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Son with Autism


Thank you for taking time to read this.
My son is 6.5. He developed normally until about 9 months when he got very congested. He then stopped babbling and slowly stopped smiling as much and looking as much. He didn't talk until he got therapy. Said his first word at 2. By 2.5 he was able to label everything but even now does not really converse. I can ask him yes/no questions or questions with choices & he will respond. He recites things from his books & TV shows all day. He is very smart & can apply exact phrases to appropriate situations. He has incredible memory & remembers everything. He does not understand social rules at all. He will be outside & start yelling out something from a TV show. He loves to hug & sometimes will go & hug strangers. He will knock people down in his way. He aimlessly wanders around a lot, throwing things in his path but does not do it maliciously - just carelessly. He gets upset normally, affectionate with his parents & teachers. Loves to learn, loves books, schedules. He chews a lot of everything - his bed which is wood, his shirt, his straws.. he will put things like playdough or stickers or books in his mouth & start chewing them. He flaps his hands a lot when he is excited but also when he is in transition to something else (like when he is about to pee). He also jumps a lot while he is flapping. He does not play with other children & is happy to play by himself. He does play with toys appropriately. Will play with adults as well. He avoids any unfamiliar foods and overall does not like to eat anything mushy (no mashed potatoes or soups). He loves pretzels, chips, crunchy raw vegetables, bananas & cake.
He is not aggressive, does not hit or bite. Tantrums are minor & he recovers quickly from them. He occasionally has tics where his eyes roll & his hands jerk & his face distorts - he makes grimaces and also he sometimes starts scratching his sides almost like a monkey. He was vaccinated until age 2 when we got his diagnosis and then I stopped. His abdomen seems bloated. We were seeing a DAN for awhile (2 years) but we didn't see huge gains so we stopped. When we stopped giving him Nystatin that the Dr had prescribed we noticed increase in hand flapping, itching of skin, and lots of giggling so we started giving gim Olive Leaf extract which has antifungal properties like Nystatin. When he was on Nystatin & when he is on OLE his poops are constant - he poops all day making it very hard on us. He is not yet potty trained. He can go in toilet, but he never tells us he has to go.
We started seeing a Homeopath 2 months ago but wanted advice here as well. first time we tried Carc 30. we saw increase in conversation, then he got sick for a week with high fever & then after he just went back to normal - no more increase in conversation. We next tried Opium and this made him very whiny, lethargic & constipated. He then threw up a couple of days and then nothing. This time we got Verat 30. We have not tried it yet because my son has a cough & cold so I wanted to wait until he was better. Each time we get small pills which my son won't take so I crush it & then when he is sleeping I stick my finger in powder & put in his mouth. we are always prescribed 2 doses as trial.

He has always had a large head. One time when he was 3 he got very sick - he threw up daily & had watery very foul smelling diarrhea for months until we admitted him to hospital. During this time he lost a lot of weight & this was the only time his head size seemed to shrink as well & looked proportionate. At hospital they had him of food & liquid for 24 hours & only gave him IV for liquids & this cured him.

OK that's all I can think of for now!

Thank you for any help.
  morgain13 on 2012-04-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Autism is a difficult condition to treat. It can take a long time to see cure. I am not sure how well treatment of such children works on a forum like this, since so much information is gathered from observing them.

I can try to help you out, understanding that limitation. We need a complete picture of his health though. You have given some good information, but if you can go through this intake form and see what else you can give that may be useful.

1. Describe in detail the main problem - appearance, colour, shape, symptoms, behaviour etc. What happens, when it happens etc.

2. Describe any pains or behaviours associated with the symptoms.

3. Describe anything that makes the problem worse ie. position, temperature, food etc.

4. Describe anything that makes the problem better ie. pain is better for cold bathing or at night in bed.

5. Go through each symptom or problem he/she has, doing the same thing (answering questions 1-4), even if the problem does not seem connected to any others.

6. When did each problem start? What happened around that same time?

7. What is his/her character like? What kinds of fears or anxieties does he/she have? What makes him/her irritable? Flesh out his/her personality.

8. What foods does he/she crave or hate? What drinks does he/she crave or hate? Is he/she sensitive to anything he/she eats or drinks?

