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Dr. Kadwa Questionnaire attached, weak liver and candida, please help

Dear Dr. Kadwa,

I would be extremely grateful if you could kindly advise me. I apologize for the long post,I just wanted to make sure everything important got mentioned. I would do my best to stick to your advice.

Patient ID: Sex: Age: female, 22 years old

Please answer the following questions in a descriptive manner after careful analysis and recollection of previous experiences and happenings.

1. Describe your main suffering?
Intolerance of fatty foods, since jaundice. If I eat greasy, junk food or things other than homemade, I start feeling a numb feeling in my stomach area, slight nausea, constipation, weakness despite eating normally, and I develop slight dark complexion, my face suddenly starts looking skinnier, and its like all freshness vanishes in thin air.
Intolerance of rice, potatoes, gram flour, grams and chanay kid daal, desi ghee, refined wheat flour and dried fruits. After eating these things I feel bloated, get noises like bubbles popping and water travelling through constricted pipes in my abdomen, frothy, smaller in diameter, smaller in volume, and especially foul smelling stools, if this condition worsens, sometimes I get constipated, and sometimes I get diarrhea.
Sometimes I also get these symptoms without seemingly any cause that I can pinpoint.

2. What other physical sufferings do you have in your body?

My skin quality is deteriorating. Every time I eat something that I am intolerant of, I feel the thickness of skin on my forearms, face and probably everywhere else as well goes down.

If I don’t respect my food intolerances more than once in a row, along with the above mentioned skin problem, I get aches in my muscles, like cramps you get after heavy exercise, without actually exercising. My hip joint starts aching, my jaw starts making cracking sounds and in worst cases my neck starts making cracking sounds as well. My nose feels congested and sometimes, the tip of my nose hurts.

3. What mental sufferings / feelings do you have associated with your physical sufferings?

When I am having a flare, I feel confused and depressed, sleepy and spacey. I have problem concentrating on work, I am a research assistant so my work is very mathematical. My performance suffers,I cant think straight, I feel slow and start making mistakes. Also my people skills suffer considerably. Simple cognitive functions like turning either left or right when you are about to bump head on in a person make me very confused. So much that I end up confusing the other person. Also when talking to people(that doesn’t happen with family most of the time) I have trouble deciding where to look, what to say, the conversation just doesn’t flow naturally. I think I appear detached and boring or even slightly abnormal to other people, when meeting friends I get very confused whether to hug them or not. When I am feeling normal, i.e. when I don’t have a flare, such problems improve and I can take such clues from body language. It’s like I have to consciously think about things like making just the appropriate amount of eye contact, etc, while normally these things happen just naturally.
Normally our eyes direct in the direction of our face. When I am feeling the worst of flares I feel like my eyes point to the left. I feel uninterested in every thing.I have a hard time keeping my word. I rarely keep my promises and I am sure people think of me as an unreliable and a non dependable person.

4. What exactly do you feel when you are at your worst?
These things are always accompanied by an upset digestive system, by which I mean bloating, constipation, diarrhea, frothy stools which themselves are most of the times a result of foods I have grown intolerant of.
I feel so sleepy, tired and depressed. The world appears dark. I feel low in confidence and like I am not worth anything. I don’t feel interested in things that I normally like. I have trouble concentrating and because of the fear of embarrassing myself by doing something stupid, I try to avoid social gatherings.
A few times, at my worst I have had a horrifying feeling of not having complete control on my body, like I have to wait till the road gets completely empty to cross because I am not entirely sure that my legs will follow my command in case theres a car coming and I need to run. So far that has happened only 2 or 3 times.
I also feel like I can not empty my bladder properly. Its like it hurts a little bit to urinate.

