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I would say that your body needed the deep and long sleep. I assume the sleep was deep? So far, with my group of five here that are on Seroctin (obviously not a broad test group), none of them have experienced that kind of sleep pattern. If you have been stressed and anxious for a long time, your body may be in a state of such tension that sleep was not restful and there were frequent awakenings? Is this correct? If so, the Seroctin MAY ( I don NOT know for certain) be helping you sleep longer to make up for the lack of rest you have had for....how long? I knew a man once years ago who never slept more than four hours a night due to a nervous demeanor. I put him on a mixture of valerian, passionflower and chamomile (a very mild mix of all) and he slept for 18 hours straight! He woke up feeling drugged and called me in a furious state to accuse me of giving him an illicit drug to get him to sleep. When I assured him that I did not give an illicit drug, he calmed down but he could not believe that a little herb had done such a thing. Frankly, I had a hard time believing it too. The only thing I could come up with is that he had not had a decent night's sleep in over 20 years. I'd say his body was due for a good long rest and his body gave it to him. It took him a few weeks of long rests before his body was happy and he transitioned eventually to 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night with the help of some herbal tablets.

Just see how your body responds over the next few days with the Seroctin. I'd take 3 in the morning and 2 at night for the time being and see how that feels. Adjust at your discretion.
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
Hi Jim.

Yes I have had very bad panick and anxiety for a long time, I dont sleep well at all, infact i was back to bed this afternoon I havent been able to go outside today at all felf sluggish.

Im not too bad now but still feel a little dazed at times could it be that 3 maybe too many for me to start on?

I will only take 2 tonight to see what happens, but Im worried as I have to go to the doctors on Friday and need to feel up to the journey, I have to prepare my self well in advance before I go outside.
monaa last decade

It sounds as if you allow your mind to really work you up emotionally and mentally. You are already thinking about your Friday trip to the doctor and getting worried about what you will be like. Because you are highly sensitive (both physically and emotionally), the Seroctin has a quicker and stronger effect on your body. Thus, your body has not had adequate rest for so long that it is responding naturally and GETTING that rest. Nothing wrong or odd about that. Since you are so sensitive, drop your dose down to two in the morning and two in the evening and see how that feels. Also, I encourage you to go outside and get some sunshine on your forehead to naturally increase the melatonin production from your pineal gland. Let's not forget the simple stuff! Sunshine!! I don't care if you have to drag your body outside. DO IT! Fresh air and sunshine is vital for your recovery.

I'm not saying that you are imagining what you are feeling. It's just that your mind is working overtime, isn't it, and creating more fearful thoughts and PROJECTIONS of things that have not happened yet...am I right?

You talked yourself into this. You can talk yourself out of it. Say out loud in the PRESENT TENSE, "I am doing fine. I am calm. I feel rested" or any other positive sayings that apply to your situation. Think that's all bunk? Well, look at this way: you have spent how many years telling yourself a NEGATIVE every single day of your life and you are now living the consequences of that negative thought form.

Check out Belladonna and see if you resonate with it.
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
Thank Jim

You are so right, my confidence took a huge blow when I fell ill, and now I just need to allow Seroctin to take its course and see and anticipate the results.

I do worry well in advance especially trips to the doctors and a meeting next week with work. You see in all my time working I have never once taken a day off work sick never and then all of a sudden I was struck with panick and agraphobia and so months on still unable to work it all happened so fast.

I will check out Belladonna

thanks once again
monaa last decade
Jim -

I also have very strong anticipatory anxiety. I sound very similar to monaa. I fret and worry about things that are planned and that I have to be to. I also have other symptoms of anxiety such as agoraphobia ( fear of certain places) and so on. I read through the Belladdonna description also. Does it help with all kinds of anxiety or just anticipatory anxiety?
naydies last decade
Belladonna is for people who LIVE in their heads/minds. People who stay awake at night overthinking the day's events and what's about to happen the next day..or next week...or next month. They think and think and think and each thought tends to give birth to two more thoughts and those give birth to more thoughts....It's never ending and when/if you can sleep, it's restless because you cannot shut off your mind. Worse, much of the thoughts are things that NEVER will happen.

Think of the Belladonna wife who has a tiff with her husband over something minor before going to bed. Maybe it concerned a comment he made about a dirty dish in the sink. Innocent. No big deal on his part but it struck her the wrong way because she is so hyper sensitive. So, she cannot sleep. The words gnaw at her. She sits up and reads. But she cannot concentrate to read because she is so upset by the words that were spoken during the tiff. She replays the tiff in her head, remembering every word that was spoken and re-FEELING every feeling she felt. By the time she's done, she is so worked up that she has blown the tiff into a full out reason to get a divorce. She storms into the bedroom where her husband is peacefully sleeping and, in a state of quick rage (another indication for Belladonna), she wakes the guy up and demands that they talk and if they don't, she's packing her bags and leaving RIGHT THEN. Oh, the drama.

