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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Also another thing. Look up guys what have i done to cure it.
1. Used a lot of antibiotics (this is also a case of history of your problem)
2. Several change in diet
3. Used therabreath each and every products.
4. Used Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda
5. Removed tonsil ( i finally felt that this was a solution)
6. Removed wisdom teeth.

And the final thing that i have done has practically eliminated the problem and i am still following it. However it takes time period like average of 2 months but you will finally feel better. You don't have to do liver flush.
Ok i am waiting for your reply to my question for symptoms.
Pnd and bb healer last decade
All those above 6 things that i have don't didn't do the damn thing. So don't apply any of these.
But i have a controversy on No.5 . i will tell later on.
But i am seeing fewer reply on this forum. I want more people to view it.
Also i have search differnt bad breath forum but i really feel this to be appropriate because it has specific symptoms that are bad breath and post nasal drip.
Pnd and bb healer last decade
to BBguy34UK,
Man i think u r going in wrong direction. i know if there is problem in liver or kidney u may suffer from halitosis. but since u told me dat u r having these symptoms since many years i think yr liver is not culprit.(Because yr body will show other major sympotms(weakness,fever) other than this)
kabir last decade
Thank you for your input Kabir, So if you think that it's not the liver function what else would you recommend me to have checked out please? Thanks. Also, 'Pnd_and bb_healer' you sound like you are going to sell something! Why don't you just give us the info rather than stringing us along?
BBguy34UK last decade
No guys you are getting me wrong.
I am not here to sell anything. But i also want' to know your specific symptoms from the above that i listed.
And regarding liver, i don't have any kind of liver problem and i had done a lot of medical test that has not show any thing wrong in my study. I said that because if your bad breath is related to serious liver or other part disorder/Problem then my remedies don't work for that. So i said that liver info.
Ok Please reply your symptoms of bad breath. You can reply by numbering the above symptoms.
Trust me i am not here to sell anything, I am here to help you.
I could make a lot of money my charging for my remedies but i won't becuase i also what it is like to be a sufferer of halitosis.
Pnd and bb healer last decade
to BBguy34UK,
i will tell u what i did to get rid of this.
1)removed tonsil(thoud my prob contiued)
2)Took antibiotic(i gives me some help but as i stop taking medicine problem again stated)
3)i eat only greens for 3 days(halitosis decrease to some extent but i think that greens are naturl freshner.if u eat spicy food,they work as catalyst,so v have other prob.spicy food is just catalyst.)
4)under went GERD. but i dont think GERD can cause so much amount of halitosis.
5)my oral hygine is best.

i m tired of doing these things .u ppl are also saying that thera breadth is not working.
Guys i m it professional. best performer in comp but sacked last month due to my halitosis prob. My life is full of darkness becasue of this trival thing. Plesase help me guys.
kabir last decade
Well the root of the problem is CIDS (Chronic Immune Dysfunction Syndrome) or CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

This means suppressed immune system case.This suppression is cause by four factors. They are:
1. Heriditary Factors: Candida Cell trasferred from your parents to you.
2. Poor Diet: Diet high in simple and refined carbohydrate and low in dietary fiber. So recall your history how much simple and refined carbohydrate your diet include.
3. Emotional Make Up: STRESS
Every CIDS sufferer mention that there every symptoms get worst during the time of stress.
4. Environmental Factors:
a) High intake of antibiotics, pills, and other medicine. They all kill good bacteria and leaves less competition for the candida.
b) Exposure to Chemical Odors,Smokes, Dampness/Humidity, too moldy environment.
c) Direct Tap Water that contains chlorine which kill all the good flora in the body.
So these are the factors that suppress our immune system. Once our immune system is suppressed or secondarily it will provides environment for microorganism like Bad bacteria, Yeast, Virus, and Parasites to flourish. And all these microorganimis will continue to suppress our immune system.
To cure this case we should build up our immune system that will likely bring the case as- 80% good bacteria and 20% bad bacteria, yeast, virus, and parasites by which our case will be solved. Different professionals have different view of building immune system.Well i think that my remedies are the best. I have collected it from different sources and every things make sense. Within 2-3 months you will be cured if you strictly follow it.

