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Hi Jim

Well I have jusyt been out again for a drive in the car, everything was fine I was relaxed calm and no panick attacks, its great.

The only problem that I am having is that I get really bad heads and it make me want to come home because of it, yet i want to stay out becouse Im not habving attacks can you suggest anything?

Im a little light headed then I suffer headaches for a least 2 hours later.

I love the effects of Serectin its great for me but now I need to combat the head fuzzy feeling and Ill be on my way to recovery.

Thanks M
monaa last decade
Dizziness is typically related to the liver in your case. Could also be low blood sugar. Are you eating enough meat protein? Many times when one has continual panic attacks, they do a number on their adrenal glands. The old "fight or flight" syndrome repeated ad nauseum until your adrenals just get tired of the game. While tired adrenals aren't necessarily responsible for dizziness, I think there's a cascading effect going on in your system right now. Let's look at this from what I/we know from the posts: You have spent HOW LONG in a state of panic and not liking to go out? Now, just three/four days on Seroctin, you are going out in your car, washing your car, etc. Your adrenals are kicked into gear because of the excitement and because that's what they do to rev you up. My advice is to stay away from sugars that jack up your insulin and cause pancreatic imbalance. Stay away from caffeine since that will affect your adrenal glands negatively. You need to be more grounded. One very easy way to do this is to make bone soup out of beef bones. Add a few carrots, celery, turnips (very grounding) but no potatoes as they affect blood sugar. Cook the soup until the marrow from the bones seeps into the soup. This is one of the best fortifying soups around and has been used for at least a century or more in Europe to nourish and strengthen people who are coming back from debilitating illness, whether it's nervous or physical. Protein is the KEY here, Monaa. You can't operate a machine on fumes. You can't opearate your body on carbohydrates that do not sustain your body.
Jim Sheldon ND last decade

Just had another thought here. As I said before, you should do both Arsenicum AND Gelsenium. Gelsenium seems more appropriate to your overall needs. However, I meant to ask what POTENCY you are taking these homeopathics in? How long have you been taking them every morning? Gelsenium can be used for dizziness. However, if you over dose on Gelsenium, you might be proving this effect to some degree. So hard to say without knowing more about your history. It's preferable to treat your dizziness as I've mentioned in the above post. But just remember: take the homeopathic remedies briefly, then stop for a week or more, and please allow the body to take over and rebalance. You are a very sensitive person and these remedies are going to have an immediate effect on your system as homeopathics tend to really create quick effects with sensitive people.
Jim Sheldon ND last decade

You should NOT do both Arsenicum and Gelsenium.

Sorry. Fingers moving too swiftly across the keyboard this afternoon.

Jim Sheldon ND last decade
Hi Jim

I have taken the Arsenicum which is only 1 tablet in the morning is 6x and Gelsenium is 3 tablets 30x for over a week now.

when I wake in the morning I feel light headed and dizzy until the effects of Seroctin and the above Kick in.

Yes your right I should take just the 1 its just finding which one works for me.

Im having a bad day today, have been asked for a day out at my parents for lunch but my head is all fuzzy and I feel dizzy and once i go outside that is when the effects really take place.

I do have a really good diet, I dont eat a lot of sugar never eat chocolate and have only 1/2 a cup of coffee a day.
I eat a lot of salads, tuna fish and pasta.

Now I feel that maybe Im not quite there feel really sickly today, dizzy bad head and eyes are very sensitive outdoors feel really depressed. I cant even visit my father on fathers day.

I will change the homepathic remedies to just the one and then have a break off them as you say I am a very senitive person and little things effect me badly.
monaa last decade

well for some reason my head feels like it is going to explode today?

I did have a very stressful day yesterday and a very bad sleep last night.

I do feel so deoressed maybe its just that I need a good rest, too dizzy and lightheaded to go outside, but I am going to try and venture out even if it is to sit in the garden and get a bit fresh air.

Does anyone else suffer from the same symptoms and if so how do you get rid of them?
monaa last decade

Again, this could be low blood sugar, nerves and/or over taxed adrenals.

Are you eating red meat? Have you tried the beef bone soup I mentioned? You need to become more grounded as your mental body is far too active and literally ruling your life. Lack of sleep will also cause dizziness and disorientation. I'd cut out the pasta from your diet. All pasta and other cheap carbohydrates do is raise your blood sugar quickly and then create a huge crash (potatoes and rice do the same thing.) Once again, Monaa, you cannot expect your body to operate on all cylinders if it is lacking the proper fuel it needs to perform its actions. Eatng a diet of pasta, salads and tuna is not enough for you right now to feel grounded and centered. I cannot stress this enough!

