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My son aged 7 years is having wheezing problem since he was 1 year old.In India it used to iccur 2-3 times a year during weather change but ever since I came to Qatar it is happening almost every month.I am giving him R-43 and R-84 for allergy.
Also, if he is not wheezing he continously makes a sound as if something is sticking in his throat and trying to clear it.
Please help me on this and any other remedy for the wheezing and allergy.
  naushadakhtar on 2005-07-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Any allergy is a sign that the immune system is depleted.

What vaccinations has he had?.

Whay courses of antibiotics has he had , and for what condition?.
walkin last decade
Generally he is not given any antibiotic, only Ventolin nebulization and Zyrtec and sometimes Bronchophane also if his condition worsens but 4 months back he had very acute attack which developed into Pnemonia so he was given antibiotec Augmentin for about 18 days.
We have given him all the vaccines except Hepatitus A and booster given at the age of 6years
naushadakhtar last decade
for wheezing use ipecac 30 thrice daily in alternation with antimonium tart 30 thrice daily.i mean first medicine for the first week and second medicine for the second week.i hope you will get the benifit.
sajjadakram635 last decade
A combination of antibiotics and vaccines are bad news ,

Whatever was the problem has been driven deep into the body.

If you try the Ipecac and Ant Tart post the results.
walkin last decade
Thanks for the reply.Should I stop R-43 and R-84 or continue. Just to make it clear...I should give Ipecac 30 3times a day for 1 week and then ANTIM TART 30 3times a week for another week, is this right?
naushadakhtar last decade
One more thing...I was checking Ipecac30 but I have only Ipecac 200 with me and I cannot purchase the right potency as homeopathic medicine in this country are not sold.Can I give Ipecac 200 with a less dosage?
naushadakhtar last decade
if ipecac 30 is not available use ipecac6c.stop all other remedies like R numbers.
sajjadakram635 last decade
I just have Ipecac 200 which I have started giving with a reduced dosage(Twice daily).Is this OK?
naushadakhtar last decade
sajjadakram635 last decade
My son who had a similar condition has found great (I could say extraordinary) relief and is now almost out of this wheezing thing. Here are the medications:

a. Get a big FAITH on Homeopathy. You have to have it.

b. Wheezing that woujld start off first with running nose:

Put 4 globules of ANTIM TART 30 in half cup lukewarm water and let it dissolve.

Take 2 teaspoons every 15 minutes for 3-4 hours. And then decrease the frequency to once every 30 mts for next 3-4 hours. (Each time it is taken stir the water ANTI-CLOCKWISE for 10 times. This basically changes the potency). Depending on the condition, may have to repeat it with another half cup water with 4 pellets/globules.

c. If after this no improvement, then do the same as above but with ARS ALBUM 30. This step also reduces fever that could accompany wheezing and heaving of stomach.

d. During night if the child gets up, give 4 globules of KALI CARB 30 directly in the mouth. This would take care of the attack in the night.

e. If the child gets up with severe cough in the night give one dose (4 globlues) of DROSERA 30.

The above steps have been THE CURE for wheezing/bronchal issues. Try avoiding any orange juice/candys/nuts during the attack. As much water as possible is good. Avoid curds/yogurt during this phase.

That's it. Have peace of mind that your child will be up and running without the troublesome wheezing.

Keep posted.
ultimatecure last decade
Thanks for the advice. I have started giving Ipecac,luckily I found 30 potency.Its fifth day today but I see no improvement in his making sounds as if clearing his throat.He really makes loud sound like singing.When asked about the problem he tells that it is like something sticking in throat and shortage of breath.I forgot to mention earlier that since last year in this weather(it is very humid and hot in Qatar these days) he ocasionally develops bumps in his body, sometimes head,stomach,mouth which are etchy and I have to give him anti-allergic med to subside them.Last year it was very bad and sometmes his one side of the face got swollen, sometimes his penis.
Generally he does not has fever while wheezing and also not much running nose.
Since two days he is complaining of irritation in his throat and also since we started Ipecac from 27th he sneezed alot but now sneezing is redused.
naushadakhtar last decade
If the many remedies that were suggested above do not give your son relief, please contact me again on this forum and I shall indicate a remedy that has worked successfully with many sufferers from Asthma some of whom have been cured completely.
Joe De Livera last decade
The anti allergic med could be at the root of the problem.
walkin last decade
since yesterday again he has swollen upper lip and few bumps on his body.I am again tempted to give anti-allergic but just holding back.Any medicine in homeopath?What about Vespa?
naushadakhtar last decade
since yesterday again he has swollen upper lip and few bumps on his body.I am again tempted to give anti-allergic but just holding back.Any medicine in homeopath?What about Vespa?
naushadakhtar last decade
Can you immediately start on ARS ALB 30 in the water potency that I have described earlier. Every 15 mts 2 teaspoons.
First put 4 globules in half cup luke warm water and let it dissolve. Repeat this once it is over.
ultimatecure last decade
I gave him Ars Alb30 as you told , the result was that his coughing stopped but the swellings did not subside. It was for the whole day yesterday and in the night he was having too much itching in his back so I had no option but to give him Zyrtec(anti-allergic). What to do?
naushadakhtar last decade
Can you give a record of one day regarding the a.breathing b.itching c.eating. d.fever e.wheezing sound f.stomach movment (whether it is heaving or normal while breathing).

