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81 year , my dad has Chronic constipation and stomach pains/ possible IBS5ibs8gastric mucosal prolapse - gerd and ibs3Tuberculinum and IBS7Unable to pass stool completely. Feel lethargic an have headache. IBS28ibs1Chronic IBS1ibs13i have pain under my right ribs5ibs3


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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I suggest that Chelsea chooses one doctor, so she can follow treatment with one. If not, she will only be confused as two doctors usually have two different ways of working and approaching things.
badshah19 last decade
Direction of cure is clear - aggravation happens as the internal disturbance calms and is directed outwards through the current weak spots.

The potency is not wrong at all - in fact it has quite appropriately targeted the more important location first and so I am happy for the time being the potency has been chosen well.

Nawaz shall I start jumping into your cases and telling patients to stop their remedies, change their potencies, and so on? You have a lot of cases on this forum that do not show any signficant improvement, so if you wish to set this precedent (again I should say since you seem to enjoy doing this) I am happy to oblige you.

If yourself, the patient or anyone else is interested in brushing up on their homoeopathic philosophy, there are many articles on Direction of cure available. I shall link one.

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brisbanehomoeopath last decade
No room or time to argue with anyone. Truth is always bitter. Potency selection is the key to any treatment that comes with skill and experience. Blame always go to remedy aggravation.
nawazkhan last decade
'Nawaz shall I start jumping into your cases and telling patients to stop their remedies, change their potencies, and so on? You have a lot of cases on this forum that do not show any signficant improvement, so if you wish to set this precedent (again I should say since you seem to enjoy doing this) I am happy to oblige you.

You are welcome to show your lack of professionalism, pre-judging things and lack of knowledge about homoeopathy again and again.
nawazkhan last decade
To all forum members and the whole world,

It is a matter of fact that a correctly selected remedy and a correctly selected potency will not produce any aggravation.
nawazkhan last decade
In my considered opinion, Nux Vomica 30C is the correct remedy and the correct potency in this case.

30C will remove all of the ill effects created by 200C and surely work for cure, by God willing.
nawazkhan last decade
Accusations of lack of professionalism are laughable, coming from someone who is neither a homoeopath nor a medical practitioner of any sort. I also find the reference to truth a interesting concept, coming from a person who pretends to be a qualified practitioner when he is not, and will not reveal his true identity.

Go down this route again Nawaz if you like. You still have the option of complaining to my professional association, and then talking to my lawyers. I am happy to fight any accusations you care to make in public. Of course to do that, you would have to reveal your real name. But we already know you are afraid to do that.

Really I don't know why you continue to act in this way. It is shameful.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Same old words, nothing new here. All false and fully rejected.
nawazkhan last decade
Nawaz please keep your personal opinions to yourself and if you wish to attack me professionally again, I insist you contact my professional association and make the complaint directly there. This would require revealing who you really are and we have already seen that you will never do that.

The moderator has already warned you about your behaviour towards me.

If you wish to engage in a discussion about the philosophy behind Direction of Cure, Potency Selection, the purpose of Aggravation and the management of it - fine then do so.

Such a discussion would be beneficial to patients seeking help here, as it will help them to understand how complex homoeopathy is and that different practitioners have reasons for choosing different methods of applying homoeopathy.

Simply opposing what I say because you don't like me - that doesn't help anyone and certainly provides nothing of any benefit to the patients seeking our help.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade

It's been 7 days since I took the remedy and I need your help (sorry to see that you have been disputing my case). Basically, all of my negative symptoms have become extremely aggravated: I can't get a decent night's sleep(I've had about 3 hours a night for the past 3/4 nights), my stomach feels like a bag of nerves (especially in the mornings and evenings) and I have very little appetite. What should I do?

Kind Regards
Chelsea33 last decade
Hello again,

I've been feeling really ill so decided to take Nawaz's advice and get Nux Vom 30c. Since it would take another 3 weeks to get the liquid form, I bought the pillules from my local chemist. I've already taken 2, does this sound ok? Should I take any more today?

Kind Regards
Chelsea33 last decade
Can you give a list of your symptoms and how they have changed.

If you list them and show which is better, which is worse, and which is the same, then it will be easier to work out what is happening.

Patients aggravate for a variety of reasons, the main one being the size or frequency of the dose. Patients also aggravate more often when there is pathology (tissue change) in the case, when there has been a lot of medical suppresson of their symptoms, and for some patients they are hypersensitive by nature and aggravate on every remedy they are given.

There are several ways to handle aggravation.

1.You can wait it out if the symptoms are not too difficult.