5. When did it all start? Can you connect it to any past event or disease?

It all started in 2009. It’s a long story of stupidity. I hope you will bear with me. Rice have always been my favourite food, before 2009, I used to eat rice 2-3 times a week. When I started college in fall of 2008, I had the option of eating rice everyday, afternoon as well as evening. For the next 3 or so years, my average would be 1.5 rice plates a day. I didn’t have any symptoms for a year, i.e. uptill fall 2009. But afterwards I started developing the following symptoms.
I started developing abdominal fat, around the naval area and some months later, around the stomach area as well.
That was the time when I first started noticing concentration problems. I needed full silence to be able to study. I kept eating rice the whole year. I gained weight.
My stools started to get not fully formed, and low in volume.
I kept eating rice. It was almost like I was addicted to rice.
I used to feel bloated after eating rice. But I had such cravings that I would overeat rice, my stomach wouldn’t be feeling empty but I would have a desire to go eat another plate of rice after a few hours. My stools were low volume, not fully formed.
I used to feel fatigued and sleepy a lot of the time. I had trouble concentrating in class, trouble meeting deadlines etc.
Also my sleeping pattern started getting irregular. It became very hard to have a routine. Couldn’t sleep before 2 am. Waking up in the morning was also hard. I tried a lot to help it, like putting out lights and going to bed at same time every night but it was like I didn’t have control over sleep. My arms and legs used to ache at night, so to get rid of that, I started stretching and morning breathing. But didn’t stop eating rice.
Also I started feeling changes in my skin. Before I ate myself to sickness, my skin used to be very tight and firm, like if you were to pinch my forearm you couldn’t realy pull off any skin. But around that time I started feeling changes in my skin. My skin was getting puffy and I was gaining weight.. I also developed cellulite on hips.
But at that point, my body had amazing recovery power. Stop eating rice for a week and I would recover. Once better, I would continue with my rice addiction.
I made a resolution to turn my life around .During the month of Ramadan I had gained some self control by fasting so ate very little rice.
I took lycopodium 30, berberis 30, and sarsaparilla 30 for a few days, it was like it washed my body from inside out, my skin turned back to normal, I lost cellulite, lost the blackness on my upper lip, felt very bright, focused, no fatigue at all etc…basically everything got cured. With taking these medicines, I used to get very thirsty, basically it was like keep drinking and urinating and you are washed from inside out. I am not sure if the following event had anything to do with taking lyco, berberis and sarsaparilla, but I am writing it here because it happened shortly afterwards.
So one of the days I was taking these medicines, drinking a lot of water to flush out the toxins, I started feeling swelling in my stomach area, it was like I was drinking a lot of water but not urinating as much. I was feeling very uncomfortable, like I was going to faint and I vomited. After a few days I went down with fever. Thought I had indigestion took some 7up and it was like something in my stomach area got so swollen that I couldn’t down a gulp of water. I developed 103F fever and there were a lot of rumbling sounds in my abdomen. It was the first time I got that uncomfortable, constricting feel in my bladder like I could not urinate properly. I get it sometimes since then.
I took bryonia 30, and rhus tox 30 one after the other about 5 times, and in a single day, my stomach got better, but my abdomen felt very tender and I developed rashes especially on hands and feet. for the next 20 days, I could eat nothing but khichdi and yoghurt during that time and surprisingly rice didn’t hurt me at all. My stools were yellow rather than brown, during that time, and I frequently had diarrhea and burning, floating stools, I used to have a burning sensation in oesophagus and throat, and sometimes stabbing pains in the stomach. I took bryonia 30 and rhus tox 30 for about 20 days and then I thought I recovered, I felt completely fine.
Some 35 days after getting sick, I had meat. And I felt like slight symptoms of the sickness appeared again. that was the first time I felt intolerant of any food. I haven’t felt intolerant to meet for a couple of months now.
I used to take bryonia and rhus tox occasionally for a few months afterwards when slight symptoms would appear, which happened a couple of times.
my diet during that time was mostly rice, and white flour, pizzas, barley porridge and some cheese as well.
I suffered from digestive system problems the whole year. Did not have a single fully formed bowel movement in a whole year. My symptoms would come and go. I think I never really healed completely after major event 1.
I also started feeling allergic to perfumes and heavy dust. My throat felt constricted and I felt like perfumes made something in my stomach area swell and my digestion upset.
I once got allergic to eggs as well. I had flu like symptoms after eating eggs. I didn’t feel intolerant to eggs again.
My body still had a lot of recovery potential. May be if I ate right for a month or two, I would have recovered completely.
My sleeping pattern went completely out of control. I could not sleep till morning and sometimes I would have to stay awake for 20 hours on end because it was my final semester at university and I wasn’t getting my work done. There was no sense of routine. I used to take naps at the oddest of times to make up for lost sleep. I was always tired, my muscles ached all the time.
Since I was living in hostel during that time, my diet was mostly pizzas, sandwiches and rice and barley porridge. Also my meals were not regular. Did I mention that chapatti used to be horrible in my hostel so I had to resort to rice most of the time. I thought I was accumulating the loose and puffy kind of fat so I limited my junk food intake without increasing intake of whole food.
My concentration problems worsened. I used to feel confused and depressed and my grades suffered a lot, friendships damaged..
My skin experienced some of the worst changes so far. I felt like my flesh was turning to jelly. Tug on the skin on my upper arms, like you would use a scroll button on a mouse and my skin would oscillate to and fro a couple of times before it would go back to its original position.
Around that time I started noticing that I got oral thrush in the place of my bottom left wisdom tooth whenever I ate rice along with all the digestive problems. I remembered once taking acid fluor 30 for oral thrush as a child, so I took it. The effect was surprising. There was so much improvement in skin tone, concentration, alertness level, sleeping pattern, digestion, my stools got solid.
Since during that time, I didn’t really let go of rice, I took acid fluor 30 a couple of times, my symptoms improved and sadly its effect on me kept on diminishing.

JUNE 2012-DEC 2012
I graduated in june, came home and started eating chapatti most of the time, I felt great. But when once a week or so I ate rice, I used to feel like my usual symptoms associated with rice like bloating, gas , constipation, concentration problems, thrush etc would come back with vengeance. Even stronger than when I was eating rice all the time. That I thought was strange. At the end of june, I ate some greasy pakoras, and next day I developed fever.
I had fever, and the worst oral thrush ever. It was like half of my mouth was filled with pus. I took some acid fluor 30, it got better, the pus kept trickling down my throat for 2 days, my complexion started getting dark, I used to feel very weak, like just raising up my hand was so hard. No appepite, brown urine and pale, burning stools which were surprisingly solid this time. So I took Hamdard’s Icterene and Sharbat-e-Deenar for 3 days and felt I recovered wonderfully. I felt as great as I used to feel before 2009, i.e. before I had any problem at all. I would eat rice once a week or so, yes stools would get frothy on eating rice but there weren’t any problems for a month and a half.
I ate a burger (not homemade), I started feeling numb in the stomach area, weak despite eating properly, developed slightly darker complexion, had slight nausea, developed diarrhoea etc. Took some acid fluor 30, ate a lot of peaches for 2 days and got better.

After this event, I reduced my intake of rice to once a month.
I had the above symptoms 3 or 4 times during the next few months or so, once or twice I took icterene and sharbat-e-deenar as well for 1 day.
Since june 2012, my diet has been usual desi homemade stuff, chapatti, salan, etc.
I realized that I had to have solid fully formed bowel movements or I would get slight symptoms of jaundice again.
I found an easy solution. An egg a day + half a teaspoon of a powder of kasni, henna leaves and kalonji, kept my stools solid. I had this for a month and I had fully formed BMs for like a whole month.
During that time, when I was taking egg + that powder, my allergies got worse, I had a burning feeling in my stomach, after meals and after eating fruits. My skin felt thinner than ever. It seemed that I had developed slightly darker complexion that wont go away
My sleeping problems went away. I sleep and wake on the same time everyday. They haven’t come back since.
I have been walking about 3kms a day, since Nov ‘12.
My slight jaundice symptoms didn’t come back for like 3 months.

