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New thread about my son for brisbanehomeopath

I hope you are able to help me if I start a new thread. Right now he is on Agaricus 200 and we haven't seen any improvement since the first dose (and even then it was minimal). I feel like he has not gotten significantly better since we started homeopathy a year ago.

Children's Questions:

1. What occured to the mother during pregnancy - new symptoms, illnesses, medical treatments, emotional stresses.

I have had a history of anxiety and depression and was on 80mg of Prozac during my first trimester with him, before I knew I was pregnant. My OB told me to stop it immediately and I did, which probably created withdrawal symptoms in me and more stress. Stopped around 11 weeks gestation. I think it probably had a negative effect on his nervous system. I was somewhat anxious about becoming a mother and felt a lack of 'maternal instinct' due to conflicts with my own mother growing up. I felt anxious and nervous. I also felt nervous that my husband would not step up to the plate as a dad. I argued a lot with my husband during that time due to stress in work and within our marriage and worries about the pregnancy, also financial difficulties. I had no family in the area and not much of a support system. I was lonely. After a blood test, I was told my baby had a high chance of having Down's Syndrome and I wanted to find our for sure (although we would have kept him either way). An ultrasound and amniocentesis proved he did not. I ended up having 4 ultrasounds in total with him. Our brother in law ended up moving into our very cramped house for about a month, which added a lot of stress because he stayed in the room that was to be my son's nursery and I wanted to get it set up and couldn't, didn't know when he would move. I am a very introverted person and was already stressed and emotional with no one to talk to about it, so I felt very on edge and my husband and I fought a lot at this time. In the last trimester, I had significant back pain which was making me feel very weak and light-headed. I was also stressed about the fact that my son was breech for longer that was ideal. I went to a chiropractor who helped my back pain and used the Webster method after which he turned on his own, but I'm not sure if it was all the way or not, because I had to stop going when our car broke down and we were in even deeper financial trouble. I still needed to have more sessions, and this may have led to the difficult labor I had, as he was not fully pushing on my cervix to dilate it. There was a woman at work who sometimes reminded me of my mom and who I got a bad feeling from who would comment on my growing size during the pregnancy and this would make me feel very vulnerable and upset.

2. What problems occured during the birth?

I had a very long labor (32 hours) with a lot of back pain. The contractions were a distraction from the constant pain in my back. I felt guilty that it was taking so long, like I was wasting everybody's time (my husband's, doula's) No epidural or other interventions or drugs used during labor. Doula and OB worked with me for a while to get him to position properly to help my dilation. He was born at 41 weeks and received a 9.9 out of 10 on the APGAR score. I refused all vaccinations.

3. What was happening in the mother's life around the time of conception?

I was working a job I didn't much care for and viewed the pregnancy as sort of a “way out”. It wasn't planned and he was conceived on a company trip, other wise my husband and I rarely had sex. There was some stress at work, and our marriage relationship was somewhat distant. We seemed like simply roommates a lot of times, but there was a fair amount of arguing too. I felt lonely in my marriage. My son is an only child. We were not opposed to kids, but he was not planned at the time and we were both totally unprepared.

4. What illnesses did both parents have for the 5 years or so preceding conception?

About 5 years prior to becoming pregnant, I went through a period of anorexia, and then bulimia, during which I was in a hospital treatment program twice and recovered fully (after a few years). I had been taking many diet pills during that time. I also had tested as having borderline low thyroid functioning, and have had varying degrees of depression and/or anxiety for the majority of my life. I don't believe my husband went through much illness during that time but probably has a mild form of Asperger's.

5. Describe the following features of the child

a) Body type and build

Slim - medium body build, was a huge baby, but leveled off, has grown taller and thinner since homeopathy. Used to have tendency for putting on weight with fatty foods but now seems normal for his age.

b) Skin colour and texture

Moderately fair skin (not extremely pale), texture is bumpy on the upper arms, and sometimes the cheeks.

c) Areas of the body tends to perspire on

Perspires around the hairline, groin and buttocks area, back of knees. Doesn't sweat very much though. Not a lot of sweat, mucus, never drooled as a baby...very little bodily fluids.

d) Odour of sweat, body, stool, flatus, urine

No unusual sweat or body odor, stool and flatus can be sulfurous-smelling at times. Never noticed urine to have a smell.

e) Colour of stool, urine, sweat

Stool is brown or orange-ish brown, or dark brown when constipated. Urine ranges from dark yellow to almost clear, but is usually light yellow. Sweat is clear and doesn't seem unusual.

