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Erectile Dysfunction

[message deleted by shareefmm9 on Sat, 04 May 2013 12:24:01 BST]
  shareefmm9 on 2013-03-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Daktersaab would you be kind enough to give your valuable advice please. Once again frequency, urgency and dribbling has restarted as I have stopped taking Causticum. The problem of erectile dysfunction also is continuing. Please advise medicine which will cure both the above problems. I shall be most grateful for your advice.
shareefmm9 last decade
Please take three doses of Sulphur 200 as follows and see how that affects in next 15 days (only 3 doses in 15 days).

day 1 morning
1st dose

day 1 evening
2nd dose

day 2 morning
3rd dose

One dose means
If the medicine is in pills form 2 pills. Don't touch pills with hand. Use cap of bottle to take pills.
If the medicine is in liquid dilution form, 2 drops in some 20 ml water. Sip up slowly.

Please follow homeo restrictions like no coffee, no raw onion/garlic, no strong perfumes, don't eat or drink anything within 30 minutes before or after taking medicine.
kadwa last decade
Thank you indeed for a prompt response. I have SULFUR 200 in liquid form from Germany and have started taking it from today 27th March exactly as you instructed. After taking the third dose in the morning of 28th March, I will not take any medicine at all for the next 14 days and report back to you on 11th April for further guidance. If you require any further information about me, kindly let me know.
shareefmm9 last decade
Please report back with complete details after 15 days. You may talk about your attitude to life and people. Talk as much as you can so that we can understand you as a person. You may also list out all your complaints in detail.
kadwa last decade
For the kind attention of Dr. Kadwa

After taking the 3rd dose of Sulphur 200 on 28th March, suddenly my nose started running profusely perhaps due to change of weather followed by 102 degree fever and 100/60 BP. I tried to avoid going to an allopathic doctor but my son insisted and I reluctantly went. The doctor gave me 2 injections and a drip and prescribed double antibiotic (Gloclav 1g and Ciflox 500). After taking these antibiotics for one day my condition worsened. I consulted another physician known to us who told me to stop Ciflox totally and take only Gloclav 1/2 tablet twice a day for 5 days. I then felt little better but I still have cough and constant discharge of whitish phlegm with a salty taste. The problem of urgency, frequency and dribbling of urine continues. Surprisingly the erectile dysfunction disappeared and after one week I was able to have very satisfactory sexual intercourse with my wife. I am giving below a detailed medical history for your kind perusal and advice:


I am 70 years old.My attitude to life and people is very pleasant. I always count God's blessings on me and remain thankful for his countless bounties. By the Grace of AlMighty God I do not suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes. My late parents also did not suffer from these diseases, but my late mother was once diagnosed with Epilepsy and was treated and cured. As my chest X-ray always shows an old scar on the left side, I was also suspected of TB in Saudi Arabia, but all the tests conducted by keeping me in hospital for 14 days produced negative results.

Although I do not have a heart problem as such, but occasionally I have palpitation followed by body tremor and weakness which improves within a minute or two.

After extensive tests on the Treadmill, Echo, etc. a couple of years ago, the Cardiologist at a local Hospital in Saudi Arabia had diagnosed mild Ischemia, and advised me to take only one Junior Aspirin daily to keep the blood thin.I discontinued taking Junior Aspirin more than a year now.

I notice that whenever I use stairs to go up, my heartbeat increases considerably for quite sometime, specially where each stair is too high. This does not happen if the stairs are of normal height.

I am very susceptible to cold. I cannot tolerate cold weather or cold winds which instantly make me sneeze with watery nose. Even in summer I suffer from air conditioned environment although it is unavoidable due to extreme heat in this part of the world. I always have very cold knees, feet and bottom, but my hands are usually warm. Even in summer, I cover my head with a cloth and sleep with socks on in addition to a light blanket. By God's grace I have no difficulty in having sound sleep any time, and my wife says I always snore and talk during sleep. I cannot tolerate cold air on my neck and feet. I have lactose intolerance; drinking milk on its own or eating sweets upsets my stomach by creating excessive gas. I am however very fond of eating anything sweet or fruits specially after meals.

