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New thread for brisbanehomeopath please

Hi David,
I am hoping that you might have time to look over my case again since I made a new, easier to read thread. I realize that a lot of my issues have gotten better, specifically issues of boundaries in regards to other people and I feel like I am actively seeking to make positive changes when it comes to my relationships. Learning how to do this is helping me feel more competent. I still am having the issues described below, specifically of sleep, concentration, memory, constipate and skin issues. I also get a lot of anticipatory anxiety when I have a social situation coming up that might be hard on my son. I have taken several other remedies previously, but the ones you prescribed were Nat Carb, Bryonia, and Lachesis. I last took Lachesis 200c on February 17th. I was having especially hard time around the 25th of February and you said it was not an aggravation and I was getting much worse and to get Muriatic acid. I did not, and it passed. Lachesis was the last one I took.


It is important to describe all your problems in as much detail as you are able. One word answers and short sentences are not particularly helpful. Discuss each problem one at a time, providing (as a minimum level of detail) the following information.

1. What exactly happens?
I have ebbing and flowing depression and anxiety, which are worse before and after my period and when I witness my son's behavior and difficulty with mood and social issues. I also have constipation and sometimes have to drink coffee to resolve it, bad skin (acne and very dry in the winter), premature grey hairs, lethargy, especially the week before and during my period. Difficulty sleeping also at times and poor eyesight.

2. Describe all sensations and pains. Each pain or sensation should be described in such a way that allows us to imagine having the same pain.
I don't have a lot of physical pain really.

3. What causes the problem to get worse after it has started occurring?
Feeling discouraged about my son's progress, seeing his emotional and social development compared to other kids his age. Also when family members come visit and his behavior embarasses me or makes me feel sad or like they wonder why he is acting like that and he doesn't seem interested in them. It also seems like a lot of people in my life are pregnant and having babies, and I want to be in the place where I could have another baby, especially since my son is 5 years old already. We are not financially able to support another child responsibly at this time and there is a lot of instability in our lives since we live with my mom until we can get our own place. It is a difficult place to be especially when I feel like other people are living the type of life I long for. I am also concerned that another child we have might have Asperger's/autism or something like that. I feel like we have bad genes and it feels unfair to see friends and family members having many healthy children even though I know that we are blessed, it is hard. ng is going wrong in mine. Also worries about my son and stress from upcoming social demands he will have and behavioral issues. Worries that he will never get better and that is he is not like other kids and it makes it hard for us to make playdates and form friendships with other families. In the fall/winter months, I become MUCH worse, very lonely. During the change to spring I have trouble sleeping and insomnia. We used to live in a warmer climate and the weather here has really taken a toll on me over the last almost two years. (My skin gets VERY dry). Also, feeling overly stressed with too much on my plate, or overly bored and lonely.

4. What creates some relief for the problem?
Warm, sunny weather, getting together by myself with a friend or couple of friends, solid deep sleep. Feeling like I am accomplishing something important, a good day with my son, where I have some hope for the future.

5. What triggers the problem into occuring?
Lack of finances, hormones before and after my period, shorter days during fall and winter, cold and rainy weather, spending too much time alone, and too much time reading about too many things on the computer, feeling not grown up and autonomous because we are living in my mom's house.

6. What time of the day or night does the problem occur?
Worse mid-late afternoon (2 - 5).

7. When did the problem start? What was happening in your life at that time? Did some specific event or treatment take place just before the problem started?
I would say I have felt this way most of my life. I don't know if this is true, but I may be able to trace it back to when my brother was born when I was just under 2? (I am the oldest.) I always got attention from my parents, but with the birth of my two brothers it was diverted, and I was always the one to get in trouble. My dad really took to my brothers and didn't seem to care as much for me. He had an anger problem and was very verbally abusive, as well as physically abusive until he died in a car accident when I was 14. (There are lots of other things, but I am trying to think of early ones...)