2. You can repeat the remedy, as it is often seen that remedies can begin a process but the patient becomes 'stuck' part way through. However you would also adjust the way the dose is given.

3. If the case has changed signficantly(or step 2 does not help) you need to reassess the patient's symptoms and either change potency (usually upwards) or you change the remedy based on what has become more intense.

It is important, after any response to a remedy, to assess it properly and carefully rather than react with panic.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi there,

My main symptoms (that I've had for years) relate to IBS: Irregular bowel movements, lots of gas and what I can only explain as a 'nervous' stomach. I also developed insomnia and more recently anosmia.

After taking the nux vom last week, my stomach became immediately aggravated-needing to go to the toilet very frequently and the most nervous stomach I've ever had. It was getting worse and worse as the week got on, it got so bad that I've had trouble getting to sleep. I've been waking up a few hours later and not been able to nod off again as stomach feels so nervous (ps this was how bad my stomach was when I first started getting IBS).

I've been feeling so ill that today, I bought Nux Vom 30c pillules and took 2; the aggravation seems to have died down but symptoms are still present. I still have the 200c dosing bottle I made. What should I do?


ps I've taken quite a few remedies in the past and they don't all aggravate me. I noticed before that sulphur did and in the end had to drink strong coffee to antidote the remedy.
Chelsea33 last decade
Hi Chelsea33,
Please take Nux Vomica 30C, 4 pellets nicely dissolved into 1/4 cup of mineral water, 3 times a day, for 3 days.

In my considered opinion, 200C will never solve your problems. It is just the wrong potency for your symptoms.

Many prayers for your good health.

nawazkhan last decade
Taking 30c in the way Nawaz is suggesting will palliate the aggravation, as it appears to have done. Palliation of an aggravation may or may not interfere with the process of cure.

It is a normal part of homoeopathic cure to have some symptoms aggravate - we try as best we can to manage that aggravation so that it is not too difficult for the patient. Because we often do not know how a patient will react until after it happens, management really only starts becoming feasible after the first dose.

In fact something even more significant has happened - you have had a return of old symptoms on the remedy ie. the stomach going back to the way it was at the beginning. This usually shows a very deep level of cure taking place, and how we respond is extremely important if we wish to solve the issues for you permanently.

I also notice on looking over what you originally posted, that Constipation is more normal for you than diarrhea. This shows that the vital force is pushing back in the opposite direction to the one your symptoms normally take, and the result of this is to eventually find balance.

No person here can say a potency will never be used for you. In fact most patients will actually move from one potency to another (usually upwards) as part of the process of getting cured. This is is normal, until you reach the optimal potency level and the person experiences full relief of their disease OR the state of the patient changes enough to warrant a new remedy.

When my own patients in clinic experience a return of old symptoms, and appear to get stuck there (it doesn't want to resolve on its own) repetition of the remedy, with an adjustment to the dose, usually moves them past it.

It is important to understand what a worsening of symptoms actually means. In orthodox medicine, and amongst those who do not understand homoeopathy very well, symptoms are generally suppressed whenever they appear, with the idea that any suffering must be eliminated immediately. Our principle of Direction of Cure actually shows us that while symptoms in more important areas are improving, you can see symptoms in less important areas worsening (imagine a flow of energy from up high to down low). Patients can experience diarrhea, sweating, bad skin, nasal discharges, leucorrhea - all signs that the internal disturbance is trying to right itself by using the natural pathways for excretion.

It is quite possible that Nux-vomica is only a partial similar, and will never cure all your symptoms. That being the case, reassessment becomes even more important because what is worsening, points the way to the better remedy.

What needs to be done, to assess if the direction of cure has been correct, and whether giving different potencies is going to negatively impact on your journey to cure, is each problem mentioned previously needs to be looked at.

Loss of smell/taste

Sneezing and runny nose


Excessive flatulence

Feeling sick (nausea?)

Feeling of 'poison'

Improvement after moving bowels

Symptoms worsen as the day progresses

Symptoms worsen as you get tired

Blood phobia


Coffee craving

Needing sleeping tablets to sleep

Craving sugar on waking

Constant tiredness


Nervous, worrying

Feeling of being trapped

Next to each one of these put better, worse or unchanged. If better or worse say how much (maybe give a percentage or score), and say how it is better or worse.

The real work tends to begin on looking at second prescription, whether that is a new remedy, a new potency or the same one. Second prescription has a whole set of guidelines to help us make reasoned and logical decisions.
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brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi there,

I did my very best in trying to persevere with the remedy but I just couldn't-I felt so ill. I definitely felt that the nervous stomach was simliar to what I first experienced all those years ago. In fact, I remember having that nervous stomach for a couple of years before the actual bowel problems began,

What do you suggest I do next?

