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acid reflux and Nat Phos

Hello I posted a long time ago about my acid reflux. I began to have acid reflux for the first time when I was pregnant and then when I took antibiotics a couple years ago it brought it on. I ended up not doing the Nat Phos recommendation as I could not find the liquid Arnica. Then it resolved or so I thought. I have come to realize that I have suffered off and on with silent reflux and after taking an herbal supplement for candida with oregano in it the reflux is back full force. So I got the Nat Phos that you recommended and put three pellets of arnica 30 in 500 ml bottle of spring water to take that dose two times a day. I just began yesterday to take the Arnica. I have stopped taking all supplements. I was taking the Nat Phos after each meal for a week before starting the Arnica because I was trying to find the wet dose again. Will the way I made it work? I am still in agony with the reflux. I take the 4 pellets after a meal but then later when I eat a snack or drink water I feel the same sensation that is bothering me. The sensation I have is that my esophagus is full and it feels hard to breath. Or like I need to burp but can't. Sometimes it comes up high enough so I can taste the acid but not usually but that is how I know there is acid filling up in the esophagus. How long should it take to feel relief? I have stopped eating a lot of things so I am not sure why I am still suffering while taking the remedies. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you.
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  berrydl on 2011-12-31
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear Berrydl,

For time being stop taking any cold stuffs ( cold drinks,icecreams etc.), Spicy food (red chillies or green chillies), check if milk triggers your problem, Do not take water 1 hour before and after your meal, Junk food needs to be avoided, deep fried stuff to be avoided.....

Strictly follow the above. Let me know if you are under medication for any health related problem.
You will will not take Nat. Phos and Arnica wet dose.

Please answer the following:
1) Do you have BP problem ? what is your present BP count?
2) Your height weight and age?
3) How much is your daily fluid (water) intake ?
4) Do you take tea / cofee ?
5) Do you consume alcohol?
6) How is you bowl movement ?

Dietry tips / precaution:

1) If possible please take a glass of warm water after each meal.
2) Make sure you have cucumber with every meal you take.
3) Take two table spoon of aloe vera Juice with one glass water empty stomach early morning, you can have your breakfast only after 30mins.
4) Avoid curd for time being.

At present no medicine, need to see your update on daily bases once you start following the above.

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Nikkie last decade
Thank you for your reply Nikkie.
So I just want to make sure, I stop taking Nat. Phos and Arnica wet dose?

I don't have any milk products. I have food sensitivities as well. I was drinking goat milk but haven't for a couple weeks now. Right now it seems that anything triggers it other than raw veggies and fruit (except bananas). You said not to have water before or after a meal by 1 hour but then under dietry tips it says to drink warm water after each meal. Does that mean 1 hour after?? Thanks for the clarification.
I will follow the above like you said.
I am not under any medication.

I have low blood pressure around 100/70.

I am 5 foot 6, 125lbs and 34 years old

I drink about 6 glasses a day.

No tea or coffee.

No alcohol.

I have one bowel movement a day usually and I feel constipated.

I will do the cucumber and aloe vera once I buy it.

What is curd??
berrydl last decade
Logging in to observe progress.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Berrydl,

Yes for time being you need to stop Nat. Phos and Arnica in wet dose.

Dont eat Bananas. Warm water will aid in your digestion after meal but normal water will spoil the digestion. You can have warm water during meal if you require it else you can avoid.

Your BP is low this shows that your apetite is down and the system is not getting enough nutritions.

Make sure your water intake is minimum after 6:00 pm.

You need to start will aloe vera immediately. Mix two table spoon in sligtly warm water and have it first thing in the morning empty stomach.

Curd is Yogurt a milk product :-)

Let me know your health update on regular basis.

Nikkie last decade
thank you for your help.

I started warm water yesterday between meals and I just wanted to tell you that I noticed a difference in it not causing reflux this way. I will try it after meals today. Last night however being new years eve I ate junk food and even though it was a few hours before bed, that and I drank warm water before bed gave me reflux. Every time I laid down the water kept coming back up and I felt like I couldn't breath so would have to keep sitting up etc. So tonight I will limit my water after 6pm like you said.

I have always had low blood pressure but have been told by a nutritionist and naturopath at different points that my body is not digesting nutrients. I didn't know they were connected.

I will stop bananas and junk food and the Nat Phos and arnica wet dose.

