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bumping this
allicando2 last decade
Do you still think he would benefit more from carc? If so, how should I dose?? Any differently since it is a nosode??
allicando2 last decade
Give him a dose of the Carc. There are no special rules for nosodes.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Dosed him about 3 hours ago. No changes yet. Still loud, noisy, hyper, not listening, etc. :/
allicando2 last decade
He just had a big night terror. Hasn't had one like that in a while. Was rocking back and forth crying and yelling, 'No, I don't want to, I can't, can you do it?' Stuff like that.
allicando2 last decade
Super loud today, yelling a lot in place of speaking. Not trying to yell, just talking very VERY loud.

Just had a total grumpy crying meltdown when he was told he could not have something he wanted.
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allicando2 last decade
Aggravation is occurring. This should be a positive sign.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I hope so because he is really crazy hyper!! He has aggravated with every remedy he has ever been on though, so it really doesn't tell me much, just serves to aggravate me!

I can't even be around him when he is like this, I just go in my room and shut the door. It is beyond irritating.
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allicando2 last decade
He just had another smaller night terror tonight...he was yelling/saying, 'It's hard...'

The one two nights ago he was saying stuff like, 'I can't do it' etc. Lol
allicando2 last decade
He is complaining about the bottom of his foot hurting and had to lie down because of it. This just happened when he was sitting down, not using it. I wonder if this is remedy related? It's never happened before.

Haven't seen any good things from Carsinosinum yet. He refuses to walk on it and just cries when it touches the ground.

You said to stop the Saccharum because of the occassional muscle cramps, which meant it could not be correct, and to try Carc. With this happening it must be the wrong one as well, no?
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allicando2 last decade

[message deleted by allicando2 on Tue, 01 May 2012 22:47:12 BST]
allicando2 last decade
It has only been 4 days. He is right at the peak time now for aggravation, which is typically 3-5 days. On top of that, he tends to overreact to remedies anyway. If this reaction is part of the curative one this time, then this would be quite normal.

If he is getting the same symptom on a completely different remedy, then it is his symptom not the remedy's. You will often see this, patients produce the same aggravation on different remedies, showing that each remedy is merely provoking a problem that already exists in the patient (a weak spot).

Obviously considering the problem you already have with his behaviour, an aggravation of this will be even more difficult for you to handle. But there is no help for it, this is how cure happens. All the parents of my ADHD kids go through the same thing.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I just never saw that muscle ache (whatever it is) symptom before saccharum so thought it was a proving of that...until now...It seems weird that he could have that underneath and never come out.

And I really do pray that you are right...this is so difficult to deal with. Why do he and I overreact and aggrevate on everything?? I am very undersensitive to allopathic medication, btw, so this is a huge suprise. He is definitely acting ADHD for sure. And very hard to get through too. And getting argumentative and upset about stupid things. And not listening and hearing and understanding. And laughing and giggling like crazy, just acting like a nut.
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allicando2 last decade
Actually I have seen it lots of times - remedies can reveal future problems. Dr. Kent talked about it in his Lectures on Philosophy, and I have heard other homoeopaths mention it in seminars. I have seen it happen in patients *especially* on the nosodes but any remedy I think that suits miasmatically. Those weak spots can come up under any kind of stress, which really is exactly what a remedy is - a targeted stressor on the specific weakness of the patient.

Nobody can answer why you are sensitive or why he is. Some things just are, like our characters or our favorite hobbies. It is part of the whole disease state, just like being angry or being affected by rainy weather is.

However what I do hear is that you are still suffering way too much. I am going to pop over to your other thread and have another look at it.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Well I would except that it appears to be gone! What has happened to it? It might be one of the weird site bugs I encounter sometimes.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I will bump it up for you.

I had no idea that a remedy could reveal future problems...then how would you know it was that and not a proving or a side effect telling you the remedy is not correct?? By that same logic the cramps that came with the Saccharum could also be that. I am not doubting that you have seen it, I am struggling to understand how in the world you would make that determination as it seems you could play it either way.
allicando2 last decade
He is doing better today...especially this afternoon evening...:)...
allicando2 last decade
In a way it doesn't matter too much what it is. Either the remedy will cure the weakness, or if it is a proving symptom it will vanish on its own. Side effects, or proving symptoms, do not mean the remedy is not correct. The correct remedy can do this, usually when the potency is too high or the dosage too frequent or too strong.

