physical. I have started walking this year, but not regularly. When I walk I walk about 4 miles at a time and this I can manage. Also, when I have something that needs doing I can usually find the physical energy to get it done. So perhaps it's more mental or emotional.

7. My sexual energy is low, and I am not very social so I don't have a girlfriend. I have little outlet for the sexual energy I do have.

My relationship with my dad has been poor over most of my life. When I was young he mostly ignored me. I got the sense that felt his kids were a hassle he would as soon do without. I am the youngest of four boys, although one I did not grow up with. My mom says when there is a problem dad either ignores it or gets angry. Mom also says he has seasonal affective disorder, and I agree. He's never had it diagnosed, though. But this is about me, not my father, right? For a long time I really let the way he ignored me or got angry with me affect the way I viewed myself. I'm getting better with that.

As a child I had eczema on my legs, a standard type of dry rash that itched a little. nothing like what I have now. I didn't have it for more than a year i think, at age 8 to 10 or so. I was healthy and strong as a young child, but by the time I was a teenager I was skinny and Smaller than the other kids. At about age 13 I started to be sick a lot. I had what doctors called sinus infections and was eventually diagnosed as being allergic to household dust and dust mites. Few treatments helped, like antibiotics and probably some anti-allergy drugs. Eventually my mother took me to an acupuncturist who also did other types of 'alternative' medicine. She diagnosed me with a candida infection in my digestive tract. She treated me, including a restrictive diet and by age 18 or so I was much improved. I dropped out of school at 16 or so. Before that I missed a lot of school with illness.

Looking back I think I may have been suffering from depression more than anything else. At age 25 or so I was diagnosed with depression and began various treatments for it. I took several different kinds of drugs that did little. I saw a psychologist and we made little to no progress together. I had moved out of my parents house at about 23 and moved back in 2 years later because I couldn't work. I eventually ended up taking a drug called Effexor XR for depression. It does help some, but it is not a cure. I also take Clonazepam for anxiety, and it also helps some. About 4 years ago I started seeing a therapist who does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This has been very helpful, although my progress is slow. The basic idea is that what I think about affects my mood, which affects my behaviors, which in turn affects what I think about, and so on. It has helped me to stop thinking so negatively. I should mention I was suicidal at age 31 to the point I went to the hospital for help. That's how I got into the program where I can now see my therapist, as I have no health insurance.

The way I deal with problems has improved, but I still have progress to make. For a long time I just hid from my problems. I would go up to my room and lay in the dark to hide. I now tend to do that less and try to see how to solve the problem. My car isn't running, I find out how to fix it and do so. I have this new problem with the rash on my hand. In the past I would have hidden away. and now I seek help. I still hide in my room, just not as often and not for as long.

There have been a few traumatic incidents in my life. The first I can think of was not one incident, but the way my dad acted when I was ill (or depressed) as a teenager. He would try to get me to just tough it out, but the more he pushed the more I just curled up into a ball. I still tend feel that way when pushed. Now I deal with it better. I think when someone says to tough it out it's because that's the way they deal with things, and they can't imagine dealing with things any other way.
Another traumatic event was when I was about 23 my dad found some pornography in my room. He gave me a couple months to move out. I begged him to help me with the problem, I don't think pornography is healthy, but dad just wanted to be rid of me.
About 2 years ago my dad choked me. He didn't choke me hard, just grabbed me by the throat, but it was emotionally very upsetting. I was never in any physical danger. This perhaps bothered me the most, as I had been making some progress with my therapy. I was trying to be more independent, and I guess he didn't know how to deal with that. For a long time, my whole life I guess, I had based my own opinion of myself on what others thought of me, and a father's opinion has a lot of hold on a person. I now understand that he wasn't angry because there is something wrong with me, but because there is something wrong with him. He has an anger problem.

I wanted to mention the brother I grew up away from. He's about 13 years older than me, and I didn't know he existed until I was 15. Dad had him in New York State before he met my mom. We live in the midwest of the USA. This wasn't traumatic, but gives insight into my family. My mom tends toward not wanting to talk about a problem, so this is a tendency I fight against as well.