Chelsea33 last decade
The case needs to be reassessed so that we can see what has actually happened.

It isn't necessary to just persist, but to react appropriately. What we need to do depends on what just happened. So just go through the list I gave and score/rate/describe the changes.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Loss of smell/taste:
I had recently regained my sense of smell and taste following a course of antibiotics and before taking the remedy.

Sneezing and runny nose:
I haven't been sneezing as much and my nose isn't as runny.

This has changed;I've been going to the toilet 5/6 times a day.

Excessive flatulence:
This symptom got worse.

Feeling sick (nausea?):
I would describe this as nervous stomach as opposed to nausea, and this became much worse before taking the 30c dose today.

Feeling of 'poison':
I only used to get this sometimes, not experienced this in the last week.

Improvement after moving bowels:
Following the 200c, there was no improvement following bowel movement.

Symptoms worsen as the day progresses:
Symptoms got even worse as the day progressed.

Symptoms worsen as you get tired:
Symptoms got even worse as I got tired.

Blood phobia:
Not noticed a change.

Following the 200c, I felt in much better spirits.

Coffee craving:
Nnot been craving coffee.

Needing sleeping tablets to sleep:
My insomnia has got much worse: I can't get back to sleepupon waking because of nervous stomach.

Craving sugar on waking:
I've been craving a bit more sugar during the past week.

Constant tiredness:
I've been really tired.

I've been feeling less impatient.

Nervous, worrying:
I've been worrying less and feeling less nervous.

Feeling of being trapped:
Not been feeling trapped.


ps I have the feeling that we might be on to the right remedy here but need to get the dose right?
Chelsea33 last decade
Yes the remedy does appear to be correct, although there is still the possibility that it is only a partial similar.

Direction does also appear to be correct. The more important plane of mental/emotional has improved while the levels below that have aggravated. This is the appropriate direction.

Some of the general level had improved as well ie. the coffee craving, and one local symptom improved too ie. the sneezing/runny nose.

Because you have now taken another potency of Nux-vom it is necessary to wait to see what that dose does. Report the progress after about 24 hours and we can see where to go from here.

There is no proof here that the potency was wrong. In fact 200c is specifically related to the emotional level of symptoms, and it has gone straight there to do its work, transferring that energy downwards through the other symptoms.

However, your reaction certainly implies that the dosage was not correct for you and we will need to be more cautious.
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brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Patients who have had a lot of medical suppression of symptoms (such as your dependence on sleeping tablets) are always in for a rougher time than other patients. In order to rebalance their system the vital energy will often push much of the suppressed disease back up, sometimes with a great deal of force. The trick her is to adjust the dose to just prod the vital force rather than shove it.

Despite the reaction, it still shows that your vital force has a good amount of strength, and is operating in a fashion that should lead you to being cured.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi there,

I'm getting a bit confused about whose advice to follow (really appreciating both of you helping though).

I have been taking 4pillules of Nux Vom 30c 3 times a day. So far, the aggravation has stopped (as you already know) but usual symptoms are still there. I'm keen to try the 200c potency again to try and get cured (but don't want the bad aggravation again-and it was really bad). What do you suggest?

Chelsea33 last decade
Dosage needs to be adjusted - this means using more water to dilute. Split dosing was developed to help prevent aggravation.

Taking dry pillules is the wrong way to use homoeopathy. This is very clear in our Organon of Medicine. All medicines need to be taken is a diluted dose, which also ensures each dose is the most effective it can be.

It is important here that you choose one practitioner to follow. Nawaz and I never really agree on anything so having both of us arguing in this thread will not help you.

There is a good article written by Dr. Luc Du Schepper on the use of the Split (watery) dose.


My suggestion from this point would be to stop taking the dry pillules. Wait for at least 3-4 days to see what the overall effect of 30c in this way has been. Then if there has been no further progress, repeat the 200c but to alter the amount of water that it was diluted in. Considering the strength of your reaction, a full cup should be used this time.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Oh you might also find this post I made useful in helping you to understand how homoeopathy works and if it is working for you, or being used in the correct manner.


David Kempson
Professional Classical Homoeopath
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
What is the use and benefit of Homoeopathy or any other treatment that adds to the existing pain and suffering of the patient in the name of aggravation? One may read all of my cases on this forum and see if there is any, such a thing called aggravation?

Only, the wrong remedy or potency selected and dosage will produce such a thing.

