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Nat phos is not the cure for acid reflux

I have seen many posts using nat phos 6x as the remedy for acid reflux. This has not worked for ten of my patients. Why? Because there are many different types of acid reflux problems. I have especially found that acid reflux when connected to sinus problems And constipation works amazingly well with Calcarea Carb and silicea.

Silicea is very cooling to the stomach and acid reflux is almost always a sign of a calcium deficiency.
  santinosharma on 2012-06-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Of course Nat-phos is not the remedy for acid reflux. Any homoeopath worth his salt can tell you that. There is no one remedy for any named condition. The remedy is always individually selected on the basis of the peculiars the specific patient shows. Any remedy can cure it. Any remedy at all.

I see acid reflux very frequently in clinic. I have used over a hundred different remedies for it, depending on the picture the patient shows.

The rules of homoeopathy are always the same. INDIVIDUALIZE EVERY CASE.

'nuff said.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Brisbane - whilst i agree with you and ur totally right about fixing the basic constitution of a person to fix the problem i do slightly disagree somewhat too.....

.....there are certain remedies that will work in all patients. e.g i have yet to come across a person that didn't respond to arnica for hair fall.......no matter what their constitution.
santinosharma last decade
This is untrue. 200 years of homoeopathic research has shown us there is no one medicine that will cure everyone with a specific named complaint.

I have actually seens posts from people here who did not get good results from Arnica. There is no one cure-all for any condition.

It is possible to use a remedy to palliate or suppress a condition by creating the proving in the patient. This must be done by frequent dosing. This is not 'working', and is not cure by the homoeopathic definition. Using our medicines in this way is dangerous as suppression ultimately harms the patient and can make them incurable.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Brisbane - I've seen many of ur posts and i definitely respect u :)

I'm quite new here and guess not as experienced as u either

but I've personally had very good results with using remedies over a long period of time. homeopathy is basically just triggering ur own immune system to recover itself from an ailment. there is no such thing as an overdose in homeopathy.

even if u do feel the negative effects of proving they will pass on their own.
santinosharma last decade
There is definitely overdosing in homoeopathy. Overdosing is quite dangerous and our Organon of Medicine warns against it. In fact one of our basic principles is Law of the Minimum Dose - which is to say you only ever give the smallest amount of medicine to create cure in the patient.

There is also a set of guidelines in the Organon for antidoting severe aggravations in patients, whose pathology is advanced or who are weakened and oversensitive.Dr. James Kent observed that in some cases aggravations can be so dangerous to the patient they will die from them. I have seen this happen myself.

You will see many patients here on this forum complaining about side effects, proving symptoms, suppression. I have seen many of them in my own practice or coming from other homoeopaths. Homoeopathic medicines can be quite powerful, and anything that is powerful can be very harmful as well. I have seen people report new symptoms after treatment years later, until cured with an appropriate medicine.

Homoeopathy is not intelligent, it doesn't 'care' about us. A medicine we give simply does what it does - it either cures the symptoms because the patient already has them, or it causes them if they do not (not well matched to them). If you apply only one small aspect of the remedy to one small aspect of the patient's symptoms, disregarding the totality of the case, then you will at best palliate the symptoms, and at worst suppress them.

We have a complex set of guidelines to prevent all this from happening. I would suggest reading the Organon of Medicine, and Kent's Lectures on Homoeopathic Philosophy as well.
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brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I simple cannot agree. There are superior homeopathy such as joe and a few others who have been taking certain remedies like arnica everyday and are fit and fine. Why was proving not detrimental here?
santinosharma last decade

Much of what you are talking about here
is explained very very well in interviews with
Dr. Saine- an internationally known
healer of very hard cases bc he takes
tough cases and he is the head of
Canada Homeopathic society and
also has a school, you can read
from a master about all of this.
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simone717 last decade
Simons thank u so much I would love to but I am reluctant to pay fifty dollars. Is there a site where the literature can be obtained for free

santinosharma last decade
No - it is free/
[message edited by simone717 on Mon, 29 Jul 2013 04:47:58 BST]
simone717 last decade

[message deleted by simone717 on Mon, 29 Jul 2013 04:48:26 BST]
simone717 last decade
Perhaps u cud copy and paste the paragraph u think is relevant ?
santinosharma last decade
Well I can only tell you what the experience of all the homoeopaths for 2 centuries has been, and what my experience has been for the last 20 years as a practicing qualified homoeopath. All of this is stated again and again in our literature, so I guess it is up to you who you choose to believe.

