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Post-Nasal Drip, Halitosis

Need some help.

-Primary concerns: Post-Nasal Drip, HALITOSIS.

Nose breathing blocked. The nostril blocked alternates between right and left. They are rarely both clogged simultaneously, or both clear simultaneously. This is all day and night.

Constantly hawking and spitting out mucus from the back of my throat. The mucus is transparent/clear in color. This is all day and night.

Chronic halitosis all day and night, everyday, for the past 3 years of my life.

Whitish coating on the back of my tongue. Resilient to tongue cleaners and toothbrushes. This is all day, especially when I wake up in the morning.

Mouth is always dry and tastes bad. The degree of this symptom varies, as it is more serious before I eat or hydrate myself.

Additional Information:
-Allergic to shellfish and dust mites.
-Moved into a new house 3 years ago, when this condition began (circumstance?)
-Prescribed to AntiHestimines and Corticosteroids but to no avail.
-Had endoscopic sinus surgery 6 weeks ago to remove nasal polyp in left sinus. Still no effect.
  lavalamp on 2005-04-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Can anyone help me please? I am in desparate need of advice. I just received my order of Hem Sulpher 30X. I am not sure if this is what I should have got.
lavalamp last decade
Some more details about me, if it is any help.

I am a 20 year old Male residing in the United States. I had asthma as a very young child but it went away. I also may have picked up my post nasal drip when i came back from a 3 month vacation to India, because now that i think of it, that's the earliest time i remember someone complaining about my breath.

I hope this is of help to you. I am willing to tell you anything else you need to know about me..and am desperate for help!
lavalamp last decade
what about dust mite allergy? how do you know this? was it tested out?

when you moved into your new house were there any new carpets, pillows, mattresses?
do you use air-fresheners, perfumes, sprays????

Pls think about and answer the above, in the meantime take some arnica 200c, twice daily for a week or arnica 30c - 3 times daily for a couple of weeks to help make sure the operated area has healed up.
erika last decade
Hey, whats up man? I had the same problem as you. The PND, the white coating on tongue, the bad breath and the bad odor from the sinuses. Here is what I did to get rid of the drip.. which leads to the thick coating on the back of your tongue.... which leads to the bad breath and odors. Screw all of the 'bad breath' products and all the non-sense. All of this is coming from your insides, obviously, so you need to do some internal cleansing and detoxification. Do a search on Google for "Hulda liver flush". This will lead you to the steps to complete a parasite cleanse and a liver cleanse. In order for this to work (to eliminate your PND and such) you have to pass (poop) at least 2000 stones. These stones are causing the PND and your blocked sinuses and all sinuses that you have! On your first cleanse, you will pass around 100 stones. Do a liver cleanse every 2 weeks or so, until you reach 2000 stones total, from all of your cleanses combined! You HAVE to do a parasite cleanse first, so that you rid all parasites from the liver. If you dont, you will be sick while doing the liver cleanse. If you have any questions, please e-mail me.
BW090582 last decade
I have the same problem. I had my tonsils removed 2 years ago and it greatly reduced the breath problem and tongue build up but I still get halitosis on ocassions, especially after eating fatty foods. I'm going to see the doctor again and explain my problem. I'll let you know how I get on :)

Btw how was India? I'm going in October for 6 months.. woo.
spaceman last decade
I have the same problem. My doc thinks it's from my tonsils as well. I'm scheduled to get them out on the 27th of this month. Spaceman - do you still get post nasal drip? I hope I don't go through this painful surgery for nothing. How was the recovery for you?
lissas last decade
My husband has a horrible odor coming from his nasal discharge. His discharge is very thin almost water like. It doesnt really run out of his nose much. The problem is wherever his nose touches me it leaves an aweful smell. He doesnt complain of a bad taste or any of the other things so far. His nose just smells so aweful I cant kiss him. Someone please HELP.
paysensmom last decade
Lavalamp, I know its been over a year but wanted to know if you'd had any success with your problem? I too have had chronic bad breath for the past 3 years and can't seem to find a cure. It all started when I moved to New York city which makes me think it has to do with environmental allergies? Its really really embarrasssing and demoralizing and is affecting my social life and career. can anyone suggest a solution? I've tried all kinds of medication for the post nasal drip: allergy meds, sinus surgery etc. For the bad breath itself, I've tried countless products and recently tried the Master Cleanser diet for 2 full weeks. Still no improvement.I'm getting desparate at this point as I have to interview for a new job and am really nervous about interviewing with horrific breath. Please help!
nataliebonita last decade
Irrigating my sinuses with a saline wash has significantly reduced my pnd. I first started to help prevent sinus and respiratory infections (which I was getting every 3 or 4 months). Since irrigating and ending the use of Flonase and Allegra, I have not had a single infection (that is over a year now). I also occasionally use Kali Mur 6X (tablets) to help reduce pnd during the winter months.
themederman last decade
i have the same problem...im 16 and its not so much halitosis orally but from the sinuses, i need a cure FAST! plz help
supremeleader last decade
Hi Supremeleader. You can find tons of information about your problem on halitosis.ca . I hope it helps.