I don't want to argue with any one. I do not hate any one.
nawazkhan last decade
It is important to understand how homoeopathy works, you will understand what the aggravation is, and how it is part of the process of homoeopathic cure. However we always try to manage it, by adjusting dosage. While some aggravation is often unavoidable in the intial stages of treatment due to unfamiliarity with the patient and their level of reactivity, experience with that patient allows you to manage such reactions better.

The wrong remedy will NOT usually aggravate the patient, because there is little similarity to the patient's state. Aggravation can only come if the remedy is capable of producing a similar state in the patient to the symptoms they already have - the wrong remedy cannot be also similar, as by the homoeopathic law of cure this would be a condition for it to help the patient.

It may very well create a proving if the patient is sensitive. In fact practitioners who give useless dissimilar remedies will often see no aggravation, but that is because they are either producing no cure or they are simply palliating the case (using the law of opposites or the allopathic law of creating new dissimilar states to suspend the natural disease).

Let me quote from an article by the famous Dr. Kent regarding aggravation. You may want to read this very carefully Nawaz as it refers directly many issues that come up around this discussion.

'If the disease has ultimated itself in change of tissue, then you see striking aggravations, even aggravations that cannot be recovered from, such as we find in the advanced forms of tissue change, e.g., where the kidneys are destroyed or the liver destroyed, or. in phthisis, where the lungs are destroyed.

A disease ought always to be well considered as to whether it is acute or chronic.

Where there are no tissue changes, where no ultimates are present, then you may expect the remedy to cure the patient without any serious aggravation, or without any sharp suffering, for there is no necessity of reacting from a serious structural change.

Where there is a deep-seated septic condition, where pyaemia must be the result, you will find sometimes vomiting and purging.

As a reaction of the vital force of the economy when order is established, this order, which is attended by reaction, as it were, commences a process of house cleaning.

It does it itself, the drug does not do it ; if a crude substance is used it is the action of the drug, of course, but the action of the dynamic drug is to turn the economy into order.

So it is with chronic disease.

When the chronic disease has not ultimated itself in tissue changes, you may get no aggravation at all, unless, perhaps, it be a very light exacerbation of the symptoms, and that slight exacerbation of the symptoms is of a different character.

It is the establishment of the remedy as a new disease upon the economy instead of the reaction which corresponds to a process of house cleaning.

Elimination must take place, as we know, probably from the bowels, or stomach, by vomiting,

by expectoration, or by the kidneys, in those cases where everything has been suppressed.

It may look like an aggravation when you have had for years a limb paralyzed from a neuritis.

Suppose, after you administer a remedy that goes right to the spot, that is in the very highest sense homoeopathic, or truly specific, that paralyzed limb commences to tingle and creep like the crawling interiorly of ants, tingling sometimes from which he cannot sleep for days and nights.

This is due to the reaction of the nerves of the part.

They are called into new life, into activity.

I have seen this in paralysis.

You take, for instance, a child who has lain in a stupor for a long time, from inaction of the brain, the tingling that comes in the scalp, in the fingers and toes is dreadful, the child turns and twists and screeches and cries, and it requires an iron hand on the part of the doctor to hold that mother from doing something to hush that cry, for just so sure as that is done that child will go back into death.

That is a reaction, so that all over the benumbed parts, or where the blood begins to flow into parts where the circulation has been feeble, where the nerves take on sensation again, we have reaction, which is but the result of that turning into order.

That part has been benumbed and dead, and when circulation takes place in the part in order to repair its tissue we have reaction, which is attended with distress.

If the physician cannot look upon that and bear it, he will have trouble.

If he thinks it is an indication for another remedy he will spoil his case.

We must discriminate between that which is reaction and that which calls for a remedy.

These things are only seen in Homoeopathy, never in any other practice.

Sometimes the physician will be driven to his witsÂ’ end in dealing with these reactions.

It is sometime a dreadful thing to look upon, and the physician may be turned out of doors.

Let him meet it as a man ; let him be patient with it, because the ignorance of the *mother or the friends can be no excuse for his violation of principle, even once.

A disease of very long standing sometimes fails to yield without this aggravation and disturbance and turmoil in the economy, and the deeper it is the more tissue change you have to contend with, and the more wonderful and distressing and painful is this reaction.

When a patient comes back after every dose of medicine with violent reaction, with violent aggravation of the disease, with violent aggravation of the symptoms, you know then that there is some deep-seated trouble.

There is a difference between the ultimates of disease and absolute weakness of the vital force.

