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Dr. Kadwa Questionnaire attached, weak liver and candida, please help Page 2 of 2

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Please take three doses of Natrum Mur 30 at a gap of 12 hours and see how that affects in 10 days.
kadwa 9 years ago
Hello Dr. Kadwa
Thanks for replying. I have been feeling so weak and scared since the last few days . I will take natrum mur when I feel stable but in the meanwhile could you please prescribe me some homeo remedy for some relief from the follow symptoms.
= there is such tightness in the area below the ribs that its upward pressure makes my throat constrict.
= this tightness circulates up and down in the abdomen. when it is around the naval and below, urination gets hard
= something scary happens at night almost everyday, last night my whole left side, neck and jaw was feeling numb and stiff. When something like this happens, I get so depressed, I start crying and feel like I am going to die.
= I get such depression attacks so suddenly.
= I dont have any fever but sometimes my body feels hot.
= Last night I had such a dead sensation in my stomach.

It seems to me that I should take natrum mur once my condition stabilizes a bit. I am just scared that a healing crisis at this point will kill me. Kindly help.
Warm Regards
Malaak 9 years ago
Please take a single dose of Bryonia 200 and see how that affects in a week.
kadwa 9 years ago
Thanks Dr. Kadwa for replying.
I hope you are in best of health and spirits.
I did not take bryonia, because I had taken carboveg 200 already, and that provided some relief.
I took natrum mur 30 5 days ago. I havent noticed any changes and I strongly doubt it will have any effect in the next 5 days.
However I want to draw your
attention to the following.
- since the last 2 weeks or so, my symptoms have been the following.
I have discovered that if i dont eat meat with every meal,
my back starts feeling stiff, something starts feeling numb(mostly left arm or leg), sometimes numbness is on the right side, and sometimes in patches, eg. left thumb gets numb, sometime later it gets ok and a patch on forehead starts feeling numb, etc. in worst cases i feel stiff back and a feeling like my head is getting numb from bottom to top, if i dont eat meat and ignore it, i start getting blurred vision.
these things are accompanied by intense fear,i feel so helpless that i start crying. i think my heart starts beating fast(though my mother doesnt think so from my pulse) and i find myself taking deep breaths and gasping for air, even though i dont think i suffer from lack of oxygen at that time.
- Most of the times, I do not want to reply if somebody tries to talk to me.
- I do not want to mingle with people.
- I do not want to go out of the house because I fear what if this happens to me in public, where I dont have my mother with me.
---The above all started after the bumps on the foot disappeared and it got to my head. I did not have such symptoms before. When it was really bad, my mother took me to a psychiatrist(it was that bad) who said i had depression and anxiety and prescribed antidepressants. I took them for 2 days, they were a bit bitter and they gave me nausea and headache after eating, and sticky formless stools so I quit and tried to manage with diet. I get nausea and headache after eating karelas as well so I think i suffer from low stomach acid.
--- I have been eating meat with every meal since the last 2 weeks (i dont want to but i dont have a choice) and now i feel my digestion is not good. I do not have appetite for food but i need to eat because otherwise i start getting numbness and all the scary stuff. I have been eating lots of salads and it is not helping too much. Since I am weak, I need to eat a lot, kindly prescribe me something to improve digestion.
my abdomen has the following complaints.
- slight pulsation in the areas below ribs and 2 inches above naval to the left.
Malaak 9 years ago
^also I have noticed, when I have a panic attack, ajwain water helps. lately my candida is worse than ever, i cant eat any fruit.
----- I have a theory that my problem is metals or some other nonbiodegradable material in me plus candida. and there is a relation between that material and candida, because of the following observations. i would really appreciate if you could give me your opinion on it.

In the days following lyc, when i was feeling the best, I had the following symptoms.
- My lips were very dry, they looked like they had reddish brown powdery substance on them, and they were pulsating, and the pulsation in stomach was almost gone and my bowels were perfect. i had the same kind of reddish brown powdery substance on my hands as well and my hands were getting itchy from handling fruit, which they normally dont do.
- my right foot had a lot of bumps on it.
- i had great energy, razor sharp focus and was feeling fantastic.
- what i was calling eczema on my foot, i am not sure if that is what it was, because when it occured 3 years ago, i never consulted a doctor, it was just very hard bumps under the skin, they used to itch a lot and only on itching they used to get red and exuded white secretion and then crust developed. but when crust went away the bumps reappeared as they were, without any change.
when in the days following lyc, the tightness in my stomach dissolved and i started having soreness in muscles that travelled, i noticed that soreness worsened on eating things that aggravate candida. previously food had effect only on my stomach and brain fog.
- when i had bumps on the foot, my candida was almost gone.
- so my conclusion is that whatever the material is that circulates in my body, that causes sore muscles, shifting pains, numbness is not biodegradable, it itself is not alive and hence not infectious. so the body cant kill it, and remedies just shift it from one place to another. but there is a relation between it and candida, like i mentioned above when soreness was in my muscles, it aggravated from wheat. previously food had effect only on stomach and brain fog. and when bumps on foot were worst, i did not have shifting pains and my stomach was perfect.
- in the days following lyc, that material was very concentrated, just below ribs and on left in a vertical band. i have had 2-3 very small fibrous bumps in my breast for a long time and on day 17 of lyc, i had stabbing pain in my breast 2-3 times for like 5-10 seconds and they disappeared. but as of now, the problem causing material has spread again widely instead of being concentrated in a few places and the bumps have appeared again.

-when it appeared on my foot 3 years ago and i took too much of apis, it went away from the foot but i started feeling very tired, and sleepy, in those days upon eating rice, i used to sleep 14 hrs a day. then i took lyc, berb, sars and everything cleared and it all concentrated in my stomach, which caused severe gastritis. bry + rhus shifted it in the whole abdomen, so my bowels got inflamed(for the lack of a better word), but i kept eating rice so candida kept getting worse and in those days i used to feel swishing sensation in muscles and bones and my wisdom tooth started getting inflamed. then i got jaundice, that and years of imperfect digestion has made me weak.

--- based on my experiences and what i have read, i guess these are metals, which explains why i have chronic candida, and why when i had bumps on my foot candida was almost gone and my stomch and bowels were almost perfect.

--- and how candida is actually a blessing if you have metals because it treasures them, otherwise they circulate in the blood and can get in the head etc.
--- i would really appreciate you giving me your opinion whether to tak silicea or any other remedy to chelate the stuff out and along with it some remedy to kill candida as well, like they have a combination for bones and teeth.
cal phos
cal flr
cal iod
- thanks...
Malaak 9 years ago
Please take a single dose of Sulphur 200 and report back after 15 days.
kadwa 9 years ago

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