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I'm 48, female and with a history of anxiety. I haven't had much of a problem for at least the last 12-14 years but now am starting to feel an increase in overall anxiety, accompanied by sever irritability/aggravation. I feel overwhelmed by daily responsibilities and have no energy to get anything done. Would rather get into bed pull the shades and sleep all day. Please help!
  appleblossom on 2012-05-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hello appleblossom,

have you ever tried to go to a local
homeopath? or used remedies before?
simone717 9 years ago
Yes, I have seen a local Doctor but my insurance didn't cover visits and I can't afford it.
I have been self-treating myself with homeopathy about 15 years. Most recently I cleared my chronic (20+ years) tinea versicolor in Feb. with 3 doses of Sulphur 1M. This is the first spring in many yrs that I haven't had a flare-up.
appleblossom 9 years ago
Hi- Please look at some posts by
nawazkhan and then fill out the
questions he has on those posts.

He is traveling right now but getting
on here about once a day.-

Also put on there anything you are taking
right now for the anxiety, homeopathic
or other.
simone717 9 years ago

see the link abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/
331690 for the questions that have
to be filled out.

simone717 9 years ago
1. ID - appleblossom
2. Age -48
3. Sex -F
4. Single/Married - married
5. weight - 125
6. Height …. 5’2”
7. country -USA
8. climate – Upper USA, four seasons, changeable.
9. List of your complaints- anxiety, accompanied by irritability and exhaustion.
10. Since how long are you suffering from each complaint – anxiety attacks began in 1983, but this recurrence started about 6 months ago.
11. Diabetic or non-Diabetic – non-Diabetic
12. Desire sweets/sour/salt - salt
13. Thirst - minimal
14. Tongue and Taste – I don’t see irregularities with my tongue, it doesn’t appear coated or patterned, nor does it feel thick. It seems “normal” Taste is tinny/metallic.
15. Current BP (without medicine and with medicine) – 120/60 (don’t take medication)
16. What exactly is happening? – overall sense of anxiety, nagging feeling of not being able to accomplish what needs to get done, worry about my kids, that they will not be ok. Not having full blown panic attacks, just feeling anxious, tense, scared most of the time.
17. How do you feel? Exhausted, overwhelmed by responsibilities, I feel lazy and like I can’t move forward. Foggy brain. Occasional headaches, especially around period time.
18. How does this affect you? – Feel like I can’t think straight, can’t prioritize my schedule and
19. How does it feel like? Like I’m being suffocated
20. What comes to your mind? Ocean waves suffocating me, feels like
21. One situation that had a big effect on you? Being scolded by a teacher in front of the class in 2nd grade, it made me so embarrassed I wet my pants in the classroom.

22. How did that feel like? - mortifying
23. What sensation do you experience in that situation? – embarrassment. I felt my whole body get tingly and my face was hot. Wanted to run away
24. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand (Habits or Actions)? I talk with my hands, if that is what you mean, I have a hard time finding the words I want to say and using my hands makes me feel like I’m getting my point across.
25. Current and previous remedies/medicines you are taking or took in the past? I’ve taken many remedies for acute symptoms. Higher potencies have been NuxV in 10M over 10 years ago. Most recently Sulphur 1M (3 doses) for tinea versicolor (self prescribed). I am taking a combination remedy (6th potency) for insomnia right now.
26. Family Background – Parents together, but relationship was not great, fought a lot when I was younger. They are, however, very supportive of me and show their love. One older sister, one younger sister, we get along fine now but older sister has been a strained relationship. She used to tease me and make fun of me when we were growing up.
27. Educational Qualifications of the patient - Librarian
28. Nature of work, what do you do for living? – I’m a librarian in a prison.
29. Desires, likes and dislikes for food – changeable. Mostly crave salty, crunchy, like corn chips and cheese. I can take or leave sweets, but I occasionally crave chocolate, around period time. Dislike butter and bread. Will crave cured meats sometimes, like sausage or peperoni. Crave protein/meat sources.
30. Name of foods which increase your problem – I can’t really tell.
31. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatient…and so on.. How are you different from other persons, public speaking or not , you can describe all of the details about your behavior, love and affections.
– I have bouts of irritability, it begins when I hear a noise made by a person’s mouth, i.e I hate chewing sounds, male voices on the radio or t.v. and breathing sounds (like if a person breaths heavy near me) and snoring. These sounds create an anger in me that makes me want to break things, slam things.
-I feel hurried, like I have to finish something very quickly or I won’t have time to get it done. I’m not impatient, I can wait for others, and I don’t mind things like waiting in line or at a stop light.
-I cannot speak in front of others, even in a small group, I feel uncomfortable if any kind of attention is placed on me.
-I love being alone, dislike consoling or encouragement. I don’t like compliments and I don’t like people expecting things of me. I do like praise or acknowledgement when I do a good job with something.
32. Aggravation (increases-time, season,)& Amelioration (Decreases). Aggravation, esp. before period usually 3 days before. Change of seasons causes aggravation. It’s as if time keeps moving too quickly for me when the seasons change, I haven’t yet fully adapted to the previous season and the next one is upon me.
I feel better in dry, clear weather. I love lying down and feel most secure lying on my bed.
33. Attached here your photographs of the affected area. (if required/optional)

