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On 2005-10-01, 4409 hits had been made on the following posting ( http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/20021/ ) but nobody addressed the halitosis issue. Which means that halitosis (according to the number of hits) is a huge problem. By not replying to the question is an indication that halitosis is a sensitive and embarrassing problem, but everybody avoids addressing it.

Now let me post the question directly: Does anyone have a homeopathy remedy for halitosis.
  Zofay on 2005-10-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
HALITOSIS = Foul or Offensive Breath

"Zofay" : Let me try address your challenge. Please do post your progress, if you try the following :

EPSOM SALT : Take 5 grams of EPSOM SALT (I.P. .or. B.P.). Dissolve in 100 ml water. Deep Throated - Gargle strongly 5-6 times. NO fresh water gargle after above. Do this 2-3 times a day, for many days. Epsom Salt is a natural bactericide & germicide. This is guaranteed to eliminate all bacters & germs in the entire oral space (mouth n throat), eliminating the tendency for Halitosis (foul or offensive breath).
The taste of epsom salt is not very pleasant, but then nothing works better than above, without taking any Homeopathic or any medicines whatsoever. It is perfectly safe, if the above solution is ingested / swallowed.

MOUTH WASH : Calendula-Q (mother tincture) (one teapoon in 100 ml water). 2 times daily.
If a person uses Calendula-Q as a mouth wash, he will never have dental problems, like decaying tooth, foul breath, tooth pain or the need for root canaling. Gargle strongly for 5-6 times. NO fresh water gargle after above.

offensive breath - Agaricus Muscarius
offensive mouth smell - Natrum Muriaticum
offensive breath, due to digestion problems - Pulsatilla Nigricans
offensive smell, (specially stools or anywhere) - Rhus Glab.
putrefying smell - Podophyllum Peltatum
offensive breath, due to any respiratory tract problem - Capsicum
offensive smell, from eructing - Sulphur

Also consider reading : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/35254
Nesha-India last decade
Thank you so much for your advice. I will definitely give it a try and give you a report back later on.
Zofay last decade
I gave the Epson Salts a go and it works, or seems to work. So far so good, it lasts for some time but not the whole day. Therefor, 2-3 times a day is fine.

After gargling with the Epsom Salts, i have a sweet/sugary taste taste in my mouth. Is this normal, because I thought that it would leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

I inquired about Calendula-Q (mother tincture) at the pharmacy. But it only comes in liquid(oil) form and ointment in a tube. I was under the impression that it is in powder form. So does that mean that I must use one teaspoon of this oil in 100 ml of water. The explanation given was that it is used as a barrier for rashes, etc.

Furthermore, can I use both the Epsom Salts and the Calendula-Q in the morning. Therefor, first the Epsom Salts and then the Calendula-Q? Or should I use it on alternate days?

And should I use options 1 and 2 with room temperature water or hot water?

Your response would be much appreciated.
Zofay last decade
"Zofay" :
1. Use normal room temperature water. Though you could use luke-warm water too.
2. Use only one option at a time. It will be sufficient.
3. Do not expect miracles. This will have to be done for long periods, to remove tendency. Remember, here you are not taking any medicines.
4. Calendula is not available in Oil base. Calendula is available in Water or Alcohol base. However if the calendula is in oil base - Do not use this.
5. The sweet / sugary taste in your mouth, is obviously due to you LAST gargling again with fresh / normal water. Do not do this.
6. Calendula is not only for rashes etc... but for various other uses too. It will stablise your Gum tissue and remove the micro-rotting tissue cells which otherwise putrifies.

also read http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/40731/. This might help you too.
Nesha-India last decade
I read your first posting that says tha I should not rinse with water afterwards. But it still has i slight sugary taste. It could be that the manufacturer added a bit of sugar so that it won't taste so bitter.
Zofay last decade
The advice that you gave me works, it obviously recur after some time. But the odour is not as stale as was previously.

Kindly clarify your following statement: Use only one option at a time. It will be sufficient.