My allergies/intolerances were bad. Plus I had acidity feeling. So I stopped taking egg + that powder for a while. Had an egg, a fried egg again after stopping them for 2 weeks and I started feeling mild jaundice symptoms again.

Went to a Hamdard Hakeem, he gave me jigreen, icterene, and a few other medicines, and wow my skin colour got back to normal, freshness came back to my face, my skin tone started getting better, it was like I was accumulating good fat under skin, allergies went away, my thirst improved. I could drink a lot of water. Urination problem got better.
My digestion improved a lot.

But I guess jigreen was too corrosive for my stomach.I was starting to feel the same kind of swelling in my stomach which led to Major Event No.1 and I just got so scared I stopped taking it. Plus I thought my liver had stabilized, now I will never eat rice and I will be fine.

FEB 2013
Now I didn’t have liver problems and I thought wow I had gotten completely cured, felt some acidity though.
CARDUUS MARIANUS Q: Someone told me to take it as it rebuilds the liver. I took it and was surprised to see the yeast die off symptoms. I was drinking a lot of water, could literally feel the toxins getting out. My appetite improved so much I felt like I could eat twice the amount of food I normally eat. My concentration improved so much that I hadn’t felt that bright in like the last 10 years. I was amazed at this wonder medicine. I thought I had recovered completely. Didn’t have a single problem for a week. My nose was running and it felt like the bad phlegm was coming out. The tip of my nose stopped hurting. But there was one problem as well. My heart would beat fast after using stairs.
Made the mistake of eating a plate of spaghetti, its been a week, have been eating Carduus regularly and now it feels that carduus marianus has stopped working on me , or will stop soon. I had two bites of potatoes last night and I am feeling bloated, have low volume frothy stools, feeling constipated, thirst gone, hunger gone, difficulty urinating, intolerance of fatty foods etc. It seems I am sick again….

I think I have candida overgrowth. Plus since I have a weak liver after jaundice, my body isn’t recovering well. May be Carduus Marianus kicked start my immune system and it started killing yeast, spaghetti fed it and now candida has overwhelmed my immune system again.
Dear Doctor, please advise me. Whatever you say, I will stick to it.
6. Which time of the day you are worst?
My symptoms depend very strongly on what I eat, I don’t think any particular time of the day has any effects on my symptoms.

7. What are the things which aggravate your suffering and which are those which ameliorate the same?
Things that aggravate
Rice #1
Potatoes #2
Sugar #3
Grams, dal chana and gram flour
Desi ghee
Oily things
dried fruits
things that ameliorate:
Chamomile and spearmint green tea
Read Meat
Barley porridge
Whole wheat chapatti

8. Do your think your sufferings have relation to any external stimuli (like, change of place) or any internal biological changes in the body, like, menses (in females)?


9. When do you feel better, during hot weather or cold weather, humid or dry weather?
My feelings don’t depend on weather.

10. Describe your general mental set up? Are you Moody, Arrogant, Mild, Agreeable Changeable, Nervous, Suspicious, Easily offended, Quiet, Arguing, Irritating, Lazy etc.
I think people think I am lazy. I am moody and unpredictable. A flare makes me nervous, I am very quiet in my workplace.
- How do you feel before or during a thunderstorm?
- Do you like being consoled during your tough times?
When my mother tries to console me, most of the times I feel annoyed since she doesn’t know what I am going through and how it can get better, I feel like she is just interested in making me follow her advice whatever it be.

- Are you sensitive to external stimuli like smell, noise, light etc?
Used to be sensitive to perfumes, they used to make something in my abdomen swell. Not anymore.

- Do you have any typical habit or gesture like nail biting, causeless
weeping, talking to one self etc?

I talk to myself. Mostly, its like I am instructing people to do something showing my knowledge, showing off basically.

- How do you feel about your friends, family, your children and especially your husband / wife?

I am single. I have ok relationships with family except my father, he didn’t care for us in our childhood and I haven’t forgiven him for that. He scolds all the time and theres no communication among us except hello hi.

11. What are your fears and do you dream of any situation repeatedly?
That someday candida will kill me and my liver will fail. I don’t dream of any situations repeatedly. I hardly ever dream.

12. What do you crave for in food items and what are your aversions?
cravings : rice, potatoes, junk food, sugar
Aversion: coffee

13. How is your thirst: Less, Normal or Excessive?
When going through a flare, I have low thirst.
14. How if your hunger: Less, Normal or Excessive?
15. Is there any kind of food which your body can’t stand?
rice,potatoes, gram flour,.
16. Is your sweat normal or less or more? Where does it sweat more: Head, Trunk or Limbs?
trunk, normal
17. How is your bowel movement and stool type?
when in a flare, formless, and small volume, frothy.
18. How well do you sleep? Do you have a particular posture of sleeping?
I like to put my right arm on my eyes.

19. Do you think you are able to satisfy your sexual desires in general?
Since major event 1, I hardly ever feel any sexual desires.

20. How do you think you are different from others, if at all?
I think every individual is unique.

21. What medications have been taken earlier by you to treat the diseases and do you have any particular symptom surfacing after the medication?
Please refer to the history.