9. How does the weather or season affect him/her?

10. How have all his/her milestones gone? Does he/she have any issue with speaking, learning, walking, climbing etc

11. How is he/she with socializing with others?

12. What is his/her bowel habit like? Any problems? Any odours, strange colours or stool shapes?

13. Where does he/she sweat? Does it have a smell or does it stain a particular colour?

14. History of illnesses in his/her life?

15. Has he/she reacted to any vaccines or medical drugs?

16. Problems with sleep? Position he/she sleeps in? Nightmares or any dreams he/she talks about?

17. How is he/she with animals?

18. How is he/she with adults or strangers?

19. What is the family history of illness and disease?

20. What was the pregnancy like? Any odd symptoms or feelings that disappeared once he/she was born?

21. Describe all movements, gestures, expressions, noises he makes very carefully.

David Kempson
Professional Classical Homoeopath
Registered ATMS 5141
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I'm not really use what you're looking for with questions 1-5. I have already described his autistic characteristics.. can you elaborate more?

6. At the time I did not notice until he was 1 years old that he wasn't talking yet when other kids were but since we were speaking 2 languages in house I still put it off until about 15 months. Looking back I think I started to see decline around 9 months when he got congested and was on decongestant for months - he stopped babbling around then but we just attributed it to him being congested
7. He is mostly easy going. He might put up a little fight when he doesn't want to stop doing what he is doing (like if I try to get him to go potty while he watching a TV show - he will get whiny & say no potty its not time for potty its time for TV) & resist moving but this never lasts long enough to be an issue. He has no fears other than he hates this one clip on in demand channel of sponge bob (but sponge bob himself does not scare him) - when he sees it, he runs & hides. He is not scared of normal child fears like dark, monsters...I don't really notice any anxiety.
8. He craves pretzels (gluten free), chips, bananas, bread (gluten free). He also will always eat cheese if he somehow finds it but he is casein free so we don't give him. He avoids unfamiliar foods, avoids soups, avoids mashed potatoes, puddings, apple sauce, ice creams. He will not drink warm liquids.

9. I don't really notice change of weather affecting him. He loves being outside in any temperature. cold does not seem to affect him at all. He does get hot/sweaty often but he doesn't avoid being outside when it's hot.

10. He started babbling at 5 months. Crawling at 10 months. Cruising at 11 months. Walking 15 months. He did not talk until he was 2 after AVB (applied verbal behavior) therapy. He used to smile and play peekaboo all the time as a baby. He did not respond to his name until after therapy. He started climbing around age 2. was clumsy at first but he got physical therapy and now he is not clumsy at all.

11. He does not socalize with children. He is very attached to me (his mother) and always smiles, kisses and hugs me. He also reposnds to me better than anyone else. So if Dr asks him question, he might ignore them, but then if I repeat question he will answer. He does like his teachers & therapists. He likes his father and our other relatives and will hug & kiss them when asked. He answers questions but doe snot converse.

12. He poops A LOT. His bowels are mostly smushy but not loose. they are usually normal color/odor. Since he has been Gluten Free Casein Free (except for his occasional cheats) for 3 years its hard to know what his bowels would be like on normal diet. He also takes supplements such as Cod Liver Oil, DMG, Vit D, Probiotic, Biotin, Olive Leaf Extract, B Complex. I noticed when he is not on Olive Leaf Extract or any antifungal (he used to be on Nystatin) his poops are less frequent but then he is giddier so that's why he is always on antifungal. There was one time before he went Gluten/casein free where he started having very watery diarrhea and throwing up episodes everyday - It was like this for months - he lost a lot of weight and doctors (allopath) ran all kinds of tests (no parasites were found and catscan was normal). He was eventually hospitalized for 24 hours and only given IV (no food/water) - this cured him and he was normal since. A few months after that we went Gluten free/casein free. He does not tell us when he needs to go potty except for first thing in morning & right before bed. during day he does not tell us & will go in underwear. He can use toilet appropriately but we have to take him constantly & catch him.

13. He sweats on his nose. No stain/color/odor. He sometimes also sweats on his forehead near hairline

14. I mentioned illness above. Other than that he is almost always congested. He seems to have allergies but I don't give him antihistamines. His previous allopathic Dan Dr had said his IgG levels were high so he was constantly battling allergies of some kind.