This little story is loosely based on one of my female patients. She can laugh about it now but when she was experiencing it, it was NO laughing matter. I gave her Belladonna 30X on a Monday. The remedy did its thing later that day to show that it's working. I instructed her to take another 30x dose the following week on Monday and to continue to do so for four weeks in a row before stopping to let the remedy work. That was three months ago and this woman is changed. Truly. She says her mind simply cannot go to the extremes that it did three months ago. While she still has those moments of anger and sensitivity to what is said, she's not full blown nuts over it. In fact, she can readily laugh and make jokes about her behavior before and even now when something ticks her off or gets her slightly worried.

Read the "MIND" profile and generalities for Belladonna and see if it feels like you. Remember, you are a sensitive person by nature and you MUST go with what you FEEL about this remedy.
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
Hi Jim and naydies.

I have read up on Belladonna and i can only find information that sates it is a homeopathic remedy that may be helpful for fever, headache, colds, flu, pain, conjunctivitis, palpitations, hallucinations, tonsillitis, bronchitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, bleeding and cholecystitis.

Im not sure if this would help me with my fret and worry about things that are planned and places I have to go to?

Is there any herbs that would benefit my negative thoughts I have come across a couple - one called AGRIMONY but not sure, I feel that Im doing great at the moment if only i could combat the negative thoughts. really get the confidence I need(which i am working on really hard)

I love the advise you have offered us all, your experience and knowledge is en-vaulauble.

Monaa :)
monaa last decade

I believe this is what Jim wants you to take a look at.

naydies last decade

Agrimony, as you're referring to it, is one of the Bach Flowers. It falls in Bach's grouping of essences that address oversensitivity to one's environment. (There's that word again...."oversensitive.")

Agrimony flower essences is for "Inner torture hidden behind a facade of cheerfulness." If this fits you, by all means, get a bottle of the essence and try it. The great thing about Bach Flowers is that if you choose the wrong remedy, there are NO side effects. It just doesn't work.

And thanks, Naydies, for directing Monaa to the correct place for Belladonna.
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
Also, Monaa,

Look under the heading of "SLEEP" for Belladonna. See if any of it matches your sleep pattern.

If any other homeopaths are out there reading this thread, please feel free to jump in and offer your suggestions. I'd love to hear your take.
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
Morning all.

Well can I just say that I have been taking Seroctin for 3 days now, so this morning I woke at 7.00 took my normal 3 tablets, and then took my Homepathic remedies, for the first time in 5 months I had no nervous stomach, no Diarrhoea, no dizzyness and I made it to the doctors safe and no attacks. The only effects I had was that my face was burning up and cold sweats. wow I cant wait for the full effects to take place I might have just found a solution to meet my needs.

After talking to the doctor well me talking and him not listening (and disreguarded herbal alternatives) he suggested that I go on to Propranolol Hydrochloride along with Dosulepin. But if this is the starting effects of Herbal with no side effects then why should I put my body through this. I really dont think that I could cope with yet more drugs and side effects.

Im so pleased that I did not panick, I was anxious and couldnt wait to get home but that is just me not used to being outdoors. Practice will make perfection. well thats my little achievent for the day.

I was so please that I came home that I then went back outside and washed the car for 20 minutes again on my own.
monaa last decade
Feeling a bit fuzzy now but it could have been due to all the adrenaline pumping through my system.

lets hope my relaxation tapes will do the trick?

thanks M
monaa last decade

Congratulations! Practice DOES make perfect. Baby steps and then bigger steps and then in 3 months you'll look back at where you were and wonder who that person was. Each layer of natural healing will build and build until you have a strong foundation to operate under. Right now, you have a good size layer that got you out of the house and washing your car. Always remember that you have a VERY ACTIVE MIND, okay? It's your mind that gets you in such emotional turmoil. You are only on Day 3 of Seroctin so it has just started to build in your system. I had a female patient, age 45, call me this morning to say that she wasn't sure if the Seroctin was working because she's not noticing any of the big changes she's heard about (she's been on it less than a week.) Then, about an hour or so later, I was at the post office and bumped into this woman's husband. He made a point of taking me aside and saying, "I want to thank you for that new stuff you gave my wife. She's not getting worked up as much as before and sleeps better." Well, I was puzzled. But you know, some of the people who are so wound up in their own anxiety-filled worlds don't tend to see the little things that are changing in their bodies and minds. You all are not just very sensitive, you are VERY hard on yourselves. You demand a lot from yourselves and when the effects may trickle instead of pour, you think "Oh, I'm not doing well enough." But even the smallest improvement is still IMPROVEMENT. It's still movement toward change, no matter how small. Before, you were just static. Now there is a step or two up the ladder. There are many ways up that ladder. You can take one step at a time or two at a time. But the point is to eventually climb the ladder...and then move onto the next one.