Send me your reaction to this and on the next i will provide the remedies.
Pnd and bb healer last decade
Sounds interesting! Now give us the answer please. We are all dying to hear it!!
BBguy34UK last decade
In order to resolve the problem you need to build up your immune system that will also solve your yeast/candida and other disorder related to suppress immune system. So these are the things you need to do:
a) Avoide Simple Carbohydrate: Anything that is sweet or that has sugar in it which consist sucrose(sugar), fructose(fruits), lactose(milk),corn syrup, honey,artificial sweetners (aspartame,sachharin,etc),and anything that has a pinch of sugar in it.
* Instead of milk you can use soy milk.
* Fruits though having complex carbohydrate are avoided because they are quickly converted into sugar in the intestinal tract.
b) Avoid Refined Carbohydrate: White flour and white rice and products made from those like pasta,etc. Thus it moreover includes all the processed foods because all those foods are made from white flour.
* Instead of White flour use Whole wheat flour and other whole grain flour.
* Instead of White Rice use Brown Rice.
c) Complex Carbohydrate: You need not to avoid it.It included whole grain/cereals, vegetables, and legumes.
* But for the first two week of the treatment you should put complex carbohydrate in low, afterward you can increase there intake as you begin to improve. But regarding simple and refined carbohydrate you have to avoid them indefinately.

Though yeast containing foods doesn't primarily cause the immune system to be suppressed, once it is suppressed then these foods can trigger them. So yeast containing foods are also avoided in my treatment. They include:
a) Bread Products: All kinds of bakery goods like donut,pasta,etc.
* You can make bread at your own home without using sugar and yeast.
b) Fermented Dairy: Cheese,Yogurt(even plain), Whey, Buttermilk, Cottage cheese, and other sour milk product that has been fermented. But you can take BUTTER in moderate amount.
c) Alcoholic Products: All alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, whisky, rum, champagne,vodka, etc.
d) Mushroom
e) Tea& coffee: all sort of tea and coffee including herb teas.
f) Smoked Meats: Hotdog,Sausages,etc ( besides all these type of meat contains wrong type of fat)
g) Malt based foods and drinks.
h) condiments, Sauces,Vinegar, Pickles.

a) Antibiotics, Birth control pills, laxatives and other medicine. ( they all kill good bacteria and leave less competition for the candida to compete)
b) Chemical Exposures (Perfumes,Somokes, gas, pesticids,other odor), Moldy environment/dampness/humidity. ( You can also think in such condition your breath will become worst)
c) Direct Tap Water: It contain chlorinated water which kill germs and also good bacteria. So try to boil and filter your drinking water. Drink 8 glass of pure water a day.

1) Acupuncture Treatment: 3-5 treatment
2) Probiotic: Flora Balance and Flora Source
3) Anti Yeast Product: Pau D Arco Tea ( 1-2 cup daily)
4) Vitamin C: 1000-2000 mg daily (it should not contain yeast and sugar, so try reading your label before you but it)
5) 1 clove of raw garlic daily
6) Weight Lifting
7) Yoga Practicing of touchig knee with head ( this has a direct effect on cleaning your breath)
8) Try reducing your stress and imaginary halitosis by getting more in touch with people. Beside you need not to be stressed of your breath. Because if you are following your treatment, you are going to have a new life like me.

Pnd and bb healer last decade
pnd and bb healer,
I'm going to answer your questionnaire,
1)Do you have serious liver, kidney problem?
No, not that I know of.
2)Do you have some skin problems?
YES, I've had acne since my early teens and still have moderate acne now. I'm 26 year old male. I also suffer from keloids on my chest and jawline.
Questions (3-5):
YES, on a scale of 1-10 of severity, I would say 7
6)Do you feel fatigued?
Occasionally, especially when i first wake up. But I don't really think anything out of the normal.
7)Mild or Chronic body odor or urine odor?
No. Not that i know of.
8)Intestinal gas or flatulence
or bloating?
9)Sometimes urinary frequently and burning?
Sometimes I urinate frequent when I go out and drink but never burning.
10)Does you bad breath becomes worst when you eat sugar/sweet
foods or foods like breads,fermented dairy, alcoholic products,mushroom?
Alcohol, definetly, all the others, I don't think so or I haven't noticed.
castertroy003 last decade
pnd and bb healer,
How long have you been suffering from this and how did you figure it out to cure it? I was also curious about the 6 steps you took to cure it:
1. Used a lot of antibiotics (this is also a case of history of your problem)
2. Several change in diet
3. Used therabreath each and every products.
4. Used Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda
5. Removed tonsil ( i finally felt that this was a solution)
6. Removed wisdom teeth.
So you're saying noe of these things help you? because on your first post you make it sound like these things you did to cure it and on the second post you retract it and tell us not to do those things. Just wondering if you can clarify for me?
castertroy003 last decade
No you don't understand me.
The above 6 steps i mentioned was invain. That was usesless. That was the thing that i did in my halitosis suffering years with no vain.Of course i changed diet during that period but it was not anti-candida diet/diet i just mentioned in the previous forum.