15. After His 12 month shots which included MMR & Flu he got a measles like rash and high fever for a few days.

16. Sometime she does not want to go to sleep but this is an exception. Mostly he loves sleep & will happily go to bed. He sleeps through the night and snores lightly. He sleeps mostly on back with hands behind head but occasionally sleeps on side. Never talks about dreams/nightmares.

17. We used to have a dog until this past September. He never paid any attention to him. He did not even seem bothered at all when I told him Hank(our dog) had left (he died). He has though gone over to other dogs he has seen outside & petted them without any prompting from us. Same with cats. He loves animals at the Zoo & he loves any books, movies that have to do with animals - especially farm animals. He also likes dinosaurs. He likes riding horses.

18. He will talk to adults when asked and if they pay attention to him & do what he ants he will love them. He does not have any stranger anxiety. Sometimes he goes up to random strangers and hugs them or takes their hand (adults only).

19. I have asthma. I have allergies. My husband used to have allergies as a child but he does not have issues anymore as adult whereas I take zyrtec & Singulair everyday pus I use my rescue inhaler often. His younger sister has bad excema. My parenst ar emostly healthy other than some aging. My dad had some skin can cer on his lip about 15 years ago that was removed & has never come back. I have several relatives on both my parents side that dies of can cer. My husbands family has some heart issues. His dad had a triple bypass and many relatives on his dads side have died of heart disease. My husbands younger brother also had skin can cer.

20. I have very bad morning sickness with him. I puked all day long for months and lost 10 pounds. Around 16 weeks it finally went away & then I got bad sciatica. No sugar concerns or bed rests though. Labor was very painful. I did not take epidural and then was in excruciating pain during it. Before hand they also told me his oxygen would drop when I stood so I had to lie on my left side for hours. My face completely broke out & broke many capillaries when I delivered him. I had asked for some pain meds & they did put something in my IV at the end but I don't remember what it was nor did it help anyway. He was born with large head - always in the 99th percentile. After when he was a baby about 6 months I developed hypothyroidism. this might have been true for earlier but I did not get tested until he was 6 months. It eventually went back to normal on its own. No odd feelings/symptoms that I can think of.

21. Let me know if you can or can't see these:
http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y188/morgain-13/Baby/tics/ ....
They're old but he does same today.

Thank you very much!
morgain13 last decade
Did not see this mentioned in your
report, excuse me if it is in there-

but has he ever had an MRI of his

simone717 last decade
Simone - no he has never had MRI. He had an EEG done and no seizures were detected and then also a CT Scan on his head and no tumors were seen.

Varun - Can you point me to other people or posts that used your theory of multiple remedies? I am not against the idea but I would like to read more on it first, and also would like to get insight from others that have used it successfully. Have you treated any other autistic children?
morgain13 last decade
I am not sure if CT scan would show
any water on the brain? I guess you could
ask. Had relative with problems like
this, and MRI done for another reason
showed small section of water on the brain that has been there his entire life
causing his problems. Good Luck with
the treatment options.

simone717 last decade
I looked it up & yet a CT Scan would detect it. Thanks for suggestion though.
morgain13 last decade
Glad that is ruled out.

simone717 last decade
Ok I will get to work using the information you have provided.

My advice as a professional would be to not choose the path of the pseudohomoeopaths who use mulitple remedies at once. You will only create more problems for your son.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Dear Brisbaehomeopath
So you would call pseudo-homeopath to Homeopaths using different remedies at once. There is a group in India called Advanced Homeopathic Health centre (http://www.drpbanerji.com/advanced_homeopathy.htm), I have worked with them and they do exactly what you are opposing, they actually combine two remedies in one and use it for specific symptoms, they have created multiple remedies like this, I will not continue working with them, I do not think they are bad but they are remote and I would rather work with somebody I can see so I will go back to my previous homeopath but wanted to get your opinion on this different approach. Thanks,
janecita last decade
I think Brisbane should be careful
calling homepaths Pseudo-

psuedo means fake a sham deceptive

I don't think you call people who have
a homeopathic degree, and practice
a 'pseudo' These are homeopaths
that are not doing 'classical homeopathy'

maybe a pseudo homeopath is someone
with - very little knowledge and no degree and did not do the homeopathic

I have read blogs by USA people
who banerji has cured uncurable
brain tumors. They have their own
approach to homeopathy and say
it upfront.