34. Location of the disease - mind
35. Side of the problem (Right or Left), (Upper or Lower part of body). Again – mind, but most of my acute ailments are right sided. I had a minor car accident many years ago and have nerve damage to my right side.
36. Color of the secretions/discharges e.g urine, stool, sputum, Saliva etc. – all normal.
For Females Only
37. When is the period during the month approx date? Any monthly cycle issues? Regular, early, late, before problems, after problems, pain, any other discharges? First week of month. Cycles are beginning to shorten, they were always 28 days, now vary sometimes, with a 23 or 25 day cycle. Always lasts 7 full days, heaviest flow on 3-4th days. Tenderness in uterus before, cramping (falling out feeling) during heavy days. No other discharges. Occasional right side, ovary area stabbing pain, usually mid-cycle.
38. Are you pregnant? If yes, please give pregnancy start date? Any current issues? – no, not pregnant.
appleblossom 9 years ago
Hi-couple questions from me and
perhaps more from Nawaz/
1.What is in your combo 6x sleep remedy?
2. When is your next period due?
When was the last one?

You will have to hang on and be patient
here bc he is overseas at the moment-
but you will be in excellent care here.

simone717 9 years ago
Thank you! I can wait, it will be worth it.
Next period due June 2, last one began May 9th.
Insomnia combo: all 6c
Coffea cruda

It is working well, have slept through night last 4 nights when before I was waking any time between 1:30 - 3:00 am.
Also, noticed today tinea has returned on my shoulders/back :(
appleblossom 9 years ago

When you go to bed for sleep, what happens? Is your mind up at that time that does not let you sleep? What are the sleep problems?

Please give details of your dreams, if any?
nawazkhan 9 years ago
I usually drift off to sleep fairly easily. Most nights I wake up because I get very hot and have to go to the bathroom. Sometimes I will wake up with fear of something, for example, I'm driving too fast (I have a long commute to work) and I feel a clenching fear that I'm going to lose control or hit someone. Other thoughts are that I have to remember something, like an appointment or a task that needs to be done, but I'm afraid I will forget to do it.

I don't remember my dreams, and I can't even think of a recent one to describe it.
appleblossom 9 years ago

Please take Passiflora Q, 4 drops mixed in 2 sips of mineral water, 3 times a day, for 3 days.

Stop all other remedies.

Many prayers for you.
nawazkhan 9 years ago
Thank you. What potency of Passiflora Q?
appleblossom 9 years ago
Hi appleblossom,
Passiflora Q ( not the Q) is a mother
tincture. Q always means mother tincture
and that is what all remedies are made

Go on ABC remedies shop and where
it has the format first box.scroll on that
and click mother tincture, then the
next box will show up as Q .

then order the low size bottle - it is always liquid. It will probably be
3 days before you get it, but you
cannot find Mother tincture or high
doses of remedies in usa stores.
simone717 9 years ago
Thank you for explaining the mother tincture. I have ordered and look forward to good health! Blessings to you...
appleblossom 9 years ago
Blessings to you also Appleblossom,

when you get the remedy Nawaz says
3x a day for 3 days- so take it 30 minutes after a meal . Report in
after the 3rd day and if any problems
arise during the 3 days feel free to write

Take care,
simone717 9 years ago
A bundle of Thanks Simone!
nawazkhan 9 years ago
I've tried twice to order the Passiflora Q through this site but have been told it is not available. Am I not able to get it because I'm in the US?
appleblossom 9 years ago
Hello appleblossom.
I have read your health history, and think I know which medicine will work for you and your problem.
But before you take this you should, because of car accident, take a medicine called Arnica Montana 10M. This will help the injury you suffered, physically and mentally. I reckon you got a shock?

