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i just discovered the solution to my problem of bad breath

through my nose that i suffered for 25 years. and it was not

thera breath (yes, i had tried it) or any other medical product or any

of the million home remedies that i found on the net or any of the

possible causes of bad breath that people have been delving deep

into. its so simple!!!!

indeed, god reveals his mysteries to mere children.

o my god!!!!!!

i will be living my life from this week.

25 years of horror are behind me.
please email me at : stbero at the rate hotmail dot com
ArvindVE last decade
Thanks ragingbull.. I will try the Diet.. Wish me luck !!
gulfro last decade
I claim a cure from bad breath emitted primarily from the nose (ie while simply breathing) and consequently through the mouth.
This is what I tried:
May apparently be trivial, but solved my life threatening (in a way, you know of course) problem. Now I had always been reading that a dry mouth aggravates bad breath. And since the last fortnight I was having a sore throat, so instead of plain water I sipped only hot water. Then to my pleasant surprise I since then noticed a dramatic change in the reactions of people around me. There were no reactions!! (you know what I'm talking about). My mind went back to recollecting what could I have eaten or not eaten that was making the difference.
The difference was only hot water that I was constantly sipping on. Thank God.
Its been 10 days now. I think I am 95% free of bad breath.

My solution:

This at first may not be easy but this is very important:
Within the first half hour of you waking up in the morning, Before brushing your teeth or flossing or eating/drinking anything, drink two glasses of hot water (preferably boiled water) that should amount to 500 ml (1/2 a litre). Ensure that the water is not just lukewarm but hot (not to the point of burning your tongue of course). On the third day increase it to three glasses. Fourth day onwards, make it four glasses (ie a little more than a litre). Do not eat/brush/drink anything after this for 10 mins. Then brush your teeth & make sure to clean the back of your tongue not only using a tongue scrapper but also with your first two fingers etc etc. After this drink another glass of hot water gargling with each sip.
You should notice favorable results almost instantly.

And during the day drink only warm water (Use a flask to store hot water & then mix it with cold water when needed). More the better.

In addition if possible please exercise for atleast 40 mins a day (cardio).

PLEASE PLEASE write to me once you have tried this

God Bless & Godspeed!!

Arvind Victor Estibeiro
Bombay, India.
ArvindVE last decade
Hi all

i've been suffering from halitosis last 10 years (24 now) its effected my quality of life very negativly. I avoid social events and intimate relationship.I've even quit a great paying job in a big Canadian bank because of it.I can realy relate to many poeple's posts here and I don't wish this deasese anyone.No one told me directly that i suffer from halitosis but ive start noticing it from peoples reactions around me.I have bad sinuses and my nose is always having mucus,i'm using neilmed flushes and nasonex spray daily.Long story made short, I went to another ENT about 2 months ago and he told me that I have GRED and that is the source of my problem. H e did not make any tests but he told I have a lot of acid in my mouth (white resedue,coating) and that it cuased by GRED.In that period i also removed my 3 wisdom teeth to check off another potential cause.I got prescribed a Pantoprazole 40 mg and domperidone maleate 10 mg.I ahve niticed a dramatic improvment in my mouth's taste and no white coating on my tongue, and the bad breath seems to improve although i can't tell for sure.Try to check for GRED when u visit a ENT or other specialist,
dietcoke last decade
It seems my Halitosis doesnot end up by any way...it is very difficult to cure this..dont know whats the way to get rid of it. It is really very embarrasing.
Doctors dont know what does it mean...they hardly have concern to cure this!

