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To Joe: Warts

Joe, I have been writing in this forum and trying to find a remedy for the wart on my child's face. Posts under the topic : Wart on the face.
I've tried several medicines( as per my posts), but have seemed to reach a dead end.

Would welcome any inputs or advice you might have on this.
  anjuverma on 2005-09-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I have read your posts on another thread and did not post any remedy as I am aware that Thuja which is the remedy usually prescribed, does not help in many cases.

However one method that I have recommended which usually works is to use a hair, yes a human hair, which is used to tie a knot securely at the base of the wart. It is best to look around to get a strong thick hair from your friends as fine hair can break when knotted.

It is important that the wart is pulled up slightly from the skin before the knot is double knotted and this can be done very carefully by pulling it up with the fingers or if the wart is small with a tweezer. The idea is to get the hair on the base of the wart where it starts up from the skin. Multiple hairs may be used if necessary if the first one was not positioned correctly. The ends of the hair can be cut off after the knots are positioned correctly.

The hair will ensure that the blood supply to the wart is interrupted and the wart will usually fall off in a few days after drying up and turning black.

Warts are best treated with this method as early as possible when they are just starting up from the skin and I can assure you that this procedure does not cause any pain except when the knot is tied for the first time when a slight discomfort will be felt.
Joe De Livera last decade
Yes Thuja does help. But the best way I found was the one said by Kuldeep. Take the Thuja leaf which he said is found everywhere. Actually the plant is used as a decorative one.
Take a small part of leaf, grind it and mix it with some face cream or lotion. Keep this in the fridge. You wil get about a quarter teaspoon of it. Just put it on your wrist pulse points and also on the wart. It should fall off quite quickly.
Yes 2-3 of us have tried it and it works.
maya_hari last decade
Dear Joe,
Thanks for your reply.
Can I try this treatment now, after the wart has been present for more than 3 months? Should I leave the knot on continuously for a few days?
It is very interesting you mention this form of treatment.
A few years ago I visited a homeopath because my older son developed a dark round growth on the back of his neck. It was small initially, but over the years it has grown almost double in size. Its layered like a cabbage and dark in colour. My homeopath took a sterlised horse hair and tied a knot around it. The boy experienced some pain at that time. Unfortunaltely the hair had come off the next morning, and we didn't try again.
Doctor told me not to worry, and that it was not infectious. For lack of any other advice I left it alone. Recently I took the boy to an allopath where he confirmed that it was mole, unlike the "wart" on my 2nd child's face.
Can I try this treatment on both the children? Any downside? I hope it does not cause injury or bleeding.

Dear Maha Hari,
Thanks for your input. Where can I get a Thuja leaf?
anjuverma last decade
It is found as a decorative plant in most gardens throughout India or also the world ( i am not sure about it) It looks like a christmas tree with rounded edges. Known as morpanki in Hindi. Search in Google for the picture.
maya_hari last decade
Please re read my post above. I suggested that you look around for a thick strong human hair which is necessary for this treatment.

The hair is knotted as low as possible on the wart preferably after pulling it upwards to ensure that the knot starts at the base next the skin. If this hair is knotted tightly it cannot slip like the horse hair that you used for your son. The human hair when knotted tightly interrupts the blood supply and the wart usually drop off in 2-3 days painlessly.

The problem with some warts is that they are caused by a virus which can spread other baby warts around the skin area. It is best to treat them as early as possible after they are first identified.

The great advantage of this treatment is that it can be carried out at home without having recourse to doctors who usually cauterize the wart or freeze it with liquid nitrogen, which can cause other burns on the skin immediately adjacent if use by anyone who is not skilled in using this technique. There is no pain and of couse no bleeding as the wart dries up on the skin with the lack of the blood supply .

You mentioned a mole in your son and it just depends on how large it is and if it is grown above the skin to enable it to be tied with the hair. You will have to use your discretion after you first use this technique with your other son who has the wart.
Joe De Livera last decade
I have seen horse hair being used as a standard thing to starve "skin-knot" of blood, in villages in India. They use the hair from the tail of the horse because it is rough and does not slip off and you can tighten a little when necessary to take off the slack caused by the stem becoming thin gradually. For that, they do not give double knot, because even single knot does not slip and permits further tightening.

But let us remember that this method is not a permanent solution for wart, which is caused by virus. It will have temporary cosmetic value. The wart will come up again at the same place. It can only be got rid off homeopathically.

The mother is supposed to have given Thuja 1000 twice over a period of 2 weeks. After one week she reported no progress(please see thread 36006/1). She has now to me report after the second week on 7th. I suggest patience please before discarding Thuja.

I have already tried causticum based on wrong impression conveyed to me that the base is soft and top rough due misunderstading for which she cannot be blamed. That is where the trouble lies when we prescribe without seeing the patient. Even now, let the mother send a close-up photo of the wart as attachment to e-mail. Let us see whether we can understand better.

I did not give Nitric Acid (as suggested by somebody) because the wart is not bleeding.

