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Wart on the face

My son developed a small wart on his cheek in the under eye area about 3 months ago.It is of skin colour is soft with a stem and looks rough and jagged.
As my doctor suggested I have applied Chelidonium tincture for 5 days( twice a day), then Thuja for the last 1 week.
There may be little shrinkage, but otherwise no change.
Another doctor suggest laser treatment for removal.
Would there be any benefit in continuing with the homeopathic medicines, or should I just opt for laser treatment.
The boy is 7 years old and is often teased by friends in school, so I wish to put an end to this soon.
Any suggestions?
  anjuverma on 2005-08-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
When he is already in bed squeeze content of vit. E capsule on it and cover loosely with band-aid or something like that so it will not dry.
Take the band aid off in the morning. Is it gone?
Astra2012 last decade
I've had warts before, and tried a lot of treatments. I went to a doctor one time and had one frozen off. It hurt, left a big mark, and took a long time to heal. And the wart came back, so I took a piece of ice and numbed it up really good. I then took the end of a coat hanger and heated it up with a lighter, I put it straight onto the wart for a few seconds, it blistered up and peeled off right away. It barely hurt, it left a very small mark which healed up very quickly, and the wart never came back. It sounds extreme, but it's easy, work's every time, and is not a whole lot different than laser treatment or freezing it off.
warrior last decade
I'm afraid the Vit E did not work.
anjuverma last decade
Warts on face sometimes respond well to thuja.many a times these types of warts are removed by the combination ofDulcamara30+causticum30+nitric acid30+thuja30.5 drops of each medicine mixed in a little water taken 3 times daily for some days.It is not a classical homeopathy but the patient needs relief and relief only.
sajjadakram635 last decade
I once had a similar wart. I used Causticum 200. It started drying off after the first dose only and in a few days it was all clear. After that it never came back. I leave it to you to decide whether to try this before using your mixture or after the mixture has not adequately worked.
sahai last decade
As you said last time causticum removed the wart then there is no need to use mixture,use only causticum200.once the wart disappear,take causticun 1000,one dose every week 4 doses total to stop reappearing again.
sajjadakram635 last decade
vit E was worth a try as it worked beautifully for my son (he had a wart on his palm and slept in latex glove!)

You say nothing about thuja';s potency- also, was it used only externally?
Astra2012 last decade
Thanks for the suggestions.Don't have access to the Causticum 200( only 30 potency) will get in a week's time.
The medicines - Thuja tincture and Chelidonium tincture had been applied only externally. I was asked to administer only ANTIM TART 30 every day - for internal consumption.
The doc first gave Dulcamara 30 for a few days, then Causticum + Antim Tart 30, then only Antim Tart. After all these were discontinued he prescribed the external application.
Over the past 3 months that I was giving all these medicines, the wart dried up a bit, changed its appearnce from smooth and round to rough and frayed and dry.
I will definitely try Causticum 200. Am reluctant to go for laser - would like to keep it as the last resort.
anjuverma last decade
The wart that anjuvarma mentioned has a stem, that is, it is pedunculated. Is yours like that?

The change in appearance from smooth to dry etc. after 3 months treatment could be due to causticum 30. I feel due to low potency it only did part-wok.
Please have patience and avoid removing it mechanically. It will come back if it is wart sooner or later(Here proper diagnosis is necessary to rule out skin-knot that can be burnt off by laser or removed by surgeon's knife. I had several skin knots around my neck removed by laser). Warts are caused b by a virus
sahai last decade
You are right. This wart is caused by HPV, and others may follow is what the doctor said.I agree I musn't rush treatment.Unfortunately it affects the child's psyche, thus my intention to try and cure it soon and in the best possible manner.
My other son(11) has had a dark coloured (almost black) growth on his neck for the last 4-5 years. This was diagnosed as a mole and not in the same category as the wart This looks like it has layers as in a cabbage and also has a visible stem. Can move around if prodded. It has grown in size over this time and I was also advised laser surgery for this. The doctor said this was not as dangerous or infectious as the other one. As I read more about this on the net, I realised they occur in areas of friction e.g. the neck, where one would have a collar or a chain.
I want to attend to this one too, eventually, and I'm not aware of any remedies for that.
Its fortunate I stumbled upon this forum, which offers sensible advice and feedback.

Sajjadakram 635 - In your last post, you suggested mixing 4 medicines. I have globules of Dulcamara30,Nitric Acidum30,Causticum 30, but Thuja 200. Should I dissolve these together in water? Should I administer Thuja 200 separately? Would like to try this remedy as I do not have the Causticum in the potentcy recommended by Sahai. Perhaps I can try this for a week?

Thanks again
anjuverma last decade
Yes,u can mix the potencies available with u.once a person contacted for number of warts on his face.the face looked ugly.the types of warts clearly indicate thuja,so i told him to take thuja 200c one dose every week.after some weeks he came to me and his face was clear of all the warts.he told me that one morning when he got up washed his face,all the warts fell off.i asked him did he took the medicine as i told 200c once a week,he said no,i took 200c thrice daily for atleast 20 days.this is a true story,so u need not to worry about the repetition of high potency.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Sahai-you arre right-I actually thought about it when posting-his wart had no stem--was just sitting on his palm.

Still-it was worth a try!