It is the need of the hour to get a concrete solution to this syndrome.
halitosis.com last decade
I have suffered from halitosis and post nasal drip for over 12 years. I have tried nearly every treatment possible both orthodox and alternative. I have had 4 homeopaths, several different allergy tests (skin prick, York test,kinesiology ...blood tests) two NAET practitioners, acupuncture, spiritual healing, numerous elimination diets. I have seen ENT specialists, gastroenterologists, eliminated parasites (amoeba and blastocystis)and still have it. I have tried psychological help to deal with the subsequent depression (cognitive behaviour therapy, counselling etc.) Throughout the years I have never given up hope or enthusiasm for finding a cure. I have not eaten dairy products for several years. I don't eat meat or fish and no longer have soya milk. I only have spelt or kamut but no wheat. My general health/energy level has improved with all my efforts but the stink is relentless. BUT then I checked this website and heard from some people who had found gluten as a culprit. I have tried eliminating gluten before to no avail but I am having another go and also doing the sinus flushes. I have used a neti pot for years but THESE SINUS FLUSHES ARE GREAT!! I already have less pnd. I hope it continues. I WOULD RECOMMEND THEM TO ANY FELLOW SUFFERERS.
Malory last decade
I think I've finally got my PND cracked. It's been a tortuous path, but I think I'm there. Three months ago my bronchial tubes were filling every minute with PND, and it was hard to cough out without gagging. It stank of rotting fish. Today, well, I've only had to clear my throat less than half a dozen times.

What I did was stop eating, just drank water. I booked into a supervised water-fast in case anything went wrong. After two weeks of fasting, the PND dried up. I finally broke my fast after one more week. It took me another month to get back to full strength. Fasting causes the body to cannibalize all superfluous tissue - benign tumours, nasal polyps etc. Two days after I started eating again, the PND came back, but it was a shadow of its former self. It was odorless and just required throat-clearing & swallowing every few minutes. It was still a darn nuisance and it took me a couple of months to figure out what was causing it. It wasn't an allergy to dairy or gluten - you should eliminate that possibility first. Nor was it LPR - another malady easily confused with PND. No, it was triggered by carbs (especially sweet carbs like fruit) but it was caused by FAT. I cut out almost all my fat/oil intake, and the carbs were no longer a problem - I can now eat as much fruit and potato as I like. Apparently fat/oil stays in the blood for 24 hours or so, and it slows down the absorption of blood sugar, so that some of the excess blood sugar is eliminated in snot (making the snot viscous and providing a feast for nasal bacteria) and on the scalp (providing a feast for dandruff fungus). Breathing salty water also helped control the nasal bacteria, but that was just attacking symptoms, not causes. So - fast first, then restrict fat-intake to a bare minimum. It's a drug-free cure.
PNDassassin last decade
hi all

I have read all the messages on this thread and many other pnd threads but never posted now i feel i should as my experience may help someone else. so ive tried many diets, pills and potions to cure this constant drip to no real avail but for the last few months i have been visiting an ent specialist for immunization therphy (to cure my hyper allergy to dust mite) and the signs are good so far he says i will need these injections for up to 3 years for the treatment to work wether it will or not only time will tell but i am hopeful.

Also as a foot note the mucas dripping down our throats is full of protien which is a breading ground for bactiera and lots of it gets caught up in the creases and pockets of your tonsils which if you stick your finger on and smell skinks! they also trap bits of food and before you know it you have a tonsil stone which also stinks! so as part of your daily oral workout keep the tonsils clean and free of these stones google oral irrigators and tonsil stones.

I hope this helps someone
mdpnd last decade
guys i know the cure for your halitosis cause by post nasal drip...if your interested just ask me.
dhieyhav88 last decade
OKAY, i have seen that you wrote 12 pages of everything and nothing.

I have PND a long time now, still working on it, had bad breath but gotten rid of it easily.

These are a few easy steps you WILL do which will take care of the bad breath.

First thing when you wake up start doing OIL PULLING. Before you put anything in your month, no food, water anything. You need either cold pressed sunflower oil or sesame oil. You take one full table spoon and put it in your mouth. You than swish the oil trough every single part of your mouth and i mean every. This should last for 20 minutes! You can do this 3 times a day but always on empty stomach (3 hours after eating, 1 hour after drinking, you can eat right away after it) when you spit out the oil it should be white because it is full with saliva and toxins from your mouth. There is a site that will tell you more about this. Just type OIL PULLING on google, don't buy any books about it.

First week or so you might feel very ill, DON'T STOP OIL PULLING! That is your body going into healing and toxin elimination mode! DO NOT STOP OIL PULLING!