22. What major diseases are running in your family?


23. Describe, how do you look like? Describe your overall appearance
I am 5ft tall, weigh 45 kg, look skinny, rough hair(though I oil excessively), some grey hair as well, black circles around eyes, if you draw a line between the lower lashes of eyes, the bone some half inch below the start of my nose(forehead side) on the left of my nose is slightly pointy, its been so since I was ten. The upper half of my upper lip is dark for years. Lyco 30, acid flouor 30, carduus marianus Q make it slightly better. I have loose and think skin. My skin tone is not what it should be at my age, it would have looked normal if I were 35 may be. But I don’t think it is right at this point.


Please answer the following questions:
(Please give details of your past menstruation if you have attained menopause.)
- Are the periods early, regular or late in general? How long do they last?
My periods are almost always regular. There is normal flow for like 3 days, then the flow goes away almost completely, but last for 10 days. Used to be heavy flow for 10 days when I hit puberty, but have since declined.

- Do you suffer from any kind of physical or mental discomfort before, during or after the periods?
Lately I have experienced some tenderness in my breasts before the periods.
- Is the flow scanty, normal or excessive?

- Is the blood thick bright red or pale watery?
Sometimes pale, sometimes red

- Do you notice any clots in the flow?
Yes sometimes, not really clots but more thread/rope like.
  Malaak on 2013-02-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please take three doses of Sepia 200 as follows and see how that affects in next 15 days (only 3 doses in 15 days).

day 1 morning
1st dose

day 1 evening
2nd dose

day 2 morning
3rd dose

One dose means
If the medicine is in pills form 2 pills. Don't touch pills with hand. Use cap of bottle to take pills.
If the medicine is in liquid dilution form, 2 drops in some 20 ml water. Sip up slowly.

Please follow homeo restrictions like no coffee, no raw onion/garlic, no strong perfumes, don't eat or drink anything within 30 minutes before or after taking medicine.
kadwa last decade
Thank you so much for replying. I will get the medicine and let you know how it goes in 15 days.
Malaak last decade
Dear Dr. Kadwa
My Sepia 200 will arrive today. I have a few questions however. After receiving your reply, I stopped taking Carduus Marianus, however
I am still feeling some of its effects, like I had been feeling very confused and fatigued the whole day today, and it just occurred to me that may be I should drink a lot of water. I just drank about 2 litres of water and suddenly all the confusion and fatigue went away. (Water didnt work such wonders on me before I started Carduus) So my question is:
Should I start sepia from tomorrow or should I wait, take no medicine and let Carduus do its work?
Also, in order to get maximum benefit from treatment, can I also do the breathing exercises that you tell a lot of people to do, and should I eat only the things that do not aggravate my symptoms or would that be unnecessary with medicine?
Can I take psyllium while taking medicine? It interferes with absorption of allopathic medicines, is it the case with homeopathy as well?

Thank you so much for taking my case. Prayers and respect!
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Malaak last decade
Please take Sepia 200. You may restart Carduus after 2 days. It won't interfere with Sepia.

Breathing exercises are good for all. Now i don't advice that separately as people already know. You will experience changes in your personality if you do these exercises regularly.

Homeo remedies are not digested in the GI tract. They offer stimulation once they enter mouth. So psyllium won't affect its absorption.

and should I eat only the things that do not aggravate my symptoms?
Yes. This is necessary.
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kadwa last decade
^Thank you Dr. Kadwa!
Malaak last decade
Hello Dr. Kadwa
I hope and pray that you are in best of health and spirits.
I took my third dose of sepia200 this morning.
Yesterday morning, after taking sepia, I felt some major improvements. There wasn't any bloating or rumbling in the abdomen after a heavy breakfast, also my energy level and productivity were pretty good(considering I drank less than half of two litres an hour of water that I have been drinking for the last few days). Everything went great yesterday, I did not eat anything I should not. Had a normal BM. However I guess my energy level was so good that I chose to stay awake till 1 am to tutor a cousin.(Normally I wouldn't dare staying awake past my bed time, as it leads to some very unproductive days and I crash at 10 pm anyway)and I cant even think of such things as most of the times I am too drained to care for anyone.
So, I got 3 hours less sleep than I normally do, and today I just had porridge in breakfast(which I digest well) and I am having bloating, uneasy feeling in the abdomen, bubbles popping and other things. But surprisingly, I am not feeling tired which I think I should, no achy muscles, and I can think straight(which would'nt be the case had I not taken sepia). I just hope that little event didnt interrupt the working of the medicine, and I really hope some make up sleep tonight will cover it, but currently I am feeling like I can not even fall asleep(seems like my old sleeping problems are resurfacing.)
I will be carefully adhering to a routine no matter how alert or strong I feel, I would really appreciate some advice on for how long should I follow a strict routine and food choices, as following the signals that my body gives me often put me in trouble. I think the problem is that I find it hard to resist getting involved in a lot of things when I feel like I have the capacity, only to discover later that I should have respected my limits. Same is the issue with food as well. Sometimes I have periods of feeling so healthy that I think I have unnecessarily restricted the kinds of foods I eat and I feel convinced that the problem is gone for good and now I can eat whatever I want, I eat something and then I pay for it with months of discomfort.
Just wanted to share this information with you so you may see if it has any significance or if it would be useful in prescribing future medicines.
May God be your guide and may He reward you abundantly for all the good work that you do on this forum!
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Malaak last decade

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Malaak last decade
Hello Dr. Kadwa,
Hope you are well.
I am here to report after 15 days.
I saw some major improvements with sepia.
Before starting the medicine, I used to feel a persistent numb feeling(not sure how else to describe it) in the area between the end of sternum and naval. My skin problems were associated with that. Whenever once in a blue moon, that feeling would go, my skin would improve, by which I mean the layer of fat beneath the skin would become thicker, complexion improved, wrinkles got better.
So after taking sepia, I noticed the following changes.
I have taken milk+turmeric 9 days out of the last 15 days.
The first ten days:
Feelings: A sense of urgency in terms of career. I suddenly became very aware that I am lagging behind (which is true) and I must work hard to get somewhere. It ended after 2 days.

