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A big thank you to happierthanbefore. We all appreciate your info. I am glad you are over the problem. I will be trying out gluten free products, but was wondering what your average daily meals would consist of with a gluton free diet? I currently have Oats with soya milk in the mornings, with heinze soups for lunch and then chicken with rice, or pasta, or steamed fish for the evening meal. Peoples input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
BBguy34UK last decade
It was hard at first, I must admit.

I have Oats with soya yoghurts for breakfast. Oatibix are good and most supermarkets also have a gluten free muesli. There are a multitude of flavours of soya yoghurt.

For lunch today I am having chicken wings in a chinese flavouring, these are from co-op. Flavourings on things like this are difficult, some use flour to bulk them out, so you have to check the ingredients.

I tried gluten free bread but it just falls apart too easily and is very dry. Some supermarkets sell gluten-free crackers which I just can't get enough of, I also eat crispbreads which are like those salt and vinegar sticks you used to eat as a kid but in large rectangular form, great with cheese and ham on.

Pasta is a definite no-no, it is made from durum wheat. I tried gluten-free pasta and found it to be quite course. Eventually I found an italian brand in a supermarket which tastes exactly the same as normal pasta.

Some ideas of things I have had for tea recently. Tacos, jacket potatoes, salads, meat, fish, curry, there are plenty if you use your imagination.

Lastly, the supermarkets gluten-free sections show they have put a lot of effort in, it's just a case of experimenting and finding which things taste good and are worth the extra they charge. The pasta is great but at £3 a bag I eat a lot less pasta than I used to.

I look at the ingredients for everything and the rule I have is this: if it says it contains gluten I don't buy it, if it says it is handled in a factory which contains gluten or it may contain traces of gluten then I do buy it.

Hope this helps.

I am currently liasing with ISBOR - the Internation Society for Breath Odour Research to find out if it is a known condition.

I'll let you know how I get on.

One last point - I really don't want to raise people's expectations too high, there are many causes of halitosis and I really have no idea whether I'm unique or whether the gluten affects lots of people in this way.

I'd love it if anyone who trys this lets me know how they get on through these posts.

Best regards.
happierthanbefore last decade
Thank you for the information, happierthanbefore.

I have a couple of questions for ya...

Do you get any post nasal drip or mucus in your nose at all after eating in any way?

If not, how long did it take for total elimination of the mucus formation?

Do you still eat dairy products? I noticed you said you eat soya yogurt for breakfast.

Thank you much for the information. I'm on day 3 without gluten and I do feel abnormal.. kind of a combination of stressed out and exhausted for no apparent reason. Wonder if it's withdraw. LOL
dissident last decade
dear patients,
try kali bich 0/3 2 pills three times per day for a week.
dr.gopakumar g
Dr.GOPAKUMAR G last decade
First of all to you all, don't try any pills - it is very simple. If your halitosis is caused in the same way mine is then quitting eating gluten will fix it.

So try that first because it is easy, it will not cause you any harm and there is a chance you are the same as me.

If it doesn't work for you then you need to look into every other option you have. My last resort would have been random pills.


I sometimes get mucus now, only occasionally though. My explanation (and I may not be right) is that it is a long-term stagnation of the mucus which causes the smell, much the same as stagnant water smelling after a time.

If I have a couple of days without gluten and then a day of gluten then I get the mucus but no smell. I think it takes a few days to get rid of but also takes a few days for the smell to build up in the first place.

It came back over the last three days - I realised that the hayfever medication I am taking has wheat starch in it. It is starting to go away now I have stopped taking them.

I'm not very big on dairy, I don't drink milk and eat a small amount of cheese. I am starting to worry that I feel a little bit bunged up after having chocolate - this is my last vice after I discovered lager has gluten in it.

I must say that I felt a little tired after removing the gluten but I also felt like my head was very clear and I could think more clearly. I also found that I had really bad hayfever which I had not had in four years.

I am taking the sudden onset of hayfever to be a good sign as I must now have circulating fluid in my sinuses to get hayfever in the first place.