After that you should do nasal irigation with saline (i use my hands which i clean good with natural soap) you could also make your own saline and even put sage in it for extra support.

After that brush your teeth with a proper toothpaste SLS, fluoride, paraben free.. Kiss My Face brand has good ones.

After that take Hydrogen peroxide 3% with water in the 1:2 ratio for water. Swish it around your mouth for 30-45 seconds and spit out. Wait 2-3 minutes and clean with regular water.

This will help with a lot of problems because it works in a complex way with the complete body not just symptoms.

Next to this you should eat only whole foods, food created by nature, not man. This means lean meat, fish, poultry.. Olive oil COCONUT OIL.. Flax seeds, sunflower seeds and all other kinds of seeds and nuts.. A lot of green vegies RAW.. Always change your food with a 5 day scenario.

Do a food sensitivity test which shows on which foods you are alergic to.

Do a complete body cleanse.

Take Kali Mur 6x, Nat Phos 6X, Calc Phox 6X.

You could also use other cell salts if symptoms match.

I saved the worst thing for the end. Dental health. It is a fact that Oil Pulling will fix almost every dental problem you have and if you practice it until the rest of your life you will probably never have to go to a dentist again.. But..

You have to remove your mercury amalgam filling, and you have to do this properly by a holistic dentist. After that start a strong chelation therapy to eliminate mercury and other heavy metals.

Now there is one more thing. Root canals.. Read about ''Root canal cover up''

Basicly your dead tooth is harboring extremly hazardous bacteria under it, and with no blood supply they can't be killed so they travel troughtout the body causing havoc. No antibiotics can kill it because of the same blood suply lack.

I want you to take 3D scans of your teeth using Ray Bean Technology. It will show if you have infections under your dead tooth. Please, if you can search for a Holistic Dentist! It is very important!

I wish that you answer me how many root canals do you have, and where are they located?

How many of you have root canal on either of the two upper jaw molars or either of the two down jaw pre molars?

So upper jaw molars (both on both sides) and down jaw pre molar (two teeth before molars)

Root canals, that is infection under it are a cause of many deseases including cancer and yeast overgrowth.

Unfortunately, only solution to fix this is to extract the teeth with the root canals. This also has to be done by a true professional because if the space isn't cleaned properly it could wreak havoc,spread on the jaw etc.

After tooth extraction you will have time until teeth start to migrate. Your solution should ither be metal free brigdes or metal free Zirconia implants. Don't use metal! Don't visit regular dentist. They messed up with your health in the first place.

If you ever have pain in your tooth, or anybody you know, tell them not to go to the dentist, tell them to perform Oil Pulling 3 times a day and Hydrogen peroxide mouth wash 6 times a day for 1 minute. In a matter of 3 days pain will dissapear. If you have decayed tooth, be sure to do Oil Pulling frequently and use Calc Phos 6x and Calc Fluor 6X.

NOTICE: Just because you have white coated back of your mouth DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE YEAST!

Yeast is all over the tongue, yellowish, in groups like patches.

Most of you have LPRD (laryngo phareagal reflux desease, something like gerd but instead of having hearburn acid goes in your mouth and nose causing post nasal mucus as a mean of protection from the acid!) hearburn cures won't help you because the pathology is differente, although diet is of ut most importance.

I would also suggest exercising as a mean of cleaninsg the body.

You should pay a visit to a cerfied acupuncturist. They can achieve wonder via this ancient technique and turn your body in a self healing mode fast! 5-7 therapies needed, beware you could experience wierdness after this (you could cry, feel love, sadness, anything is possible)

PLEASE, to everybody! Tell me how many root canals do you have! For how long do you have them, and match start of your symptoms with the root canals!

I will be waiting for your answers because i doing a study on it.