6. Give any reactions to vaccines or medical drugs.

No vaccinations were ever given, only reaction he has ever had was to Benadryl. When it was given once, it made him more hyper.

He would not sleep much beginning in the hospital and was very hard to console. Hooked around the room and nurses continually remarked that he seemed extremely alert. He had mild jaundice which resolved in a few days without intervention. He had great feeding difficulties after birth (extreme impatience, not latching on, fussing and screaming) and even after visiting 6 lactation consultants I was unable to successfully breastfeed which devastated me. I tried pumping for bottle feeding, but he screamed much more after bottles of breastmilk. Seemed very sensitive to most kinds of formula and had a tendency to become constipated.

He was an extremely fussy baby who had a great deal of trouble sleeping from birth (needed to be rocked in excess of 2 hours to sleep for 20 minute increments), and still has a lot of trouble falling asleep and frequent waking. (This has resolved a lot - now it usually takes him 5-10 minutes at night). He has a lot of night terrors as well, when he has trouble breathing from a cold they happen many times a night. He spent most of the time screaming, crying, and fussing - I could never accurately predict about what. I had very little sleep and a lot of resentment toward him sad to say, although I tried to keep it together and do the best I could for him and didn't want him to 'feel' it. He seemed to 'need' to be held close and rocked/jiggled constantly, but would initially arch away and fight it until he was jiggled for long enough. He was a very physically healthy baby and toddler, received no vaccinations, and has had one ear infection after a cold last winter (at almost 4). It kept recurring and he did have antibiotics with probiotics (his first antibiotics, and first 'medicine' in general aside from over the counter pain relievers). He met baby milestones such as babbling, rolling over, and crawling early, but was very cautious for any physical activity where he had to be standing or off the ground (such as swings, etc.). Also, not a lot of eye contact and minimal social response. Would cry and scream inconsolably if left with anyone other than Mommy and often cried when strangers would try to talk to him. Put things in his mouth till after 4 years old...still does occasionally (shirt collars absent-mindedly, etc.).

He suffered from a great deal of separation anxiety which seems to dwindled a lot. Argumentative and gets upset if he doesn't understand something or is frustrated with a difficult task. Gets angry when others do not play as he wishes and wants to control the situation. Acts shy and ignores others when they say hello to him and often frowns and then looks away. Used to say 'Do not talk to me'. Often seems like he does not know what to do with himself, has trouble starting play or other activities, and will wander around aimlessly, whine a lot, or run around in circles shrieking and laughing. Also jumps around a lot and has trouble staying still. Afraid of many sensory activities: very cautious on playground equipment and hates hair washing and teeth brushing (although these have gotten better). Says wearing coats and sweatshirts make him tired and hates wearing socks. Is very intelligent and can read well (self-taught). Physically clumsy and walks mostly on tip toes. Very verbal, but not always on topic, may not respond in a conversational manner and it is impossible for him to talk on the phone (has no idea what to say). Speech is choppy and words are put together in a strange manner. Sometimes gets hung up on what he feels is incorrect word usage from others. Used to have a great deal of echolalia until we took him off of dairy two years ago and it began to resolve.

Can be very impatient and has great difficulty waiting. Seems impossible for him to wait his turn in speaking, he feels compelled to interrupt even though he knows he is not supposed to, for fears of 'losing his thoughts.' Some difficulty modulating voice. Hard time with short-term memory or retrieval, cannot tell me what he did at school when I pick him up. He talks nonsense and makes lots of noises when he is bored, acting silly, or doesn't know what to do with himself. Always wants to 'show you something' or 'surprise you'. Gets mad if you see him doing something because he wants everything to be a surprise.
He has not been sick often except for colds and an ongoing ear infection last winter. He regresses and gets very whiny an fussy and doesn't sleep much when he is sick. He has a tendency to become constipated, and may not go for up to a week at a time unless I make him eat prunes. He has had a slightly enlarged nodule on the right side of his neck since infancy which the pediatricians have always said was 'normal' because it does not hurt him and it moves around. He has a patch of white hair on the left side of the back of his head, near the nape of the neck.