I'd take the hayfever over the halitosis any time.
happierthanbefore last decade
Thank you happierthanbefore for all your input. Everyone has gone quiet, so I was wondering what findinegs other have had lately with this situation? I have cut down the Gluten and I too have noticed a reduction in smell, but it has not stopped completely. How long did it take you happierthanbefore? And I would like for the others watching this post to place some input, so we can all help eachother with this terrible problem. Many thanks.
BBguy34UK last decade
i am the guy that was preaching the liver and gallbladder flushes earlier. they did work for me but my symptoms always came back the next day. the flushes would empty out my gallbladder reducing the amount of mucous i would have congested in my body and for that next day after the flush i had less PND and could breath through my nose. BUT things always went back to the way they were. so i finally decided to play with the idea that i too have gluten allergy. and you know what???????.......
i think i have a glutten allergy. so combining the liver and gallbladder flushes with the gluten free diet seem to be a good combination, esspecially if you cheat and eat pizza or big out at your grandma's house on glutteny food. doing the flush will rid the overly produced mucous out of your system more quickly. in any case my symptons are reduced but not totally gone but i think there is a significant difference. so thanks happierthanbefore. i think you hit the nail on the head. i ate potatoe chips today thinking that they were okay and then i noticed on the friggin package it said it had a flour mixture so it is going be hard to learn how to eat glutten free. i buy hamburgers and eat them without the bun. really isn't all that different. anyways, people hould start posint their glutten free eating habits now.

word up!
cajual1 last decade
Can anyone please expalin what all are glutten free foods ?
pnd_man last decade
My bad smell that comes from my nose and mouth gets worse as the working week goes on. So Monday would be slighly bad then by Friday people would be complaining of a bad smell in the room. I have fatty liver and my ALT results are very high. I don't drink or smoke and eat healthly. So I think the bad smell is linked some way with my liver issue, but can not find anyone who can help me with this. Anyone have any ideas linking bad breath with high ALT results? ALT reading 95, normal is meant to be below 45.
BBguy34UK last decade
Thanks guys! It has been 2days of freedom for me. I have been praying for a way out of this terrible problem (pnd & bb) and found this forum! What is working for me for 2 days now is the elimination diet plus happier than before's input:

'I read a post by someone called PNDHater, and that he was cutting out meat, diary and gluten. I decided to do the same thing. Within two days the smell was gone - never to return.

Not only was my bad breath gone but so was the bunged up feeling that I had had for four years was gone too (you don't realise it is there until it is gone).

I gradually added things back into my diet and found that it was gluten that caused the problem.'

I cut out everything as well. Now, I only take cucumber, bell pepper and carrots with vinegar and salt and a little fish. I also consume green tea. The smell from which I have suffered for 2 years is gone! The inputs on detox also helped me in finding this wonderful site which may be able to help us say goodbye to our problem for good. I will give feedback when I finally undergo detox.

Hope this helps. There is hope. =) God is good!
nys_swan last decade
P.S. if you want to visit the site on detox, google 'cure manual.' also, forgot to mention that i still have pnd but the smell is gone =)
nys_swan last decade
very happy for you nysswan.. can you tell me exactly wht is gluten free diet. wht did u eat for those two days. here everyone is talking about gluten free diet but no one is suggesting any diet schedule..
kabir last decade
useful link to find gluton free diet..blank">http://www.gicare.com/pated/edtgs06.htm
kabir last decade
hi kabir. pls read again my initial post. I just quoted what 'happier than before' said in her post, which is the following:

'I read a post by someone called PNDHater, and that he was cutting out meat, diary and gluten. I decided to do the same thing. Within two days the smell was gone - never to return.Not only was my bad breath gone but so was the bunged up feeling that I had had for four years was gone too (you don't realise it is there until it is gone).
I gradually added things back into my diet and found that it was gluten that caused the problem.'

I was encouraged so I also did my own elimination diet, here are what it includes for now:
(all raw except for fish)
cucumber,bell pepper,carrots with vinegar and salt
green tea
lots of alkaline water

As I've said, I still have pnd but the smell is gone. I will undergo the detox recommended in a certain site (pls google CURE MANUAL). Will definitely be back here to report results.

