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Has anyone tried the Dr. Hulda Clark’s flush and had success with it??? If so please reply back ASAP as I’m so desperately looking for a way to get rid of this post nasal drip problem as with everybody else…
Made In Dade last decade
I am using this thing called super cleanse, which i bought from a health store. It cleanses all the organs, I take one pill in the morning on empty stomach and one pill in the evening on empty stomach. I feel like through bowel i'm getting out alot of toxics from my body. I hope this works, I want to be cured before my birthday this december. I will be 26, I really would like to get rid of this problem before I turn 26, i've just lost too many years.
bbsince1995 last decade
please bbsince go back and read my last post on page 6. ive tried all those gimmick detoxes and they dont work unfortunately. Believe me weve all lost too many years but to use a weight loss cliche 'it took time to gain this problem, its going to take time to lose it'
unfortunately this is a holistic health problem and not one that can be cured by an easy fix. The sooner you realize the inevitable the sooner you can get on the path to a new life. Again not trying to be discouraging just trying to help those on a similar path as myself. Ive started my diet today and will keep everyone posted as to the results, however i expect a full recovery to take anywhere from 1 to 3 months.
PNDhater last decade
made in dade im sorry man but the same is true in terms of those liver flushes. all just a waste of money... the only thing that will work is a complete and total lifestyle change. trust me because i was in your shoes about a year ago. Knowledge is power and without the proper knowledge to fight this disease we are all hopeless.
PNDhater last decade
pndhater, your post obviously makes alot of sense. Actually my mom suffered from it but when she was alot older ( not at my age) and she said she cured it by eating very lean, and staying away from carbs,glutten(which eventually forms into carbs) and by eating very little protein. Basically her diet was extremely lean.

I have not had intake of sugar for a while, and i've king of putaside gluten for the past week as well. Usually i do i feel like i am better untill i go in public and i can actually feel how disgusting my throat is.

I've been doing that and showering everynight which helps alot and then I am doing a hydroperoxide therapy which i think is helping alot.

I've done alot of other reasearches and i've disregarded my regular toothpaste ( even thearabreath can be bad for a person because it consists of hydro chlorine) and made my own organic toothpaste.

Do u have any chatting device PNDhater and all others of you? I would love to get to the root of this problem.
bbsince1995 last decade
by chatting device I mean, msn messenger, yahoo messenger or Aol.
bbsince1995 last decade
Hi All, i am suffering from these disease since last 8 yrs. I have tried all possible ways. All things masks our bad breadth but no one eliminates. You cannot find any miracle medicine how hard you try so better we all improve our knowledge for the root of these disease. Now i am going on sugar free diet[i will take minimum sugar which is necessary for body governing]. i will keep updating you.

This disease has made me totally socially handicap. I was fired from my job bcoz of this halitosis.Now i want to get rid of it with hook or crook. guys please keep updating your status. i know it will need lots of patience and self control. but this time i am going to try hard.
kabir last decade
Hey guys. I'm new to the forum. I identify with what everyone is going through. I have been suffering from post nasal drip, white coating on tongue, and bad breath for as long as i can remember, at least 15 years. i have tried 'everything under the sun' to get to the root cause of the problem, to no avail.

Here are some of my other symptoms: cannot tolerate dairy, get PND when I eat oily, spicy foods, dry mouth, rarely breathe through both nostrils, etc.

Here's what I'm doing these days to try to tackle the problem. I am convinced this is due to overgrowth of yeast. I'm seeing a doctor right now who recognizes the problem and has put me on a program to try to get the situation under control.

I am currently taking Nystatin and Diflucan tablets, taking protein shakes, and taking supplements for bowel cleansing. I am also trying as much as I can to stay away from sugar, however, this is the hardest part. Although I have cut out all 'direct' sources of sugar such as fruit, chocolate, dairy products, etc, I do find myself cheating by eating other sources of carbs such as breads, potatoes, rice, etc.

I felt better at the beginning, when I started on the program because at that point I was very motivated to resolve this. So I went on a disciplined, no carb, all veggie diet, drinking lots of water. However, I lose weight very easily and have dropped 10 lbs since I started the program. This is serious for me b/c I am a skinny guy to begin with and the weight loss takes away my motivation to go to the gym for weight lifting which I was doing before I started the program.