There is such a state as weakness of the economy, and there is such a state as activity of the economy, with much tissue change. In feeble patients you may expect feeble reactions, or none at all after your remedy, but in the feeble cases they are of such character that you have few symptoms, and you can very seldom find a remedy truly specific.

For example, say you get a patient that is destined to go into consumption, a merely suspicious case.

You administer the right remedy and a violent reaction comes, a foreshadowing of what he will go through years from now if he is not cured by the remedy.

A shocking condition will come upon him ; he may be frightened and come back and tell you that that was an awful dose of medicine, poison, etc.

That is the remedy disease, those are the symptoms of the remedy foreshadowing the future of that case, because if that remedy was not similar enough to him it could not do such things, and it is because of the similitude of his state ; and he may only have those symptoms in shadow.

But the remedy cannot give him symptoms that he has not.

It cannot give him symptoms that are not related to him except in those cases that are called oversensitives.

Oversensitives, you know, are such as are capable of proving everything that comes along.

You must know whether the patient is oversensitive and proving the drug, or whether he has a vigorous constitution and is getting an aggravation.

The remedy will be exaggerated in oversensitives and sometimes in those of weakly constitution, especially those with a very narrow receding chin, those who have sunken eyes, those who have senility marked in the eyes.

So that when this slight aggravation occurs you will seldom, if ever, have to give another dose in an acute disease.

When this aggravation does not come, when there is not the slighest aggravation of the symptoms, and the patient appears to be gradually better after the remedy, then it is that the remedy shows that is has not acted upon the same depth ; and that relief may cease in the case of an acute disease, and when that relief ceases the reaction has ceased and then another dose of medicine is correct practice.

Relief that begins without any aggravation of the symptoms, does not last so long in an acute disease as when an aggravation has taken place.

A slight action of the remedy over and above the disease is a good sign.

Again, you will find if your remedy was not perfectly similar you will not get an aggravation except in oversensitive patients, and then it is a medicinal aggravation.

When you find that you get no aggravation of the symptoms in a good vigorous constitution, none at all, very often your remedy has been only partially similar and it may require two or three of such partially similar remedies to finish the case.

If you will observe the work of ordinary physicians, you will notice they give two or three remedies to get their patients through where a master gives but one.'

So the important facts taken from this article and relevent to this (ongoing) argument of ours:

1. Tissue change in the patient means there WILL be aggravation. Tissue change is more likely the longer the condition has been present in the patient so any condition of many years or decades standing will almost certainly mean aggravation.

2. When the vital forces needs to re-establish order within, it will use natural systems of elimination to do so, which will resemble an aggravation. The vital force may already be using such systems prior to the remedy, and so the patient will experience what they feel is a 'worsening' of their disease. Kent calls this 'house cleaning'.

3. In order to reverse tissue changes, the vital force must perform heroic tasks to do so - pump blood back into withered parts, regrow atrophied nerves etc. This is a healing crisis that is necessary to regenerate the part. Homoeopathy can only use the laws of nature - it cannot just 'magically' fix things. In order to renew the parts of the body that have been harmed, there will occur symptoms that represent those changes and they are not to be interfered with, lest you stop the process of cure.

4. Improvement that comes without any aggravtion, does not last long.

5. A remedy that is not perfectly similar, will not really get an aggravation

6. When there is no aggravation, you probably only have a partial similar, and there will be a need for several remedies to cure the case (assuming never giving the simillimum means genuine cure).
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brisbanehomoeopath last decade
The reason homoeopaths spend years studying is to learn these kinds of things is because human health is complicated. When people simply pick up a materia medica and start prescribing, they make huge errors out of ignorance. We have 200 years of experience, philosophy, methods. It is not simple, it is not easy, it is a complex scientific art that requires much dedication and intelligence. Computer programs have added to the illusion that simply throwing symptoms into a search function makes you a homoeopath - it does not. Not by a long shot.

As you can see from Kent's lecture, and this has been my experience as well over 20 years of face-to-face clinical treatment of patients, is that what happens after a patient takes a remedy is not always simple and clear-cut. While the medicinal effect of a remedy can be moderated with dosage and care, there are other things going on over which we have little control. The body itself, the vital energy, must reach very far at times to bring people back to health, to reverse the ravages of disease. This should not be confused with the simple pure primary effect of a homoeopathic medicine. This is how nature herself brings us back from the brink of death. Homoeopathy respects these laws. We do not use spells or enchantments to just 'wish' people back to health, we are not faith healers or those who channel divine healing. We can only utilise what nature has given us to provide cure to those in need.
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brisbanehomoeopath last decade

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