Joe does not practice homoeopathy at all, much less 'superior' homoeopathy. Whether he is 'fit and fine' we cannot know for certain. Either you believe in the Law of Similars as the foundation of homoeopathic prescribing or you do not. If you do, then you know that taking a remedy every day will produce a proving and that will eventually become a chronic disease. If you do not believe in the Law of Similars...well then I don't know where that puts you. Certainly not in the camp of homoeopathy.

Homoeopathy is not magic, it is science. It has rules, and these rules apply at all times.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I would greatly appreciate it as I'm very interested. Especially if it's supports my theories.
santinosharma last decade

[message deleted by simone717 on Mon, 29 Jul 2013 04:51:24 BST]
simone717 last decade
Thanks Simone. Yes I definitely do agree with this.

The reason why arnica works so well for so many ailments is because It provides greater oxygen to the blood. Yoga and accupressure both of which work very well work by supplying blood and therefore oxygen to the part which needs healing. Hence joe is right is prescribing arnica for most remedies. It is to be used as a tonic.

With regards to classical homeopathy. If someone has suffered from a disease for a long period of time maybe all their life and classical homeopaths believe they can cure this person with just one dose. Well. I would like to see that working in reality !

There are basic weaknesses which every person has. Some have weakness in their eyes some in their stomach and so on. Once you find a constitutional remedy that works for u It should be taken throughout life with decreasing frequency. All u r doing is teaching your immune system to combat that weakness. It is only when the wrong remedy is given that we experience proving and unwanted side effects.
santinosharma last decade
And whilst joe may not be a homeopath he has a brilliant intuitive mind.

My point with nat phos is that alone it cannot cure acid reflux. It may help but cannot cure without proper diet. A cell salt needs to be combined with a higher potency homeopathic medicine specific to that ailment. The cell salt on its own I do not believe is sufficient enough.
santinosharma last decade
Dr. Saine is not saying you cure a
person with just one dose. He is
saying if you read the interview-
that one must ask, how many diseases
are going on? And which one do you
treat first? And then go on from there
-and back and forth. He is working
layers as they show up.

So if you have some weakness that keeps
appearing, and the remedy matches that
and is having to be given for that, and
it is working for longer and longer periods of time that would agree with
what Dr. Saine is saying.
simone717 last decade
I see. Thank you Simone. Very kind of you to point me In his direction. I will certainly read more about him and get back to you.

Genetically we all carry certain defects. Our personalities are largely similar to our parents. A family remedy can therefore be used which would work for life. In my own family we all responded very well to pulsatilla. A lot of us have taken it for a long time.
santinosharma last decade
He addressed that also in second
interview. A case of family where one
person was having nightmares and the
rest of family was then also having
the same nightmare. Gave remedy to
the one family member and then ALL
of them stopped having the nightmare.

Very interesting the genetics and family
set ups.
[message edited by simone717 on Mon, 29 Jul 2013 04:52:37 BST]
simone717 last decade
o wow! definitely will read up on this guy then !!

I'm actually a specialist in ayurveda and yoga but took up homeopathy some years ago.

in ayurveda I've often used the genetic method.
santinosharma last decade
Yes, he is interested in how to study
that- feeling like you have to go back
thru generations and in contrast to
other homeopaths who say they
have not seen family similarities with
remedies- Dr. Saine seems to have an
open mind about this subject.
[message edited by simone717 on Mon, 29 Jul 2013 04:53:34 BST]
simone717 last decade
I tried nat phos for my 1 month old daughter that has bad acid reflux but it didn't work. Any suggestions before trying Zantac? She has 'silent rflux' she barely spits up. She is 7.4lbs and also has laryngomalacia. Thanks
bebota last decade
Hi Bebola,

the laryngomalacia causes feeding difficulties.

Please look at this post on another site
(which Joe is part of this site,) but the post is by Udaya who
already prescribed on another thread for this problem.
I am not allowed to put the website name on this forum?

But google Udaya and Homeopathy and you will find the site.
Use the contact button and send an email about your problem.

You can see he was suggesting Aethusa and Phos 30 after the person's
homeopath was using Circuta Virosa, which matched symptoms of
arching back etc which your baby is having but Circuta did not work.

I always think it is good to check with a person who has treated the
same problem you are needing help with.
[message edited by simone717 on Mon, 29 Jul 2013 04:54:59 BST]
simone717 last decade
Thanks I will look into that too :)
bebota last decade
Udaya Shankar Mishra or Udaya Kumar? Thanks
bebota last decade

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