Now, here's my latest idea. Many years ago, I was seeing an ENT (he's the one who performed a tonsillectomy on me) who gave me Nystatin suspension. I was on the prescription for several days. One day I felt like I had rid myself of this disease. My mouth felt clean and I had no bad breath. I actually spoke with my sister face to face without being conscious of bad breath, b/c there was no bad breath. It was the happiest day in my life. However, it did not last long. I found myself the next day with the same symptoms as before. I'm not sure what happened. I think I just got too excited and maybe did not finish all the medication or whatever. I thought I could now consume dairy so first thing I did was drink a glass of milk. I think this was not a good idea and maybe the fungus came back with a vengeance. I was busy with school and did not visit the ENT doc again. Then I started trying other things.

Now, I believe I need to go back to the liquid form of Nystatin. That is why I have scheduled the appt with my doc in a couple of days. I will request that I be prescribed the Nystatin suspension fluid with the hope that I will once again see the day that was the happiest day in my life.

I think, at least for me, the yeast cause a problem on the tongue, in the throat and maybe the esophogeal lining. Maybe that's why the Nystatin fluid is better b/c it comes into contact with these areas directly. Just a thought.

I will post again once I have tried the prescription for a few days.

Good luck to all.
dreamweaver last decade
earlrobinson2 at hotmail dotcom (sorry they wont let you type in your email address) for anyone who wants to chat about this. im really busy with college and boxing right now so post a time and day in the future so we can try to schedule i time when we can have a in depth discussion. i think learning about each others backgrounds could give insight and hopefully some solutions.
this goes for anyone just post your msn.
PNDhater last decade
in response to dream weavers post about that one perfect day.... you deff should not have drank the milk because this is a problem that can 'relapse' just like any other addiction. I tend to look at this as a sugar addiction (which includes all forms of sugar including carbs) personally i dont know if you will ever be able to go off of the diet completely but id say after a few years you might be able to eat dairy and sweets in MODERATION. but it was great to hear your 'one perfect day' story as it gives hope to all of us. Something that ive come to realize is that even sometimes when u are doing the right things there are a few environmental things that can affect pnd and ultimately discourage you from continuing the diet because you feel like its impossible. ill list some of them
1. Stress- its widely accepted that stress triggers pnd in our cases. for example if your about to talk 2 a beautiful woman i can guarantee your breathe will be worse than when u go 2 talk to your sister in the face. now they both mite b stressful for someone with our condition but 1 is deff more stressful.
2. humidity- yall mite have noticed this on your own, the colder and dryer it is the thinner the post nasal drip. the hotter and more humid it is the thicker and worse the smell is. so sometimes you mite just go from indoors to outdoors and you symtoms mite completely change. again there is nothing you can do about this but the more you 'truely eliminate the yeast' the less and less symptoms that you will have.
3. dehyration- just like humidity if your dehyrated than you pnd will be thicker and smell worse. this is why you probably notice its the worst right when you wake up.
4. things that tend to help- drinking alot of water, warm showers, antifungals garlic, oregano oil, cayenne pepper (not in vinegar based hot sauces tho)and EXCERCISE. the common element of all these is that they all work to eliminate toxins from our body.
hope this helps to explain why you could have went from perfect to not so perfect without changing anything in diet ect. also did you notice your perfect day worsen before the glass of milk or after, if it was only after the glass of milk well then you simply relapsed.
PNDhater last decade

You haven't mentioned the gluten. I had four years of the symptoms you were describing and I cut out gluten and then had a great day like you described, and then another and then another, it's been six months of them now, it's changed my life.

Try to be very strict and cut out all wheat, barley, rye and spelt for a week and see what happens. Check the ingredients of EVERYTHING. You can eat oats, corn, buckwheat, rice, potatoes, lentils.

I would also suggest staying away from dairy for the week too. I only have problems when I have lots of dairy, eg milk or chocolate, not if I have the small amount that is in margerine. But if I have a breadcrumb then I notice a difference. No Gluten At All.

Try it and report back to us. It would be useful to have another perspective on it.