I think the anxiety started from getting yelled at and punished when my dad would come home from work...I never knew when it was going to happen, but it could be over something as simple as there being lint on the carpet which enraged him. My mom would make me clean the whole bathroom over and over again if she found a speck of something on the mirror, which always made me feel like I could never do anything right, and just gave up and became an underachiever, which I still am today. I loved playing the piano as a child, but was a perfectionist, and enjoyed doing it for myself, but was very self-conscious. My parents, who were probably proud of me, would invite the neighbors over and force me to play for them, no matter how much I cried to them and told them I didn't want to. I once made a mistake and blew up at them in front of the neighbors and stormed upstairs.

You should address each problem separately using the above 7 questions as a guide. Do not put all your complaints into each of the 7 questions. Discuss one problem at a time. If you have, for example, a headache with nausea, do each component separately too (what makes the head pain worse or better, what makes the nausea worse or better).

As well as this, please describe any traumatic incidents that have taken place in your life. Discuss anything that has had a lasting impact on you mentally, emotionally or physically.

My father always paid more attention to my brothers than me, and at times seemed disgusted by me. I remember once I used my parents bathroom, and I must have had my period and there was a drop of blood by the toilet I hadn't noticed. My father lost it and started screaming at me to clean it up, telling me how disgusting I was. I felt humiliated, ashamed, and dirty. He would hit me with a belt at times, and he made fun of my butt and knees (which too this day I hate, and I will not wear shorts). He was doing this (as a joke, he said) on the day he died (was hit by a car during an early morning paper route - he had lost his job and was doing several small jobs), and I had told him, 'I hate you, I hope you die' and ran upstairs, the night he died. When the policeman and priest came to our door, I felt badly for my mom and brothers but this was overshadowed by my own relief at the fact that I was free from this man and would not need to eventually kill myself because of him.

I was very shy in school and had trouble making friends, I was often alone. We moved 4 times for my dads job and it was hard being the new kid. At the school we were in when he died, it was small and cliquish and the kids made fun of me (I also had very bad vision and wore thick glasses and was not very athletic). When my dad died I suppose they felt guilty and the teasing stopped, only to be replaced by superficially invites, and then being ignored for the rest of high school for the most part.

I remember feeling very depressed and anxious and crying out to be noticed and cared for, but my mom had adopted a stoicism and continued to tell me I was 'dramatic, paranoid, and my perception of things was all wrong'. Basically that I was all wrong. My family went to counseling a few times until I brought up Dad's treatment of me, and the entire family shunned me, they only wanted to talk about how wonderful he was. I have never been close to my brothers, and my mom didn't hug me for about 10 years. I had a couple boyfriends who were no good for me, one cheated on me a lot, and the next we were codependent on each other. I went to the out of state college I did because he was there. We broke up soon after, and ended up having the state put restraining orders against both of us because of a misunderstanding we had that turned physical.

Soon after that I met my now-husband and we were engaged after 6 weeks, married after 1.5 years. I was very scared about what I would end up doing after college (I earned a bachelors degree in psychology, but didn't know what I would do or feel in any way capable), and getting married gave me some relief, I thought I would be taken care of. My husband was used to not being accountable to anyone and would be out rising his motorcycle to 3am some nights, never calling, while I sat and cried and panicked, thinking he must be dead. Our communication was not good, and I felt unimportant.

I took various office jobs from this time until the time I had my son 5 years ago and left the workforce to stay home with him. 9 months after we were marries, we took a vacation to California and loved it so much we ended up moving there, and lived there for almost 9 years. Soon into it, we were still not communicating well, and my husband would reject all my advances. I felt awful, and threw myself into diet and excercise which spiraled into an eating disorder of anaorexia, and then bulemia, and then binge eating (which I had always done to some degree, but never like this). (I didn't get my period for 2.5 years during all this). I kept telling him I needed help, and he kept saying we couldnt afford it and was angry at me that I would do this to him and just couldnt stop. Finally, I was admitted to an inpatient rehab program for 6 weeks, and again another 6 weeks, when I relapsed again. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me - I learned to make a lot of peace with people in my past who couldnt give me what I had needed and I learned to like myself for the first time.