I suffered from halitosis about 3 years ago up to last 4-5 months. During that 3 years all i did was apply all the above 6 steps. But that don't work. I even went to sucidal depression. Because people and friend started to make fun of me and they would always talk about me and my health. I could not make friends. I did become a hermit.Then i kept on browsing internet, reading such kind of info where people talk on each other,etc. I think that God listened to me and sent me the ideas throught internet.Then i happen to come that yeast can also count for bad breath if your symptom are post-nasal drip,coated tongue,skin problems and etc. So i figure out on that. I begin to follow the diet that was mentioned on the anti yeast diet. Then day by day i found more on anti yeast diet that how to make your diet effective. So i add them all to my regimine. The included source were Dr. William G Crook- The Yeast Connection, Dr.Luc De Schepper-info from Flora balance site and other different other source.

I suffered from bad breath for 3 years. But i have one skin problem that was for about 6 yeasts and that was broken lips, whenever my spittal touch it or when it was too dust and dirt all over it always went broken and look bad. So after i followed the above measures that was going good day by day. My post nasal drip and coated tongue all go day by day. And it was bad breath which goes out finally in about 2-3 months. But remember your halitosis will go as per the peroid you have been suffering through it.

So remember last 6 steps was only the thing i did in the past with no use. So forget it and just concentrate on the new 4 things that i mentioned.

Ok i am getting late, i will send protocol for applying supplement tomorrow.
Bye Bye
Pnd and bb healer last decade
i think v r going on wrong way. we all are healthy(every1 has minor problems).

Liver of kidney problem or anibiotic will not give solution. forget about kidney and liver prob. if u have these prob then yr legs will contain noticable fat.. u cannot walk properly. if yr liver is not working properly yr whole body will become yellow and u will have high fever. it is some sort of elergy. which causes pnd. and pnd is causing halitosis. so dont go in 2 deep. try to find solution for pnd. now i know that no magic pill can stop our halitosis. we have to follow some routine.
kabir last decade
I think people have still confusion about there bad breath whether it is related to their mouth or there stomach/kidney/liver,etc or there immune system as i said. Well i have been saying that if your bad breath comes along with post nasal drip and coated tongue then it is related to the suppressed immune system (but not deppressed immune system like in AIDS). So i think we should ask the moderator of this forum to change the title from Post Nasal Drip, Halitosis to Post Nasal Drip, Halitosis and coated tongue. There are different types of bad breath , some related to gum disease, some related to tooth decay, some related to sinusitis, some related to tongue, some related to tonsil/tonsilolith ( i was also suffering from tonsilolith but since my tonsillectomy no tonsil but bad breath was still presened until i follow this approach), some related to kidney/liver or other parts, some related to constipation, some related to immune system as i said. So people can figure out if they have specific symptoms like halitosis, post-nasal drip, and coated tongue they can come to this forum and know that it is related to suppressed immune system. So just throw out every breath product you have that only concentrate to your mouth. And that is not going to do anything for you except loosing your money.

Well there are a lot of other symptoms of suppressed immune system behind these main three symptoms.So i think i should first of all elaborate the symptoms of this in more detail form.

So these are my questions in more detailed form.
1. Do you suffer from severe halitosis,post-nasal drip and coated tongue? Halitosis coming from both your nose and mouth and you are unable to judge it,not even by licking the fingure and smelling it, right? It can be only known though other people comment to your breath.
2. Do you have tonsillolith/tonsil stone? Whether you have done tonsillectomy or not but it is a symptom.
3. In the past did you take a broad range/amount of antibiotics?
4. Do you have some sort of skin problem? ( it can be any skin problem like acne,broken lips,etc)
5. Does your diet contain a lot of simple and refined carbohydrate? ( example of simple and refined carbohydrate was given in last forum) and how much do you consume yeast containing foods?
6. Do you have done all the treatment but yet the real cause has not been found out? This is the time to say that the suppressed immune system is the right cause.
7. Does your symptom becomes worst when you consume sweet foods and yeast containing foods?
8. Do you have some sort of intestinal problem like constipation,bloating,intestinal gas, body/urine odor, frequent yawning, fatigue/tiredness etc.( not need to have)

Well these are my few question for you all. The more you have answer YES to these question the more you are suspected to have suppressed immune system.