I can not get aloe yet because the stores are closed with the holiday. I can get it tomorrow. Should I take digestive enzymes?
berrydl last decade
Dear Berrydl,

It is not compulsion to take warm water after or during meal. In case you feel food is choking your throat just to golp down the food you may use warm water (few sips). Further if you feel you want to make your food digest faster you can just sip a glass of warm water after (not complusory) after meal else the rule remains the same, no water 1 hr before and after taking food. No dont take any digestive enzymes. As advised minimise the intake of water after 6:00 pm. that will prevent from rushing of fluid to the throat during night sleep.

Follow this :

1) Have good breakfast (you can have it king size)
2) same goes with lunch too.
3) Dinner ! make sure you finish it up before 7:30 pm.
and your dinner will be very very light. By following this your digestion system will get approxiamtely 12-15 hrs of rest which will boost your digestion power.
4) Include carrots and cucumber in your salad with every meal you take.

Practise good and healthy eating habit, any food items in preserved format is not welcomed by our System and they remain in our body as debris which result in such complication. You can carry a box of fruits/veg salad if you are on move. this will give your system a necessary energy.

Dont worry you will OK :-)

Nikkie last decade
Hi Nikkie
I got aloe vera juice and took it today for the first time. So far so good. A feeling that I get when I have reflux is this pain in my chest up by my collar bone rather than tasting acid in my mouth and a feeling that I need to burp but can't. Today was better.
berrydl last decade
Dear Berrydl,

How is your constipation ?
I am putting you on aloe vera Juice to Naturaly Detoxify your system, this will help you in long run for a healthy system.

Today is better tomorrow will always be better, keep yourself cheerful and always be away from any type of stress.

Dont forget to update.

Nikkie last decade
I haven't had pain before the bowel movement like I did before for the last two days. Will see if that continues.
Last night we were with company and I had some nachos with cheese and mild salsa. I felt fine when I went to bed but when I woke up my throat felt raw on the one side (I lay on that side) and my voice was hoarse. I took the aloe and have been eating well but I have felt all morning some burn off and on in my esophagus (I am assuming from the area) and the pain I sometimes get in my chest on the upper left side off and on too. It is the same pain I had when taking antibiotics that I was worried about but my MIL said it sounded like acid reflux and it did eventually go away but took time. This worries me because of feeling it in my chest but if it is from acid I am worried about the damage. Could I be paying for what I ate that long ago still today? Does it work like that?
berrydl last decade
Hi Nikkie
yesterday was not good. I had the burning pain a lot of the day. I drank fresh homemade carrot juice which helped temporarily. Then for supper I had rice with salmon in a tomato sauce and about an hour later I was in agony all night. I had the feeling of fullness in the chest and gas bubbles but couldn't burp. So now I think I realized it is the tomato because the day before I had a tomato based dish too and the salsa at night.
berrydl last decade
Dear Berrydl,

Dont take tomatoe sauce. Avoid late night dinners (dinner very light , before 7:30 pm). Burning of your throat - chest yes it is rush of fluid from your stomach which is very acidic in nature. So always take very small quantity dinner for time being. Avoid non veg (or minimize it if not possible).

Tips to control Heart burn in future.

1) Can you get Jaggery (dark colour free from any chemical). Jaggery is made from sugar cane juice , it is sweet in taste and colour is dark brown, one which has light colour are the one which has chemicals in them so need to be avoided.
Take small amount of jaggery in your mouth every time you feel the burning sensation. Let the jaggery dissolve on its own in your mouth. Avoid white sugar or chocolates, instead you can use honey.

2) Arrange for Garlic,before going to bed (night), take one clove of garlic (not the entire pod) peel off the dry skin, cut the garlic into thin slices immeditately put in your mouth and golp down with cup of water and go to bed.

Dont worry ! What you ate long ago is past forget it. Hence forth we will have good Healthy living :-)

Any queries do let me know.

Nikkie last decade
thank you for your reply.
I am intolerant to sugar cane so I don't think I can have Jaggery. I have never heard of that before.
I will keep the garlic in mind.
Will keep you posted.
berrydl last decade
Dear Berrydl,

Jaggery is sweet candy made from sugar cane juice :-). A natural way to tackle burning sensation during acid reflux.

Ok! Go ahead with garlic. Keep me updated.

Nikkie last decade

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