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Ear infection, Swollen Lymphatic glands in neck of 2 yo boy, need urgent attention to avoid antibiotics

My 2.5 year old boy is suffering from an ear infection that won't seem to go away even with prolonged use of health store remedies. He is on Lymphomyosot by heel-USA recommended by an accupuncturist who has some knowledge of homeopathy. I would prefer him to be on a single remedy but I don't know which one he needs. I also am putting colloidal silver in his ears and mouth when he is on a homeopathic and I am using garlic/ mullein oil when he is not on a homeopathic. I give him yummi bear vitamins, probiotics, and [name removed at request of manufacturer] as daily support for his system. After treating him at home for two weeks to no avail I took him to his pediatrician to get a diagnosis. He didn't have strep and she gave him amoxicillin for his ear infection, which she said was probably bacterial and said his glands were swollen from a viral throat infection that ran concurrent with the ear infection. She said the virus would run its course. I never gave the antibiotic because his last two ear infections, when I did give him amoxicillin, he developed thrush which I don't think cleared after putting him on nystatin. Long story short I have no faith in the medical community, we have been battling fungal and a parasitic infections since his "miracle" doses of antibiotics. His dr. doesn't recognize the fungal infection in his mouth even though my nipples feel like they are going to fall off after he nurses and his tongue is coated white. One thing I noticed recently is that he has a lot of cavities. I brush his teeth with Homeodent or with a neem/ tea tree oil toothpaste, but he drinks apple juice all day and nurses through the night so I imagine that a lot of sugar sits on his teeth. Anyways, a quick timeline follows
01/08/03 Born at home, baby's 1st homeopathic is Arnica

07/03 Baby's 1st ear infection, Mommy reluctantly complies with Dr. and gives amox. Surprise surprise, now we both have thrush. At two week checkup Dr. prescribes Nystatin. All is well by August.

12/03 Baby's 2nd ear infection and baby's 1st pink eye. Dr. gives antibiotics and eye drops. Mommy reluctantly gives antibiotics but uses breastmilk to cure pink eye instead of eye drops. Pulls baby off of antibiotics after 3 days and uses breastmilk in ear instead. At two week check up baby is free of infection but Mommy has sore nipples again. Dr. says there is no fungal infection in the mouth but reluctantly prescribes nystatin after I insisted that there was an infection. Pharmacy gives like 20 drops of nystatin in the bottle, not quite enough to take care of the fungus. Thrush persists every time baby catches a cold. The very times he wants to nurse the most. Lucky Me.

12/04 to 02/05 Post Hurricanes here in Florida, Baby has odd spot on foot that looks like a blister had opened but foot never healed, spot began to grow. Back to Dr.s where she explains that he has a hookworm, but it hasn't moved into the gut yet. Baby is treated with Mebendazole. Foot looks great! 2 weeks go by and now his foot is starting to look like he was never on medications. Dr. not willing and patient not wanting anymore toxic meds, Baby is sent to a specialist to determine what to do next. Guess what new Dr. says??? Looks like he may have a fungal infection! Prescribes Ivermectin (think heartgard for Dogs in your baby!) and stromecsomething. Mommy says Dr.s may not be helping. One trip to the health food store and a couple of rounds of Paragone 1 & 2, along with probiotics, vitamins, a failed attempt to treat with tea tree oil, and sucess with oregano oil and pain inducing fresh garlic poultices, and warm epsom salt foot soaks, some skin began to shed from site containing areas of what appeared to be something encapsulated. His wound healed but he still has the thrush problems whenever he catches a cold.

05/03 Baby is cutting molars, gets ear infection & cold, swollen lymph glands, Mommy is treating the best she knows how, when no major improvement occurs Mommy takes baby to Dr. who prescribes antibiotics. Mommy has yet to fill the prescription. Hoping a homeopath can tell me the way to cure this instead of suppressing it.

06/05 Baby still occasionally tugs at ear and says 'ear hurt' still has swollen lymph.
Mommy is using a stiff natural bristle brush to tap glands with, right side drains nicely, left side causes him pain when I tap and congestion does not go down much. Just discovered a small cluster of swollen glands a little further back on his neck as well. Tapping and massage did not encourage those sites to go down. Please help.