Does it imply that I should use it every second day - therefore, every alternate day - or every second week - therefore, every alternate week?

Your previous endeavours were much appreciated and your next response would be much appreciated.

PS. I would like to gain the benefits of Calendula-Q (mother tincture), as well. i am not clear - at the present moment -
when to use Calendula-Q (mother tincture).
Zofay last decade
"Zofay" :
1. Use Epsom Salt gargle 2-3 times A DAY.
2. EVERY DAY and not alternate days.
3. This is an on-going SAFEST therapy, without the use of medicines.
4. You may use Calendula mother tincture, gargle, as above, THE LAST THING IN THE NIGHT. No fresh water gargle after this. After a few weeks, You may find that, if you wish, you may be able to skip Tooth-Brushing the next morning. Such is the power of Calendula.
5. The sweetish taste of Epsom-Salt, after the gargling, could be that the Epsom-Salt is less in quantity (depends on the quality of Epsom salt). Try to make a more slightly concentrated Epsom salt solution and check.

Please post your developments, if possible.
Nesha-India last decade
Thank you, so kindly, for your prompt response. It is very much appreciated.

The Epsom Salts are really working.

A possible explanation for the sweetish after-taste in my mouth could be the taste of the toothpaste after I brushed my teeth and tongue. Lately, I have brushed without toothpaste and there was no sweet taste left in my mouth.

I would like ypou to respond to the following query.

I have small dental caries (tooth decay) and I noticed that I can feel a mild sensation in the tooth, where the caries are, after I used the Epsom Salts. Is this normal? Is it possible that Epsom Salts can make my caries worst.

But so far I'm very impressed with the developments.
Zofay last decade
"Zofay" :
Epsom salt won't harm your dental / caries problem and on the contrary, it will help you.

In my reply on 07 October, I had stated that if you use calendule-Q as a mouth wash, you would never ever have any dental problems including Caries. Please try this as a regular mouth-wash for a long long time and experience the best of your dental hygiene.
Nesha-India last decade
Thank you kindly for reassuring me that it does not cause caries, it is much appreciated. The Epsom Salts are really doing a fantastic job.

I haven't come across
calendula-Q/mother tincture, but I am still looking.

PS. If I have any other queries in future, I will consult you.
Zofay last decade
"Zofay" :
Calendula-Q, is a homeopathic mother tincture (alcohol based), easily available on any OTC homeopathy stockists.

Alternatively, you may make Calendula-Q, yourself in the house, if you can locate "Marigold" flowers.
Marigold = Calendula
Google search "Marigold"
Take entire plant + flowers. Pulverise in a domestic mixture/grinder. Extract juice. Store in bottle. Add pure Alcohol to Top it up. Ratio 9 part calendula juice and one part alcohol (1:10 ratio). This equal to calendula-Q. You can safely use this as a mouth wash. Caution : smells and a tastes a bit odd. BUT better than having dental problems or halitosis.

You are welcome to write in or address me, whenever you want to. Others too will definetely join in to help you.
Nesha-India last decade
Hello Nesha:

I came across this forum.....I found your posting very informative and I am hopeful that there may be help for my condition. I believe my halitosis is due to underlying stomach problems because the problem is worse during and after eating. Some of the symptoms include belching (but no heartburn), stomach growling and rumbling, gas and constipation. You indicated in option 3 offensive breath, due to digestion problems - Pulsatilla Nigricans. Could you explain how to use this remedy. Thanks so much.