This remedies Passiflora Q will not be able to heal anything, at best relieve a little, but the effect will disappear over time and you're just as far.
If you have problems with obtaining medisner, I can possibly send to you. Although I live in Norway, it takes about, 7-8 days. Sometimes more, depending on postal service in the United States.
In any case, start with Arnica 10M.
I live in area in Norway that is famouse for its appleblossoms.


Parakletos; practioner of classical homeopathy.
Parakletos 9 years ago
Hi there Appleblossom,

You can order from Helios Homeopathic
Pharmacy in UK- Click on enter shop,
and remedies icon, go to P and click
Passiflora and look down at sizes etc
Mother Tincture is at the bottom- that
is what you want. USA suppliers are
not the greatest at having Mother Tinctures. Takes about 5 days from Helios to get to you. I order from them
whenever I cannot find what I want bc
they have everything, so does Remedia
pharmacy in Europe.

-Perhaps Parakletos is correct here-
as it is called Never Well since_________
However out of respect for other
person taking your case he should
address his point of view to Nawaz
first. Many doctors will put in opinion
to a case addressed to the Dr. on the
case- and usually the person will say
-Thank you and noted and use that
info or not depending on what they
are thinking for treatment.

Parakletos- how would you react if
Nawaz did this to one of your cases?
simone717 9 years ago
Thank you Simone!
I did wonder about proper Dr. etiquette in this situation.

(All problems aside, the dialog is very interesting to me because I love to learn as much as possible about Homeopathy. Watching a debate unfold would be very enlightening.)
Blessings to all...
appleblossom 9 years ago
Yes, etiquette is the key word here.

No problem with a debate if done
in a respectful way. And especially there is trouble
if the interjection is addressed directly to the
PATIENT and not the person who has the case
from the start.

Patients don't know what is going on or how
things are handled and sometimes think, well
the more doctors the better! It does not work
that way, one doctor has to handle the case.

So most of the time, you see other dr. say
don't forget about this or that, or whatever
and the other one says, Thank you , noted
or asks the other dr. a question. There is
respect, a civil discourse and everyone benefits.

And it has been suggested that if people disagree in a major way they put their thoughts
on the ABC gossip thread or post a thread to
do with their opinion. Parakletos is not on
the forum on a regular basis and perhaps has
missed some 'debates' that took over patients
treatment threads and the patients complained.
so really a debate is not appropriate on a
treatment post.
simone717 9 years ago
Thank you Simone. Point well taken.
I was able to place an order with Helios. I will post again after treatment.
appleblossom 9 years ago
Of course it was not my intention to start any debate, I just gave my opinion on what is the right remedy in this case. I hope, for the patient's part, that I'm wrong in the choice of medicine, but I do not think so, unfortunately.
The most important thing is that the patient receives the right medicine,and do not waste time.
Anyone who has been practicing homeopathy for many years, like me and a few others here on the forum, and not pretend they are homeopaths, would of course chosen as the first remedy, Arnica. I think Nawaz had chosen this as well, if he had known about this car accident.

Sorry, appleblossom, but I just wanted to help you find the right medicine. There are so many on this forum claiming to be homeopaths, who are not. Nawaz is not among these, but some other people ...

Good luck, do you need help later, just ask.

Parakletos 9 years ago
I am not going to say more about this
but I don't understand your reply.

'I think Nawaz had chosed this as well,
if he had known about the car accident'

???????????? this is Nawaz's case- I am sure
he did see answer to question #35. on
his form- perhaps due to being overseas
and his internet break down he did not
get to look at the answers as long as
he normally would.

The point is -Your concern should
be directed at Nawaz. bc he is in
charge of this case, and not bypass
simone717 9 years ago
[removed by moderator. Please keep it polite, Parakletos.]
Parakletos 9 years ago
Well Parakletos, you are not on here
very much, and I am volunteering on
forum and have been directly asked
by nawaz and dr. showrav to assist
in their threads in so they can manage
a large number of suffering people-
To that end I help them order medicines, help with confusion about prescription,
directing them where to fill out a form
so they can move forward. I also
research local homeopaths per patient
request to find homeopaths who
have specialized in their problem. I
believe that helps spread the word
about homeopathy and of course gets
people well.
I think it is ok if a patient is yelling on here
after 6 weeks or so to tell them they
can get a second opinion on their case.

Kadwa handles up to 40 people a day
on here and I have great respect for
his work, and it is a huge
number of people to manage and
Reva V and others jump in to those
posts many times and give another
prescription., I am simply telling those
who are asking for more help, where else they could
get another opinion..

Not going to discuss this anymore,
especially when it gets down to
'name calling' level.
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simone717 9 years ago

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