He has a low threshold for frustration - will sometimes yell and scream at his shoes, pants, blocks, anything that is not cooperating with him. Seems to have a failed sense of competence, always says he 'can't' do things or asks for help on things and then lets others do them for him.

He has extreme reactions to minor pain, such as falling down, and will demand a 'kiss' for every tiny bump. Very reactionary to pain and minor upsets. (this has improved somewhat)
Has trouble remembering people's names. Has trouble recognizing people's faces and has told me that kids all look the same. (this has improved somewhat).

He breathes heavy and sounds congested when concentrating. Restless in general, very hyperactive and trouble staying still, except when watching a movie or reading a book. Cannot stay still at the table when eating, takes a bite then runs around. Restless sleep, tossing and turning, night terrors at sporadic times. May happen many times per night and be unpredictable. Worse when overtired, stressed, or in a hot room. Sleep and mood/activity level are also affected by the full moon and seasonal changes.

For much of his life, his dad was stressed with work, and or out of work and trying to start businesses. He was around, but worked 12-16 hour days and was and not 'present' for him. His dad works long hours from home (in a common area of the home which is difficult) and has a hard time being interrupted or breaking away to spend time with him. There has been a lot of transition in his life. He was born in an old house and we lived there until my husband lost his job and we couldn't afford to do so anymore, a few months before he turned 3. We moved in with a friend of mine temporarily, who one day kicked us out with no warning and has not spoken to us since. We moved in with another guy my husband knew and lived there in one room for 5 months. Although we never asked anyone for help (any help we received was offered to us), our financial status resulted in some friends dropping us. Almost two years ago we came to live with my mother across the country from where we were living, in the house where I grew up and that is where we are currently. He is very close to my mom, but it is a difficult situation for my husband and I to be in as we try to work our way out of it. Very humbling and forcing me to reexamine how we got to where we are and how to change that in the future.

My son has a lot of difficulty reading social cues. He is very literal in his thinking, and has trouble understanding that others may have a different point of view and frustrated with others when they don't understand what he is saying. He has some difficulty with transitions, especially when not warned first. He is difficult to 'get through to', and often must be asked to do things many times before he complies (this has gotten better). Forgets simple instructions constantly, but can remember inconsequential things from years past. Direct eye contact is minimal unless it is on his terms, and social rituals like greetings and goodbyes must always be prompted many times. He has likes to control situations. He is awkward in his motor skills and not very self-motivated. He will give up trying easily. Always chattering, asking many questions, and likes to talk about numbers and trains, but often won't answer direct questions if he is in the middle of a thought or if it is not something he wants to talk about. His paternal grandfather shows many signs of Asperger's, and his dad has many of the symptoms, although to a lesser degree than his grandfather. Many of the relatives on his dad's side of the family have very high IQ's but difficulty with social interaction. I have suffered on and off from depression and anxiety, and my father had both as well (he passed away in a car accident when I was 14). I most definitely suffer from seasonal affective disorder. Although my mother is not directly affected, her sister, my aunt, suffers from a lot of anxiety and there is depression and anxiety with my aunt and uncle on my father's side, as well as mental instability of some form with my paternal grandmother.
  allicando on 2012-03-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
He will start to cry if given something he doesn't want, ex: if I cut his sandwich the 'wrong' way, he will tear up and start to cry. If he is reprimanded for something he didn't feel was wrong, or reprimanded too harshly, he will start sobbing hysterically and run and hide somewhere. He has lately needed a lot of 'space' from others and been doing a lot of parallel instead of cooperative play. He often wants to find a quiet room alone to hand out in when he is overwhelmed with too many people around, a sort of 'safe spot'. He usually wants to be left alone when in this state, and gets cross if you try to talk to him.
allicando last decade
Ok this is good - everything in one place and clearly written. I will read through it again.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thank you David! I meant to add that he has been prescribed Saccharum, Apis, Phosphorus, Calc Phos, Cuprum, and now Agaricus.