Well other symptom of suppressed immune system have been prepared by Dr. Luc De Schepper,MD,Phd. But this doesn't mean that you should have all these symptoms. They are:

Symptoms Found in CIDS Patients
Fatigue 100%
Poor memory, constipation, bloating or intestinal gas, PMS, food sensitivities 90%
Cravings for sugar, breads or alcohol, menstrual irregularities, irritability, anger 85%
Emotional stress preceding first attack, sensitivities to tobacco smoke, loss of libido, cold limbs, hypoglycemic symptoms, frequent mood swings, post-nasal drip, rectal itching 80%
Inability to make decisions, numbness, burning or tingling, muscle aches, joint pains, bad breath, heartburn 75%
Intake of broad spectrum antibiotics, presence of athlete's foot or fungus nails, insomnia, tendency to bruise easily 70%
Other environmental sensitivities, abdominal pain, dizzy spells and positional vertigo, headaches, palpitations 65%
Tonsillitis, sore throats, body odor 60%
Urinary frequency and burning 55%
Intake of birth control pills, fluid in ears, tinnitus, tightness in chest 50%
Endometriosis, anxiety attacks, mucus in stools 45%
Hay fever, diarrhea, vaginal burning, itching or discharge, prostatis 40%
Patient histories reveal a high frequency of hay fever (40%), tonsillitis (60%), recurrent sore throats (30%), and recurrent intake of antibiotics, especially broad spectrum such as tetracycline (65%), emotional stress preceding initial attack (80%), and poor diet and eating habits (75%). Physical examination reveals few objective signs. Most commonly noted are low grade fevers (35%), swollen glands (50%), snf ehitr-yellow coating in the middle and back of the tongue (85%) upon arising.
Standard hematological tests reveal a low white cell count-below 4000, nl between 4-9000 (30%), low-grade pernicious anemia (45%), and at least one abnormal liver test (10%). Specialized immune panes show and increase of T8 or T-Helper cells with an inversion of the T4/T8 ratio (45%) and a decrease or low number of B cells. Additionally, a low gamma globulin count was noted in 40% of the cases. Other frequent findings include a spastic colon on a lower GI (65%), while upper GI findings were totally normal (95%).

Okay figure it our and reply to me. After then i will send protocol/how to use supplement i gave before.
Pnd and bb healer last decade
I think i shouldn't delay in sending the protocol.
* Begin to change your diet from today.Avoid yeast containing foods from today. For 15 days put your complex carbohydrate in low. After then you can increase.Some professionals think that they should avoid even complex carbohydrate until the patient improve. But i don't think such diet should be continued because it brings problem like excessive weight loss and loss of energy. While we have to increase energy in this regimine.
* Go on doing acupunture treatment from today. You have to at least 2-3 treatment within 15 days.
* Go on drinking Pau D Arco tea from today. For 15 days drink 2 cup a day. After then drink 1 cup a day in the morning. You have keep on drinking for 2 months. Afterwards stop it.
* Go on taking Flora Source from today. For 15 days take 2 capsule 15 minutes before your dinner. You can dissolve it in water , swirl in your mouth and then swallow.After 15 days take 1 capsule a day. Flora Source has to be taken for about 45 days to 2 months. After then stop it. So you can buy 1 flora source bottle of 60 capsule, that is enough.
* Don't take Flora balance for 15 days. After then take 2 capsule 15 minutes before your breakfast by dissolving in water and swirling inside your mouth and then swallowing it. Afer 30 days reduce the capsule to 1 a day as described above.Flora balance has to be taken for 3 months. So you can buy 2 Flora balance bottle of 60 capsule each, that is enough.
* Go on eating 1 clove of raw garlic a day from today. You should do it indefinitely.
* Go on doing weight lifting and yoga( i described above) from today. You have to do this indefinitely.
* Go on taking Vitamin C supplement 2000 mg a day. After 15 days reduce to 1000 mg a day. You can dissolve it in water and drink it. But not with probiotic. After 2 months you can stop that and Try eating foods which contain a lot of vitamin c that includes parsley,tomato,brocooli,leafy green,etc but not fruits though some fruits contain complex vitamin C.
Pnd and bb healer last decade
anyone who wants to cure there halitosis along with post nasal drip and coated tongue are recommended to look at my remedies that i mentioned. i have elaborated all cause,symptoms, and cure of suppressed immune system that cause bad breath.