Am really close to extracting my 2 root canal tooth, but before i do it i wish to match symptoms with everybody.
DoubleEdge last decade
I know its been a couple of years but i would like to hear from PND_hater & happierthanbefore. I also have the same problem as all of you guys. It all started when i was 15 after getting chronic sinusitus and the horrid smell/taste has been with me ever since. The PND only came after that. Im going to try this candida diet as it seems interesting & i also suffer from allergies. Im glad to have found you guys as i thought i was the only one to have this problem!!!:)
PNDuuugh last decade
Hey Malory do you have like a personal email address where i can write you so you can get into depth to me on how you rid the problem??? My email address is under my profile...
Made In Dade last decade
Hey dhieyhav88 and TheeyaN do you guys have like personal emails where i can write you and ya can explain to me some more on what ya did to rid the problem??? You can click on my user name to get my email address...
Made In Dade last decade
Want to buy appropriate Homeopathic medicatipns.So please suggest what you know has worked effectively.

-Primary concerns: Post-Nasal Drip, frothy phlegm ,1/4th tea spoon,at least 4to5 times a day.

Nose breathing gets blocked. during night, I use water as a nasal spray, about 2 hrs before going to bed. I also use Indian make Taila (oil) for Pancehdriya,as a spray.
If I get up at night again, repeat nasal spray with water and some times oil spray.

spitting out mucus from the back of my throat. which comes out as a frothy mucus, whitish colour. The mucus is transparent/clear in color. This is all day and night.
ay and night, everyday, for the past 3 years of my life.

No coating of tongue or HALITOSIS

Additional Information:
-I am 81 yr young, in excellent health, very fit
Not Allergic ,mostly, to any thing.
-Travel extensively in Texas, Nebraska, Australia (Melbourne),India -Pune
Mumbai. Symptoms from last 30 or more years. no breathless ness
-ENT Surgeon proposed Nasal sinusitis surgery, but I have decided not to undergo same.
mggodbole last decade
TheeyaN, THANK YOU!!! I think I may have laryngo phareagal reflux disease. I have all of the classic symptoms. I started taking Dexilant again and started on a low fat diet/ kind of strict diet!!! My PND dried up, I can tell when I eat something wrong because it gets worse. I have little to NO PND at all.
girlwithbadbreath last decade
Hey girlwithbadbreath what remedy did you use to cure the problem??? I have an email address where we can speak cause i want to go into depth on what to do and get all the little details.
Made In Dade last decade
I found a great resource full of great at home. The website is called Living Bad Breath Free and I would not have gotten rid of my bad breath without them. I can't post the url here yet but just do a search for Living Bad Breath Free on Google and you will find the site.

pmason212 last decade
I have to say I've been searching the web for about five years looking for some advice and I have never joined a forum...until now. It sounds like we have so many similarities it's as though you guys have been living in my head.