I isolate myself. Again, I'm improving slowly. I used to be very social, and when I do go out with people I tap into that part of myself again. But when I go home I can't seem to remember how much fun I had, and instead the next time I have a chance to do something social I feel only trepidation. Will I be uncomfortable the whole time, will I have anything to say? Even though my last experience was positive, I'm anxious about this next one.
I have one friend I've been camping with 3 or 4 times in the last year. Each time we are about to go I feel those same things, along with, will I have the physical energy to keep up? Each time I have a good time, I am ok physically, yet when we want to go again I have all those negative feelings again. When you said to discuss the areas in which I feel stuck or unable to grow, this is the number one thing I thought of.

On to the physical malady, I guess.

1. I have a rash. It started on my right hand middle finger, the palm side. A few small blisters appeared beneath the skin, they looked like bubbles. They itched a little. I had seen this on either this finger or another in the past, but the patch was small and itched just a little. The patches in the past were no bigger than a fingernail. I think one pealed off when scratched and was dry beneath. This time was different. At some point the blisters came to the surface and burst. The skin beneath was inflamed and sensitive, basically raw. This eventually spread to all my fingers and most of my palms. the skin would be red or purple beneath the areas that had burst and peeled. The skin beneath would be sensitive. Eventually more blisters would appear and move to the surface and the process would begin anew. The blisters are full of clear pus that weeps after it bursts. Occasionally it is yellowish. Even after the blister appears to have emptied it continues to ooze pus. It is very watery as opposed to more like a gel. At this point it is not spreading to new areas. It is only present in this form on the palm side of my fingers or the sides of my fingers, not the back side of my fingers. One exception, the middle finger of my right hand, the one where all this began. Sometimes the raw skin dries out and becomes thick and will not bend, and this causes cracks that run deep to expose raw skin. It is painful.

2. The itching feels like it is slightly beneath the skin, and in an area as opposed to one specific spot or point. The desire to scratch is almost impossible to ignore. It is more satisfying to rub the skin, or ring it like a wet cloth. When I was a kid we would do something to each other called an 'indian burn.' You would wrap your hands around a friends arm one next to the other and twist them in opposite directions. Just one of the dumb things kids do. But this is the rubbing or wringing of the hands is most satisfying. However, it only serves to increase the itch. The skin becomes hot, both the sensation of burning but also warm to the touch, and creates new blisters where previously the rash was dormant. I have attacks of this itch, it only takes some rubbing to stir up this itch. When this began and the blisters broke the skin beneath was painful, like raw exposed skin similar to skin that had been burned.

3. The rash seems to spread and flare up on its own. Other than scratching and damaging the skin. Also picking up a heavy object or holding an object or tool and applying force with it raises new blisters. For example, if a metal fork is used to cut food, the metal handle will slide along the skin of a finger and blisters will be raised where it has slid. It's almost like the top layer of skin is barely attached to the lower layer and this sliding of something across the skin separates the layers. Imagine the same thing lifting a heavy object, a table perhaps, and the somewhat sharp edges slip along the skin a little and the same thing occurs.

4. Soaking the hands in cold water can provide relief when an attack of itching occurs. It can take 15 to 20 minutes for the attack to pass. I sometimes put a splash of apple cider vinegar in the water, but I don't know if that makes a difference. Once when an attack was very itchy I put ice i the water, which was a little too cold. Noxzema rubbed into the skin is the best I have found so far to deal with the itch. It contains camphor, menthol, and other things that quit the itch and rubbing it into the skin satisfies the desire to scratch. I have to rub it in for 10 to 15 minutes, though, When I rub my skin with this it does not produce new blisters. I rinse the noxzema off in cool water while rubbing the skin. Afterward the condition of the skin is improved. The dry skin has become supple. I must put something on it or else it will dry out again. I have a cream that contains almond oil, calendula and other things that is ok. It's quite oily. sometimes poking the blisters that are ready to burst keeps them from itching.

5. I have had just this one ongoing attack of this rash, so id don't know quite how to answer question 'what triggers the problem into occurring.'

6. The attacks of itching have happened at all times of day and night, but most often on awaking in bed or lying in bed to go to sleep.