* cause of suppressed immune system (4 cause - look at 2007-7-14)
* symptoms of suppressed immune system (8 symptoms and more - look at 2007-7-18)
* cure of suppressed immune system (4 cure - look at 2007-7-14)
* protocol of using supplements (look at 2007-7-18)

any question regarding diet,supplements,etc are requested to ask in this forum. i will be always looking at this forum and help you cox i myself was a sufferer who knows what it is like to be a sufferer of the problem which is might intense than aids i think.
Pnd and bb healer last decade
Thank you very much pnd&bbhealer for all your time and help with this delicate matter. Just two questions for now: Eating raw garlic will produce quite a bad smell in itself, so is it possible to replace that with a garlic capsual? Also, what does weight lifting do to help this problem please? I lok forward to your reply. Thank you.
BBguy34UK last decade
Garlic is a highly effective antiifungal agent. Even small amounts will have beneficial effects. By taking small amounts you won't have so much on your breath that it will create a social problem

The major chemical constituent of whole garlic which is responsible for its therapeutic qualities is ALLICIN. Allicin is also responsible for most of the strong odor it gives to the breath. So if you remove the allicin, you lose a lot of your antifungul effect although there are other components in garlic that affect cholesterol and lipid metabolism.

So the most commercial garlic capsule-odor free you got will have there therapeutic value lost. So i can't recommend that. Beside if you can make sure that your garlic capsule's therapeutic qualities (allicin) has not been destroyed then its' okay.

There are many things that need to be done(almost i have discussed above)to build up our immune system which is the root cause. Among those exercise is the one. And among exercise weight lifting or like other hard exercise is very important. So I said that. Thus weight lifting has direct effect on your immune system.So i said that. But if it really bother you to do weight lifting, then try some other exercise. But do exercise for a sure.
Any other question are warmly welcomed.
Pnd and bb healer last decade
I want to correct my protocol and i apologise for that.
* Regarding Flora Source, take it after 1 week (from 8th day) and not from today. And the way of taking is same.For 2 week take 2 capsule dissolving in water and then take 1 capsule a day.
* Regarding your initial carbohydrate i will suggest a strong diet.
For 10 days- No carbohydrate, only green veggies,eggs,meat,salad and water.
From 11-20 days- Carbohydrate in low(100-150 gram a day)
After 20 days/from 21st day you can increase your carbohydrate.
After 2 months when you begin 2nd bottle of Flora balance again go on 10 days of no carbohydrate.Then after 6 months again go on 10 days of no carbohydrate and finally after 1 year.

But remember carbohdyrate means complex carbohydrate and not some hell carbohydrate (simple and refined).
Pnd and bb healer last decade
Again i forgot to add something that is another yeast containing foods.
i) Left overs food
So don't consume that. If necessary then freeze your foods.I think in the past i consumed it a lot that was also one of the reason for my halitosis.
Pnd and bb healer last decade
I want to help a lot more people. Because people are still in confusion about there breath. So i have started a new forum named Chronic bad breath/halitosis,coated tongue,post-nasal drip(tonsillectomy didn't help)NO PROBLEM. So any question from the poster of this forum are requested to come and post in that forum.
Beside you also tell people you know of suffering from halitosis to join the forum.
I want each people to be cured of there halitosis.

Bye Bye
pnd healer last decade
I'm suffering PND and bad smell coming from both from the mouth and the nose for the last few months.please help.
thomget2007 last decade
To thomget2007, Go get a bllod test for your liver function from your doctor. There might be some liver disfunction which is causing the problem. Thats what was my problem! Don't waste any time in getting it done! Keep up informed. Good luck!
BBguy34UK last decade
What some may wish to consider is the nasal wash. I tried unsuccessfully to remedy the problem through the nasal irrigator(waterpik)...all fine and good but it doesn't reach the back of the sinuses/throat. The irrigator simply runs the saline solution though the right set of sinuses through the left set. For me (and perhaps many of you) the problem exists way in the back of sinuses where the they meet the throat. Use a bulb injector of saline solution and put your head way back to force the solution through your sinuses and into your throat and spitting out the solution. This is prelimary...but first indications are that I have found MY solution.
Nomad last decade
I had sinus surgery to get rid of the problem. I had fresh breath for 1 week only. My tongue was pink and clean and my confidence was high. but now i have the white tongue again and the odor. so if anyone is thinking of doing this it is a waste of money. but it did let me know that my sinuses were definitely the cause
brittb last decade
Hey guys i have a bit of a problem, i have a sinus problem which has somewhat limited my smelling and tasting abilities and a constant running nose I have had bad breath but it has totally declined since i took my tonsils out about a month ago.I'm not really sure if i have PND and every time i use a nasal spray my senses seem to get worse.Have any of you suffered from this and how long did it take you to get your senses back and how can i really be sure that i have PND
ruddy last decade

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