Get outside. Get some sun on your face and body if possible. Take deep breaths and breath from your diaphram (not shallow breathing.) Take a little walk, even if it's around your general area outside. Drink in life, Monaa. Don't be afraid.
Jim Sheldon ND last decade

I don't have that exactly. I usually have more a feeling that I'm in a dream. Just feeling really out of touch with reality. I don't know what to tell you. I would just take Jims advice and try to eat more protein. I notice that when I eat more protein I do feel much better and much stronger.

Hope you feel better.
naydies last decade
Ground, ground, ground yourselves! Red meat protein is the best way to do this as it carries with it the strongest grounding energy. Buy organic. Eat buffalo if you wish. If you are feeling as if life's a dream, than more than ever you MUST make a conscious point every single day to ground your energetic flow. If you don't do this, you are leaving yourselves open to etheric influences that play on your psyche as well as taking in too much energy that doesn't belong to you from other people.

Walk barefoot on dirt and green grass.

Go walk a dog.

Run around the block.

Volunteer your time to help an older person who needs to have their basic needs met (a very grounding experience.)

The problem here, as with all people who spend too much time reflecting and obsessing on their problems, is that after a bit, it all becomes very self-indulgent. I'm not trying to be hurtful here. But honestly, as my dear, departed Godmother Anne used to say, "Get outta your head, get off your ass and start DOING instead of fussing." She was one tough ol' lady and when I'd stay with her as a kid and start worrying about this or that (my parents' impending divorce, my grades in school, girlfriend troubles...) and she'd lovingly but very directly tell me to stop letting the thoughts circle because I wasn't accomplishing anything. Then she'd send me to the market to buy something for her, or she'd tell me to go out and chop some wood (even if it was summer and she wasn't going to burn any wood for months), run around down the road or take a dip in the pond that skirted her rural property. It always got me out of my head and allowed me to look at my troubles from a fresh perspective when I was done. Take my Godmother's advice and get out of yourself to gain a healthier point of view. There's just not much more concrete advice I can offer you if you don't start to really power on and lose the pity me syndrome. Good luck!
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
hi jim...i wanted to tahnk you very much for your insight with seroctin. i have been taking it now for almost 2 weeks and i have noticed such a difference with my sleep patterns and mood. i read the article by dr. wright about lithium orotate....very interesting reading...and it can be purchsed from the tahoma clinic website for half the cost of the feelserenity lithium orotate...

so my question is this...one is enteric coated and one is not...does this make a difference and what is the recommended dose?

again...thank you very much for your inspiring and empowering words of wisdom...

flowertea last decade
Enteric coated Serenity lithium is a patented product name and process wherein enteric coated capsules are used. Plain ol' lithium orotate that you get from Dr. Wright's Tahoma Clinic (a very good place, by the way), are not enteric coated. Dr. Hans Neiper developed the patented enteric coated capsule. Neiper is responsible for a lot of the info on Lithium Orotate so I'm grateful to him for this. Neiper believed that enteric coated capsules absorbed better into the system and, for some, allowed the lithium to assimilate better. Also good choice if you have stomach upset easily, although, truly regular lithium orotate is not a big stomach churner.

Dose: I always start my patients on the lowest dose and work up IF they need it. Thus, 5 mg in the morning. You'll notice that the capsules say something like "125 mg. with 5 mg. of elemental lithium." This means that each capsule in that bottle has 5 mg. of lithium NOT 125 mg. So, start with 5 mg. and then if you sense you could use more, move up to 5 mg. at night and 5 mg. in the morning. That should do the trick. However, you can take up to 15 mg. a day (3/5 mg. capsules spread out throughout the day), but I always like my patients to take the lowest dose of ANYTHING they can. I am not a supplement junkie, nor do I promote the massive intake of vitamins and herbs. There's an addictive quality to that action that can get one very obsessed on their health. THAT doesn't help one, does it, when you are trying to get centered and out of your mind's way.