Abdomen: no rumbling noises, ability to digest fats better.
The numb feeling went away, as a result my skin started to get better(hadnt been that good in a year).
I wanted to eat healthy to get maximum benefit out of the remedy so I had a salad for the first 3 days. I would get horrible constricting feeling in the throat, as if someone were strangling me. I have had such feeling a few times in the past, but it seemed random, as in I could never pinpoint the cause. I thought may be I was getting allergic to something in salad, so I stopped eating salad, I would sleep with that feeling, and i t would be better in the morning but would start 2 hours after waking, even before I had eaten anything. I checked by eliminating turmeric as well. It didn't go away. It remained there for the whole 15 days, sometimes more, sometimes less. This feeling in the throat was always accompanied by a feeling of heaviness or hollowness(not sure how to describe it) in the region of the abdomen I stated above. One pressing it would feel like the pain you sometimes get if you gulp too much water at once. The numb feeling, however, had gone away. And my skin was getting better, I was accumulating fat under the skin, my complexion improved and my muscle tone was getting better too. I discovered that eating oranges helped with that constricting feeling in throat. So I ate a lot of oranges during the 15 days.
BM consistency during the period: if I eat fibre, solid, if dont eat fibre, not very solid, but not frothy like before starting sepia.
Another thing I noticed is that it seems to me, that my problem areas sort of moved upward, Before sepia, my discomfort started like an hour after eating, now I have pain in the stomach while eating, which goes away when I finish my meal or sometime afterwards. I have never had this problem before.
Other improvements:
Saliva became less slimy.
cellulite gone
sex drive returned(guess it became normal)
the world started appearing brighter, like somehow my vision improved.
social anxiety got better, I was able to make friends, by approaching them first myself, may be after years.
ability to take stress improved. I had very hectic two days, when I couldn't get much sleep, and my downtime lasted just 2 days afterwards.
On eighth day, I accidentally ingested 3-4 grains of rice(my worst intolerance/allergen), and my muscles ached for the next two days, skin suffered, frothy stools, but it more or less stabilized in 2 days.
The above was up till day 10.
On day 10 and 11, we were at staying at a relatives house, so I ate white bread for three meals. I normally eat whole wheat bread, so I thought, since I wasn't constipated, it wouldn't hurt. I noticed I didn't get constricting throat feeling during the time I ate white bread, and the heaviness/hollowness feeling in the abdomen got better as well. So may be it was because of fiber,(or could it be a yeast dieoff symptom and unknowingly, I flared it again?) under the influence of sepia(because fiber didn't cause this before I started sepia.)Well I didn't get constipated, and I thought there was no problem. But right two days after eating white bread, the following things returned:
-numb feeling in the abdomen(the root cause of a lot of problems)
-deteriorating skin quality (thinning skin, gets red on rubbing)
-social anxiety
- slimy saliva
-constricting throat has also returned. Have this feeling right now as well.

I have two wisdom teeth that didn't come out completely and often get inflamed. Those got inflamed.
- My vision doesn't feel so bright anymore.
- I am feeling demotivated.
- some cellulite returned.
- I don't feel very focused.
- libido gone.
Though BMs are normal.
In addition I would like to add:
My tongue has cuts at the sides(its been like this since birth).
I occasionally get vulvar itch. (that started after taking carduus, there were a lot of desirable effects as well. I guess I didn't take it like I should have, so yeast became more invasive in search of food).
I sometimes get itching in ears as well(That started after I had a course of acid fluor 30).
At this moment, my problems are:
numb feeling: I am pretty sure it is not going to go away on its own, (I remember being able to control it once right after taking jigreen, with lots of nux 30 and chamomile tea, but I wasn't able to control it with diet, sepia did control it, but it has now returned.) it was there for months before starting sepia, and it is related to bad skin.
constricting feeling in throat: started after sepia, it gets very uncomfortable.
I really don't know what to eat, fiber strangles, white bread inflames something in my abdomen. However, I have learned not to eat white bread again.
Dr. Kadwa, do you think I am on my way to develop some really horrible autoimmune disease? It seems to me so. Do you think if I stick with treatment and diet long enough, it will go away?

Thank you for your help, sepia had worked amazingly, I just unknowingly stalled the progress.:( I hope you will not drop my case because of this. I think if I take sepia again, it will give me more of constricting throat, and less of relief with numb feeling in the abdomen and good skin. (because Thats how it went with carduus)
Please advise next...
Thanks and Regards,
Malaak last decade
Hi Dr. Kadwa
sorry for the long post above. Let me make it precise and brief.
Sepia 200 worked wonders.
-ability to digest fats greatly improved.
-the persistent numb feeling in the abdomen went away.
-skin tone improved a lot.
-saliva became less slimy.
-social anxiety improved.
-ability to take stress improved.
-better energy level.

but the following unwanted effects happened.

-it gave me a constricting feeling in the throat, that remained for most of the period after taking sepia. This feeling becomes worse on ingesting high fiber foods such as salads and whole wheat flour.
-it gives a tight,heaviness/ hollowness type feeling in the abdomen region(between the end of sternum and above naval.)Upon pressing it feels like the feeling you sometimes get if you gulp too much water at once.
- I feel pain in the stomach during eating. It never happened to me before.
On day 11, I ate some white bread.
Since day 13, things are not so good.
- I am feeling bloated.
- get tired easily.
- concentration problems returned.
- constricting feeling in the throat got better.
- skin quality went down.
- heaviness/hollowness feeling gone.
- sometimes numb feeling returns.
- pain in the stomach during eating went away.