He has been waking up at night for the past week and not going back to sleep for hours (staying in bed though). Very tired during the day and wanting to guard his space when around other kids, not wanting to play with them, but retreating and lashing out if they get too close. Got angry and threw a big tantrum, hitting his dad and being aggressive when he wanted attention and wasn't getting it (this is very unusual, he has never hit one of us in anger before). Bit another child's finger a week ago for no discernable reason (he wasn't mad or feeling threatened), and had a hysterical sobbing meltdown when he realized his teacher was disappointed in him. Went and hid under a piano and sobbed hysterically.
allicando last decade
Hmmm...looking over this again, it looks alot like Carcinosinum.

One of the key features of that remedy is a very strong sensitivity to reprimand. In fact that has often decided me on the remedy in many cases.

Weeping from admonition is a characteristic of this remedy.

These children are worse for being contradicted, are obstinate. They are often described as backward, problem children with mental deficiencies (which is not a nice way to put that lol).

Other words used for their mental state are Remoteness, Fogginess.

They are restless children, very restless, with a tendency to destroy things. They are disobedient, refuse parental control, refuse to accept authority. Paradoxically they are so sensitive to reprimand they will break down.

The other remedy that I might consider is Baryta carb - one of the keynotes of this remedy is their tendency to regress every time they get a cold. I will have to check the proving to see how well covered the restlessness is.

I think first I would try Carc 200c, then we can consider moving to Baryta-c 200c.

Interestingly Cuprum and Carc have many similarities. So much so that Dr. Tinus Smits created a new remedy called Cuprum-carcinson by combining the two substances. He felt they were complimentary to each other.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Very interesting. I never noticed the weeping from reprimand to be a pronounced symptom until recently (since Agaricus really) so could it be from that? It does not happen with every reprimand, just when he really feels we are disappointed and he has done badly. Almost like when he knows he shouldnt have done something but felt compelled to do it. At other times yelling does not seem to affect him.

I don't think he is backward...lol..he is extremely smart but can be spacey. Maybe it comes across that way.

He is careless but does not have a tendency to destroy things and is usually not aggressive, just argumentative. We have been having him sit in a time out spot when he has broken a rule and he always goes there when asked without me having to force him, so he does no resist it and stays there for the duration and changes his behavior immediately afterward. We just have to be consistent and this seems to work better because we are calm when we do it, so he is calm and accepting of it. Do you still think this sounds like Carc? If so I will order it!
allicando last decade
He hits his parents when angry, lashes out at other children. This is the destructive tendency.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I meant he verbally lashes out at them, frowning and saying 'Leave me alone'. He has never physically hit another child and never before or since the one incident hit one of us. It was really shocking when it happened because it has never happened any other time in his life.
allicando last decade
Where do you think she should
order it from - if you decide on that?

I have the tinus smits books and I
was struck by how he said he was
getting results with carc that were
different than other homeopaths.
and then talked about how all
these carc remedies are not made
the same way- his had more stuff
in it.
simone717 last decade
Carcinosin is about lack of control, or loss of control. The can contain their temper for so long, then it bursts out. The whole case revolves around control - excessive self-control, loss of self-control, sensitivity to being controlled by others, desire to control others. Order and chaos are the other two themes. You will see two extremes here - one is the well behaved child who does everything by the book, never opposes his parents, crosses every T and dots every I. They seem to be the perfect child, and indeed their desire for order and perfection seems pleasing (although it creates huge stress, and therefore disease, for them).

The other extreme is the chaotic child with little control, who is messy and out of control. They seem unable to do things in order and find structure difficult. Chaos is a good word for them.