Had a cup of Yogi Tea yesterday. The tea bags have little sayings on them. I thought this was appropo for what we've discussing on this thread:


Don't know who said it. But it's worth writing out on a post it and sticking on your computer screen or bed table as a reminder, eh?
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
i love that saying...i drink yogi tea everday...and i do have 2 little sayings taped to my screen (my gentle reminders of the sacredness of all)....
one is "seek the soul and divinity in every one" and the other is "inspiring others towards happiness brings you happiness"....

thank you again jim...

flowertea last decade
I thnk that "inspiring others towards happiness brings you happiness" says what I was shooting for yesterday in regard to getting out of your head and helping someone else. When you do this, you stop the constant focus on yourself and are able to gain greater perspective on your life and see that everything is not as screwed up as you thought. I'm all for "Know Thyself." But it shouldn't be "Know Thyself at the expense of all those around you!" That's egocentric chaos at its worst.
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
very well said....i have another....i it wrote down many years ago...and i keep it with me always....

"whatever you feel is lacking in any situation...is what you have failed to give.."

somehow for me....if things seem dark and unhappy and it feels like the trees are all upside down...reading this reminds me to get out of my minds way....and just give.... nothing heals quite like giving....
flowertea last decade
Hi everyone,

After reading your stories, I am very confused and scared. I have been prescribed Zoloft and Xanax for my depression and anxiety for a little over 2 months. Simultaneously I have also been taking SAMe . I would very much like to ween off the Zoloft and Xanax, but my job and and subsequently my family depends on it ? What should I do ?

I am very tired. Especially right now. I feel that it is the end for me.
amorn last decade

I left a post on the other thread you started to reply.

Look, I'm not a doctor, just a researcher and someone who is willing to think outside the box and use natural remedies to help myself and my family. I have done tons of research on anxiety drugs and I've come to the conclusion that they are a last resort after you have exhausted every known nutritional, herbal and homepathic solution. My brother went on Xanex and thought all his problems were solved. It was supposd to be a short term solution until he got back on his mental "feet" but his supposed short term help turned into over five years of going on and off the drug. During that time, he also started taking Klonopin and Zoloft (NOT at the same time) and it was just a bloody nightmare. Pardon me, but I'm sick and tired of the big drug companies trying to convince people that these drugs are the answer to everything. They are not!

Please look into the basics for mental health nutrition: Cut out the obvious factors that impede your health: msg, aspartame, white flour, white sugar, soy (yes, soy...go to westonaprice dot org and learn about the eye-opening this group has done on soy over the last few decades.

Incorporate fish oil into your diet. I do think this KRILL OIL is worth every penny. Only get NEPTUNE KRILL OIL as it is guaranteed to have the nutrients. Look into your thyroid and if you find it's underactive (a huge sign of depression and anxiety), consider adding dulse, and nori seaweeds to your diet. Consider hormone problems (another HUGE reason for anxiety and depression.) There are herbs, homeopathics and supplemens that will gradually help hormonal imbalances.

Hey, it all takes time. There is no quick fix in natural medicine. That's why those little drug pills entice so many because they're "easy" and "quick" and "fast acting." But they are only weak band-aid care, trust me. Find a good qualified ND (naturopathic doctor) and/or homeopath who can guide you on the journey.

Jane525 last decade
Hi amorn

I have suffered for a long time now and I dont mean to be negative but nothing works no pills, herbs or anything.
I have tried all of the above suggestions and Im worse than ever now, depression and panick has to be the worst curse out there.

CBT is supposed to be the one thing that will sort us out,so I would go for that if I were you now before it gets a grip of you.

once again sorry but I have spent a long time and lots of money on all supposed help to resolve the problem.

maybe the CBT will help soon.
monaa last decade
Dear Jane,

I too believe in proper nutrition and will try to adhere to it the best I can. About Krill oil, can I get this from ? Also, the Omega-3 ? Any special brand ? You see I live i Thailand and these supplements /oil etc is not common.

Dear Monaa,

Sorry to hear about that. I will be starting meditation and am in search of a good Bhuddist school here. Through meditation I intend to achieve deep relaxation and then I intend to improve my out look on life when this happens. I guess this is a also a form of CBT.

amorn last decade

I get most of my supplements via the Internet. I know that iherb ships overseas. www iherb dot com There is also one called myvitanet dot com. Just be SURE you get NEPTUNE Krill Oil as you'll know you are getting the best out there. All the other cheaper brands do not meet the strict guidelines the Neptune Krill people follow. Omega 3 IS Krill Oil.

I think it's important for you to also look into your thyroid to see if that's the source of your imbalance. I've been doing research on the thyroid for almost 10 years now and I'm literally amazed how thyroid depletion breaks the connections between the pituitary, adrenals, hypothalmus, etc. and thereby, creates a "short circuit" to the mind. This then can cause any number of physical reactions (depression, hormonal imbalance, weight problems, mental problems...)

