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Salam. Daughters eczema on face. Please help

Hello and salams to the dear doctors on board.

I would really appreciate help for my daughter. I am finding it hard to find a good accessible homeopath close to me.

My daughter is 18 months old and suffers from eczema on the face, just her sides. It seems to be food allergy related. It started since we started weaning her around 4 months. We found a homeopath who prescribed her nat mur silia which we took for 6 months but saw no real difference so we have stopped.

Some day her face is clear but then she has her flare ups. It could be the smell of cooking or food. I cant even figure out what it is nowadays. It seems most fruits, citrusy ones tend to make her go red.

Her flare up: skin goes red, dry and itchy. Its concentrated on her sideburn ares on both side. Under her eyes gets dark. She starts itching and making it bleed or water oozes out. Her itching seems worse at night or whenever she is about to go to sleep. She had few spots of this on her leg around 8 months of age but since then her body is free from rash. Its only on her face.

She was born naturally, with aid of ventuse. She was breastfed till 13 months of age. Sadly she has had her immunisations as we find it really hard to refuse it in London due to discrimination against non immunised children.

Please advise. Thanking you in advance.
  Muslimah on 2011-09-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Prepare a 250 ml solution with ars. alb. 30c one pill or drop dissolved in it in a bottle.

From this bottle give her one drop as a dose every 4th day. From the second dose onwards, shake the bottle up and down for five times vigorously just before administering the dose. Report after three doses.


1) Do not give her anything solid or liquid for half an hour before and after the dose.

2) Try to avoid the exposure to mint based substances, camphor based substances and also strong smelling substances including incense and strong perfumes.

3) Stop with the dose that produces marked/significant improvement or aggravation and report appropriately.

4) Do not take any other homeopathic medicine during this duration until further updates and avoid all OTC medicines and supplementation except the medicines prescribed by your physician and emergency medicines.

5) Do not apply any external medicinal application if there's some skin issue either in present state or after taking homeopathic medicine. Only natural moisturisers can be used if necessary.
maheeru last decade
Thank you for your reply. I have just ordered Ars.alb so I will start this as soon as I receive this. I will update as soon as possible. Thank you again :)
Muslimah last decade
Very nice suggestion by Maheeru!

Many prayers for your daughter's good health.

nawazkhan last decade
Thank you Dr Nawaz Khan for your reassurance.

I have received the Ars.alb and have dissolved one pillule in 250 ml of mineral water. I will start giving it to her from today just before her nap-time.

She's not taking any other homeo or other medicine at the moment. I will be using Calendula cream (It doesnt have any strong scent or alcohol) to moisturise her face and olive oil for the rest of the body. I have been using NEEM oil to rub on her eczema for the past week; Should I stop this?

I will report back after her dose. Thank you again to Dr Maheeru.
Muslimah last decade
Neem oil, olive oil are fine but stop calendula application. For moisturising, Olive oil or coconut oil may be used....they are natural and won't interfere with remedy action.

Try giving doses early in the morning.
maheeru last decade
Hi DrMaheeru,

I have just administered her 2nd dose today after she woke up in the morning. I have noticed some changes which I would like to report in-case it is of importance. After her 1st dose I noticed her rash on her right side of the face has spread bit more towards her chin but I thought it was just my imagination. But today quite soon after giving her dose the rash seems to have spread more towards her eyes again on the right side. Her left side hasn't changed.

Before both her doses she was just healing from a flare up so her left side is clean but just bit red whereas her right side has a small open wound which she keeps scratching and not letting it heal quickly.

Also would like to add that after her dose today she passed stool which seemed bit loose and slimy. I don't know if this is related.

That's all I have to report for now. I will carry on with the last dose unless you advise otherwise.

Many thanks again. :)
Muslimah last decade
Sorry doc, since my last reply my daughters now got fever. I believe she caught a cold as we slept with the fan on due to the sudden heatwave in London. She doesnt have any coughing or sneezing but I can hear her chest is congested.
Muslimah last decade

How is she doing now?

While you report after the dose also mention about her energy level, mood, sleep along with physical symptoms.
maheeru last decade
Her fever was gone today but she's had watery poo all day. She is really energetic today which both me and husband noticed even though she should be weak from so much loose motion. Her bottom is sore with red marks from it all. Should I use one of the nappy rash creams if it gets worse or let it heal on its own?

Her face seems clearer as she's healing so she hasn't made herself bleed in the last 2 days. The rash that spread towards her eye after 2nd does has disappeared but the bit that spread after 1st dose has gone bright red. If I can take a picture and upload then I will be doing that soon.

Her sleep: Normally she wakes up at around 9am. Has 1st nap from 11am till 1pm and then 2nd nap from 4pm till 6pm and bedtime at 9.30/10pm.

Today her 1st nap was from 12pm till 2pm but she refused to sleep for her 2nd nap. Yesterday she was better at her sleep as she was weaker and subdued from her fever.

Another important point is she's getting many new teeth. Her molars and few canines are slowly appearing. She had 8 teeth up until last month and this month its double that as she's getting new ones slowly this month.

That's all I can think of now. I will add more if I remember anything and will update after her 3rd dose.

Muslimah last decade
If she is energetic then it's a good sign. Let the skin issues heal on their own, do not apply conventional creams.