Should I take sepia again, because I loved the benefits it gives? If I do so, will the constricting feeling in the throat get worse? Sometimes it gets very uncomfortable, like I am being strangled.

Kindly advise next.
Thanks and Regards,
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Malaak last decade
Please take a single dose of Lycopodium 200 and report back after 15 days. Only one dose, not daily.
kadwa last decade
^Thanks a lot. I want to add something.
I had once taken lyco 30 a couple of times, and while lyco rid me of a lot of problems, I got gastritis afterwards. I once had gastritis after acid fluor 30 as well. So I think I have a sort of disposition to that, given this, do you think a single dose of lyco 200 is safe for me?
Malaak last decade
Please go ahead with the single dose.
kadwa last decade
^ok, thanks. I will take it and report to you after 15 days.
Malaak last decade
Dear Dr. Kadwa
I took lyco 200 yesterday morning. Yesterday and today I had khaki colored stools and today I felt burning in the stomach after eating. I am feeling some weakness as well. By the way, a day before taking lyco, I ate a little chicken which upset my stomach, and after that I noticed that sugar caused weakness, this sugar thing went away in a day, but my stomach hasn't stabilized yet. I had no idea I was intolerant of chicken.

It is not bad at the moment, but I am worried it could get worse (it reminds me of jaundice).

So my questions are:
-Can I take chelidonium 30 and graphites 30 or some other remedy you may want to prescribe? Or should I wait and let lyco do its work?
-I have majoon dabeed ul ward at home, can I take that?
-Should I stop milk + 1/2 teaspoon turmeric that I take daily?

Thanks and Regards,
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Malaak last decade
You may take herbals. Let lyc work, don't take any other homeopathic drug.
kadwa last decade
^ ok thank you!
Malaak last decade
Hello Dr. Kadwa,
Hope you are well. I am here to report after 15 days. Sorry for the long post :S
^ The above problem was because of too much turmeric I think. Once I stopped taking it, it went away.
For all 15 days:
No bloating in the stomach in general.
No PMS this month. No bloating before period, no tender breasts. Flow without clots, but somewhat mucous like in consistency.
I was really careful with my diet this time. I eliminated all table sugar after lyco. And I didn’t get any cravings, like I used to get in the past on trying to go sugar free, I take it as a good sign that candida is dying.
I practiced the Anulom Vilom breathing technique 12/15 days.
The fatigue I experience on waking is almost gone.
Day 1-3:
Eye coordination: better, better ability to connect with people during conversations.
Feeling very surefooted and walking confidently. No tendency to bump into people, ability to cross road better.
Falling asleep : hard. When go to bed, feel very aware of noises and vibrations. If someone walks past, I get disturbed. I hate it if something touches my skin. Stomach very irritable. Gets upset with things like staying awake for half an hour past my bed time, taking some stress, delaying meals. Must keep abdomen covered with a pillow while sleeping, otherwise stomach gets upset.
Feeling tired after meals. I call this tiredness adrenal fatigue. (not sure if it is indeed called that), it is not the kind of fatigue where you can push yourself, you just shut down, both mentally and physically and must take a nap.
General brain fog.
minimal constricting feeling in the throat, tightness in the stomach area present.
Day 4:
Experienced some die off at night, again I am not sure if it is generally called that, but I describe it as extreme thirst, and the more I drink water, the better I get. I literally feel like every cell of my body is being cleaned. In the past, I have experienced this after lyco 30,acid fluor 30, carduus Q. After dieoff, following things happened:
-Brain fog cleared.
-Feeling like somehow my range of vision has increased and I can see things at the sides as well.
-Muscles feel strong.
- Next day solid BM (in the past also, dieoff has always been accompanied by solid BM)
-skin feels better, less wrinkly.
-complexion better
-feels like overnight my muscle mass has increased. My arms and thighs feel more solid than they have felt in the last several months.
-hair quality so much good. Hadn’t been that good in the last 2 years.
So for a brief time, it felt all my problems vanished in thin air, apart from tight and constricting feeling in the stomach.
From past I know, this dieoff thing is not sustainable. If I keep taking the medicine that causes it for long time, I become sort of allergic to it. For instance, If I take carduus marianus now, my eyes get red as if from burst capillaries, vision in right eye gets slightly blurred, heart pounds wildly on going upstairs.
Day 5:
It was easy come, easy go. A lot of the good things have declined since then. The next day I made the mistake of taking turmeric +milk in the morning, missed a meal, and had a fried egg. The following symptoms happened. Burning in the stomach after meals, almost white stool, complexion slightly dark, weakness. So I ate lots of salad and its effects went away in a few days.
Day 6 & 7:
Digestive problems because of turmeric, missed meal and egg at day 5, excessive rumbling after eating, better on day 7 than day 6.
Feeling very bright and strong, like I could do a lot of work. Feeling confident and lively.
Had some sugar cane. Instantly constricting feeling in throat returned.
Sleep very easy and refreshing. Wake without alarm at 6 am.
No fatigue on waking.
But after lunch feel drowsy, lazy and tendency to procrastinate.
Surefooted and confident.
Day 8-15:
Constricting feeling in the throat better, but there. Tightness and constriction in the area below the end of sternum and above naval better, on day 8, it was almost gone. And after a long time, my stomach felt normal. For the next few days it would return after meals, and then would go away on its own sometime after.
However, with the tightness /constriction in the stomach resolving, other problems appeared.
1. About 30 minutes after lunch, I start feeling drowsy, I feel unable to focus and concentrate. My muscles start feeling very tired, so I feel unable to do physical work as well. I want to take a nap. It is especially bad after high protein foods like meat and eggs.(It is like back in 2011, when eggs and meat used to give me sore muscles and constricting throat for some time, it went away later.) I start feeling very depressed about my health problems as well. I feel as if I am going to develop some autoimmune disease like MS, or arthritis, or lupus, probably some combination of all of them, and my life will be ruined. I feel pretty sure that I have fibromyalgia and I must learn to live with it. I feel like I will never be able to get married or have kids, and I will become a burden on my parents. So I must invest while I am able to work in some stable income stream, so that at least financially I do not become a burden on people. From day 8-11, I was feeling like such a hypochondriac that I cried my eyes out, which is unusual for me, because normally I do not cry. It is better now, but yday I was worrying myself sick over getting diabetes.
2. Sore muscles. On day 9, muscle at the back of right shoulder was sore, on day 10, it was left shoulder. On day 11, left calf was sore. Today, left shoulder is sore. I cannot turn my neck to the left. I have never had sore muscles like this before.
3. I have got a strong desire to tell everybody about my health issues.
4. My bladder problems have returned. Though much less in intensity. Its like when I urinate, my bladder doesn’t get fully empty. And also it feels a little sore.
I experienced some mild dieoff again on day 12-14, after eating salads, since then, I am eating salads everyday.
I noticed that I do not get these problems after eating vegetables and fruits and barley. So on day 12&13, that’s all I ate.
And on day 14, I was feeling exactly like I used to feel right after my bout of gastroenteritis in 2011.
1. There was no tightness in the stomach. It was just very sore. My insides felt hot, so I wanted to drink water to cool it down.
2. It felt as if my skin was producing a little bit more heat than usual.
3. My mouth, aesophagus and stomach feel as if their linings are irritated. I feel very sensitive to chillies and spices in the food(I was eating normal food, that I usually eat.)