There was a guy on the Forum named Jim Sheldon (I think he's since left) and he did some long post a while back giving good information about the thyroid and various remedies to look into. I can't remember the exact Forum but he has posted on THIS thread so click on his name and maybe you'll find the info I'm referring to.

Jane525 last decade
Hi Jane,

Thankyou for your reply. I am very grateful. I think this forum is great. We as humans need a helping hand every now and then to get through life and this forum serves marvellously to this end.

As one of the Sikh Gurus have said, ' We are all spiritual beings going through a human experience'. This truth might be of comfort to some out there.

I will have my thyroid checked out as soon as I can.

Talk to you soon Jane.

amorn last decade
Lately I think I've started having anxiety or panic attacks, but I'm not sure. Twice this week my heart began racing out of control, like I was afraid of something but I don't know what. Along with that I had a sinking feeling. Kind of a very unworldly, lonely feeling. I was really
concerned that I might be going crazy. I thought about seeing a doctor but am more worried I’d just be put on some medication. I found a list of anxiety symptoms at Selftherapy dot org , which
has calmed me down a bit as it's sounds quite like what I’m experiencing. Has anyone every tried that program? Or have any other suggestions? Does this sound like anxiety??
hesperia last decade
There were couple mention of Bach Flower remedies on this thread. I have chronic anxiety and have had panic attacks. WHere allopathic medicine couldnt help me , the bach flower remedies did the trick.
I have been using mimulus and redchestnut for over 18 mths now for worry about KNOWN issues and worry about loved ones. Its great. I use it as needed, and I try to catch the anxiety symptom (shallow breathing, irritation, palpitation) early and take 4 drops of the essences. If severe, I add Rescue Remedy to it.
Glad to say I am fine, and have had no furhter panic attacks.
This is not to say I dont worry now...just that I worry little less and my body handles it better.

Also, I do mindful meditation to control the stress. And yes, the alternate nostril breathing is a wonderful way to control anxiety...I try to do that when my sinuses are not inflamed.

The best way to select the bach flower remedy is to read the symptoms of each remedy. Google 'Bach flower' or get a book from the library. Choose the remedy/remedies that best match your symptom and situation. Note that there are different remedies for anxiety if cause is known and if cause is unknown.
rasingh last decade
I have used SEROCTIN myself, as well as recomended it to many of my clients, with wonderful success.
There seems to be no adverse side effects. It either WORKS, or has no effect at all.
The origional studies were done with Panda bears in captivity that were 'depressed', wouldn't mate and were losing their young. After put on a diet rich in , there was considerable improvement, and were also able to carry and deiver healthy offspring.
The onlt note is that -it shoulsa not be takeen along wiht a 'drug' of the same purpose.
LBasta last decade
i have been diagnosed by my psychiatrist with an anxiety disorder and have been on medication for this, but i would rather use homeopathy.

my symptoms:

fear and anxiety can be followed by or begin with rapid heart beat/palpitations

i have mitro valve prolapse.

very nervous at social gatherings or talking to individuals that i don't know extremely well

no confidence to talk to strangers, can't think of anything to say or have confidence that what i have to say is of importance

difficulty relaxing enough to have fun with others even close friends at times

difficulty relaxing before bed, anxiety about important and trivial life issues, past, present, and future.

difficulty straying from daily routine, or leaving home

currently unemployed, fear of starting new job/interviews etc.

i didn't used to be this way prior to about two years ago. i was slightly shy, but always over came this and had many friends. i have since moved to a new town and don't have any friends because of my anxiety.

that's it i think. thanks for any help.
ouchy last decade
Hello i am naveed 35 years old i have been suffering from anxiety and panic attack since 1993 i have been on traditional medication but my panic attack did happen time and again to shifted to homoepathy i was prescribed Veleriana officinalis 10 drops thrice a day and Avena Sativa 15 drops thrice a day i got stomach problem and headache with these medicines then quited then took Apis mellifica 200, 05 drops thrice a day Aconite( aconitum napellus200) 05 thrice a day but my situation worsen i was prescribed aconitum napellus 1m on drop after 3 days and coctus grandiflorus 200 i took one dose my situation is worsen. please guide me to good remedies for panic attacks and anxeity
Kind Regards
sad123 8 years ago
Hi Naveed,
I think you will get better result
off the forum if you post a new
title it something like
need help with anxiety and panic-
You need someone to take your
case on your own thread -
there are too many people on this
herbal thread.-
you can also pick a homeopath you
like and say - Brisbane homeo please
help with anxiety or whoever.
simone717 8 years ago

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