Our marriage was off and on ok, but communication was still off and there was a lot of stress with work and such on both our parts. Sex life was, and has been, almost nonexistent. I got pregnant unplanned, and my husband didn't seem to know how to take it at first, and loves our son, but he was a very difficult baby and he hasn't always been there for him, as he has been working a lot, and now trying to start his own business for over a year. Our son screamed constantly all the time and we could never go anywhere. I felt as though he hated me and it was very, very stressful. All the new moms I knew loved being a mom, and once again I felt like I had done something wrong to deserve this. He had continued to wake up through the night for 5 years, and I definitely had some PPD and PTSD for s while after he was born. I didn't sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time for the first year of his life. No one understood what I was going through, and I didn't know any other baby like this. I felt like it was all my fault.

A while after my husband was laid off, we ended up moving back to stay with my mom temporarily because of money, and had to sell almost everything we owned. We are still here with no clear idea of when we'll be able to leave, I so some work for husband's dad, but feel unmotivated by it. Before we left we ended up living with two friends, the first just said she was moving after 3 weeks and we had to get out, and then never talked to us again. Up to the point we moved out of our house, I had tried to make friendships for myself and my son, and was fairly happy with the way things were going. When our money troubles increased, I got a lot of criticism from a couple friends who told me I needed to leave my husband and then they told me to have a nice life, and they never talked to me again. This hurt me really badly and was a major blow to my efforts of trusting people.

It has been hard for me to make friendships here, but I have a few. I still don't feel like this is our home, even if we didn't live with my mom, and miss the area we used to live.

I spend a lot of time alone, distracting myself online. I have a hard time concentrating on anything important. In the past, I would use food to cope. I have never gone back to as bad as it was and I never want to, but I still do use food to deal with my boredom and loneliness and other emotions. I also try to pray, but usually this is a last resort.

Discuss any patterns you have noticed in your behavior especially concerning your disease.

Worse before/after period, I get really irritable and anxious for up to two weeks before my period, and then more depressed for about a week after. Eat more and am more tired and seriously depressed during the winter, start to lose hope.

Discuss any part of your life where you feel stuck or unable to change and grow, especially where this occurred around the beginning of your disease, or as the disease evolved.

I feel unable to move beyond obsessing about the fact that my son has an autism spectrum disorder and feeling guilty because I married the man I did, so he got those genes, plus I took Prozac during the first trimester with him. I want more than anything for our whole family to be healed and am afraid to believe it is possible. I feel fatigued and lazy a lot, unable to focus on what I really need to focus on, or to concentrate. I want a loving family and I am learning about boundaries because I want to have them and teach appropriate boundaries to my child(ren). I feel like I am growing in that area.

Describe your childhood and the kind of environment you grew up in, with reference to your relationships with your family, your school experiences, and any serious childhood diseases.
Other than what I mentioned above about my parents and kids at school, I don't remember a lot of my childhood and have blocked most of it out. This has happened beyond childhood too - I have a lot of parts of my life that I should have memories of but don't.

I discussed most of this above, but I didn't have any serious childhood diseases.

If your earlier discussions have not mentioned these already, please describe:

1. The specific foods that you crave (not just like) or hate
-Used to be sugar, now sometimes I crave salt. There is not a lot I really hate.

2. The specific drinks that you crave or hate
-Don't really crave or hate many drinks, I usually try to drink water.

3. What your sleep is like
I am tired a lot during the day and often feel like napping, sometimes it takes me a long time to fall asleep as my mind will not shut off and I feel worried. Sleep is not usually restful, and often interrupted by my son's night terrors or hand/foot cramps. He also gets up pretty early so I don't usually get to sleep in, although I would every day if I could. I tend to be more of a night owl.

4. How the weather and the temperature affects you
I feel the best in a climate that is warm but not too humid, cold and damp climates and weather really bother me, and the winter really affects me negatively. My face gets really dry and patchy, and my depression goes through the roof. I have the worst time during seasonal changes.