Good luck.
happierthanbefore last decade
I agree with happierthanbefore, but although this seems to of worked for us, I see from the feedback from others on this forum that gluten free does not work for everyone.

and happierthanbefore, I never knew that oats and buckwheat was kosher for this special diet, good to know, and also you should try corn tortillas from your grocer as a bread substitute, you simply warm them up and put whatever you want in them make a wrap of it and enjoy, their also very cheap, 1.99 for 70 tortillas.
ragingbull last decade
happier than before and raging bull please explain about your diet... i understand you can eat things like rice and potatoes the question is how much... are you naturally skinny or slim? i know for a fact that if i eat as much rice or potatoes as i want it will effect my pnd. i feel u on the bread crumbs tho.also chocolate and milk are high in sugar is there any other foods in your diet (like fruit, juice) that might contain sugar? please just give an extremely detailed explanation of your diet with serving sizes included. thank you so much for your inspiration and help. my problem might be different from yours but any help of info can only be positive
PNDhater last decade
o sorry but if you could please include how many meals you eat per day that would be great too. reason being, i think that eating large meals (ive been known to eat 1 large meal a day) only adds to this problem and if you are eating small servings and more than 3 meals i think it mite be easier for our body to process the carbs like rice and potatoes
PNDhater last decade
Although my pnd is probably because of pnd, like others, i still sometimes ask myself the question, what if it is something else that is causing b.b.

How can you all be sure that it is pnd.

Maybe it is just excessive mucus? that your gland are producing secreating excessive mucus.

But even at that,

I once knew this person who had serious mucus problem and when he talked, u could see sticky mucus sticking to his lips.

but his breath was fine.

So basically although we are most probably sure that it is pnd,

what if its not.

well i just tried enema last night and had severe diareah,I thought i was gonna like die. lol.

but i still feel the stink in the back of my throat.

Atleast I am sure that the problem does not exist in the mouth because even if i rinse my mouth, i still feel the salty un-natural taste in the back of my throat.

and that tells me that my mucus is thick and secreating from my nose.

but what could it be the lungs?

have any of you been to a lung doctor?

what about breath clinic.

have u guyz ever been to a breath clinic to be sure that pnd is causing the bad breath.

Even though the doctor assured me that the my membranes and lining close to my throat are inflammed, im still questioning if that could cuase such a serious b.b. What if there is different cause.

There are very high chances of the problem existing in the mucus membranes.

Well I'll leave it at that.

Feel free to argue.

by the way my msn messenger id is aadd29 at hotmail

yahoo id is azistani at yaho

and aol sname is laidbac88

So also feel free to im me.

I Have a feeling that i am going to cure this disease within the next month.
bbsince1995 last decade
I went to the doctor today and got the prescription for liquid Nystatin. Doctor is also going to send my urine sample to the lab to be tested for various organic acids (apparently to check for some type of toxicity). I will also be taking probiotic tablets every day.

Happierthanbefore, some weeks ago, I did try a wheat/flour free diet for a couple of days, but wasn't too disciplined with it. If I don't see any results with the liquid Nystatin, I will try to follow the gluten free diet for at least a week. I have already cut out pretty much all dairy from my diet. I used to like to drink coffee daily as well, I've given that up a long time ago.

Btw, I just want to throw this out there. When I was doing research on my condition, I came across some articles which said that mercury fillings can be a cause for bad breath/fungal overgrowth, etc. I had several mercury fillings. The more I researched about this, the more I became convinced that mercury fillings are not good for your health. I wasn't sure if they were the primary cause in my case, but I thought that they were definitely a contributing factor. Well, over time, I had all my mercury fillings replaced with white (composite) fillings. However, I really did not see a difference in my symptoms, even over time.

Best to all.
dreamweaver last decade
bbsince1995, I understand what you're saying. We can't be 100% sure that PND is causing bad breath. I have BB even when I don't have PND. I even have BB even when my tongue is moist and clean, without a white coating. However, I can say that, at least in my case, PND makes my breath even worse. So, the idea is that if I can get my PND under control, then that's one less factor that can affect BB.

I do feel that for me, just suppressing the PND problem will not cure my BB. I need to have a broad, varied approach to the problem that considers my diet, sleep, and general lifestyle.

I hope you're able to meet your goal of ridding yourself of this disease in a month. My goal is to find a cure within 1 year, otherwise I might lose hope forever.

