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Dear PNDhater,
Don't bother removing your tonsils. I had mine removed 9 years ago and still have the bad breath associated with PND. Good luck with your diet. Remember to update us with any results.
pndsufferer last decade
ive been on this crazy diet for two days

day 1 i cheated i had planned to only eat blueberries blackberries n some strawberries n raspberrys but i ate almost a whole container of raisins
other than that all ive eaten is greens and broccoli

day 2
only water greens and broccoli im probably gonna add in some small red beans but im gonna keep this diet for at least 5 days before i do because i need to see the results im sure my body can handle a week of malnutrition. when i think of it it cant be much worse than the weeks i lived off straight peanut butter.

already ive seen good improvement id say if i had to rate it my symptoms have went from a 10 to about a 5 or 6 but im going for 0.
ive been reading alot about food sensitivity, food allegies and food addiction and im almost convinced that that is what i have. google it and see if it fits your profile because if your like me you'll be very suprised to see what you find.

i truely think i can beat this now and i will continue to update you guys every couple of days
PNDhater last decade
ooo ya i keep forgetting to mention that i notice i very strong benefit in eating foods rich in antioxidants
try uping ur antixodiants and see if that helps any
PNDhater last decade
i used the oil of oregano id read about on another post nasal drip forum and saw great results. Symptoms 3 days ago were a 10 now they are down to a 3 or 4 amazing stuff. dont use the oil of oregano by itself tho i doubt it will cure it on its own. but in combination with the elimination diet it works wonders. im almost positive that within a week of this elmination diet(thats what its called look it up on google for more info) and using oil of oregano (very high in antioxidants) that you can buy at gmc i should be almost completely pnd free. ill keep u posted but this is by far the best progress ive ever seen!!!!!
PNDhater last decade
PND Hater, I really respect what u are doing. Changing your diet like the way you describe it sounds like it will require a lot of self discipline. Please keep on updating us on your progress. I promise you that I will be reading each one of your progress post with great detail. Reading your post have made me reflect about my eating habits, and I've come to realized that I eat very unhealthy. I eat so much junk and fast food. I'm going to switch my diet up and see if I notice a difference. And you're right, I notice after a good cardio workout, I usually notice both of my nostrils clear up temporarely. Please keep on doing what you're doing. Can u explain the part about the oil of oregano more though?
castertroy003 last decade
Adida, you have a very valid point. For the longest time I had very serious depression problem. I not only have to battle my PND/Halitosis problem but I also am battling a very frustrating skin condition with my face that also socially debilitates me. So i hope you guys that just have this PND/Halitosis problem are grateful that this is the only problem you have. I have a very long haul uphill ahead of me. My then love of my life, now ex-girlfriend, (dated for 8 years), told me that she was worried about me and advised me to stop self-pitying myself. I took her for granted and I behaved liked a hermit. Never went out and avoided social gatherings. She's a very outgoing girl and I didn't have the self-confidence to compliment her social life-style. We had a very good friendship and deep connection but she eventually started to become unhappy. Inevitably, our relationship ended with her cheating on me. I guess that she didn't know how to break up with me after all that we've been thru so she started to just totally disrespect me and stop answering her phone so I that I will take the initiative to end it. after all thats happen , I've come to realized that about 90% of overcoming this is the battle within. If I lose hope and don't proactively battle these diseases(demons) i will lose. Trying to maintain a postive attitude and keep myself busy these days. I'm reaching out to you guys on this form because you know how depressing this can be and reading and writing these post s to people that are battling the same problem really helps me maintain my sanity and keeps hope alive. I'm sorry if my story depressed you guys but hopefully it will reach out to anyone that was as depressed as i was and offers them hope. Please, lets keep the information exchange going.
castertroy003 last decade
To all who suffer from Halitosis: Every human being needs a teaspoon of salt/day to remain in perfect health. More often than not, halitosis is caused by the lack or shortage of salt in the diet. Google 'salt' and read on the effects of too little or no salt in the diet. The long-term results of salt deprivation are serious, often fatal. Please take heed of this. scotia
scotia last decade
Glad to be of service bro

but it seems to me that you dont understand my point.
My point is that when you have REAL CONFIDENCE you wont need hope, because there wont even be a problem.