Let's see where do I begin! I have tried absolutely everything out there on the market. I have wasted thousands of dollars on trying to rid myself of this curse! That's what I refer to it as. It has stolen my life, so much that I actually thought there might be no option then to check out of this world. Fortunately, I am stronger than that and I won't let this beat me. I have brushed my teeth so much that I now have sensitivity problems because I've worn down my enamel. I wish people knew how hard this is. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. If we can't communicate with people how are we able to make a connection in life? This has robbed me of love and life for too long. I have finally found the answer to my prayers. And yes I have prayed and cried so many nights to rid me of this problem.
I have always had to be meticulous with my oral hygiene ever since I can remember but it isn't until I had a surgery at 27 that this beast has unleashed itself with great fury. Sounds funny but it is so heartbreaking to hear kids ask 'who farted?' or someone I've began dating actually stop mid-you know and go home to never call me again. It's enough to pack up and live deep in the mountains where I don't ever have to have another face to face conversation.
What I've stumbled upon is candida. I read an article about a homeopathic doctor who saw a girl who he described as having a rotting corpse when he stepped three feet in front of her during an exam. He starting checking things off the list and decided to put her on a 'VERY STRICT' no cheating anti-candida diet. It takes a minimum of 90 days with absolute militance to rid the body of odor. He said this girl followed it and 90 days later, her problem had been solved. She ended up getting engaged shortly after he solved her problem.
I know this is my problem and this is most of your guys problems. Everyone is dancing around this subject and treating symptoms of candiadisis syndrome. There's actually medical journals that are beginning to acknowledge that candiadisis is not just for Immune compromised patients on their death beds. Too much candida in your system makes the body imbalanced with good and bad bacteria. It also encourages parasitic infestations. And yes, people have parasites that they're not even aware of. Swallow a whole raw piece of garlic and wait for it to pass. You might find them in your stool because when they feed on our waste and body they come in contact with this raw garlic and die. This prevents them from retreating further up the digestive system where they stay hidden from sight. When you put your body back in balance with a small amount of candida, which is needed to fight off pathogens, and good bacteria it aids our immune system in fighting off bad bacteria and parasites.
If you guys are wondering why gluten causes PND it's your body's inflammatory response because it can't digest it. Dairy is sugar and fat. Fat takes a long time to digest and sugar feeds bacteria, especially candida. Anything that is sluggish going through the digestive system adds a favorable environment for these pathogens. If you've ever seen thrush (candida infection) in the esophagus or tongue you'll notice that it looks like white patches that can't be scraped off. The mouth all the way down to our anus is made up of the same type of cells (mucosa). If candida has set up shop in our intestines it makes it difficult for our body to digest nutrients properly, which leads to food intolerances or at its worse Leaky Gut Syndrome. Leaky Gut Syndrome is when our body has an immune response to these allergens and while trying to send antibodies to fight it off, it opens a pathway to our blood allowing these pathogens to freely move throughout the body causing the smell to come through our mouths, nasal passages, and pores.
This problem is so hard to fight because 1)most doctors don't believe in the candida theory and 2)we kill off our good bacteria through antibiotics and harsh chemicals in our daily lives. Our bodies can only compensate for so long before candida finally wins the battle.
I begin my anti-candida journey this Monday and I call it a journey because it is the hardest diet to follow and it will get WORSE...MUCH WORSE before it gets better. The only other program that I know of that can put your body back to a state of health is the Dr Gerson Therapy. If there's anyone out there who would like to begin this journey with me and finish it without cheating please email me. If there's anyone in the Colorado area who would like to meet up and get honest feedback on whether they smell I would love that also. Don't buy into the gimmicks, we all know that true halitosis does not originate just from the mouth, it's just the one place that causes an outright reaction of disgust. Sorry for the extremely long novel but if I can help someone or gain a friend in this fight it is worth the time reading what I have to say. I'm currently researching doctors who are interested in combining natural remedies along with anti-fungal pharmaceuticals. Most doctors will only prescribe a short dose of anti-fungals but those suffering from candida need a strong and abusive attack to fight it. Those who have started an anti-candida know how difficult it is because candida is smart. You will crave its food source stronger than a pregnant women craves pickles and ice cream haha, but seriously. Well for those are truly interested and have made it to the end of my rant please email me. I know this will change your life. I'm tired of feeling anxious about being put in a situation where I have to talk in close proximity to someone or filling an entire room up with BB by just simply saying hello. Thank you for your time, my prayers are with all of you who have had to live with this devastating disease.
HopelessAndCynical last decade
I forgot to mention that this problem spiraled out of control because of three surgeries that I had when I was 27. They misdiagnosed my problem so three surgeries and a combined total of 6 weeks on Cipro (broad spectrum antibiotic) my body had become overrun with candida. There is not enough brushing or nasal flushes or breath mints that will fix this problem. I HAVE TRIED IT ALL! It has gotten significantly worse over the past year and now I constantly feel my sinuses drain and fullness in my ears. I now constantly have to unplug my ears and everyone notices that I'm constantly sniffling as though I had just done a line of coke. I've actually had people ask if I've done a line, which is ludacris! Like I need something to make my sinuses even more putred and rotted. Did I mention that I'm an RN? Yeah well let me tell you how enjoyable my job is when I have to get two inches from people asking them to breathe in and out so I can listen to their lung sounds. I know they're thinking 'okay, that's fine lady but maybe you could hold your breath in, indefinitely.' I love my job but I feel like I can't truly help my patients because I lack the ability to provide therapeutic communication skills. It's hard to be consoling or sincere ten feet away. Normal people like close, meaningful conversations. I'm pretty sure that it doesn't matter if I'm two feet or ten feet away, it has gotten so bad that I'm almost certain it fills the room. People don't like me based solely off of my breath, that is heart wrenching. We all know what it's like when we smell someone else's breath that smells of feces. We ourselves get sick and want to flee. Bless those who love us and are willing to enter our putrifying bubble. Or how about those people who never brush their damn teeth and you can actually see the plaque but yet they could be an inch from your face and they don't smell at all! It makes me so jealous. I miss those days where I could use a toothbrush, blow my nose and call it good for the next 4-6 hours. I'd even be happy if I could brush my teeth every hour and be BB free for an hour. But as much as I miss close proximity conversations, with complete confidence, I miss kissing so much more!!