5. What kinds of things in the environment you are particularly sensitive to
Noise (I like peacefulness and relative quiet, although this has gotten better), emotions (I respond well to warm positive emotions, but if the emotional temperature is negative, it greatly affects me and I take it on), music (music can bring me to tears or it can make me want to dance).

6. What your general level of energy is like
Very low, I try to exercise 30 minutes most days during the week, but a lot of times this seems like an enormous effort and I have been slacking. I spend a lot of time sitting or lying down.

7. What your level of sexual energy or desire is like
I have a pretty low libido. There might be one or two days during the months where it is up a little bit. I don't really feel attracted to my husband.

8. Describe your menstrual cycle
Usually every 28 days or so, lasting 4-5 days. Heaviest on 2nd day then tapers off.

9. Also give these details

a) Body type and build
Average I would say, I am 5 feet 7 inches tall and around 140 pounds. I have short wide feet, and a very curved lower back (goes in a lot from the side). My shoulders are proportionate to my hips in width, my waist is narrower. My thighs are somewhat large, my calves are small proportionate to the rest of my body.

b) Skin colour and texture
Medium-fair - always acne on my face and sometimes neck, chest, and upper back. Large pores on my hands and feet. I have a lot of cellulite (and large areas of it) on my butt and thighs, some on my stomach as well.

c) Areas of the body tends to perspire on
Lower back mostly, and armpits.

d) Odour of sweat, body, stool, flatus, urine
Not sure what my sweat smells like...I used to smell like rising bread in the spring and the winter (during seasonal changes, I thought I was overrun by yeast!), my stool and flatus smell bad, but different depending on whether I am constipated or have diarrhea. My urine doesn't smell like anything.

e) Colour of stool, urine, sweat
Stool can range from dark brown to orange, I have also seen in light tan or green depending on what I have eaten. My urine is usually light yellow unless I am dehydrated.

10) Reaction to drugs or vaccines

None that I know of.
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  allicando on 2012-03-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Ok cool, that does make things easier. I am still trying to get through your son's case.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Ok, I found and ordered the Carsinosinum for him...
allicando last decade
I was wondering if you could look this over whenever you have any time. Thanks so much. If not, I understand.
allicando last decade
I have been really tired and stressed out lately and having weird dreams that the police are out to get me and keep shooting at me (I have no idea why). Should I take another dose of Lachesis?
allicando last decade
I am on this today.

It is better to stay as you are than to take an incorrect remedy. I wouldn't take Lachesis again.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
So here we have the picture of your life.

A person who has not experienced love from their family, but instead abuse or coldness. This same pattern has been carried into your adult life, and you have a husband who does not express love or affection to you.

The moment your brothers were born you were ignored, abused, rejected, shunned. This happened very early in your life, and it has appeared to have very seriously affected your ability to form relationships with others.

One thing you continually refer back to is the fact that friendships are hard to form, and you are so sensitive to this issue that you have made it a major concern around your son as well. What is very interesting to me, is that you have produced a child whose disease, by definition, stops him from forming relationships with others. This tells me that this issue needs to be the main focus of treatment.

Problems with the forming of relationships lies within the Mineral Kingdom. The mineral kingdom feels a lack, and they feel it within themselves, a fault that must be corrected.

Attention, appreciation, communication, rejection, love, hate, affection - these are all keywords for the 3rd row of the periodic table. I think that Nat-c lay in the right general area, but was not precise enough. Natrum is one of the elements in this row.