Please note that so far I have had the following surgical operations under general anaesthesia:

1. Nose operation SMR (submucuous resection) in Bahrain (March 1962)
2. Nose operation (Caldwell Luc) in Bahrain (July 1965)
3.Nose (Antedennum Puncture & wash out) for sinuses in London (1968)
4. Appendix - Grumbling Appendix removed in Zambia (July 1971)
5. Ear - Tympanoplasty (without mastiodectomy) of right ear in South Africa (Nov. 1983)
6. Ear - Bil. Antrum wash out with Gromet in right ear in South Africa.. (Jan. 1990)
7. Eye - Loss of vision after Cataract removal from right eye due to Gentamycin toxicity Saudi Arabia (Aug. 1998)
8. Eye - Cyclo-destructive procedure by laser in the right eye to reduce pressure – Saudi Arabia (Feb. 1999)
9. Eye - Cataract removed successfully from left eye – Saudi Arabia (Oct. 2002)

Currently, I have the following four major health problems:

1 Enlarged prostate/Weak Sphincter causing occasional dribbling
2 Throat / excessive phlegm
3Allergic rhinitis/Pharyngitis
4 Osteo-arthritis

Enlarged Prostate
As per the latest ultrasound report after passing urine following the test, the residual urine was significant (136 ml). The bladder does not empty fully and the stream of urine is slow. Apart from increased frequency, specially in winter and even in summer (getting up 3 to 4 times at night to pass urine) the urgency is such that most of the time I must reach the toilet quickly otherwise some drops will ooze out (dribbling) probably due to weak sphincter or perhaps urge incontinence. Tests conducted by a Urologist confirmed that my prostate gland is moderately enlarged.(32 gms).

Throat Problem
At frequent intervals throughout the day constantly and even at night, I feel a pinching irritation in my throat which immediately triggers spontaneous cough followed by discharge of a thick sticky saliva like glue of a saltish taste which quickly spreads on my tongue and in the mouth. When I read a book aloud, after a few minutes, all of a sudden I almost lose my voice for a while then the voice comes back after clearing my throat by coughing several times.
I sweat a lot and also catch a cold frequently, and whenever I have a cold, my throat is affected first followed by hoarseness coupled with breathlessness, and sometimes Sinus headache in the center of forehead (maxillary sinusitis). I mostly have blocked ears (specially the left ear) causing hearing difficulty due to inflammation of Eustachian tubes.
I have excessive production and discharge of phlegm (bulghum) throughout the day until bedtime. It is usually in large quantity, thick (sometimes thin) and mostly whitish in colour. The phlegm constantly falls inside into my throat. I feel as if whatever I eat it turns into phlegm, and its constant discharge by clearing throat every now and then is very distressing.

Allergic Rhinitis/Pharyngitis
Every morning when I go out for a walk early morning, specially in summer, I start sneezing and there is constant watery discharge from the nose followed by thick yellow mucus and it continues throughout the day till bed time.

I normally walk fast and feel no pain in my legs. But, I find it difficult to sit down on the ground, and to stand back after sitting position without support. In a stationary position, I feel pain in the area from knees downwards till calves and feet.

Miscellaneous Symptoms
Weak memory/forgetfulness/lack of concentration

2. Eczema: This started more than 10 years ago; now it appears mainly on the back of hands and fingers. I feel like scratching skin until it burns or bleeds.

3. Tinnitus: I have constant loud noise in my ears such as one could hear in a thick forest at night (sounds like birds chirping, (chi chi chi …….). I hear such sounds particularly in silence all the time without a break.

4. Neck Pain: I often have neck pain spreading sometimes downwards to upper spine which is very uncomfortable.

5. Stomach: My stomach usually becomes hard like a drum causing discomfort specially after meals. Excessive gas is produced as bowels are not evacuated fully in the first movement. Sometimes I pass motion 2-3 times.