Power to all.
dreamweaver last decade
Hi, Just want to state something that I have said before.

It seems most likely from reading elsewhere that the smell is from stagnant sinus fluid. It sits around for a long time and doesn't circulate and so it gets bugs in it.

This is bad for two reasons, not just the bad breath but it also seems that people with PND are also more likely to get pneumonia.

I am fit and healthy and two years ago I got pneumonia, I had a week in hospital on a drip followed by two weeks bed rest.

The other thing you find is that you don't get as many colds when you have PND because you have an extra barrier to the bugs. But when you cure the PND you get everything going all at once.

Let me know what you think of this anecdotal evidence.
happierthanbefore last decade
I have been dealing with this problem for years now. It is slowly ruining my life. I am an attractive girl and I get guys coming up and talking to me all of the time, but when they smell by breath they usually say nice to meet you, and walk away. Some have just walked away without saying anything. I am an african american whose family came from the south (in the United States), when we get together for holidays, there is nothing but soul food. These foods are baked macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, cornbread, and many more foods that contain gluten. I can't have either one of them but they are so delicious. I especially love chocolate and I can't have that either. This diet really does suck big time, but halitosis is much much worse in my opinion.
girlwithbadbreath last decade
girwithbadbreath, i tried glutten free diets and sugar free diets but i didnt see any improvement, so i just thought i might as well eat everything, atleast enjoy food.

im going to go see an ent again and i've never seen a gastrologist ( stomach doctor).

Quiet honestly, there is no way i can remedy this situation by shooting in the dark.

I've been told by doctor before that my nasal membranes close to my throat are inflammed,

but the most strange thing about my bb is that i have no other symptoms. i dont even have a sins problem.

Hopefully it works out for all of us.

By the way, new information i have come with that might benefit everyone on this forum, is that thearabreath is waste of money.

because if you just brush your teeth with Hydro peroxide and water mixture,

and gargle with salt water, mixed with a bit of hydroperoxide, its cheaper and more beneficial than any product out there. So at least you guys can stop saving your money.
bbsince1995 last decade
I posted a note a long time ago. I had my tonsils removed with no results. Then I had endoscopic sinus surgery. I had fresh breath and a pretty pink tongue for an entire week, but it came back. Maybe it is our sinuses or maybe it was the high dose antibiotics. I want to have another surgery. The ENT said that it may be required and the next time the problem may be completely resolved. Has anyone had the sinus surgery also?
brittb last decade
Another thing I want to add is that I stayed away from dairy products for years and years, but there was no difference in the halaitosis problem.

Because as soon as you type in bad breath the first thing readers read is not to drink milk, but that is only for those people who have occasional bad breath and it orginates in the mouth.

Our problem is not in the mouth or the tongue. Yes we can clean our tongue, but its only gonna stay pink for 15 mins max.

Milk is actually good. There is no need to deprive one self of milk. Thats honestly my opinion.
bbsince1995 last decade
I just got an allergy test done today, and it turns out a have a moderate allergy to yeast, pollen, ragweed and dust. I'm more interested in the yeast allergy, the doctor did the wheat test however the test showed I am not allergic to wheat. As I have noted in other posts, I am currently gluten free and no longer suffer from bad breathe. So I am going to begin eating foods which contain wheat but no yeast, flatbreads, pasta etc. I hope that I do not experience bad breath with this new diet and I will report back on this thread shortly.
ragingbull last decade
Has anyone ever tried acidophilus which is a probiotic.
girlwithbadbreath last decade
I have been gluten-free for a couple of days and I do see a difference in PND. However, still don't see any difference in BB. Maybe that will take longer. I will continue with gluten-free for at least a week.

Girlwithbadbreath (GWBB), I have taken probiotics in the past, but really didn't see any difference. I am actually taking probiotics right now, 3 times a day at the direction of my doctor, however, since I'm trying so many other things at the same time, I can't say that it's making any difference.

Ragingbull, how long was it before you felt that you had no BB with the gluten-free diet?

Also, I'm curious to know if you guys scrape your tongues with a tongue cleaner?
dreamweaver last decade
I've tried gluten-free for 4 days but my condition was as bad so i stopped.
bbsince1995 last decade

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