If anyone wants to know what works and doesn't just ask me I have tried absolutely everything. One thing I will add is a lot of people are a big fan of peroxide and water but 50/50 is way too strong for the oral mucosa. It's effective in as little as 10/1 water to H202 ratio but even then I wouldn't use it very often. No more than 2-3 times a week to keep bacterial counts down. I think a better alternative is hot really salty water. Brush with that and gargle, salt is a natural antiseptic. I've read about people who relied too much on peroxide and have acquired 'Furry Black Tongue' which will cause even worse halitosis, if that's possible. Baking Soda is way too abrasive on our teeth so don't get into the habit of using it unless you want to have dentures by 40. Although I'm sure you guys have even wondered if pulling all of your teeth out and starting over would be a favorable alternative to your problem. Trust me if you have TRUE CHRONIC HALITOSIS and have checked every possible oral problem with no results then you have to look at the body as a whole. Balancing good and bad bacteria and fungi is the key to eliminating body odor. I highly recommend a broad spectrum probiotic with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. You've seen that green powder stuff in health food stores, well that's what I'm talking about. Two names that come to mind are Perfect Food and Super Food. I drink that every night and it has made a difference in my breath. It hasn't completely eliminated it but it has helped. Regular yogurt, even Activia doesn't have enough probiotics in it to really make a huge difference in recolonizing our intestines. If you absolutely can't do the super 'mowed grass' drink they have it in pill form. One yogurt that I have found to have five live strains that is a good way to add probiotics with minimal effort is Chobani Greek Yogurt and that stuff is delicious! And the most important tip that I cannot stress enough is... ANTIBIOTICS will make your condition worse! They may be a temporary fix but it will come back with a vengeance! If you absolutely have to take an antibiotic then demand an anti-fungal pill to take after your course of antibiotics is through. During your antibiotic treatment take your probiotics and continue taking them at least two weeks afterwards. All you have to say is that you are very sensitive to thrush and yeast infections after antibiotics and the doctor will prescribe 'One' yes...ONE antifungal pill. This is enough to help your body repopulate the good bacteria that has been killed off by antibiotics. If you don't take the anti-fungal pill immediately after your antibiotics your fighting a losing battle. I hope some of this information has helped. On top of spending thousands on gimmicks claiming to cure bad breath, I have researched hundreds of hours trying to figure out this problem. I have researched western medicine, eastern medicine, different diets, supplements, exercise programs. You name it I've read it and tried it. The two programs that make the most sense are the anti-candida diet and Dr Gerson Therapy. Dr Gerson is the extreme approach but for those of you who are looking for an optimum state of health, which includes allergy and body odor free that is the program that would without a doubt bring you back to a clean bill of health. First I will try the anti-candida approach and if that does not give me my life back I will begin Dr Gerson's approach. Either way I will keep you guys posted in my journey to living odor free. God Bless
HopelessAndCynical last decade
i had been suffering from bb for almost 30yrs. i made my researches. almost tried everything i read and heard about 'cures' to my bb in vain. until i stumbled in this thread! my heartfelt gratitude to pndhater and happierthanbefore. tthank you very much. god knows how much i am thankful to both of you. my bb has gone.
thankfultothissite last decade
Does anyone knows how i would get in contact with pndhater and happierthanbefore???
Made In Dade last decade
I would just like to thank hopelessandcynical for there posts, you have made me feel happier than i was, as i know im not the only one feeling the way i was. Everything you said about how it affects you is the same for me. Thank you so much for the advise too, i have been looking in to candida etc today on the net. Im going to try some of the things you have suggested and if that doesnt work i will try the candida diet to the letter. Your words made me cry but also feel better at the same time. Let us all know how you get on as you will of started the diet by now. Ive had my problem for 4 years now, and i really need to find a solution or improvement, ive tried all the bull remedies that never work but cost you an arm and a leg. But i never thought about it been candida related before. I will keep you posted too. Once again thank you so much
canttakemuchmore 9 years ago
Can any one tell me the contact of PNDHater and Happierthantbefore??? I am suffering from PND and chronic bad breath and it has ruined my life
irfanyousafzai 9 years ago
First you remove wheat from your diet, eliminate completely any flower product and if you have teeth filling then take Merc sol 30c once daily.
sinfinity 9 years ago
Dear Sinfinity bundle of thanks for your response, can you plz tell me that how wheat affect post nasal drip? I have tried too many things, visits different doctors like dentists, ENT's, Gastroenstorlist but no result, I am disperate to get rid of it, do you have experience some other body to whome what had cuased post nasal drip
irfanyousafzai 9 years ago
Hi guys,