Monaa, what homeopathics are you taking?
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
Monaa -

Congratulations! It always makes me want to tear up when I hear stories like this. I know what you're going through, I know the torment your mind goes through. When you make a major step like that you just want to rejoice! I'm so happy for you. Keep up the good work! Keep up the positive thoughts! It will only help you in the end!
naydies last decade
Hi Jim

I took advice from someone off this site and I purchased Rock Rose drops but I didnt actually use this today that is just if Im right over the edge.

I took Arsenicum album along with Gelsemium: they seem to suit my needs, and I agree with the Belladonna once I read it properly of course.

I have just had a good power nap and feel a lot better, I seem to need these little power naps from time to time.

but it refreshes me?

monaa last decade

I would choose just one homeopathic at a time. I believe in the classical approach to homeopathy which is letting one homeopathic do it's job before trying another. The only caviat to this is Nux and Sulphur (Nux in the evening and Sulphur in the morning). However, using dual remedies like that should only continue for brief periods of time.

If you are someone who is a neat freak and a CONTROL freak, then Arsenicum is for you. If you have panic attacks the the typical "stage fright" feelings (dry mouth, paralyzing sensations from fear, etc.) then Gelsenium is your remedy.

Bach's Rock Rose is a good choice. Also investigate Mimulus and Aspen Bach Flowers.
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
Hi Jim

Well I have jusyt been out again for a drive in the car, everything was fine I was relaxed calm and no panick attacks, its great.

The only problem that I am having is that I get really bad heads and it make me want to come home because of it, yet i want to stay out becouse Im not habving attacks can you suggest anything?

Im a little light headed then I suffer headaches for a least 2 hours later.

I love the effects of Serectin its great for me but now I need to combat the head fuzzy feeling and Ill be on my way to recovery.

Thanks M
monaa last decade
Dizziness is typically related to the liver in your case. Could also be low blood sugar. Are you eating enough meat protein? Many times when one has continual panic attacks, they do a number on their adrenal glands. The old "fight or flight" syndrome repeated ad nauseum until your adrenals just get tired of the game. While tired adrenals aren't necessarily responsible for dizziness, I think there's a cascading effect going on in your system right now. Let's look at this from what I/we know from the posts: You have spent HOW LONG in a state of panic and not liking to go out? Now, just three/four days on Seroctin, you are going out in your car, washing your car, etc. Your adrenals are kicked into gear because of the excitement and because that's what they do to rev you up. My advice is to stay away from sugars that jack up your insulin and cause pancreatic imbalance. Stay away from caffeine since that will affect your adrenal glands negatively. You need to be more grounded. One very easy way to do this is to make bone soup out of beef bones. Add a few carrots, celery, turnips (very grounding) but no potatoes as they affect blood sugar. Cook the soup until the marrow from the bones seeps into the soup. This is one of the best fortifying soups around and has been used for at least a century or more in Europe to nourish and strengthen people who are coming back from debilitating illness, whether it's nervous or physical. Protein is the KEY here, Monaa. You can't operate a machine on fumes. You can't opearate your body on carbohydrates that do not sustain your body.
Jim Sheldon ND last decade

Just had another thought here. As I said before, you should do both Arsenicum AND Gelsenium. Gelsenium seems more appropriate to your overall needs. However, I meant to ask what POTENCY you are taking these homeopathics in? How long have you been taking them every morning? Gelsenium can be used for dizziness. However, if you over dose on Gelsenium, you might be proving this effect to some degree. So hard to say without knowing more about your history. It's preferable to treat your dizziness as I've mentioned in the above post. But just remember: take the homeopathic remedies briefly, then stop for a week or more, and please allow the body to take over and rebalance. You are a very sensitive person and these remedies are going to have an immediate effect on your system as homeopathics tend to really create quick effects with sensitive people.
Jim Sheldon ND last decade

You should NOT do both Arsenicum and Gelsenium.

Sorry. Fingers moving too swiftly across the keyboard this afternoon.

