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Thanks Simone, me too! :)
allicando last decade
Hi again, you know I just had a thought-
has he ever had an MRI of his spine brain

I just had a relative get one and they
found some water on the brain since
birth-and some neck disk problems.
He had many learning disabilities-and
now we know why.

After that MRI I think everyone with these
problems should have one just to rule
out what cannot be seen.
simone717 last decade
No he hasn't and that's very weird because I was just reading something about this. (I'm not even sure why, I go down these rabbit trails of information, but it was about really irritable babies and having water on the brain). He had torticollis as a baby as well, took him to a chiropractor to resolve it. He doesn't have an overly large head though, and didn't as a baby either. Wide-ish face, but not large circumference. I think it was only somewhere in the 25-35% when he was born (thank God...haha). So I would think he would have a big head if that was the case?
allicando last decade

[message deleted by simone717 on Wed, 11 Apr 2012 00:40:58 BST]
simone717 last decade
Alright David, I have the Mag-Carb in hand. Should I make up an 8oz remedy bottle, hit twice, one drop into a full cup and 1tsp of this? Or should I use two cups? Thanks!
allicando last decade
Bump for review
allicando last decade
Hmmm...you have proven quite sensitive to remedies so far. I would go to 2 cups for this dose. We can always reduce the water later on if needed.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Ok I just did it using two full (8oz) dilution cups. I see in the past I used one full cup and the second 1/4 cup, so this was more diluted. Oh well...
allicando last decade
I know you said it is nearly impossible to antidote a remedy, but I just dosed and then my mom just blew up something in the microwave and I swear my lungs and nasal passages are charred from breathing in the horrible smell. It has filled our entire house and I am seriously gagging right now. One of the worst things I have ever smelled. Do you think this may render this dose ineffective? I really hope it doesn't affect my son's remedy especially.
allicando last decade
That level of dilution is exactly what I wanted you to do.

That cannot antidote the remedy. You can only antidote a remedy by taking something that produces similar symptoms, or by directly suppressing the aggravation or return of old symptoms with something. So this event does not fall under either of those.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Ok, I just read about strong smells and all, and this is a REALLY strong smell, like a cigar smokers convention x1000. Really gross and really funny because my mom gets annoyed if popcorn is left in for 10 seconds too long but she blows up the entire microwave. We keep laughing because it is so absurd.

Good to know! ;)
allicando last decade
That is a lie perpetrated by the pseudohomoeopaths who like to blame every little thing in life for the failure of their poorly chosen medicines. Garlic, toothpaste, mint, coffee, perfumes etc. If they are to believed homoeopathy is one of the weakest most vulnerable medicines in history. Since many of these things are hard to avoid, any time your prescription doesn't work - the person antidoted it!

There were rules given by Hahnemann regarding provings - what to avoid to make sure that the symptoms we got were pure (which of course provers only rarely did). He also said that there were certain substances that were deleterious to the health - coffee, tea, salt and so on, and that they should be avoided to allow for the best result with a medicine. He never said these things would antidote medicines. Such things can continue to make you sick, and if you have a specific sensitivity to it then of course you will not reach full health.

Antidoting was a term he used for selecting a new medicine to neutralize the effects of a previous one, where the patient had overreacted or developed new symptoms. Antidoting is done on the basis of the law of similars. The chance of antidoting accidentally is so remote as to be something not worth worrying about. It is possible I suppose like anything is possible - I have rarely seen it.

On the other hand, when people are not cured, the things that they are sensitive to continue to create symptoms for them. This is the most common situation that is mistaken for antidoting. Whenever this happens you should be re-examining the prescription rather than blaming the patient. It could acutally help the practitioner to find the remedy they need.