I shall look forward to hear from you. I do have a stock of 100 homeopathic medicines, a list is attached for your kind perusal:

LIST OF HOMEO MEDICINES (updated 10 April, 2013)

1.ACID PHOS 200 & 1M
2.ACONITE 6 & 30
3.AGNUS CASTUS 30 & 200
4.ALLIUM CEPA 200 (tablets)
5.ALOES 200
9.ARGENT NIT 30/200/1M
10.ARNICA 30 & 200
11.ARS. IOD 200
12.arsenic alb 200 & 1M
15.BARYTA CARB 30, 200 1M
16.BELLADONNA 30 & 200
19.BRYONIA 30 & 200
21.Calcarea Carb 30, 1M & 10M
26.CANTAHARIS 30 & 200
27.CARBOVEG 30 & 200
30.CAUSTICUM 30 & 200
32.CHIMAPHILA Q 33.CHINA 30 & 200
34.CIMICIFUGA 30 & 200
37.CONIUM 30, 200 & 1M
41.DROSERA 30, 200
51.GELSEMIUM 30, 200, 1M
52.GRAPHITES 6, 30 & 200
53.HEPAR SULPH 200 , 1M
60.IPECAC 30/200
62.KALI BICH. 30 / 1M, 10M,50M
64.KALI PHOS 6X/30/200/1M
65.Kali sulF 6X
69.MAGNESIA PHOS 6/X & 200
72.MEZARIUM 30 & 200
74.NATRUM MUR 200 & 1M
77.NUX VOMICA 30, 200 & 1M
82.PSORINUM 200 & 1M
83.PULSATILLA 30 / 200
86.RHUS TOX 30/200 & 1M
87.SABAL 200
90.SEPIA 30, 200 / 1M & 10M
91.SILICEA 6X, 12X/30 & 200
92.SPONGIA 200 & 1M
93.STICTA 200
94.SULPHUR 200 & 1M
98.THUJA OC 200 & 1M
100.WYETHIA 30

With best regards
M. Shareef
shareefmm9 last decade
Please take a single dose of Sulphur 200 and report back after 15 days. Only one dose, not daily.
kadwa last decade
Respected Dr. Kadwa
As advised I took only one dose of SULFUR 200 on 12TH April 2013 and till today 27th April I did not take any homeopathic or allopathic medicine. In my previous communication I gave a full description of my medical condition which mainly still applies. I am giving below my current state of health for your kind perusal:
1. I still have blocked ears with loss of hearing and Tinnitus.
2. I often have a sore throat and excessive tasteless watery saliva in my mouth. When I cough after recurring pinching feeling in my throat the saliva in mouth becomes sticky thread-like like glue followed by discharge of thick phlegm with a salty taste. Throughout the day and even at night each and every time I cough there is always discharge of phlegm. I feel phlegm is always present in my throat ready to be discharged. When I go to bed I continuously cough for nearly 15 minutes with discharge of phlegm. When I feel there is no more phlegm to be discharged for the time being then only I could sleep. I often have noisy chest full of phlegm.
3. I also have regular discharge of thick yellowish mucous from my nose throughout the day, particularly from my left nostril and sometimes from my right nostril. Frequently I have sinus headache in the center of my forehead.
4. I have neck pain daily but sometimes severe if I am sitting without a back rest.
5. For the last couple of weeks I am feeling some reduction in my eyesight as well as you know I have vision in my left eye only following loss of vision in my right eye after cataract removal.
6. I notice for the last couple of weeks my digestive system has become very active as I pass stool (soft) 3 to 4 times in a day with frequent removal of noisy gases. But I do feel weakness after passing stool. As my stomach is free of stool and gases my appetite for food has marginally increased.
7. I still have urgency, frequency and dribbling of urine as reported earlier. The stream of urine is slow and the bladder does not empty fully. As there is a lot of residual urine which is not discharged until after a period of 15 to 20 minutes. As you know my prostate is moderately enlarged as per the ultrasound test.
8. I reported to you earlier that I felt as if my erectile dysfunction had disappeared. It is not so now. I had some erection prior to intercourse but before actual intercourse the organ became soft unable to penetrate. It was an embarrassing situation. I still have erectile dysfunction. Until recent past I never had this problem.