God bless!
nys_swan last decade
I found this today......

google 'chronic candidiasis syndrome' and go to the site of 'cfs recovery'

Most of the symptoms we have are on this page : the whitish coat on tongue, bad breath, post nasal drip, sensitivity to common foods, etc.

Can this be it???
nys_swan last decade
HI EVERYONE, i honestly hadnt read this post in about a year and was thrilled to read that my post about gluten was the major break for a few people. i feel absolutely thrilled that i have been able to save at least a couple people :). and anyone with this problem knows that 'saved' is no understatment. i also wanted to say ive made even more discoveries since that post that explained the gluten idea. some of u just trying not to eat gluten may be still experiencing mucus as gluten itself is not actually the true reason. nys swan eats a diet free of gluten but most importantly free of SUGAR. it is a trickly problem but i was right in assuming gluten as gluten is directly related to simple, processed carbs for the most part. however some foods that have sugar are still gluten free.
The problem we all have is called candida and it is a yeast overgrowth that is fed by sugar. the problem is that carbs (bread, pasta, pastries, ect) turn into sugar. therefore the more carbs the more sugar, the worse the smell. it is a very complex problem with varying degrees of severity and on top of that the diet can be similar to drug rehab *statement i read on a candida page* do your own research on candida and look at nys swans diet for a very simple basic diet that will work. however the more meat, carbs, and or sugar from fruits and vegatables high in sugar like carrots and beets the more you are feeding the yeast which causes this pnd. sorry if im craming alot into one post but this is literally 1 years worth of research. if u have any specific questions post a reply as i will be checking this site alot more frequently. bottom line THERE IS A HOLISTIC CURE and WE WILL BEAT THIS
PNDhater last decade
i reread my post and just wanted to clarify one thing, proteins like eggs and meat are emphasized on the candida diet, as well as fats like olive, sunflower, grapeseed and other natural types of oils. i just wanted to note that personally fats and meats tend to feed candida to some degree just not as much as carbs. you need energy from something but dont eat pounds of meat and lots of oil. i read one article about candida that said it can mutate and feed itself from proteins so i think this is why meat eggs and fat produces a little bit of postnasal drip
PNDhater last decade
Thank you 'PNDhater' for your valuable input. We all appreciate it very much.
But I can't seem to find out the 'nys swan' diet. Can someone place a link here please? Many thanks guys!
BBguy34UK last decade
Please visit the 'CURE MANUAL' site. There is a detox protocol for Candidiasis posted there.

So far, what works for me is low protein, low carb diet. Loads of fruits and veggies.
Low Carb Fruit:
• Cantaloupe,
• Rhubarb,
• Berries,
• Watermelon,
• Melons,
• Tomatoes,
• Apricots,
• Grapefruit,
• Guava,
• Lemons,
• Limes,
• Oranges,
• Papayas,
• Peaches,
• Plums,
• Raspberries,
• Tangerines,
• Kiwis

Best choices for candida cures (lowest in carbohydrates) - Asparagus, arugula, bok choy, beet greens, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, chard, cucumber, endive, fennel bulb, lettuce, nappa cabbage, mustard greens, radish, romanesco, salad greens, spinach, tomato, watercress.
Next best choices (medium carbohydrates) - avocado, artichoke, brussel sprouts, celeriac, chives, collards, dandelion greens, green beans, eggplant, kale, kohlrabi, leeks, okra, onion, parsley, peppers (green, hot, and sweet), rutabagas, sno pea pods, spaghetti squash, turnip, yellow and/or green summer squash, yellow wax beans, zucchini.

I also eat some fish/chicken meat and eggs (as I feel dizzy at times). But whenever I do, the smell comes back. I also included VCO in my diet supplements since it is potent anti-fungal for candida. I also take taheebo tea (pau d arco) and garlic gel. And I take lactobacillus 3 tbsp. daily to reflood my system with good bacteria. Whenever I eat the local oranges (I'm from the Philippines), it enhances my breath odor and I feel really good. I eat about 10 oranges in a day.

The goal is to eliminate candida albicans from our system. I have not tried the detoxes but will do and get back here for the results. So far, enjoyed about 5 in 7 days /week of no bad smell.