I think you have to realise (no disrespect) but there are preople who have to cope with more than even you, no disrespect again but the fact that you see yourself as worse of than everyone else shows even more self pity

ill go straight to the extreme for an example, terminal illnesses like aids and luekeimia. And even patients suffering from these manage to accept and get on with their life.

Everyone has their problems NOBODY IS PERFECT IN THIS WORLD no matter how much people try to pretend or hide. The challenge is to overcome it with REAL CONFIDENCE

You just gotta work with what you have, and MOVE ON!

another thought id like to make is a question; if you judge YOURSELF superficially, how can you even expect anybody else to do otherwise?

Didnt mean to target anybody, just trying to help, and if i aint then il stop, either way IVE MOVED ON! lol

Again plz reply if you agree disagree or wateva because i dont like seeing unconfident people when they needent be


Adida last decade
castertroy i feel u for sure and no the pain of losing a relationship because of lack of confidence due to pnd.
and that dude that keeps sayin get ova it i dnt think u even have pnd lol cuz if you did you would no that the only reason we lose confidence is because of the problems it causes similar to castertroys. im a christian so in no way do i feel that being social is the most important thing in life, but it i would love to experience life without this type of problem. PND has already made me a better person and i realize that i will overcome it!! But chill wit ur callin us out and stuff i honestly don't think you know what your talkin bout or you need to realize that 99% of people with this problem r social crippled becuz of it.

ok with that out of the way.
I cheated on my diet i must say (im very sorry for those who have been waiting) but it was mostly because i got a cold. Has anyone noticed that when u get a cold your post nasal drip thins to a normal scentless post nasal drip for 3 or 4 days. I knew this and so ive been eating normal foods and still taking oil of oregano just to be certain. if in a week i still dont have really bad post nasal drip ill no its the oil of oregano and not the cold but im pretty sure its the cold. Has anyone else noticed the cold thing? Anyway once i go back to normal pnd (if i do)i will reassume my diet and i must say as long as i have restraint i no it will work.
Do some research on Food Allergies and Food Addiction. Try to think of the foods that you like the most, and eat a balanced diet that leaves you full and test yourself. See if even though you are full you still seem to crave your fav food. If this is tru you prob have a food allergy/sensitivty and ADDICTION just like me. Yes thats right an actual physical addiction. Do some research im tellin ya i was blown away. Research the elimination diet and realize that if you can give up your problem foods for a month you should be able to break the addiction. I will hopefully have enough will power to do it myself.

Also to elaborate on the oil of oregano, I did some research and it says that oregano has more Antioxidants than any other spice/herb/vegetable. The stuff i use is 30% caravol (i guess that is the term of how potent it is) and i learned that some more expensive oil of oregano supplements contain more than 60%. If you dont know already you need to realize that for some reason antioxidants fight the bacteria that causes pnd. Somehow antioxidants help, i dont no how or why, i just no they do.

Sorry for writting so much lol and for getting off my diet, but im tellin you after 2 solid days i saw such a amazing improvment that i finally AM POSITIVE i can beat this. DO RESEARCH. When you identify ur own prob (which i would guess is similar to mine judging by all yall symptoms) then you will find hope. And as castertroy knows the most important thing is hope. Dont give up dude, no matter how bad it seem. I feel for ya n am always here to lend support and HOPE.
PNDhater last decade
you can buy oil of oregano at your local GNC and it is a liquid herbal supplement. You take a few drops under your tongue but im not gonna lie i usually use alot more than the bottle says you should. Dont no if that will have a side-effect down the road but im not too worried for now since it is completely natural. It stings like a bitch goin down but it usually helps with the pnd, especially the smell, within about 10 mins. Try it out, i bought a 1 oz bottle for $13 and it lasted me about a week. Still the best $13 ive spent in a while.
PNDhater last decade
Ok then if you cant believe that someone with post nasal drip can have confidence then thats your choice.