4. My nose, ears and eyes also feel a bit irritated like at the start of flu.
On day 14, I ate at the café, and my stomach feels like I used to feel a couple of months after gastroenteritis. So at the moment my stomach is a bit sore and a bit tight(but not constricting), linings not irritated, but sensitive to smell. I went past a dustbin and the rotting smell swelled something in my stomach. But it is not irritable like it was at the start of lyco. My shoulder is sore but brain fog is better, I don’t feel so surefooted, had a hard time crossing roads today, eye coordination is not so good. Had a light and non refreshing sleep last night.

If I force myself to think objectively, I feel convinced that I am getting better. I was checking some remedies and it seems to me that phosphorus suits my symptoms.
Thanks once again for taking my case and kindly advise next.
Warm regards.
Malaak last decade
Please wait for couple of days.
kadwa last decade
Thanks for replying. I will.
Malaak last decade
i think that you should not take any remedy for one month now. Please manage with pranayam, acupressure and dietary control.

You should learn acupressure. You will not take long to become a good acupressure therapist.
kadwa last decade
^Thank you Dr Kadwa. I will surely try to find some resources to learn acupressure in case I get pain again. I have a couple of new and strange symptoms though. And some things which went away after lyco are returning too. Kindly let me know what you think of this.
1. I replaced wheat chapattis with half wheat, half barley ones. With that muscle pain went away and for a day and a half my body felt light as a feather. No sign of tired or lazy muscles. But now, my muscles are starting to feel lazy again, other variables controlled.
2. Yesterday, I felt some bloating after salad, though like 1/10 in intensity of what it used to be before.
3. Constricting feeling in throat which had almost gone away with half barley chapattis was bad yesterday. Today it was even worse. It was actually beginning to get overwhelming. It became a little better after eating an egg.
4. I woke up today with constricting and tight feeling in stomach returned.

5. I could not get enough sleep 3 days ago and the next day, tender vulvar region which had gone away after lyco returned, though much less in intensity. It went away with sleep and salads though. It returned for some time yesterday again.
6. My left side has been acting funny. Today my left thumb felt numb 2-3 times for like 1-5 seconds. My left arm has a slight ‘fallen asleep’ sensation for like two hours now. My left leg is a lot more susceptible to fall asleep than right one, even when both are in the same position. I have taken some five phos for that.
The most dramatic thing is that the first rib, right below the collar bone, on the left side has become a little swollen, in just the last 3 days. It doesn't hurt but there is clearly a difference between it and its right counterpart, its a bit protruding (if you get what I mean) not sure if swollen is the right word, more like an osteoporosed bone which is puffy.
My left wisdom tooth, that never came out fully is inflamed.
Something I forgot to mention in the last post. I got 8-10 pimples on stomach and back on day 12, they feel kind of sore in the same way like my stomach did at the time. Two days ago I got two more on my chest(both outbreaks were after eating melons, guavas and strawberries) . When I took bryonia and rhus tox 30, after gastroenteritis (or whatever it was)in 2011, the next day my whole body was covered with very small pimples. They used to itch the same as these new ones. I guess that stuff never fully came out.
Also I have a question. If what I have is really candida and if lyco is acting like an antifungal, do you think the allopathic way of taking antifungals and antibiotics is relevant here? Like they say that take them continuosly, don’t take them on and off, keep taking them for some time even if your symptoms vanish etc. Because in the past acid fluor used to give me even stronger die off than lyco, but I would start eating rice again afterwards(which for me feeds candida), and then take acid fluor again to clear out flabby skin, brain fog and tired muscles, and eat rice again… the result was that after some time it became much less effective on me.
Kindly advise whether I should wait considering this new info. Many thanks for your help and warm regards.
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Malaak last decade
Hello Dr. Kadwa
Hope you are well. Its been almost a month, but a few things have happened recently and I feel I must not wait any further. i will post all the details in next couple of posts, please forgive the length. This one is the most important. They contain the detailed info.
-The higlight of the month was a liver flush, followed by old eczema recurring.

