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I've tried gluten-free for 4 days but my condition was as bad so i stopped.
bbsince1995 last decade
To dreamweaver, I noticed a difference in the 3rd-4th day, but definitely by the 4th day my BB was gone.

By the way if I can think of anything that aggravated my bb the most, it would without a doubt be BEER. If I drink a few beers I notice that I have very bad breath the next day. So stay away from beer.
ragingbull last decade
Beer is packed full of gluten.

btw I have had an allergy test and have tested negative for an allergy to wheat.

But I know that if I eat something with wheat in it and no yeast I will still have bb.

In fact I have tried to have wheat with as many different things as possible to see what happens, same every time.

I might try to get some ears of wheat to see what happens. I have not, so far, tried to eat rye or barley on its own but I do know that spelt is bad for me.

Don't be taken in by people who say spelt is gluten-free, I have done my research and it is one of the things that contains gluten, albeit half as much as wheat.

Buckwheat contains no gluten, surprisingly, I saw some buckwheat noodles in the supermarket so I might try those out.
happierthanbefore last decade
yeah I also don't have a wheat allergy, just for yeast. I hope that I can bring back some of these food that contain wheat into my diet, we will have to wait and see what happens.
ragingbull last decade
if anyone has an aim screename or msn messenger email address let me know because i think instant messaging is an easier way to compare symptoms.
please comment if you have either of these .... my msn messenger email as i have posted before is earlrobinson2 at hotmail dot com (again the only reason i typed it like that is because they wont let u put your email address). i havent heard anyone say that they have aim but if u do hit me up and ill give u me sn
PNDhater last decade
yea msn is aadd29 at hotmail

and aim screen name is laidbac88
bbsince1995 last decade
its weekend guys. Research time. Dont give up hope. I want to start my week (monday) without bb.
bbsince1995 last decade
bbsince95, any luck? Did you find anything new in your research?

I have been on the gluten-free diet for a week now. I do notice a decrease in PND and my tongue is more pink and does not have a white coating most of the time. The BB continues however.

For those who are embarrassed by BB at work, do you guys chew gum? I chew gum habitually, especially at work, otherwise I would find it impossible to deal with people as well. Sugarless gum of course.

dreamweaver last decade
Still not eating foods with yeast, but cant say that the bb has been eliminated, I will continue for a few more days and see what happens. Question for all of you, how do you know that you all have bb? For myself, no one has actually ever told me that I have bb, but I usually do a self test where I raise my head up as high as it goes and breathe out through my nose. I can usually smell a bad odor.
ragingbull last decade
a doctor prescribed me 'SUCLOR 8-120 MG (DECONAMIN)' and it has significantly reduced my pnd.

One Scarey theory a doctor told me, which made a lot of sense is that the pnd is related to the air we breath. Something in the air makes our turbinates swell and thus pnd. But if thats the case than thats a hard one to deal with.

If you think about it, its definitely not food allergy because we all have this problem 24/7, 7 days a week.
If it was indeed food allergy, then it would vary drastically . It is definitely not related to food. Thats my opinion.

Any input on this?

Any of you tried SUCLOR. Its a Deconamine.

ok let me know.
bbsince1995 last decade
bbsince95, you said 'something' in the air causes PND. What could this something be? Chemicals? Smoke? Dust?

I think food allergies DO have some role to play in causing PND b/c some people, including myself, have seen a reduction in PND on the gluten-free and/or the dairy-free diet.

I'm continuing the gluten-free, dairy free diet. I have been consuming some sugar (apples, gluten-free, dairy-free brownies, soy milk, etc) b/c I was continuing to lose weight and wanted to put some of it back on.

I'm still taking the sub-lingual homeopathic drops for allergies/PND, but they don't seem to be working. I'm leaning towards trying the allergy shots to see if that would help.

Anyone try allergy shots and if so, what are your observations?
dreamweaver last decade
i respect bbsince1995's opinion but i respectfully disagree. The thing i think your forgetting is its not a food allergy really. its a yeast infection/overgrowth. it took time to build an overgrowth of candida and once its overgrown its VERY difficult to get rid of. another thing people are forgetting is that this is somewhat cumulative. the longer u have it the longer its going to take to cure it. all my research suggests that it will take any where from 2 months to a couple years to cure it completely. I think we have to all stop thinking that there is an immediate solution and face the reality that it is a long road back, and there is only one road. Again im not saying that my opinion is 100% correct but ive done countless hours of research and thats what i have come up with.
PNDhater last decade
Has anyone ever tried grapefruit seed extract as a nasal wash or cleansing with organic apple cider vinegar?
Well I have good news to report I have been eating nothing but veges and I can honestly say that my bb is not as strong as it was before, but I have still have post nasal drip. I am going to try and take the grapefruit seed extract as a nasal cleanser for my chronic sinusitus. After I eat I also take garlic pills, they taste HORRIBLE going down but they actually freshen my breath, when I burp all I smell is mint.