Proving symptoms typically happen in the weak spots of any person taking the remedy. This is why the location of the symptom is not very important for prescribing, whereas the modalities and characteristics of the symptom are. This weak spot may have been unknown to the person before taking the remedy. So when a remedy identifies this weak spot, it doesn't matter why. It only matters that it does.

I distinctly remember a case I saw a few years ago. A woman I was treating had done very well on Tuberculinum, and then Baryta carb. However after the second dose of Bar-c she represented with a strange kind of dropsy with frequent urination. This was the exact symptom her grandmother had later in her life, and other family members had suffered from it as well. The remedy Badagia cured this symptom and she remained well for many years before I lost contact with her.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
A couple days ago we were out all day walking around and he did wonderfully, was so responsive and not complaining, etc. Later he had a little bit of dairy in something which is the first in a few years and since has been more inward and spacey and not as responsive, little more touchy, cried more from pain. I hope this will resolve without needing to redose him again. And will he ever be able to tolerate dairy? (Not that its the best thing for you but I would love for him to have kid experiences like eating an ice cream cone eventually. He has never even tasted ice cream. Also every since a few days after the remedy until yesterday, he would complain about being itchy, the itch would just jump from one spot to another (I kind of know what he's talking about), and worse when outside. No rash or anything, and no particular place, just when he would itch one area the itch would move to another one. It was very noticeable the other day when we walked around outside for a while.
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allicando2 last decade
He has been having nightmares for the last couple nights. Not night terrors where he doesn't remember, but nightmares where he wakes up and calls for me. Last night he woke up screaming at 5:00am for me to come into his bed with him. When I tried to get the dream out of him he said it was something about sheep and too hard to explain, ha. He also is not eating sauce on his pasta anymore. He used to be this way until I would say the age of 3.5, he hated the sauce. But after that he was fine with it and now he doesn't like it anymore. His behavior and connectedness have definitely been off since Saturday. I hope it will go back up again, because we had a great day and then that happened.

He must be learning a lot about different animals lately, whether at school or reading on his own because he keeps telling me all kinds of facts about different animals that I didn't even know. And he still does this robot things (he didn't do it for a few days until the dairy incident though and then it came back) where he will walk around swinging his arms very rigidly and making robot noises. He thinks this is hysterical.
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allicando2 last decade
Old symptom returning could be a good sign. Is this sleep problem an old one too?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I know he has had nightmares before, but I don't really remember them happening too much, really. He used to want us to sleep with him though.

Also the last couple nights he has been scared to go upstairs (to get ready for bed) without us. He will tear up and want us to come, and get scared of noises, etc. (It's not like he's watched anything lately that could be causing this).
allicando2 last decade
Today he had a full blown panic attack about some noises he heard in the basement when he was down there by himself. He used to do this when, for example, his sound machine would turn off and back on at night during a power surge, but I haven't seen this for arout six months at least.

He is not being noisy just to make noise anymore, but very talkative. He is always talking to me about something or other.

He just had another meltdown about his fan being on while he was sleeping, he was crying and hyper ventilating about it. He used to do this stuff all the time. I don't know if its the remedy or the casein he had 4 days ago that is still affecting him, but he's definitely been different since that day.
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allicando2 last decade
It is probably appropriate to start doing an assessment. Can you list whatever has changed since Carc?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
He is less hyperactive (though it is still there)
More connected
Less fussy, grumpy, complaining
Seems more coordinated (is learning to dribble a ball which he could never do before)
Eye contact seems more normal (although still on his terms)
Able to play independently for a bit longer.
Less constipated, goes almost every day.

Has been having sporadic night terrors again and a few nightmares where he wants us to sleep in his bed. Also, a few meltdowns which are reminiscent of the ones he used to have all the time, but hasn't for a while.

Also acting very shy when I am talking to people and they talk to him, he will grab my leg and hide behind it. Is afraid to climb much at the playground (this has been forever).
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allicando2 last decade
allicando2 last decade

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