Baby has never been vaccinated. He is a little hot body, moves around a lot at night, kicks off blanket, doesn't need as much sleep as other children, has a short attention span, fascinated with sea life, loves company, pulls away when consoled, hides his face and/or body if he has done wrong, like hitting, vegetarian diet (as much as I can control) loves grapes, apples, pizza, corn, and chocolate milk. Does not like to share (did I mention he was two)

Lots more info to give if needed. Thank you all for your kindness, and you all deserve to be in the Guiness Book of World Records for having such a kick butt forum. Thanks Again- Cherie
  Mon Cherie Amour on 2005-06-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I'll help out with more questions and hope someone else can give you the right remedy! (there are several that may fit both earache and thrush, such as Mercurius). So far as I know swollen lymph glands mean the body is working as it should to eliminate an infection, which is good.

Is there any discharge from nose or ears or elsewhere, if so describe it.

Where does the child indicate pain? Does anything make it better or worse--such as swallowing, touching the area, warmth, etc. etc.

Did anything start this off, such as swimming, a cold, etc.?

Is he clingy, or wants to be left alone, or ______ ?
Bodhitshe last decade
Odd. I just noticed the shop links that came up. Neither Merc. viv. nor Merc. Sol. which would be the Merc. types for ear ache I think. ????
Bodhitshe last decade
Every ear infection he has had has been accompanied by a cold and new teeth, quite a pattern, I almost feel that I can predict his ear infections. He has had a discharge from the nose, thick slimy green boogers, during a mild cold last week. Most of the drainage has ceased. Since May, when this first started with the teething and original illness, he has had several mini colds, irritability, cough, runny nose either clear or opaque greenish in color, very clingy, slight warmth of head but not quite a fever, indicates pain in the ear, if I ask him where he hurts he will point to the left ear, he will tug it or fold it over. He is more than willing to lay down for his ear drops now, he will lay there patiently and when I am finished he will go about folding his ear a few times before getting up to play. I don't know if swallowing bothers him. I am not sure if warmth would be soothing or not, but I think it may be. I think touching the area (ear) may feel good to him but I know his lymph on the left is tender. I hope this can help, I saw a few 'bumps' around his uvula before I took him into the Dr. a few weeks ago.

Something I thought was curious about your mention of Mercurius. Around the same time of the onset of symptoms, I had been taking mercurius vivus 30x as recommended by the Remedy Finder. I have large amounts of dental work with the mercury amalgam fillings. I have read that in lab studies mice injected with mercury were able to secrete the mercury after being given Mercurius. I was afraid that I may poison my son because I am a breastfeeding mom and I read that mercury is small enough to get into breastmilk. That fear has held me off of taking mercurius for myself until I had clearance from a homeopath. I had thought that we may both be able to take it simutaneously and that would prevent him from being poisoned if anything did come out in my milk. Do you think that may have had an influence on his condition. I had originally thought that his condition may have been stemming from an internalization of the parasite/fungus/thrush issue that he has had this last winter. If his correct remedy is Merc. Viv. I already have 30x pellets. What kind of potency and dosage would he require? Thank-you for the timely post by the way.
EarthMother last decade
I don't know if Merc. is his remedy. I am at stage where I can do beginning check in a rep. and see some possibilities, see what the questions might be to distinguish between several possibles, but I am def not going to suggest a remedy for this.

What you say about your own use of Merc. is interesting.

Bodhitshe last decade
My son is in need of urgent attention, will someone please advise.
Mon Cherie Amour last decade
How is he now?

It sounds like maybe the mullein drops etc. are helping him?

Pulsatilla is listed in my book for a LEFT ear, in later stages of problem. plus greenish nasal discharge + mild disposition + person tends to be hot .

Especially if: little or no thirst + worse at night + worse warm room. (even if he is not thirsty he should still be drinking plenty of fluids)

I usually use 30c unless I have a reason to specifically use some other potency. Particulary in something toxic like Merc. I'd want to feel sure there would be no trace of material substance left and I feel pretty confident of that with 30C dilution.

I still hope someone more knowledgeable will reply. In meantime maybe this will help.
Bodhitshe last decade
Thanks for your helpful advise, Bodhitshe, Let's hope it works. How long do you suggest he stay on the remedy? By the way I mentioned that I had Mercurius Vivus 30x, It is 30c, sorry for the typo.
EarthMother last decade
Not longer than 5 days max at one time. Stop sooner if he seems to have bad reaction to it. But also if he seems to get well sooner stop and let his own system work.

If it doesn't seem to help at all you could try some other remedy. If it does seem to help, but not totally he might need a higher potency.

You could put a pellet in water instead of dry and shake the water bottle or hit the glass a few times on a book to succuss it before each dose. I've been getting better results with wet method.
Bodhitshe last decade
PS You might try chamomilla next time he starts to erupt a tooth. could possibly stave off the usual progression.
Bodhitshe last decade

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