Like I said ive been on fluticasone nasal spray for six months which has greatly reduced my post nasal drip.

Im sorry if I offended you or anybody else.

Believe it or not I was only tring to help, since I was seriously obsessing about it before for a long time.

But its cool, ive said my bit, take it or leave it, il pray for yall

Adida last decade
Adida, you didn't offend me when you made your reply, it's cool man, I appreciate your positive attitude and advice. But I gotta say that self confidence is not as easy to acheive as you make it out to be. I understand that you are just saying that halitosis is just a smell but try and hear me out. I work in retail and everytime I talk with a customer they rub their nose, a lot of them offer me mints, as well as my co-workers. that messes with my mind man and makes me totally self-concious. I don't talk with confidence, i mumble under my breath so I don't blow the stink in their face. It is very hard to have self confidence professionally and in my personal relationships too. Anyway, i dont want to whine anymore, but I do appreciate your reply man.I hope u understand that it's not that easy, or maybe your just a stronger person than I am. Let's just stay committed to this forum and try to give each other as much info as we can about what helps alleviate the PND and halitosis.
castertroy003 last decade
ya thats all im sayin too i appreciate the support its jus ALOT harder than ur makin it out 2 be. people wnt get over the smell so its almost impossible for me 2 simply live with it. But im sorry if i offended u with my comeback 2 dude i didnt mean 2 come off as n asshole its just that i been strengthened as a person because of this so i guess i took offense as i thought you were questioning my character or some shyt like that. Sorry bout that, keep posting, we need all the people we can get!!

im going back on my Elimination Diet tommorrow but ive realized that the oil of oregano was helpin me alot more than i thought. It wasnt jus the cold it was the oil of oregano that drastically lessened syptoms but ive been usin a shyt load of that stuff. like $25 a week worth id say. I dnt no im gonna use that and do the elimination diet and see what happens. Im pretty confident that the results should be wonderful.