amimondial last decade
Hello everyone, I have the exact same problem. My breathing thru the nose alternates between my left and right nostril. I constantly have a white coating on my tongue, i'd try scraping it but nothing would work. I have halitosis all day and night, and i constantly gag and try and cough up mucus but nothing really ever comes out. I've been suffering with this for well over 3 years now as far as i can remember. It is hindering my social life and my relationship with my girlfriend is over becuase she felt i was scared to live life because of my constant breath insecurity. Please, I'm asking for any useful information I can get, I've tried almost everything and nothing seems to work.
castertroy003 last decade
Have you got this checked out by a dentist because i dont think a problem like this will be removed from one medical treatment.

It may be the conditions in the mouth which make all of the other factors e.g. post nasal drip give you halitosis.

If you havent yet i would suggest seeking treatment for any oral conditions first e.g. dry tongue, peridontal disease via your dentist, then if no changes serach for treatment medically via an Ear Throat and Nose specialist.

The dentist may be able to help establish a good routine for you to prevent it for as long as possible during the day.

Mouthwashes containing Chlorine dioxide and zinc are meant to be good at neutralising the anaerobic bacteria for a reasonable time too.

Hope ive helped and good luck! Just remember there is a cure out there.
Keep you head up!
bazitx5 last decade
None of it is working, nothing has helped me so far...does anyone know if the therabreath nasal/sinus PLUS spray work?
supremeleader last decade
I've went to a dentist and had a deep cleansing, currently using a waterpick and floss, nothing helps. I've used oxyfresh, profresh, therabreath, tri oral mouth rinse, breath rx, nothing works. I have'nt tried therabreath sinus plus spray but i'll try it. though I don[t have much faith at all in the therabreath brand. I'm trying to schedule an appointment with an otolaryngjologist doctor to see if I can get my tonsils removed. Some other problems of mine include, Sleep apnea, and this constant feeling of needing to spit like their is a blob of mucus stuck in the back of my throat. Please, anyone who can reply with any useful info, will greatly be appreciated. We are all in a very desperate situation because this 'disease' is socially debilitating and its sucks the life and confidence right out of you.
castertroy003 last decade
Decongestants are tablets what the ENT specialists perscribe for sinus infections. Have you tried them? They thin the blood vessels in your sinus so less mucous is produced.

If they dont work they may try giving you antibiotics, but you cant take them for long.

The down side to nasal sprays is that the effects dont last long and people become dependant on them so much that they lose it's effect e.g. the body start's producing way too much mucous.

My best bet is that maybe you could take a decongestant tablet whenever you have a mucous build up. Also remember to brush your inner cheeks and the roof of your mouth, thats what most people miss aswell.

Seriously though, keep living your life and achieve because you only get one, and when you finally get rid of this 'disease' you'll realise it made you a stronger person.
Good people can see past superfical things like this.

Good luck
bazitx5 last decade
This drug palorin claims to be a miracle cure for chronic halitosis sufferers that works from the inside out. Has anyone tried this? Curious to know before I drop another 100 on another promise from all these so called cures for halisosis.
castertroy003 last decade
castertroy, can you report back your results from the therabreath spray?
losthope last decade
castertroy003 did you try the palorin tablets? Did they help?
pndsufferer last decade
Sorry for the late reply. I ve tried the palorin for like a week and I didn't really notice anything. It didn't work for me at all. I think it is just a placebo. This problem is really starting to kill me slowly.
castertroy003 last decade
I'm going to try liver cleanse, the doctor hulda liver flush. has anyone else done that lately and had success. any info would be great.
cajual1 last decade
I think some of you lot are seriously blowing this out of proportion. I have sinus problems and sometimes a nasal odor but i came to realise that all it is; is a smell.
I had low confidence and avoided social situations but there comes a time where you have to step back and realise ITS ONLY A SMELL!