But something seems to be working- either causticum or... thuja (imo)
Astra2012 last decade
I have tried the mixture of 4 medicines as recommended by Sajjadakram for 2 weeks. There is no change.
I now have Causticum 200 and Thuja 200. Should I try any of these? Only one or bothand please advise on dosage.
The wart looks the same - dry and fraying.
anjuverma last decade
Since you have already given Thuja 200 for 2 weeks, you now give Causticum 200. Give one dose,say, in the morning 1 hour after tooth paste or 1 hour before. If this is not convenient, give before going to bed at night. Watch for a day for any change. Repeat if no change until you see improvement, for a week. Stop the day you see improvement starting and keep a watch. Report regularly for advice from us. Good luck!
sahai last decade
I have been giving him Causticum 200 daily once before going to bed for the last one week.I'm trying to closely look for some change but can't seem to find any. Its the same size as before. Perhaps it looks slightly more dry. Should I continue? Or change.Thanks.
anjuverma last decade
What is the difference between the two? The treatment for either would also be different I suppose.
The growth that we have been discussing over the past few weeks- skin colour, with a stem, dry appearance was identified by a dermatologist as a wart caused by viral infection, hence I've been asking advice based on this premise.
At this point I'm willing to try everything - should I try giving the 4 medicine mixture recommended by Sajjad Akram + Causticum 200 daily, or is it a bit too drastic for a 7 year old. Desperate for results. Thanks.
anjuverma last decade
Skin-knot is formed due to shrinkage of skin,mostly due to senility.

The wart that we are hotly talking about - does it bleed? Can you describe the shape? What exactly you mean by "frayed" with respect to the shape?
sahai last decade
No it doesn't bleed. Once it did, though, when the child scratched his face in the night. Then it healed and stayed the same.
In the beginning it was smooth and round with a little stem. There were a host of remedies that I tried. Starting with a dab of tree tea oil daily for a few weeks, then homeopathy- as I described in my previous mails - Dulcamara30 twice a day at one time; then Causticum 30 twice a day for a few weeks; followed by external application of Chelidonium mother tincture for 2 weeks twice a day, then Thuja mother tincture for 4 weeks, then the remedies prescribed on this forum.
In this time the appearance of this wart changed from smooth to dry and rough. It looks as if it has burst- so I call it frayed.It is not stuck to the skin but is hanging from a little stem. Under the left eye on the cheek bone.
anjuverma last decade
Please give Thuja 1000(1M) two doses seperated by 15 minutes), observe the changes and let us know. Also, paint the wart with Thuja Q every night and morning.
sahai last decade
So many suggestions. Why don't you try Kuldeep's suggestion?
Take a small leaf off a Thuja plant and grind it. Mix it with a bit (same quantity as Thuja) of body lotion and keep in the fridge. Apply some on both your pulse points and also your wart. My facial wart fell in 4-5 applications without leaving any mark (it was a tiny one). My husband just applied it once in his underarm and pulse points on wrist. Then forgot about it, but after a few days saw no wart.
It has helped me so am saying this.
A relative had cauliflower warts on his upper lip and had to go for a long treatment. What helped him in the end was half dose of Thuja CM in water(pl dont take it without consulting a doctor). Warts are actually virus infection for some problem in the body. Kuldeep's advice is the best in this.
maya_hari last decade
Thanks - Sahai and Mayahari. I will try to buy these remedies. I live in Riyadh with no access to a pharmacy. Buy them usually from India or when travelling, so it takes some time before I can try and report success or failure.
My husband is currently in London. Would the Thuja leaf be available in a homeopathic pharmacy there?
anjuverma last decade
It is surprising that there is no homeopathic medicines outlet there.

Thuja leaf will not be available in any pharmacie.
The Thuja plant, called Moar(pea-cock) Pankhi in India, is a common decoration plant in even the small gardens in our houses.

Thuja leaf will only yield Q(mother tincture) which is the lowest potency. It may not work in your case because you have already gone upto 200. You have to now give higher potency.

Mayahari has mentioned CM potency. I hope you understand that CM stands for 100,000. We will try M(1000) before going that high.

Like you, I am also abroad at present otherwise I could have sent fom India. Ask your husband to send 1000&Q from London.
sahai last decade
Thanks , Sahai. I didn't know about potencies. Just checked the bottle of Thuja tincture I was applying on the wart earlier ( bought it in Bombay). It says Thuja Q.D.Is it alright to apply this?
As I said earlier I had tried application about a month ago - for 3 weeks continuously twice a day. At that time there was no medicine being administered internally.
Now I experimented with Thuja 30, then Thuja 200, without external application of tincture. Perhaps I should do both?
Currently I'm giving Thuja 200 once daily.Will try to get Thuja 1000.Is the ThujaQ tincture the same as the Thuja Q.D. tinture I have?Or is it different.
What should be the dosage and frequency then? With or without external application?
Thanks, I didn't know that the Thuja leaf is a mor pankh. I do have some lying around at home.Thanks again for your time.
anjuverma last decade
What you have(QD) is good for application externally.
If you give external and internal medicines at the same time, it works more forcefully.

Please stop Thuja 200 since it is not helping.
When you give 1000, give 3 globules under the tongue(2times,seperated by 15 minutes), wait for a few days to see whether the is any improvement or not. If there is improvement do not repeat the dose.Repeat it only when the improvement starts going down. If there is no improvement at all, repeat after a week. But keep us informed regularly.

Thuja leaf is not a feather. It is leaf of the plant, called Thuja. The plant is known as Moar Pankhi(in India) because its leaves look like pea-cock's feather.
sahai last decade
Thanks, will report in a few days once I get the medicine.
anjuverma last decade

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