Then it becomes harder to narrow it down. What I would like you to do is to talk more about the problem with making friends. Look at it from childhood, to adulthood. What is the problem, how has it affected you, how do you deal with it, what does it feel like, how has it changed you? Really expand on it - I am sure the clues I need are in that issue.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I was generally an obedient child but was disciplined very harshly and my dad had anger issues which were modeled to me...my mom says I had times in kindergarten when I would silently go up to a shelve of toys and knock them all off with seemingly no provocation. I also seem to remember kicking a boy in the shins/face for chasing me. This was unlike my usual behavior and the teachers were concerned but my mom never followed up. I'm sure I was angry because of mistreatment at home and being unacceptable to my family. I was kind of a dreamer and an idealist, always wanted to make people happy, but I was taught from a very early age that the only thing I was supposed to do was whatever I was told and I was incapable of having an opinion or doing things for myself and it was wrong and selfish of me to do so. It started a helplessness and anger in me that took me decades to feel like I had conquered, only to arise again with becoming a mother.

The strictness of my parents and their harsh punishments meant that I, already a shy quiet, introverted dreamer of a child, was afraid to make any misteps at all, and didn't really know how to pursue friendships. They few friends I had were children of my parents friends or schoolmates who were more outgoing then me and repeatedly made an effort to invite me to things, etc. This didn't usually last long because I was banned from going to anyone's house unless my parents lengthily interviewed their parents and laid down very strict guidelines to them about what I was and was not allow to do there. I also never felt comfortable inviting anyone to my house, because I was afraid of being embarrassed or humiliated...one time I actually got spanked in front of a classmate when I was older than 10 by my dad (for who knows what). I also didn't feel like I was allowed to be who I really was, that I was not acceptable. As a result, I stifled myself and never really developed myself or my talents. It would probably have been a lot easier to be confident and have friends if I had hobbies, interests, and a sense of who I was, but I didn't. It has made it very difficult to take ownership of my life and make all sorts of choices as well. In college, when I learned to make small talk and be whoever just to not be alone, I became a sort of chameleon, I could get along with anybody and be like anybody. No one could ever have any issues with me, or reject me, because I was not objectionable, and didn't get close enough to be more than acquaintances. It made me very uncomfortable if different sets of 'friends' from different parts of my life (for instance church and drinking buddies) would be together so very often I kept my separate friends and they never met or knew each other. It was all very exhausting, so it is no wonder I would just not try, it was easier to be alone.
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allicando last decade
Does this make sense?
allicando last decade
That is always a funny question to ask in homoeopathy, because we are never looking for the logical but the illogical. Anything that doesn't make sense leads you to the remedy. If it makes sense then it may not help me.

The row 3 themes remain strong in this latest post. The big question of this row is 'Who am I?'. The issue of identity is clear in this, and it appears that the issue appears most prominently in creating friendships.

I can see why Nat-carb seemed so suitable.

Doing what others want, so as not to be left alone, is a characteristic of the Magnesium group. Magnesium has alot of anger issues, and will suppress their anger so as not to damage relationships they have. Magnesium asks for nothing, demands nothing, suppresses their individuality so they they are not abandoned.

The Magnesium that bests suit the abandoned child who is neglected, is Mag-carb. As a second choice I would consider Mag-phos.

Can you get 200c of both?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Yes, I will get them! Thank you!
allicando last decade
It will be very interesting to see how
these remedies help. I realize now
that the Homeopath in england who
was having some cases on Interhomeopathy for patients who were
abused and neglected was using a combo
of Mag Mur Mag Carb plus Ozone-and
I thought what kind of remedy is this?
Now I realize she must have just put
the liquid of all these on the pillules and
the Ozone is for feeling like you are not
fully inhabiting the body depending on
the amount and age of the abuse and
symptoms. Unorthodox but she was
getting good results.
simone717 last decade
I have often asked practitioners who use multiple remedies to show me their good results, and what I generally see is palliation and suppression.

It is not appropriate to treat all people with a similar background with the same remedies. This runs against the principles of individualization, and I know from long experience that doesn't work, whatever she might have been reporting.

You must remember that many people love to boast about their cures to improve their image, and homoeopathy is so difficult in reality that many practitioners who struggle with it are desperate to be seen as one of the 'elite' who can do it.