p.s. I will also try the epsom salt to help reduce the bacteria in my oral cavity; I often have a bad taste (bitterness) in my mouth and it does not feel clean after half an hour of brushing.
penny last decade
"penny" :
I theroise your treatment regime as follows (based on your own diagnosis) :
1. Puls-200C, one drop liquid, LAST thing on your clean scraped tongue, JUST BEFORE SLEEPING, and nothing after that.
DO this for around 15 days. Do not use puls-200C pills/pellets/globules.
2. ALONGWITH ABOVE, take RHUS GLAB-200C, one drop liquid, FIRST thing in morning on your clean scraped tongue, 30 minutes before brushing your teeth. Toothpaste DOES neutralise the effects of Homeo medicines.
DO BOTH above for around 15 days. Do not use pills/pellets/globules.
Both above medicines are safe to take for 15 days, non-stop, and will not interfere with your constitution, though discontinue any other homeo medicines, when on above medicines. You could be living a sedentary life style, eating literally fibre-less foods, eating high protien/carbo/starch foods. Try to improve on this one too. Read http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/40731

ALSO, if you are having chronic digestion problems for over 6 odd months, you should do a complete pathological blood-investigation for your THYROID, Calcium and Iron levels, since these directly interfere with the digestive systems / glands.

You can safely use (alongwith above) Epsom salt, for your Oral problems, though initially use it ATLEAST 3-4 times a day. Try to post back results, if it benefits you.

A Quote thru Nesha-India : "A strong person and a waterfall always channel their own path"
Nesha-India last decade
Thank you for your response and the suggested treatment. It is very much appreciated.

You are correct that I have not been as active; I am trying to include more exercise/activities into my daily habits. I will post back of my results.
Thanks again.
penny last decade

Can you advise how to convert the Puls-200C to the LM scale. The "c" potency was only available in pellets.

penny last decade
This may be a stupid question...is epsom salt table salt? Or is it the salt you soak your feet in or use to reduce swelling?
man-man last decade
Hi there!
My husband has bad breath. I'm not sure how long he's had it but this month it was really bad , like an elderly persons can be (no offense!!) and I found out he was drinking a cup or 2 of Maxwell House coffee at work in the mornings (we normally eat organic food/organic coffee.) He quit drinking it and his breath is better but still smells. He has always brushed several times daily and flosses daily. He also has amalgam fillings which are in the process of being removed, one was taken out 3 weeks ago. Would this be ok to mix with water and gargle?:
Natures Answer Calendula Flower
Ingredients: Holistically balanced fluid extract (1:1) of Calendula flower in a base of triple filtered water, coconut glycerin and 12-15% certified organic alcohol.

Any thoughts?

nonniecita last decade
Hi Nonniecita, you might like to visit halitosis dot ca . I have seen articles there similar to what you are describing. He might have a rotten tooth? Good luck,

amimondial last decade
Hi Nesha,

I equally have halitosis which actually started late last year.

I have stomach rumlings and reflux and bad breath.

Again i must admit i have not been doing much of exercises.

Please any advise will be appreciated.
jokwara last decade
Hello, I read on your post about using Calendula-Q. It appears that you can now oder Calendula in Q form. I found where to to buy it (FINALLY) yes! But I just want to verify with you how much Calendula-Q do you use to gargle with! Can I mix it with water? I'll wait to hear from you before I buy it. Thanks!
Do I Do last decade
Gee, over and over calendula-q is recommended, with no source given, followed by folks saying it cannot be found (and I certainly have not found any, online or otherwise). Then, someone says, Eureka! I have found a source!, yet doesn't say where! Could somebody, anybody, please share a source?
wildgypsymoon last decade
calendula-q is available at this site. It is called as calendula mother tincture. Please check the links appearing at the top of this page on the left side.

Cal q will provide a short term relief as it will help you in cleaning your mouth more effectively. But if the problem is there due to some other reasons like digestion issues etc. calc q won't be of much help.

Please copy the Questionnaire from the following thread
and post all the questions here duly answered. On that basis your remedy may be worked out.
kadwa last decade
does calendula officinalis(mother tincture) is same as officinalis q....how many times i can use(after eating food or before that) and after using this upto how many hours i need not to eat any thing.and after that i need to wash my mouth before eating any thing with plain water...

tell me about epsom salt ,that from where i can buy it..as no body understand what is epsom salt neither chemist nor grocery or homeopathic chemist...tel me name from where i can purchase it..as i lived near badarpur...
amit kumar sharma last decade

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