The violence isn't really isn't the important part of this case, it is just a confirming feature. It may or may not develop further, but it is worrying. The important part is the sensitivity to reprimand, for which Carc is the main remedy.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Yes, where should I get it since I can't order it from this site?
allicando last decade
Well I get everything from Helios in London, Ainsworths in Scotland, or Simillimum Pharmacy in New Zealand. It is a commonly prescribed remedy are there any local homoeopaths or pharmacies you could try?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
The pharmacies around here (none are local) don't carry it, and homeopaths won't sell you a remedy unless you are working with them. I heard Hahnnemann labs (in the U.S.) used to carry it, but I don't see it on their site, or the sites of the other pharmacies you listed. Do you think I need to call them for it? I'm not sure if there are restrictions on selling it here, but I wouldn't be surprised.
allicando last decade
Call them or email them. They most likely have had to remove the nosodes from their lists for legal reasons. I had this same trouble trying to get hold of the Aids nosode. They will likely sell it under another name.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Ok thanks - I will let you know what I find out! And wow, I never knew there was an aids nosode!
allicando last decade
you can order from Remedia
Homeopathy in Europe-it is where
you get tinus smits remedies
-250 year old homeopathic pharmacy-

They get to you the same time frame
as ordering from Helios. When you click
on letter C for remedies it won't show
up but if you put carcinosin in the search
box it will show up-they have 200c
and that is the carcinosin that
Tinus smits was using.
simone717 last decade
Thanks so much Simone!! When I look it up there are several kinds, I'm not sure which one to pick...
allicando last decade
I will look at it again for you- but I
know it looks like different kinds
but I think the deal is that nosode
is made up of all those things-
which is why tinus smits said
he had better results with it- bc
the other nosodes have perhaps
just one kind in it. Looking it up will
post again -
simone717 last decade
Hi-you can see they are very detailed
about this nosode.

Ask David to look at what they have
and which one to order and if
it should be liquid or pellets
and how many grams?
simone717 last decade
The proving was done on the remedy made from a breast tumor. There are other remedies made from different c-ancers, and even one that is made from many c-ancers mixed together. I have many of these remedies but have found the original one to be all I have needed.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi - if you look at Helios-
they have the many individual ones,
then they have just plain
Carsinosin ???
and then have carsinosinium??
which says it is Tinus smits version??

It looks easier to order off Helios-
which one do you want her to order?-
and what size globules ?
simone717 last decade
The one made from breast tissue is the one I have had the success with and the one I know best. I do not know what the difference is with the others.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi well I guess- I would order
the regular Carcinosin from Helios-

and get 4 grams ( which is the minimum
and the size 6 pills-

it is cheaper than Remedia.

the Remedia you can click on mamma
carcinosin and get 10 grams bc
they only offer 1 gram as the other size
and I think one gram is 1/4 of a teaspoon
and that might be too little.

so I would go with the Helios.

simone717 last decade
Thanks Simone - David, how would I go about antidoting a remedy I have given him 4 days ago? It was the last time I gave Agaricus and it is clear this is making him worse. His teachers have said for the last two weeks he has been tired, unmotivated, grumpy, moody, not wanting to talk to anyone, and refusing to cooperate. He has lost gross and fine motor skills and can no longer hold a pencil properly. He has begin waking in the middle of the night and staying up till morning. Crying about trifles all day. Very alternating mood. Today after being reprimanded he said he 'wished he had never been made'. :( This remedy is clearly harming harm. How do I stop it??
allicando last decade
Hi try black tea- and maybe ceylon
black tea. seemerrilynhope.com/
also titled under homeopathy medicine
can help eyesight.

She was taking Agaricus for eye problem-
it was helping her but then she kept
taking it and was proving it and becoming
very sad and restless. She tried some black ceylon
tea and antidoted it with a few sips of tea. Not going
to hurt to try this.

David always says you can't antidote, the new
remedy has to have the old symptoms in it of
the old wrong remedy. I find this not to be true.
Especially if you are sensitive, I have gotten
massages that cleared the remedy out of me
and my kids within a couple hours (spine massages)
I have also know people who have gone to a
master herbalist and cleared out remedies that way.

If you go on healinghomeopathy.com and click
on the patient section they have an entire list
of what some homeopaths say will antidote
remedies. Strong massage is in there-and that
is what I have used. Try the tea.
simone717 last decade
Hi David - wondering if I should still give him the Carsinosinum when it arrives as you mentioned you were still considering his case in my other thread. If you are not sure I will hold off until you decide.
allicando last decade

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