I remember once attending a lecture, where the 'homoeopath' was boasting about several cures, gave the cases even. The students oohed and aahed and congratulated her. I recognized 2 of them as patients who had come across to me because she had failed so dismally to help them. The reports of improvement were completely fabricated to enhance her reputation as a homoeopath. She still goes around boasting about her cures, but many of my friends and patients all avoid her because she is so crap at the job. But as long as the image is intact she seems not to care. Alot of that goes on I am afraid.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
From what I have learned here I don't think it would be beneficial to take more than one remedy at a time. Although I know in CEASE protocol there is often one remedy given during the week and a 'Saturday' remedy. Not sure how that fits in with classical homeopathy, but many parents have reported great results from using it for their kids.
allicando last decade
What is CEASE protocol for???
simone717 last decade
It stands for Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression. It is for autism and related disorders.
allicando last decade
That is Dr. Tinus Smits protocol. I have his book which outlines that method, and shows all the research that went into it. I believe however, that since his death, the method has been subtley altered and some pseudohomoeopathy is creeping in. My understanding from reading his book, is that each remedy is selected on the basis of the state and the history (especially the history of medical treatment and suppression) and no new remedy is given until the reaction to that is assessed. If peple are starting to use the method mechanically, then this is a breach of his guidelines for the method.

CEASE works from the theory that Autism comes almost entirely from medical suppression of simple complaints and from vaccination. By using homoeopathic medicines made from the specific medical drug that caused the problem, it is possible to reverse that damage. This is an old system of homoeopathy, well known and generally taught to students - it is known as Isopathy. Homoeopaths have often used it as a way of removing an obstacle to cure, where the use of a drug or other substance clearly created a disturbance in the person's health. Dr. Smits simply put Isopathic prescribing to the test and found a way to integrate it into classical homoeopathy.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Makes sense. My son didn't have any medical suppression or anything to create his autism, so most likely that wouldn't work for him, then? The only thing would be the Prozac I took while pregnant. Other than that, genetic susceptibility and emotional states were the key factors in it I believe.
allicando last decade
The trick to this method is very careful case-taking, which explores all the possible triggers for the Austism. It could very well be the Prozac, and one of the things a CEASE therapist might do is give your son a remedy made from Prozac. It is more complex than that of course, but that is the basic idea. This kind of prescribing means that much more time is spent going through the medical history, looking at every little complaint and how it was treated. It is possible that other kinds of substances might be the problem - coffee, alcohol, salt etc.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Well I never touched a drop of coffee, or any caffeine for that matter, nor any alcohol when pregnant. I didn't even take any pain relievers. I did take Bioplasma cell salts for the last couple months (on the recommendation of my doula) to help with swelling and water retention. So I really can't think of any other substances, and the Prozac only because I hadn't planned the pregnancy so hadn't gone off it yet. So who knows. If classical homeopathy doesn't give a good effect we may eventually have to try that route if I can find someone. Whatever it takes...
allicando last decade
It isn't 'not classical', it is part of our traditional method of treatment. The removal of 'layers' in a case is widely practiced, even as far back as Kent. CEASE is just designed specifically with autism in mind, since it is such a difficult condition to treat. And yes, I agree, it is something we can attempt, since I know something of the method.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Ah, good to know. I was hoping it wasn't conflicting with everything I have learned here!
allicando last decade
Allicando-so you son never had
any vaccinations either?

Just wondering as so many kids seem
to be having this problem.
simone717 last decade
Nope, never. Thankfully I started learning all about natural birth when pregnant and that somehow led into the study of vaccines. I am so happy it did as I am sure it would have made things much worse than they are. My son is actually very high functioning, and goes to a regular PreK with no aide.

ETA: There was no classic 'regression' with him, as often is seen to occur after certain vaccines or what have you. He was born with something going on already. I knew it. Very, very difficult baby to soothe, very agitated, unable to breastfeed and rarely slept. Lots of other things as well. I just knew there was something.
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allicando last decade
Very brave of you. Well that rules
out everything isopathic except for
the prozac I guess. Hope the sacch or
the cars start giving him major

simone717 last decade
Thanks Simone, me too! :)
allicando last decade

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