I dont know if anyone has tried the oil of oregano but it seems to push the pnd from my throat into my nose which as anyone with pnd knows is an AMAZING improvment. Im so excited to do this diet, even tho im gonna hafta give up my fav foods. Ill deff b posting almost everyday after this so stay tuned.
PNDhater last decade
I've read most of the posts here, and I have to agree with PNDhater. I'm 25 years old and I've had this problem for a couple of years now. I've also had some annoying GI problems which started when I was about 15 or 16 as well (reflux, IBS symptoms). I've always been active (except for a few months of inactivity here and there in more recent years) and have always considered myself to be a reasonably healthy eater (no red meat, lots of veggies.) Both of my sisters have been diagnosed with Gluten Sensitivity and yeast overgrowth. They were diagnosed by Holistic MDs. I went to a traditional MD who tested me for Celiac's disease (similar to Gluten Sensitivity). I tested negative, but I've been doing more research on the topic, and it seems that this test might not always be accurate, there is more than one test for it, etc.
I decided to do the Master Cleanser a couple of months ago. After 10 days, my GI symptoms were pretty much gone. I also lost 10 lbs. And I noticed that 'my allergies' (which includes stuffy nose and PND) seemed to have subsided. I decided to continue with a more hypoallergenic diet. I continued to eliminate all dairy, wheat, soy and eggs. I also avoided meat and seafood. I maintained this for a couple of weeks and then began to add back poultry, seafood, eggs and soy because none of these things seemed to bother me. I also avoid added sugar and use agave nectar as a sweetener and look for products sweetened with fruit juice. I try to limit products with fermented ingredients (vinegar, soy sauce, booze.)
By maintaining this diet and exercising, I have lost 15 lbs and kept it off for a couple of months now. I have fewer cravings. I am never hungry b/c I eat as much food as I want. I try to eat more snacks to keep my blood sugar level all day. I have NO PND when I follow this strictly.
I have cheated a couple times, and immediately following a meal with one of the offending foods, my symptoms will return. If I eat dairy, I will usually get stomach pains. If I eat gluten, my PND returns. I was used to it before - used to constantly clearing my throat and coughing after meals or being doubled over from stomach pain. Now I find it more annoying, because I know what it's like to live without those symptoms. And that makes it easier for me to keep going.
I think this is the way to beat PND. If anyone has any questions about my diet, I would be happy to answer them. I've been able to find many substitutes for the foods I have had to eliminate. I have had fun with trying out new recipes. It's really not as bad or as hard to maintain this diet as it seems. I am young and I go out all the time - out to eat and out to bars. I've cheated a few times, but I've found that it is possible to maintain this diet and still have a social life. You just need a little self-control, and a little planning ahead. I encourage all of you to try it.
JaiAlive last decade
Jai ALive,
great to hear that last post as i am on my 2nd full day on my elimination diet and am seeing great results (not the 0 from 1 to 10 like i want but id say a 2.5.
i just wanna know how long it took you to be completely PND free after this diet and i wanted to know about a couple foods.
ive been eating sweet potatoes, even though intially i was scared 2 do so because they seem so much like a starchy potatoe. Wanted to know if you eat sweet potatoes or yams. n also if you eat nuts. Same with the nuts i was pretty scared n when i eat them it seems as if theyr not too bad but deff not beneficial.
i ate about a half a pound of walnuts the first day because id been eating so much junk food before and really wanted some fat. Now my hunger has subsided somewhat so i wont be needing to eat so much nuts but i just wanted 2 know if you eat them. I made sure to get unsalted and unoiled nuts just to add.
Also the biggest prob i seem to run into with this diet is when im out in public and im hungry. That tends to be when i cheat because there arent many foods 2 choose from. Im not confident enough in nuts yet to continue eating them alot and ive tried raisins and dried fruit n the past but they are too sugary and trigger the pnd. I might have a more severe case then u but i was wondering what types of foods you eat for snacks? i need some sort of handy snack that i can bring with me if i go places.
Also i have cut out meat, which at first i thought was a terrible idea but after eating alot of chicken one day and experience a very bad strech of pnd i realized that it deff contrivbutes to the prob. I think im gonna hafta stick to the nuts and sweet potatoes regardless becuase they provide much needed carbs(yams) & fat(nuts) that is hard 2 find in other foods im allowed to eat. I also eat sardines in water, which i dont mind but i get sick of them pretty quick. Ive heard lamb is a good choice on this diet but i have never bought it before. Please go into as much detail as you can about your diet as I will be extremely pleased to read it, and am sure i can take alot from it. If you could just write the foods you eat in a typical day. Ive got the self disipline to eat the same food every day if i hafta but id rather have a variety and that is what im lacking.
thank you again for your post just readin it have given me more hope
PNDhater last decade
i must say im starting to go through withdrawal already. My body is dying for some peanut butter (which is deff my fav junk food) or some candy or something. I dont really crave normal food like chicken or a sandwhich, unless it was a peanut butter sandwhich( danggg)