MY doctor made it clear to me from the outset that YOU CANNOT GET RID OF ALLERGIES you can only reduce the symptoms. I have been on Fluticasone nasal spray for 6 months and i have to say that my original PND has reduced to next to nothing (in normal conditions) and he told me that it is long term treatment, allergies dont go away with a 'miracle cure', if they did, they'd be prescription medicine by now.

Im not trying to dismiss all homeopathy but come on people! 'liver flush'??

I was giggled at before but i came to realise that it wasnt the smell that they found particularly funny, it was the unconfident self conscious way i dealt with it.
If you show that youre not confident PEOPLE WONT HESITATE TO WALK OVER YOU at the expense of your self esteem;just to build theres up.
Now i accepted that its NO fault of mine and its JUST A COMMON ALLERGY (Which a lot of people know about if you just explain), i have my confidence back and when/if people try to giggle, i show i dont care, and it makes them feel like the insecure ones and/or it sucks the fun out of their antics-- trust me it works.

Plus (since im a handsome fella lol) my new confidence has attracted many girls , im studying a degree + living an exiting life .

If your confidence is based on how SOME people perceive/judge you, it wasnt really confidence at all.
Have faith in your talent and abilities, and realise that ITS JUST A SMELL. (Which is probably not as bad as you think, some people have noses like bloodhounds lol)

By all means Keep looking for a 'Cure' but tell please, please tell me; how are you coping while you DESPERATELY Search for one?

You dont have to live in a depressed state. Its all how you percieve the situation, just gotta make it more Positive + be strong minded


Please reply id like to know i got through to someone.

Adida last decade
i want my insides to be clean dude. i'm still gonna try this stuff. i have heard some stuff about it being bogus. I think i'm going to obsess over body cleansers for a while and see what happens.
cajual1 last decade
i am a 4 yr victim of this terrible disease that some people call post nasal drip and it is as one comment stated 'killing me slowly'
i have found HOPE however(which is the only thing that can motivate me at this point) in the knowledge i have gained about post nasal drip. Im not a doctor so dnt take my word as gospel, but i have tried a ton of things and have found things to help.
Truely i think the major connection we all probably have is that we have some sort of food sensitivity. if u suffer from what i do than u no dairy and anything high in fat will worsen sypmtoms, but you must realize that wheat/gluten and basically any type of perservative may be adding to the problem.
im going on a strict diet that includes only green vegtablees such as greens, broccoli and red berries (all foods high in antioxidants)
this is probably going to be the toughest thing ive ever done but i know it cant hurt the situation and I am DESPERATE for a solution.
I also am beginning to think that we mite all have a combination of several symptoms as i wonder if the 2nd hand smoke ive been exposed is contributing.
Heres some other things i think help:
-Dont eat anything past 6:30pm
-Get sleep (everytime i dnt get enough sleep symptoms seem to worsen)
-Drink alot of water which im sure u already no
-Eliminate dairy wheat/gluten and sugar for sure
-Use a breathrite when sleeping
-excercise (im sure uve noticed that after you run or do somethin active it seems to subside for a while)
These are the things i know have helped me, and while they are nearly impossible to follow completely i have already begun the process of changing my life to beat this problem.
I no how depressing this can be and i hope i am helping some one out there feel hopeful, because as far as im concerned thats all there is rite now. Im planning on doing this amazingly restictive diet for a few weeks so i will keep u posted on the results, and i will be doing all the other things i have listed above as well
I am interested to know how many of you 1. have tonsils(im thinking about geting mine removed altho im very skeptical that it will help) 2.have constant environmental irritants like smoke
3. realize that there deff. is a correlation between the foods they eat and the severity of the post nasal drip

Im telling you if i have to live off brocoli and mustard greens my whole life im willing to if it means beating this disease.
please contact me with any additional ideas, findings, or support

sometimes this disease makes you feel alone but i feel that together we can find a way to cure it
PNDhater last decade
Dear PNDhater,
Don't bother removing your tonsils. I had mine removed 9 years ago and still have the bad breath associated with PND. Good luck with your diet. Remember to update us with any results.
pndsufferer last decade

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