P.S.-I lost 15 pounds.
girlwithbadbreath last decade
BREAKTHROUGH!!!!!!! I just finished eating raw veges, thats right RAW. I read that raw veges are better than cooked veges because when veges are cooked they loose A LOT of their nutrients. I realized that my tongue was PINKER and I couldn't smell my breath. I am currently taking Ester-C vitamin C tablets that will make my immune system stronger and fight off the candida infection. I also take probiotics from GNC in addition to the other pills I mentioned previously. I also just cleansed with apple cider vinegar and water. After doing tons of research I realized that eating properly won't just kill the infection off alone, it has to be attacked from all different angles!!!!!! I am currently waiting for my grapefruit seed extract in the mail. I am going to use this as a bacterial mouthwash and nasal wash because I read that it is excellent for getting rid of bacteria!!!
girlwithbadbreath last decade
GWBB, congratulations on the progress. Very happy for you. I'm planning on going on a no/low carb, all veggie/protein diet myself in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, I can replicate the results you have gotten. Keep us posted on further progress.
dreamweaver last decade
thats really ironic gwbb because i just started a raw foods diet with no fruit and have noticed good results... still not perfect but ive read that it will. prob take no less than 3 months.
keep us posted on the raw foods diet and deff look into oil of oregano in addition to grapefruit seed extract. both are antifungals and help to kill the yeast. oil of oregano can be found at gnc and if you want a cheap antifungal try eating chopped garlic (i use the kind in those little shake bottles) the garlic is really intense antifungal works wonders. i read if you take it before bed then by morning even the garlic breathe will be gone. glad to see were on the same path and like a said keep us updated, your post have re inspired my to stay active on this page
PNDhater last decade
oh and i wanted to add that for those who wonder how you could have energy on a raw veggies diet, the key would be to use some omega 6 oils. i think flax seed oil and extra virgin olive oil are great to give you calories and ultimately energy. unfortunately you cant live of just veggies as they are mostly water
PNDhater last decade
o ya and one last thing (haha sorry about the 3 posts) if you still have some bb in public dont get discouraged and quit. All the things you've said show your making progress and although some people are under the impression that if you fix your diet results will come instantly, that is unfortunately no the case. like with weight loss, it took you a while to build this problem & its going to take a while to cure yourself. the good news is, the curing process probably wont take as long as the build up process although i have read that it can take a year or more to fully recover
PNDhater last decade
Yeah I just got some flaxseed oil today!!!
girlwithbadbreath last decade
gwbb one thing i wanted 2 add from a post you had a long time ago was that im also african american born in louisville kentucky. i remember talking to laidbac and i think he was middle eastern. im just wondering if certain ethnicities might be more prone to developing this although im sure that anyone can. if others read my post could you please state ethnicity just so we can see if there are any similarities
PNDhater last decade
PNDhater, are you feeling sick to your stomach, Because I am. I feel nauseous and dizzy. I read that I should feel like this the first few days, but I feel terrible!!!
girlwithbadbreath last decade
ive read that sugar addiction is very similar to alcoholism and the withdrawal can be as bad as cocaine addiction. yes ive felt extremely dizzy, sick, and couldnt think cleary. basically thats why its taken me so long complete the diet. 1 you need to realize that these are all the signs of passing out and the reason most people pass out is a drop in blood sugar. the key to keeping your blood sugar up without eating sugar is to eat every hour or so. i dont know what your doing now so its hard for me to say, but try to eat as many meals as possibly cause this keeps your blood sugar somewhat balanced. also make sure your getting enough calories from fats. your calories need to be at or above 2000 a day. if you cut calories for too long then your bound to feel these symptoms eventually. one last thing that can be VERY helpful. if you have a chance to get to a GNC or health store you should really buy Glutamine. this is a kinda expensive supplement but they give it to alcoholics to curb cravings and is very helpful against sugar addiction. it has no sugar but it actually tastes somewhat sweet. unfortuanely you have to go through these symptoms to heal yourself but i know from experience that they can take away your will and desire to continue with the diet. Stay strong and stay healthy. also if u have any instant messenger deff let me know. you can exchange so much more info when you dont have to wait days for a reply haha
PNDhater last decade
PNDhater, I'm South Asian.

The main reason I haven't been able to continue with the restricted diet is the resulting weight loss. As I've mentioned before, I'm a skinny guy in the first place and eliminating carbs causes me to shed pounds quickly.

I'd like to keep up my calorie intake while on the diet by eating frequently, but it just gets very hard to eat constantly at work.

Anything wrong with eating more nuts like almonds, macadamia, etc. I know I should stay away from certain nuts like peanuts, pistachios, etc.

Also, is it necessary to totally eliminate sugar intake? I'm asking b/c right now, I drink carrot/vegetable juice with protein powder. I'm not sure whether I should continue this or not once I'm on the diet.

Good luck guys.
dreamweaver last decade
my experience with nuts is very bad but everyone is different. the way i look at it is the more sugar in your diet the longer it will take to cure yourself but if you have alot of sugar then your not curing at all. i guess if u notice slight improvement with whatever diet your following then try to see what happens over the long run but it deff will not be quick. i think its better to cut out everything since it avoids confusion
PNDhater last decade
GWBB, you haven't updated in quite a while. Are you still on the low carb diet? If so, how is it going and is there any improvement? If not, are you trying something else?
dreamweaver last decade
Email me
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shankarg last decade

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