Feel like I've had bad breath for about 10 years now and I've tried a number of things. I only found out about 5 years ago and so many things started to make sense :p Wanted to share what has worked with you:

For one, i had mad anxiety. this would make my head all hot. some of the anxiety would come from thinking/knowing i had bad breath. this would make me hot causing bad breath or simply making it worse. and around we go.

i got back on anti depressants as suggested by a couple of doctors. this helped me keep my cool. i still noticed people here and there mess with their noses when around me but i realized that this WASNT ALWAYS MY BAD BREATH! a lot of the time i was just projecting my insecurities. if you watch random people, they touch their noses all the time. we just notice stuff like that way more often because we are more affected by it. its like when you buy a new car, you notice that car all over the road all the time. the car isn't around any more often, you just notice it more.

anyways back to it:

i brush and floss, obviously
i take a shower with steam and use a neti pot. i hawk looogi's all the time. what i believe happens is my LERD comes up to my vocal cords and reddens them. it also causes my post nasal drip. this makes my mucus stay in the back of my throat and begins to smell even worse. i get rid of the mucus as often as i can by spitting it out or blowing my nose. i also dont eat greasy ass food because this will add to the mucus and the stuck feeling in my throat (mcdonalds, taco bell, super duper chinese). healthier, less greasy foods are obviously better for you anyways.

i also take prilosec otc every day. aciphex is also a good heartburn (LERD, GERD) med that my doctor prescribed. This stuff does not have a generic form and costs about $280 per month without insurance. prilosec works pretty well too i think.

i drink plenty of water throughout the day. soda and smoking don't help. i don't drink soda or sugary drinks really, esp if theyre carbonated. i smoked weed here and there but this is obviously bad for breath so i stopped.

my main advice would be to understand that its not ALWAYS your breath that people are making a face or touching their nose about. although do think that. do your best to keep your cool. get rid of your mucus in the morning and throughout the day if you can. really try hard to clear your throat and spit that crap out. i know this is sometimes inconvienient or embarrassing when youre around a lot of people. i wish you guys the best it really is tough with this 'thing' that we have.

ps i also have my bed elevated at the head going down so that the LERD doesnt get to my throat at night.

good luck, sorry for the length and misspellings i had a lot to say
ukrainetrain 8 years ago

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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only, and those views are not necessarily those of ABC Homeopathy. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis or prescription, and should not be used as a substitute for a consultation with a qualified homeopath or physician. It is possible that advice given here may be dangerous, and you should make your own checks that it is safe. If symptoms persist, seek professional medical attention. Bear in mind that even minor symptoms can be a sign of a more serious underlying condition, and a timely diagnosis by your doctor could save your life.