Turns out the root cause of all my problems is suppressed eczema.
-It started out in 2010 on my right foot as round shaped patch, ~1 inch in diameter, with very hard, tiny bumps under the skin.
-Used to itch a lot, scratching caused sore lesions with sticky colorless secretion, then got crusty, then itchy again, upon itching bumps from under the skin came out, cycle continued.
-I stupidly treated it with APIS MEL 200, one dose a day for some 20 days in a row, sometimes two doses a day. The eczema cleared at the time. I think eczema happened because of radiation exposure.
-Because I was working on an experiment that involved microwaves for 2 months, had slight headache, nausea(if I remember correctly), and a small pink patch in my right eye during that time.
-Eczema occurred sometime later.(probably a few months)
I had actually forgotten about it. But now I know that gastritis in 2011 that put me in all this mess was because of it.
In 2011, I was feeling fatigued and foggy with tired and lazy muscles, flabby skin. So I took the above remedies in 30 potency for like a month, overdosed lyco I guess, everything cleared but something swelled in my stomach, fever, took bryonia 30, rhus tox 30, and skin covered with rash.
-Now, about 2 weeks ago, it recurred in the same place. And when the eczema was at its worst, my stomach was at its best. (actually I don’t remember it being that good ever. ) and consequently all my problems were beginning to get better. I think the infectious material must come out of the skin.
I had circulating pain in various places for a few days, sometimes in knee, sometimes in arms, sometimes very localized, sometimes widespread tenderness, it had a good speed, could change places in 10 minutes. But ate an egg, and eczema got a little better, stomach a little worse, a few days later, ate a few dates and eczema got even better, stomach bad, pain was changing locations with slower speed and then missed a meal, and ate bananas and even the tiny bumps almost disappeared and my stomach got very bad and all problems started occurring and even more.
2 days ago, I was at my worst, the pain was in my head and I was feeling very hypersensitive. My vision was slightly blurred, was seeing black floaters and sometimes red, yellow and green shades. Noticed one word came out slurred. I was sleeping and my mother called someone, I woke because of it, got so agitated that I cried hysterically for 2 hours straight and in a moment of insanity I hit her. I was then overcome by a sudden fear that what if my family put me in a mental hospital. Crying made me better, slept better and in the morning head was clear but neck was sore and creaking and arms were very sore, tendons tight. Then neck and arm problems settled in the stomach again. But I have some problem in the head still. Today feeling slight headache and a little nauseous. I am so scared what if it gets to my head again and cause infection in the brain and I lose my mind. Please tell me some remedy to get it out of head at least.
Please advise. I am so scared.
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Malaak last decade
Additional details.
Dr. Kadwa, it seems to me I need phosphorus. But I have lost 5 kg since starting sepia, there is a lot of progress but I have become very weak. I feel 200 dose would be too strong for me.
-First rib on left a little protruding.
-One swollen lymph node in neck for a long time.
-Another swollen lymph node just above collar bone(noticed a month ago)
-One swollen gland under jaw bone(discovered a few days ago)
-If you draw a line between naval and sternum, left of it there is a vertical band that is swollen and has been pulsating for like the whole month. It was least swollen and pulsating some two weeks ago when my eczema was at its worst,tongue had blisters like things, lips were very dry and pulsating and the tightness below the sternum was gone.
-That day stool was perfectly solid. Then eczema got better, band got worse, tightness below sternum returned somewhat and for a few days stools were perfectly solid in the beginning, then not so, solid stools means no sleep problems, no achy muscles, no brain fog, better skin, almost all problems gone. Then I missed a meal , ate a lot of bananas and missed barley porridge, stool got loose, and sticky, band and stomach got tight again, and it started going to my head.
have been noticing it midway between naval and sternum since last few days.
-Yesterday at night I was feeling like I had less control on my limbs, was so afraid of getting paralyzed, stomach was so bloated, had milk+olive oil, stomach got a bit easy, rumbling sounds in abdomen like localized problem spreading and today I have a L shaped swollen band near pelvic bone on the left. I think now most of the infectious material has settled in abdomen again.
it tends to get to my head at night.
Eczema recurred on right foot. (Almost gone now)
Noticed a caried tooth just last week.(so fast)
On back, near the hip, there is a small, round, bony and slightly movable structure.
Urination not effortless, not painful either.
Skin very wrinkly and loose. Impressions take a long time to go away.
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Malaak last decade
-For the first 15 days, I was going pretty good. Was very focused, exercising, practicing mindfulness and AV pranayam and there was some new development everyday. Then guests came over and my sleep was pretty disturbed, so I got resentful and stopped exercising and mindfulness, was going good for sometime, then started going downhill.
-My old character seemed to come out. From childhood uptil I guess 15 years, I used to be very focused, confident and kept to myself. Then I started feeling scatterbrained and I think that’s why I started mingling with people to have a sense of security. But now I feel my old self again. Able to confront people. Previously too nervous for that.
-Do not want to mingle. (I am generally talkative.) Relatives think I have withdrawn into myself.
But feel lonely because of food restrictions and sleep routine.
-Hate to be consoled, either I start crying out of self pity or feel offended because people try to judge my condition by projecting their own experiences.
-Except for the time when the eczema was out, sleep was irritable, so was I. felt hypersensitive to noises and vibrations.
-Do not want to help anybody, because since I am going through my trial alone, so should they. (so unlike me.)
-Sometimes feel jealous of others good health, pathetic I know, but so unlike me.
-After sepia, I started feeling a fibrous web under my skin, especially in parts where I had gained unhealthy weight two years ago. That seemed to be dissolving slowly with lyco, but since last week, it is getting bad again.
-My subcutaneous fat has a slightly granular consistency. Think it will get ok once eczema comes out.
Malaak last decade
Please take three doses of Natrum Mur 30 at a gap of 12 hours and see how that affects in 10 days.
kadwa last decade

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