This would enable a better medication. Also continue with Ars Alb 30 in the way that was described for 3 hours. Stop it then. And after half hour give :
Apis Mellifica 30 directly under the tongue every 30 mts for 3 hours. And give a feedback. Dont give any watery fruits/nuts/milk.

And one thing that you should do rightaway is stop IODIZED SALT and start using PLAIN SALT. This is a good thing in the long term. (If you are in India/Asia/Africa may be you should use IODIZIED SALT).

Keep posted and wish you all the best. Everything will be fine.
ultimatecure last decade
Thanks for the reply. As I wrote earlier also, he is NOT wheezing at the moment but occassionally starts coughing with barking sound BUT he makes a continous sound like something is sticking in his throat.
Itching usually starts towards the end of the day and till now does not go by itself till I give him anti-allergic,last time it remained for more than 24 hours.
He eats normally but likes to eat non-veg ONLY. He does not eat vegetables or pulses at all.
There is no fever.
naushadakhtar last decade
One more thing.....I am living in the gulf so should I stop Iodized salt?
My son loves milk and drinks it daily.I am not giving him orange juices but he sometimes eats fresh apple.
naushadakhtar last decade
I will have to tell you one thing :

For atleast one week please give him only fresh fruits (not citrus fruits like grapes,oranges,pineapple) and boiled vegetables . Even fruit juice is good. Add one spoon of protien powder. See you will have to find out the allergy cause. It could be some food item. I cannot say what is that. It's good he likes milk but if you can stop that for a week that will give you a indication what's going on. We should not gamble with health. Give him soy milk instead of regular milk. And just cook the vegetables in plain water, add a pinch of salt (I think you should avoid iodized salt. I was there in gulf. The water in itself is loaded with minerals). Plain yogurt is also good. If you can make it at home (like we do ) that is the best.

Can you let me know:

a. Is the cough continues for a few minutes or so?

b. Is the itching turning red or white?

c.Is there any liquid or pus at the place of itching?

d. Is your son of normal weight and health? In general if you see your son, do you get a feeling of a healthy child?

e. Is the throat sensation creating a problem for swallowing?

f. Do you feel that he is always trying to clear something in his throat like phlegm or something?

You should give Apis Mel as mentioned earlier. This should have the effect on the itching part.

Keep posted..

If I may suggest one more thing :

Keep speaking to your son in your language (is it Urdu) " You are FINE soon. This itching/cough will disappear. You can have all what you like after some time"

You will do a great favour if you will make his mind accept that he is becoming fine every day.

All the best..
ultimatecure last decade
Thanks a lot again.In reply to your questions:
a).At present he is not wheezing so he is not coughing but last night he coughed 7-8 times only.
When he has wheezing attack then he continues coughing for upto 1-2 minutes at a length.
b).The itching is not a rash but it is a swelling (in hindi u can call it as pitti) which has itching sensation. It seems to me as turning a bit white.
c).There is no water or pus
d).He is of normal weight and looks healthy(weighs about 25 Kilos and is 4ft tall at 7years)
e).He is not having problem in swolling but when ever he has this pitti he tells that their is itching inside his throat also
f).Yes, I feel like he is trying to clear some phelgum from his throat and in the process makes loud sound
naushadakhtar last decade
Dear Mr.Sajjad,
Today my son woke up and is complaining of cold with running nose, sneezing and a little coughing, their seems to be some congestion also. I am giving him ANTIM TART30 since 4 days X3,last week I gave him Ipecac for one week as told by you.What to do now?
naushadakhtar last decade
I am also noticing black circles around his eyes and some wrinkles also around his eyes. He does not want to sleep or rest at all.Even if he wakes up early he is awake all day and sleeps late at night and that too once scolded.
naushadakhtar last decade
You need to start again.
Have a look at Nat Sul ---poss use 6x.
walkin last decade

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