7. The problem started after a wedding, I think. I was feeling a little left out by my friends, and had much anxiety about seeing people I had not seen in a while. I feel like others have grown up and I still live the life of a child. I'm 35, unemployed, and live with my parents. I was anxious because I was at a table with no one I knew. Later that week I spent some time with some friends I hadn't seen in a while. It was good, but I also thought about all the things they were doing I am missing out on. I ruled out contact with a physical toxin as I had no contact with anything new, especially just on my hands, and it's been some 2 months or more now.

I treated this about 3 to 4 weeks after the initial symptoms with sulphur 6c, 5 pellets 3x a day. But I swallowed the pellets. I see now I'm supposed to let them dissolve under the tongue? I began yesterday the treatment again, dissolving the pellets, as I didn't know when you might be able to begin treating me. I assume you have other patients. I also took the arnica as described by Dr. Joe, Arnica 6c 3 drops in a 500ml bottle shaken, two capfuls a day, one am one pm.

I shall end now, as I have grown weary of writing, as no doubt you are growing weary of reading. I wonder now what you meant when you said something in an earlier post about effort being required. This self examination is hard work for me. It must take effort for you as well to read all this and make sense of it. Understanding that makes me all the more grateful for your help.

Thanks again for taking my case.
superdude last decade
I have hand eczema- I refuse to use the steroid filled cream. I am not much into changing my dietary habits either. I have found a solution to hand eczema. The doctor cannot recommend this because it is a bit 'invasive'. When your eczema is in blister form [I havent tried any other form] remove the skin from the affected area- this should be painless over the affected area [even when its deep]. Dont rip the skin too far... blah blah use common sense. Squeeze some fluid out clear it off. Grab a clove of fresh garlic and tare it open and rub the juicy middle on the area. For me it is 2-3 days complete heal- no itching or cracking or reapplying- just once is enough per break out. The garlic may have a slight sting. If you are not comfortable removing the skin I would suggest finding someone who is because it may take skill..

Seriously that is all there is to fixing a breakout.

When you are satisfied with the results pass it on because topical creams and such are so very terrible for the body- as is many other drugs they feed us saying it will work.
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Iritiri last decade
To superdude. You are a person of equal standing amoungst the rest. Your fathers behaviour is inexcusable. He has past resentment and hurt he is bringing forth on to you. It would seem as if your personalising his attacks as if it was behaviour to be had by all. Although these things do happen you should not lessen its effects- you are a person of equal standing amoungst the rest. By swallowing what has happened you are reassuring any derogatory terms he may have used against you..

This is how I have learned to view things- maybe it can help lessen the stress and take away some pain. There is a battle that only some of us can see truely for what it is and you are apart of that- the traditional thinking of training vs. reality of growth. Those who grew up in a training mindset may adhere to the idea that it is the only way because they have felt the hurt and pain people can cause when not 'properly trained'. This can to create a domino effect depending on the person. They will enact those actions onto whom ever they want to train so you can feel the pain they want you to avoid thus abide by what they feel is the right thing to do. Now unfortunately what they feel is right will be a strict version of what they needed to be in order to avoid their pain from continuing. And they cannot see/its too painful to see how this is creating the same cycle of pain. Luckily though we do not need to be trained- we need to grow. And to fully comprehend the difference may be where your freedom could lay. They say adaptability is what makes us humans strong but that can applied incorrectly reinforcing the training belief by this is the situation work with in it but its more then that. There is work involved in using adaptability correctly- we need to learn the landscape [so to speak]. That means gain knowledge to have a perspective that allows us to live. And defining the difference between training and growth may be the first step. That is all I have gathered from my personal journey.. Maybe there is something there that will help you.. and always remember YOU ARE A PERSON OF EQUAL STANDING AMOUNGST THE REST. All that separates us is words.
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Iritiri last decade
Foderma serum helps with my sons Eczema on his hands. When the Eczema gets bad on his hands it does slightly burn when he puts it on. He has less flare up since he started using Foderma serum.
DalinaJoswig 6 years ago
My hand eczema was so terrible, I tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked. It was embarrassing to go out anywhere, it looked so bad and was so painful. I first bought foderma serum out of desperation at Target, thinking that I was just wasting my money again. To my surprise it started working in minutes! It doesn't cure it, and I'll probably have to use this serum for a very long time, but it gets rid of the symptoms!
Joeyoj9 6 years ago

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