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Mother tincture is best. It is available on this site itself.

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You are right about the dosage pattern.

gavinimurthy 8 years ago

[message deleted by simone717 on Wed, 15 May 2013 18:13:00 BST]
simone717 8 years ago
My son is having runny nose, cough and fever currently.
He coughs all day long but it gets worse from evening till 4:00 am. I could hear rattling cough sound even when he breathes as if his chest is full of mucus.Whenever he cough he feel choked(I think phelgm is coming in his but then he swallows it).
This started with clear runny nose and dry cough 2 days ago.Next day he has low grade fever, runny nose with yellow thick mucus and his cough changed from dry to productive.He is eating less but drinking milk/water normally, little clingy as he is not feeling well but as soon as he feels better around 10-11 in the morning he starts playing.

On the first day I gave him Aconite as the onset of cold/cough was sudden.This time he started coughing from very first day usually it is towards the end of cold cycle.Aconite did not help and at night he was coughing a lot with clear runny nose. So I gave him Hepar Sulph Calc (2 dose - at 8pm & 3pm). His cough was still the same. On the first day for his fever I gave him Ferr. Phos 6x 4 times but he still had fever next morning.
2nd day I gave him Belladonna 30c - 3times/day thinking that would help him with fever and cough.
So far none of the medicine given has worked to help him feel better. His condition is still same. He is not very cranky but I could feel looking at his face that he is sick and very bothered by cough.

I am not sure which medicine should I give him. I have following medicines at home :

1) Kali Bich - 30x
2) Kali Mur - 6x
3) Kali Sulph - 6x
4) Aconite- 30c
5) Belladona - 30c
6) Sulphur -30c, 200c
7) Ferr. Phos - 6x
8) Bryonia- 30c
9) Phosphorus- 200c
10) Chamomilla- 30x
11) Pulsatilla -30x, 200c
12) Hepar Sulph Calc- 30x

Please advice !!!
roshbhaga 8 years ago
Any advice ? He don't have the fever now but is coughing badly at night. Today he vomited after cough. There was no food or milk in the vomit but just yellow thick phlegm.
roshbhaga 8 years ago
Please give him three doses of Sulphur 30 at a gap of 12 hours and see how that affects.
kadwa 8 years ago
He is feeling better with sulphur. He is coughing once in a while but he is still congested . His nose is runny with thick mucus during day. The fever is still not gone completely (99.4-99.7).
Should I give him more doses of sulphur ? Will it help to remove his chest congestion.
roshbhaga 8 years ago
I forgot to mention that his eyes are watery throughout the day. He is not very clingy but moody these days. We don't know what exactly will upset him. He burst into tears if we ask him not to do something. Sometimes he is indecisive about what he wants like if he wants to be picked up or want to go down. When we pick him he will try to go down and lean for it but when we put him down he will cry.This is not his normal behavior.
Please advice.
roshbhaga 8 years ago
Please give him a single dose of Pulsatilla 200 and see how that affects in few days.
kadwa 8 years ago

Hope this helps:

Re: the sleep issue - babies and toddlers don't sleep well if they are overtired, if he goes to sleep at 9 pm I suspect he is. 7.30-8.00 would be a better time, with a short period of winding down. I encourage you to gently reduce the afternoon nap and bring bedtime somewhere between 7.30-8.00

re: moodiness - it might be directly related to tiredness or it might be just part of his normal 'toddler' development. Babies at 18 months start to become more fussy and like to explore things by themselves and get very frustrated as they don't understand the meaning of 'you are not allowed'. They don't call it 'the terrible twos' for nothing :)

Re: colds: our son is 18 months old, we supplement his diet with Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil and baby probiotics, he rarely gets colds.
enirra 8 years ago
Hi Murthy /Kadwa,
As per the suggestion I have given my son one week dose of Agraphis Nutans Mother tincture 2 times a day.
There is definitely improvement in his sleep but he still breathes through his mouth most of time (day & night). There is still constriction in his nasal passageway and if I try to shut his mouth he opens it right away to breath. He drools a lots to the point that part of his T-shirt in the front gets wet and I have to constantly wipe his mouth. I have not noticed any other symptoms.
He is very active 17 month toddler. Eats and drink ok. Short tempered if he dont get his way but usually cheerful throughout the day.Now-a-days he is throwing tantrums but I think it might be natural for his age. Normal physical development, no particular fears, learns things quickly. He is lean,tall but weight is good.I think his teeth are coming little late. He has total 8 teeth( 4 upper& 4 lower) but no molars yet.

Should I wait and watch for few more days? The dose completed on Sun May 12th.I got his X-ray done for Adenoid hypertrophy and there is mild enlargement of adenoids. Tonsils and sinuses are fine as per his regular Doctor. His doctor has recommended to visit ENT for futher treatment and to check if there are any nasal poylps also.
roshbhaga 8 years ago
Please give him three doses of Mercurius Sol 30 at a gap of 12 hours and see how that affects in 15 days. Agraphis shouldn't be given when Merc is given. It may be started after 2 days.
kadwa 8 years ago
Try Merc sol as suggested by Kadwa. Report back after three days.

[message edited by gavinimurthy on Wed, 15 May 2013 15:17:46 BST]
gavinimurthy 8 years ago
I was reading about merc sol personality type just out of curiosity. My son's personality does not match with given decsiption for Merc. sol other than the excess salivation part.
Is it still ok to give him merc. sol ? Also since 3-4 days he is behaving very irritable. He gets upset for almost everything ( changing diaper,bathing, changing clothes etc). He is constantly asking to pick him up..his behaviour is really making us frustated. He does not seem like he has any pain but just stubborn about being picked up. His behaviour is getting beyond my patience specially at night. He wakes up 2-3 three times crying and want to be picked up and if dont pick if he gets angry,frustated and shows his frustation by throwing legs and whatever he gets in hand and cries.
He always had sleep issues since birth but previously it was only crying( like he has some pain). Now it is all anger,irritation & frustation. I feel like he get frustated when his sleep is disturbed for god knows what reason.

So far we have tried following for his sleep issue:
> Belladona 30- didn't work
> Phosphorus 200- worked for may be 2-3 days but not significantly.
> Sulphur 200- worked. He slept good for maybe 15-20 days.But now he is back to old waking at night, pick me up and crying routine.
> Agraphis NutansQ- for his mild swelling in Adenoid & for his mouth breathing. I don't think this worked as he still breathes through his mouth.

Please advise what can be done to solve his sleep problem. He is fine during day and dont know what happens to him at night. It takes almost an hour for him to fall asleep.
roshbhaga 8 years ago
Any advice ?
roshbhaga 8 years ago
Which Materia Medica and repertory do you refer to?
kadwa 8 years ago
Mercurius%20solubilis.htm " rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">http://www.planethomeopathy.com/Mercurius%20solubilis.htm
roshbhaga 8 years ago
The remedy doesn't work vide it's theme. It also works through it's significant symptoms. Many lectures and essays on themes disregard a large number of rubrics where the remedy is listed.
kadwa 8 years ago
So Mercurius Solubilis would help my son's mouth breathing problem. I can get it in a week and start doses as you suggested.
His salivation has reduced now ..I think it might be because his molar teeth were coming. One molar has came out now and I don't see significant salivation as it was 2 weeks before.
His sleep pattern is still the same though.
roshbhaga 8 years ago

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