Bad term to be throwing around -
simone717 last decade
Psuedohomoeopaths do not follow the guidelines in the Organon of Medicine, but have created ways of practicing that break those rules. It is called Psuedohomoeopathy because its practitioners like to use our good name, but do not want to practice it (so it looks like homoeopathy but really isn't).

Pseudo means something that has the appearance of, but is not genuine.

You can be taught Pseudohomoeopathy and get a degree, this doesn't mean you are practicing homoeopathy. You can a degree in genuine homoeopathy and choose to practice pseudohomoeopathy. People make these choices all the time. I don't particularly care what they say they can or can't cure - they are still not homoeopaths. Acupuncturists and kinesiologists and herbalists can cure patients too - that doesn't make them homoeopaths either.

The Banerjis are no longer practicing homoeopathy. What they practice now is something they have created themselves. It is in fact a distortion of their father's system of homoeopathy (which was still close enough to traditional homoeopathy to be recognizable). They have less than a 20% cure rate, which means their system fails 80% of the time. It is not specifically more effective than classical homoeopathy but may have some strengths in certain areas.

The psuedohomoeopaths love to cite the Bannerji system as proof that breaking the rules of homoeopathy is better than following them. However, most of those people do not get anything near the results the Bannerji's do, so it seems to me they are willing to ride on the coat tails of anyone they think will given them some credibility.

You have to understand that there is a limit to how far you can branch out from homoeopathic practice and still be called a homoeopath. Why people still want to be called homoeopaths when their practice has become unrecognizable to us is the real issue. If you tell people you are a homoeopath, they choose to come to you based on the reputation of that medicine, then you engage in something that no longer obeys any of the principles - well it seems to be that is dishonest and simply a way to draw people in when they may not have come to you.

If you don't use the law of similars, you are not practicing homoeopathy, it is that simple. Giving Calc-phos to everyone that has a brain tumor is not using the law of similars. Not individualizing the case is not homoeopathy. It is allopathy, plain and simple. One cannot be an allopath and a homoeopath. These two things are exclusive by definition and in reality. It really needs to be given some other name so that it can be easily distinguised by consumers, who shouldn't be deceived into thinking they are getting one product, when there is a completely different one under the label.
[message edited by brisbanehomoeopath on Sun, 15 Apr 2012 04:46:38 BST]
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
The Banerji- site says upfront
that they are not doing normal
homeopathy, they are using homeopathic
medicines in another way.

Allopathy does not use homeopathic
medicines. Talking the Md's here.

I think the Benerji was clear in saying
this is not regular homeopathy but
our own system -and the term pseudo
is kind of a blanket slur that is insinuating deception - and there is
no deception here!!

I don't know who made pseudo up-
but it certainly puts the air of
a con man on things. Not right.
simone717 last decade
I did not refer to the Bannerji method as Psuedohomoeopathy - I said that they are practicing something else that is not homoeopathy. I said the pseudohomoeopaths like to use their successes to justify their own breaking of the rules, despite the fact they rarely get the same results. I know several 'homoeopaths' here who practice this method, and it is disasterous. I have quite a few patients still with me trying to undo the damage that was done to them. Once those patients understood that in fact they had not been getting homoeopathy in the first place, they sought me out (and the few other classical homoeopaths like me here) to try and sort out the mess. And I can tell you it has been a mess and a half.

There are plenty of allopathic practitioners that use homoeopathic medicines. Plenty of them - far too many actually. I know there are several in my city here. They know next to nothing about homoeopathy, but they give out remedies like Nux-vomica and Ignatia and Carbo-veg etc based on the name of the condition the patient presents with. It is quite possible to use our medicines allopathically. Allopathic means to prescribe a medicine on the basis of something other than the law of similars. Allopathy means 'other suffering'. There are many people on the internet using our medicines allopathically.

Just because you use a potentized medicine, does not make you a homoeopath, and it certainly doesn't mean you know how to use it properly.

Hahnemann coined the term pseudohomoeopath way back at the beginning. Unfortunately the problems he saw starting then, have only grown into huge ones now. You think I am cutting in my remarks. You should read how Hahnemann spoke of the pseudohomoeopaths (or for that matter any of the great masters). I am very polite compared to what they have to say.

Psuedohomoeopathy is deceitful, if it continues to call itself homoeopathy. If they want to call it something out, great. They get points for honesty and can step neatly out of that classification.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade

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