Another way that antidoting happens, is when a practitioner impatiently prescribes a new remedy straight after a successful prescription. This will often 'cure the cure' so to speak, if they are using complementaries or prescribing on the same symptoms as before.
[message edited by brisbanehomoeopath on Thu, 05 Apr 2012 03:42:36 BST]
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Don't notice anything yet from the dose...
allicando last decade
Well you have not overreacted to the dose this time, so that at least is a positive.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Yep! Something I forgot to mention, because it keeps just going away on its own and its kind of TMI but really who cares at this point is that I seem to get some sort of recurring yeast infection or something. For the past 3-4 or so months. I don't know exactly how often it occurs but if I had to guess I would say maybe every 3-4 weeks? I always forget about it until it starts happening again, its like a low level annoyance (not a superbad one). I don't know why this keeps happening. I'm sure I eat more sugar than I should but its weird and annoying. This used to happen to me a lot but worse and not as often. I used to have a very bad candida problem and went on a special diet and everything, this was about 8 or 9 years ago (and the diet led into my eating disorder junk, but anyway). Haven't had one for about 5 years though (when pregnant) until the last few months. I hope this will eventually go away? It is usually predictable and lasts for a few days and then is gone with no treatment or anything. I don't know... Just happened in the last few days which is why I am thinking about it again, but its almost gone again. It has taken me a while to figure out that it might be what that is because its not like the ones I remember. Very strange. I know for sure that I have no STDs so it can't be that!
[message edited by allicando on Sat, 07 Apr 2012 01:48:37 BST]
allicando last decade
Do you think this is something that might just be reoccuring due to homeopathic treatment? I know better than to ask for a homeopathic remedy for this problem alone (lol). I just don't know why this is happening - I don't know exactly how many months now but its definitely less than 6. I've been kind of ignoring it but I don't want this to keep happening. Don't know what is wrong. The correct remedy would help this right? Would it aggravate it first?
allicando last decade
Maybe your gut bacteria is a bit out
of balance but not enough to have
it go full bore so it fixes itself.

Do you take probiotics? If not it might
be a good idea to do that and strengthen
the gut bacteria balance, so then
whatever sugar you do eat is handled
simone717 last decade
Hi Simone,
I have started taking probiotics for about a month and a half. They tend to make me really gassy though which is super fun at parties ;) LOL
So I take less than the recommended dosage. It might just be the kind I have, but it has a bunch of strains so I figured it would be better than straight up acidophilus.

Anyway, what do you mean it fixes itself? Like when it ends up resolving on its own? I don't know how my gut bacteria could fix itself, but I am sure I have a problem with it and have for probably as long as I could remember. I am just hoping that homeopathy can help me with that, because I am sure that is where most of my fatigue comes from, and my mood issues which thank God do not seem as bad as they used to be!
allicando last decade
Hi Allicando,

First there are a lot of types of probiotics
as I am sure you are aware. Reva V likes this
Garden of Life one? I think that is the name-something about it being the cadillac of probiotics.
Different ones react different with different people.
I had one probiotic that did not feel too good
and then got another one that worked better.
Try another one or the Garden of Life one, if I have
it wrong I will look it up on her posts.

What I meant was - fixes itself? that the amount
of right bacteria maybe close but not quite there-especially if it makes you have gas and
might not be the right one you need.
so it is like a weak army that keeps getting
enough reinforcements to beat the enemy back
but not win the war.
simone717 last decade
Actually David said take it 3 x a day
if this is going on. And the second
probiotic I got made my stomach
and everything feel very good. Not
bad like the first one. so you have to
simone717 last decade
That does look like a good one. The one I use is a lot cheaper and doesn't have as many things in it. Thanks for the recommendation, I will see if I can find it at the local vitamin shop! :)
allicando last decade
Let me know if you like it and it does
something. :-)
simone717 last decade
I am sitting in my room on the computer a lot today. I feel really tired and annoyed by my son's nonstop constant noises and sound effects. I don't know if I am aggravating or not. I don't feel as bad as I usually do when I am. I just don't feel like doing anything and I wish my son would be quiet for 5 seconds...
[message edited by allicando on Sat, 07 Apr 2012 22:38:08 BST]
allicando last decade
Not feeling any different...
allicando2 last decade
Ok repeat the remedy, but this time only use 1/2 cup of water, just the single cup.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Just one 1/2 cup instead of the two full cups?

I am having a lot of soreness in my right hip. Everytime I do certain exercises it has made a popping sound since my son was born. It is kind of sore right now and I don't know why.
allicando2 last decade

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