If you had already given the third dose, it's fine, if you have not given it yet, give the dose on 7th day from the second dose.

maheeru last decade
Hi Doc,
I gave her the 3rd dose in the morning (7th day from last dose).

I have noticed no change in her mood, appetite or energy levels. She is her usual cheerful and energetic self. She's been a bit more clingy with me since last weeks dose. Her sleeps normal too, had her morning nap and is having her afternoon nap now.

Physical symptoms: after the dose once again on her right side of the face her skin has turned more red and raised/rough to touch. Apart from that I've not noticed anything else.

Her stools just getting back to normal after her loose motion last week.

Thats all. If there is anything else you would like to know please let me know. I will wait for further instructions from you.
Many Many thanks
Muslimah last decade
Give her two more doses....every dose 7 days apart. Report the changes in a couple of weeks.
maheeru last decade
If u use crotin tig 3o 5 drops three times a day it will produce better results than other medicine inshallah
sajjad anwar last decade
Hi Doc,

Just thought I'd write a positive update before next dose.

We are seeing a big improvement on her face. Right side is nice and smooth but the skins still a bit darker shade from all the healing. The right side is healed too and most of it is nice and smooth. Its just spreading south towards her chin as I told you before. She's hardly scratching so I've been able to put her to sleep without her scratch sleeves for the last couple of nights.

I have been giving her some of the food that I previously suspected give her a flare up and Alhamdulillah she's been fine after eating them.

Her appetite's gone better as she's not troubling me during her mealtimes and eating well.

Its been 5 days since she's given up on her afternoon nap so nowadays so only sleeps once during the day.

That's all the update. I will carry on giving her doses every Saturday Morn by shaking the bottle 5 times each time and will report back.

Thank you

PS: Sajjad Anwar thank you for your suggestion but I would like to stick with Maheerus advice as shes responding to it.
Muslimah last decade

There are many positives in the feed back :) As a person she's doing well. That's what we want in healing.

Keep me posted.

P.S: This is 'he' not 'she' :)

Crot. tig. would have spoiled the case here as it was aimed at the loose stools(as a prominent symptom) which was in fact a healing reaction of the body where toxins were being pushed out.
[message edited by maheeru on Thu, 13 Oct 2011 21:41:38 BST]
maheeru last decade
Oh I know you are a He, I meant my daughter's responding to your remedy :)
Muslimah last decade
ok :)
maheeru last decade
any one who says that crotin spoils the case is completely ignorant of effects of poly crest medicines if u dont have experience about homeopathic medicines then no need to give ur opinion about someones selection
sajjad anwar last decade
Henceforth the above poster (user id: Sajjad anwar)will be IGNORED for his trolling/bad conduct.
maheeru last decade
Hi Doc, Here's the update from last dose:

We gave her the next dose on sat morn and as usual straight after she has a mini flare up around her right eyes and cheek but that settles soon after.

The weekend has been a bit hectic and routine free as we were out both days visiting family and friends. She had different sleep, food, etc routine.

Because of all the different food, especially because she had a bit of egg yesterday (I've avoided giving her egg all this time after they found from her blood test that she is possibly allergic to egg white due to high antibodies found) she woke up with a flare up on both side. It wasn't severe, just red patchy on both side and bit of dry/rough skin. I've massaged a lot of mustard oil and it has calmed down a lot since morning.

I must reiterate that this is still an improvement from before we started this homeopathic remedy as the flare ups are much milder now plus, she's having more food that she would usually avoid (eggs, raisins, fruit smoothies)

She's been energetic and in a jolly mood. Appetites good too. She's doing big poo for a little person as well.
Muslimah last decade
Ok continue the dosing once every week for three more doses.

Go easy on those food items that she would usually avoid.
maheeru last decade
Dear Doc,

I haven't updated in a couple of weeks as there hasn't been any significant change. She's healing from her mini flare up. Apart from that everything is still as I described before. I have given her 2 doses since your last reply so will update you after her 3rd dose next saturday. One change that has been visible is her small patch of dry rough skin on her shin/leg is back. Its not blistery as before but just slightly rough/dry and itchy skin on the same spot she had the scar from last time.

Will be in touch next week and await your advice. Many Thanks
Muslimah last decade
Give her three more doses in the same manner. We might need ars. alb. 200c in future. Try to procure it.
maheeru last decade
Hi doc,

I havent had chance to update since her last dose on sunday. Since last friday she has come down with a contagious virus she caught from her cousins. (Your other patient Ruzina's twins; I recommended your expertise to her). This virus is like foot and mouth on babies. They come out with blistery rash, first on the bottom, then on hands and foot and ulcers in the mouth along with slight temperature on first few days. Because of this she hasn't been eating much at all since Friday. My daughters had the milder version as her rashes aren't blistery but rather just red dots.

Update on her usual rash: its still the same as last post. Its smooth with very slight flare ups at times.

I will order 200c inshAllah and get back to you. Thanks again.
Muslimah last decade
How is she doing now?

Has she improved from hand, foot, mouth disease?

If symptoms persist....if they can be described as well, a remedy can be suggested.
[message edited by maheeru on Thu, 10 Nov 2011 20:49:06 GMT]
maheeru last decade

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