Thank you again to PND HATER and HAPPIER THAN BEFORE. =)
nys_swan last decade
Just a thought,

when I have probiotic drinks (lactobacillus) the smell is bad.
happierthanbefore last decade
nys swan is one of the members who posted on this page.. i was just saying his diet looked pretty good but google candida for more info
PNDhater last decade
okay so I have been gluten free for 1 week and I can honestly say that I am 100% percent free of halitosis, however the pnd is still their(just clearing my throat here and their but nothing to fuss about) the main point is that the issue which has made me less confident and very self conscious for the past 4 years has been eliminated and I feel great about that. As for all you ladies and gents who are suffering from halitosis associated with pnd GO GLUTEN FREE its worked for me
ragingbull last decade
ragingbull I am so happy for you. I know what you mean about the 4 year thing, same for me. Go out and enjoy life now with your head held high. Just don't eat any sausages, lol.

Seriously though, it is getting harder and harder to find gluten free products. Burgers? I went to Sainsburys and every burger there had bread crumbs in it. Simple thing was to make my own.

Found a great pasta in all the supermarkets in UK, it is an italian brand in beige packaging and it tastes just the same as proper pasta.

There is something else I need to speak about before I go. Since I cut gluten out of my diet I have been quite ill quite often. I've had three very bad colds and an ear infection. My thought on this is that my sinuses have been blocked for four years and it was harder for me to pick up infections (an ear infection can be caused by an initial sinus infection) now I have a clear head it is easier for me to pick up infections and I have no resistance to them.

Anyone else got any other suggestions on this?
happierthanbefore last decade
To ragfingbull, I'm glad to hear it. Can you give us an idea on your diet? Like what to have for morning noon and night? Seems very difficult, especially when you want to nip out of the office at lunch time and grab something quick to bite!
BBguy34UK last decade
i m glad to know that some of my frnd has got rid of this problem. frnd can you tell us wht diet u exactly followed. it will be great help for us. Is rice glutton free?
kabir last decade
I've been gluten free for about 10 days now, I have to admit in the beginning I thought it would be challenging seeing that most foods contain some kind of wheat/gluten, but I soon habituated and after noticing the results I don't quite miss the foods which aggravated my condition. As far as my diet It hasn't changed radically at all. Rice is gluten free and it should become a staple in your diets, since I'm south asian this transition was easy for me. So for all you who are considering going gluten free heres my advice, first do some research, read up online about foods containing gluten and visit a health food store and familiarize yourself with gluten free products. You can buy gluten free bread made from rice flour, its kinda pricey about $5 a loaf and it comes frozen and lasts about 4-6 months. after I write this Im going to make myself a tuna sandwich, also try gluten free pancake mix available in the health food isle in your grocery store. In your first week you must be diligent and make sure you consume nothing with gluten so you can test to see if you halitosis goes away, no breaded chicken fingers no burgers with bread crumbs in them(read the ingredients), and oh yeah I'm sorry to say this but beer contains gluten, thankfully their is gluten free beer. You should notice results in the first 2-3 days after eliminating it from your diets. As far as my diet here are some things I eat. For breakfast a couple of eggs with bacon and beans and oj. Lunch, beef chili (beware some processed meats including cold cuts may contain gluten again read the ingredients) for diner grilled chicken with potato salad and rice. I also live at home and my moms makes a lot of indian dishes which I eat(she thinks I'm crazy that I no longer eat roti. Roti is the bread we eat with our dishes) Since I enjoy cooking it's not as hard for me since I can make my own meals from scratch but it may be hard for some. If your going for take out, again Id recommend something with rice in it. Im from Toronto and their is a lot of diversity in the foods available, try jerk chicken with rice and peas, or some Mediterranean souvlaki with rice and potatoes, no pizza and burgers.(just to note almost all frozen burgers from your supermarket contain bread crumbs, so I'd recommend you make your own with fresh ground beef, they are tastier and cheaper than the frozen varieties, If anyone wants I can give you my recipe for my ground beef burgers,and you will obviously be eating these with gluten free bread)Heres a link for additional info on gluten containing foods.

Anyways I hope this helps, you guys can do this it's not hard, good luck to all.
ragingbull last decade

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