Jim Sheldon ND last decade
Hi Jim

I have taken the Arsenicum which is only 1 tablet in the morning is 6x and Gelsenium is 3 tablets 30x for over a week now.

when I wake in the morning I feel light headed and dizzy until the effects of Seroctin and the above Kick in.

Yes your right I should take just the 1 its just finding which one works for me.

Im having a bad day today, have been asked for a day out at my parents for lunch but my head is all fuzzy and I feel dizzy and once i go outside that is when the effects really take place.

I do have a really good diet, I dont eat a lot of sugar never eat chocolate and have only 1/2 a cup of coffee a day.
I eat a lot of salads, tuna fish and pasta.

Now I feel that maybe Im not quite there feel really sickly today, dizzy bad head and eyes are very sensitive outdoors feel really depressed. I cant even visit my father on fathers day.

I will change the homepathic remedies to just the one and then have a break off them as you say I am a very senitive person and little things effect me badly.
monaa last decade

well for some reason my head feels like it is going to explode today?

I did have a very stressful day yesterday and a very bad sleep last night.

I do feel so deoressed maybe its just that I need a good rest, too dizzy and lightheaded to go outside, but I am going to try and venture out even if it is to sit in the garden and get a bit fresh air.

Does anyone else suffer from the same symptoms and if so how do you get rid of them?
monaa last decade

Again, this could be low blood sugar, nerves and/or over taxed adrenals.

Are you eating red meat? Have you tried the beef bone soup I mentioned? You need to become more grounded as your mental body is far too active and literally ruling your life. Lack of sleep will also cause dizziness and disorientation. I'd cut out the pasta from your diet. All pasta and other cheap carbohydrates do is raise your blood sugar quickly and then create a huge crash (potatoes and rice do the same thing.) Once again, Monaa, you cannot expect your body to operate on all cylinders if it is lacking the proper fuel it needs to perform its actions. Eatng a diet of pasta, salads and tuna is not enough for you right now to feel grounded and centered. I cannot stress this enough!

Get outside. Get some sun on your face and body if possible. Take deep breaths and breath from your diaphram (not shallow breathing.) Take a little walk, even if it's around your general area outside. Drink in life, Monaa. Don't be afraid.
Jim Sheldon ND last decade

I don't have that exactly. I usually have more a feeling that I'm in a dream. Just feeling really out of touch with reality. I don't know what to tell you. I would just take Jims advice and try to eat more protein. I notice that when I eat more protein I do feel much better and much stronger.

Hope you feel better.
naydies last decade
Ground, ground, ground yourselves! Red meat protein is the best way to do this as it carries with it the strongest grounding energy. Buy organic. Eat buffalo if you wish. If you are feeling as if life's a dream, than more than ever you MUST make a conscious point every single day to ground your energetic flow. If you don't do this, you are leaving yourselves open to etheric influences that play on your psyche as well as taking in too much energy that doesn't belong to you from other people.

Walk barefoot on dirt and green grass.

Go walk a dog.

Run around the block.

Volunteer your time to help an older person who needs to have their basic needs met (a very grounding experience.)

The problem here, as with all people who spend too much time reflecting and obsessing on their problems, is that after a bit, it all becomes very self-indulgent. I'm not trying to be hurtful here. But honestly, as my dear, departed Godmother Anne used to say, "Get outta your head, get off your ass and start DOING instead of fussing." She was one tough ol' lady and when I'd stay with her as a kid and start worrying about this or that (my parents' impending divorce, my grades in school, girlfriend troubles...) and she'd lovingly but very directly tell me to stop letting the thoughts circle because I wasn't accomplishing anything. Then she'd send me to the market to buy something for her, or she'd tell me to go out and chop some wood (even if it was summer and she wasn't going to burn any wood for months), run around down the road or take a dip in the pond that skirted her rural property. It always got me out of my head and allowed me to look at my troubles from a fresh perspective when I was done. Take my Godmother's advice and get out of yourself to gain a healthier point of view. There's just not much more concrete advice I can offer you if you don't start to really power on and lose the pity me syndrome. Good luck!
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
hi jim...i wanted to tahnk you very much for your insight with seroctin. i have been taking it now for almost 2 weeks and i have noticed such a difference with my sleep patterns and mood. i read the article by dr. wright about lithium orotate....very interesting reading...and it can be purchsed from the tahoma clinic website for half the cost of the feelserenity lithium orotate...

so my question is this...one is enteric coated and one is not...does this make a difference and what is the recommended dose?

again...thank you very much for your inspiring and empowering words of wisdom...

flowertea last decade

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