Dr. Kadwa I need your kind and immediate attention in above health problems particularly (a) urgency, frequency and increased dribbling of urine (b) Throat problem with excessive discharge of phlegm, and mucous from nose and (c) Erectile dysfunction.
Kindly note that in my list of homeopathic medicines submitted earlier I omitted to mention one medicine (QUASSIA AMARA-SIMARUBA OFF) in mother tincture. Please add it to the list.
With best regards
M. Shareef
shareefmm9 last decade
Please take a single dose of Phosphorus 200 and report back after 15 days. Only one dose, not daily.
kadwa last decade
For the kind attention of Dr. Kadwa
As advised I took a single dose of Phosphorus 200 on 29th April. Even though you instructed me to report back after 15 days but since yesterday I am feeling totally rundown with body ache (specially pain in back and knees) , lethargy, frequent secretion of yellowish mucus from the nose, and phlegm from chest and throat from coughing and sinus headache in the center of forehead. I feel extreme weakness in my body. There is also increased occurence of urgency, frequency and dribbling of urine.
shareefmm9 last decade
Please wait for few days and see whether this episode passes away on it's own. If it doesn't please take a single dose of Calc Carb 200 and see how that affects in 15 days.
kadwa last decade
The episode continued and I had to take one dose of Calc Carb 200 four days ago but instead of improvement it became worst and still there is no relief from continuous secretion of yellowish mucus from the nose (particularly from the left nostril), and non-stop phlegm from chest and throat from incessant coughing. Due to my health condition, my son once again persuaded me to consult an Internist who, after examining, stated that my nose condition was very bad with polyps inside. He suggested I must take an antibiotic MAXIM 400 mg,CLARA 10 mg anti-allergy tablets, OTRIVINE Nasal Spray and BRONOQUIM Syrup 10 ml TDS. I reluctantly took these medicines for 2 days, but I would like to discontinue this allopathic treatment due to extreme side effects such as hallucinations,too much sleeping with haphazard dreams, difficulty in walking straight, trembling and feeling very weak, etc. My chest is still full of phlegm and anyone near me can even hear the sound coming from my chest with every breath. The throat condition is also the same as I mentioned in my detailed medical history. Please advise.
shareefmm9 last decade
Dr Kadwa Kindly reply to my last communication and oblige.
shareefmm9 last decade
Please take a single dose of Pulsatilla 200 and see how that affects in a week.
kadwa last decade
As advised I took a single dose of Pulsatilla 200 on 13th May. I do not find any change in my throat condition (sticky saliva) discharge of phlegm from chest at frequent intervals following cough throughout the waking period. Discharge of yellowish Mucous from nose (more from left nostril) is still frequent. I still have urgency, frequency and occasional dribbling of urine. I shall await your further advice.
shareefmm9 last decade
i think you should try aurum metallicum and see how it will help.
doris steve last decade
As I do not have aurum mettalicum in my stock of medicines,I tried to get it but so far with no success. Perhaps you could please indicate any complimentary medicine to aurum metallicum if appropriate from the list of medicines which appears in above blogs which I sent to you earlier on 10th April 2013. Strange enough I did not take any medicine at all during the last 3 weeks and the majority of my symptoms, (except frequency, urgency and dribbling of urine) appear to have at least partially subsided. I am still in need of your kind advice. Please note that nowadays being summer it is ultra dry in this part of the world where I live and the temperatures rise to as high as 50 degrees.
[message edited by shareefmm9 on Wed, 19 Jun 2013 20:48:41 BST]
shareefmm9 last decade
For the kind attention of Dr. Kadwa

Still waiting to hear from you. As I wrote even though there is some partial relief from other symptoms, I am still suffering from urgency, frequency and dribbling of urine. I shall very much appreciate your comprehensive advice covering overall symptoms.
Best regards
shareefmm9 last decade
pls i want you to try argentium nitricium,30th potency,one drop morning,afternoon and night for 30 days and send me the effect and changes in the symptoms.
doris steve last decade
Thank you indeed Dr. Steve for your communication. I would certainly try Argent Nit 30 as advised. Currently I am on annual vacation and as soon as I return to Saudia I will start the treatment and inform you of any changes in the symptoms.
shareefmm9 last decade

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