Even if the report on 7th. is negative, I have planned to increase the frequency. This time I will give in wet dose and the mixture will be shaken vigorously before each dose to enhance its efficacy and get over "successive repeatition of the same potency" problem. If this also does not work, then go to 10000 potency. People have gone upto 100000 to get rid of it. Somebody on the other thread suggested that but I was against jumping from 200 to 100000 because you cannot kill a fly sitting on your child's face by a sword. You will no doubt kill the fly but at what cost? High potencies are not suddenly given to infants and old people due to their body resistance being low, to avoid shock.

Finally, it is for Joe and child's mother to take a decision because the problem, in this particular thread, was addressed to him to start with.
sahai last decade
Dear Sahai,
As recommended by you, I got Thuja 1000 pills from UK, and have administered for 3 weeks. Once a week and given in 2 doses spaced 15 min apart. The 3rd dose was given yesterday.
Till now I think it may have shrinked very slightly. Am waiting for results.
Will try the "hair knot" treatment, perhaps in a week or two.
I do not have quick access to medicines. So whenver you recommend a higher dose of Thuja, it will take me a few weeks to obtain it.
anjuverma last decade
Dear Joe,

A few days ago, I did what you told me.I tied the hair knot on the child's wart before he went to bed. He did feel a pinch. Nothing happened for 2 days, and the hair fell off after a swimming class.
Last night I tied it again. This time carefully, and with a double knot. When I went to check on him a few hours later, there was blood streaking down his face and the wart had gone.
I was scared. Cleaned up the wound - he was fast asleep. Perahps he scratched it in his sleep, I don't know.
I applied some antiseptic powder, and the bleeding stopped. This morning it looks ok, as if he was hurt. There is no swelling in the area. I put some Arnica 30 pills in his mouth last night.

Is there anything to worry about? I didn't expect the bleeding.Is there any medicine I should give to prevent recurrence? Do you think the way in which the wart fell off, it may cause infection in the area?

My other boy has a mole on the back of his neck. I did the same hair knot for him.In one day, it shrivelled to one third its original size.Its hanging a bit loose. The hair fell off and I tied one again.
I think it would fall off soon.
Thanks Joe, something finally worked. What I think about is what Sahai says about the infection to be treated from the inside.I don't know if Thuja 1000 worked too.Pls tell me if I should continue with Thuja ( maybe diff potency) or give anything else?
Thanks to you too, Sahai. Perhaps it was Thuja and the hair knot that worked together?
anjuverma last decade
Thank you for informing me and those who visit this thread of the successful outcome of my prescription for handling your boy's wart. It is good to know that you thought of sharing this news as I have almost always observed that when patients are cured of their ailments which they have posted on the forum, it is very rarely indeed that they take the time to record the successful result like you have done. Those who do not do so must please remember that I and the others who advice on this forum are also human and like to be kept informed of the success or failure of our prescriptions.

In your case I must state that I am happy that you followed my idea with a successful result.

I have used this techinique for over 50 years and unless the wart is large which I believe your son's wart was, it usually falls off in about 3 days without trace. In the case of large warts it is best to tie 2 or 3 hairs as low as possible to the skin and this usually stops the blood supply to the wart making it to dry up and fall off.

Ths slight bleeding that you noticed is due to the skin wound under the wart and an antiseptic can be used to ensure that bacteria does not enter into the wound which will not occur if it bleeds. A plaster can be stuck on the wound for a day and that is the end of the wart.

I note that another son also has a wart on his neck. The same hair treatment will fix it and you can again use 2 or more hairs knotted separately for maximum effect.

I have used Thuja in varying potencies but it has never worked as successfully as the human hair(s) tied on the wart.
Joe De Livera last decade

I have a really BIG wart (1/2 inch diameter) in the palm of my hand. I can not tie a hair arround it. It is too big, and plane.

What do you recommend?
Thuja 1000 can help? How do I use it? How long will take to make it die?

Please, I need to do some thing.
Thank you.
atuk2 last decade
I'm afraid that the Hair Treatment cannot help your wart at 1/2 inch diameter. This is indeed very rare and you obviously had it for many months or years.

I do not also think that Thuja can help it.

I believe that it is only surgery that can do so.
Joe De Livera last decade
Use Natrum Mur 6, 4 hourly. Prepare as below :

Put 1 drop of liquid medicine in 1 ounce of distilled water/non-medicinal spring water(boiled)/rain water(collected after it has rained for a few minutes)/drinking water(boiled) and shake it vigorously at least 10 times. Out of this, use 1 tea-spoonful as a dose.
Shake,as before, every time, just before taking the next dose.
sahai last decade
Both warts and moles can appear because of a potassium deficiency. Some natural remedies that work are drinking organic apple cider vinegar, Tbl per day or taking apple cider vinegar pills. Also an old remedy is to put apple cider vinegar directly on growth 2x daily for at least 2 weeks, or the inside of a potato peel or inside of a banana peel directly over growth (bandaid can hold it on) for at least 2 weeks. Usually growth will fall off. Both potato and banana skins are rich in potassium.
cdhokc last decade
I've read all these posts about warts. I have gone to a doctor because I have a big wart on my head, but I was told that it is more like a mole and it's genetic because my mom has one on her back and my aunt had one on her tongue but was removed during a surgery. Is there also a way to get it to go away naturally without the doctor having to cut it off?

veralucia last decade

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