because of the terrible way ive been feeling i did some more research and found that withdrawal is very common in food sensitivty/addictions. Im telling you this sucks but since im writing this something tells me im gonna get through it. My PND is going down even more prob to a solid 2 but even with the results all i can think about is eating a reeses peanut butter cup. SCARY STUFF, makes me realize the problem i had and never realized. Im not overweight either, i just wanted to add becuz the way i talk about food you prob think im a couch potatoe. Im very active and have a great body (six-pack ya no) which i hafta attribute to food genes lol. But its crazy how my mind is so fixiated on junk food ive been thinkin of it for hours and am starting to get a headache. Ill keep yall informed and try to beat this withdrawal so I can see the results. I cant say it enough Google Food Sensitivity,Allergy,Addiction, and Withdrawal.
PNDhater last decade
O ya JaiAlive did you ever go through withdrawal?
PNDhater last decade
I have been reading all your posts and I too have the same problem but the smell from my nose is so bad that people around me on a bus or in the street can smell it. It's disgusting and people think I have farted! I have also noticed that not all people can smell it, I would say 1 in 4 people can smell it. Unfortunately for me my doctor is one of those who can't smell it so she thinks I am making it up and thinks I need to see a shrink! I have over the last 3 years seen all the top specialists in ENT and there is nothing they can do! I do not belive this and am keeping an eye out on this forum for a possible solution to this disturbing medical condition! I too think it's related to diet and have change mine but with little effect. I will persist with online helpo as I have lost faith with the medical profession in my area!
BBguy34UK last decade
from my research it is one thing to have pnd and then another to have smelly pnd. Your liver and gullbladder are connected to your sinuses and have a partial responsibility in making your mucous and spit along with bile. If your liver and gullbladder are moving or functioning slowly this can cause the bile to become stagnant from being held up. Then your mucous when secreted has the bad smell. I am pretty sure this is the route cause of the smelly pnd. You need to clean your liver and gullbladder out. Gullstones are a cause of a slow functioning Gullbladder/liver. Do a liver flush or gullbladder flush. The chinese refer to it as having a heated liver. I am just about to do a hulda liver flush followed by a master cleanse. Let me know what this does for your quest for a treatment.
cajual1 last decade
hey guys, you need not to be worry about your breath and post nasal drip.
Because i have brought a one hand remedy to cure it,coz, i myself suffered from it a lot.
on the next, i will provide you that remedy. But it is really hard and if you want your breath to be fresh then you have to take extra step.
Pnd and bb healer last decade
Lets hear it man!
cajual1 last decade
man i m suffering from this disease since last 6 yrs.i has almost ruined my life.i removed my tonsill with no vain.i ungerwent endoscopy to check wether i m suffering from GERD or not. but my stomach is ok. my oral hygine is too good. but man 1 night i was so depress dat i didnt take dinner and in morning there was noticable difference in my breadth. so for now i think dat FOOD ELERGY is culprit. for next 5 days i will eat only greens,fruits. i will share this exp. lets fight together and get rid of this trivial thing which has made us social handicap.
kabir last decade
Kabir, I feel for you mate as I have been through the same unsocial problem for the past few years. I have tried everything apart from what Cajual1 has mentioned. So I went to my doctor for a liver blood test and guess what? They found that my ALT reading is way too high! This could be something to do with our smelly problem. I am currently waiting to be refered to a liver specialist. I sugest you doing the same and have a blood test to check for liver function. This includes a test for hepatitis A, B & C. I have not tired the flushing system which Cajual1 referes to. Have you done it yet Cajual1?? Whats the reuslts? Let us know please! Peace.
BBguy34UK last decade
Pnd and bb healer last decade
Sorry Guys
I could not be on the page for some days that was due to my exam.
First of all before giving the remedies i would like to hear who have the following symptoms or cases.
1. You have done all the treatment but the real cause of the problem has not been identified or found by doctor. I mean do you have serious liver, kidney or etc.problem?
2. Do you have some skin problems?
3. Post-nasal drip (of course)
4. Halitosis/Bad breath (of Course)
5. White/yellow coated tongue
6. Do you feel fatigue?
7. Mild or chronic Body odor or urine odor
8. Intestinal gas or flatulence or bloating (chronic or mild or sometimes)
9. Sometimes urinary frequency and burning.
10. IMPORTANT. Does you bad breath becomes worst when you eat sugar/sweet foods or foods like breads,fermented dairy, alcoholic products,mushroom.
If your answer to many of these symptoms are YES then don't to worry you will be cured like i am. Beside you also provide your specific symptoms to this forum. After seeing that i will provide you the remedies that is very tough. But relax i am here to cure many of sufferers.
Pnd and bb healer last decade
Also another thing. Look up guys what have i done to cure it.
1. Used a lot of antibiotics (this is also a case of history of your problem)
2. Several change in diet
3. Used therabreath each and every products.
4. Used Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda
5. Removed tonsil ( i finally felt that this was a solution)
6. Removed wisdom teeth.

And the final thing that i have done has practically eliminated the problem and i am still following it. However it takes time period like average of 2 months but you will finally feel better. You don't have to do liver flush.
Ok i am waiting for your reply to my question for symptoms.
Pnd and bb healer last decade

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