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Hey guys i have a bit of a problem, i have a sinus problem which has somewhat limited my smelling and tasting abilities and a constant running nose I have had bad breath but it has totally declined since i took my tonsils out about a month ago.I'm not really sure if i have PND and every time i use a nasal spray my senses seem to get worse.Have any of you suffered from this and how long did it take you to get your senses back and how can i really be sure that i have PND
ruddy last decade
hello, my name is manuela...
i started having some similar sintoms few days ago. i have postnasal drip, my tongue is constantly white, i have trouble swallowing and breathing. i can't breath during the night.
i also have gerd. iam using floranose but i only started two days ago so i'm not sure yet if it works or not. sometimes i feel something in the back of my throat, i try to spit it out but nothing comes out. i can't blow my nose since it gets worst.
please somebody help me, i am freaking out!!!!
manuf77 last decade
I have dealt with this problem for over 10 years. I have come to the conclusion that the white film on the tongue is residue of post nasal drip. GERD may be the cause or a sympton...not sure which...PND and GERD go hand in hand but not sure which is the cause and which is symptom. Working with your ENT, you have to determine what is the problem with your difficulty breathing at night...perhaps sleep apnea. There are things to try...tongue scrapping is a must, nasal irrigatior would probably be helpful...make sure you're sucking in the water so you can spit it out to reach the film at the back of the throat but also let it flow in one nostril and out the other, do this morning and night. You will have to eliminate nasal obstructions and sinus infections as possible causes. Good luck
Nomad last decade
why hasn't anyone addressed the gallbladder theory? i mentioned it a long time ago. liver pushes bile into the gallbladder. if you develop gallstones for whatever reason the bile ducts from the liver to the gallbladder get clogged also the drainage fro the gallbladder to the intestine gets clogged. this slows down the movement of your bile. you sinuses are connected to your gallbladder. So if the bile doesn't flow properly it gets stagnant. Your gallbladder is under pressure so it comes up out your sinuses as PND. But smelly pnd because it is stagant. LIVER AND GALLBLADDER FLUSH. i have done it once but have not had time to do it as much as you are suppose to to effectivley get rid of the gallstones causing the slow flow of bile. would somebody research this. i travel alot for my job and have not had much time to do the fushing. i am going to start next week and will get back to everyone. i am really surprised not much has been said about this theory. it makes sense though. cmon people research it with me.


cajual1 last decade
also coffee enimas are suppose to stimulate your gallbladder to burp out stones and unclogged stuff. the caffeine causes this.
cajual1 last decade
Hi I have the same problem for almost 7 years now. Im using nasonex spray for my PND and Oracare mouthwash which has stabilized chlorine dioxide. Although both diminishes the smell it does not cure it. You guys are from America right? I know there are a lot of breath specialist there also in canada that you can visit, unlike here in my place. Do u know the halimeter thing that they are using? Who have tried it? Please guys we really need to kill this monster that is causing us great discomfort and embarrassment.Another thing, when we have that white coating it m,akes our mounth dry so we have to fight it, drink lots of water when u feel it gets dry and its really important that there is a lot of saliva secretion so to stimulate it try putting a liitle amount in the tip of your tongue. This are just ways to reduce smell.

Pls post your comment pls...
vvonder last decade
I have tried the liver flush as I have tried everything else and nothing worked, so I went for it! Unfortuently it did not work for me. I know you are meant to do it more than once, but I would have expected some sort of little sign to say the porblem is getting better! If anything I think the bad smell from my nose and mouth have gotten worse! So can user 'cajual1' get back to us here with his experience, as you did mention you were going to give it a go. And also can the rest of you guys who are reading this post some sort of findings on anything that has made the bad smell better??? C'mon guys!!!!!!!
BBguy34UK last decade
Helo everyone. Im so glad ive found this websight. I am depressed with the problem. I find it hard just to go through a normal day. I become very nervous if any 1 comes near me. I catch the bus and dread it if someone gets on who i know. I want a girfreind but cant get one. Loads of girls like me until they know i have bad breath. Its very frustrating. I have a spary for my nose called flixonase aqueous nasal spray. It does improve the drip but not completely and i take tablets called Neoclarityn. I suffer from wind alot and dihorear. I think from reading this forum that it is linked to PND. Im guna go to my docs and ask them to look into it. Their are ways you can smell your breath. Stick your jaw out and move it upwards so that the air from your mouth enters your nose. Do this whilst breathing up. Another way is stick ur finger to back of your mouth and rub it across and smell ur finger. Another way is move your drainpipe down(it feels like your throat airhole has expanded, if ur not sure you have done it put ur finger on ur throat and you can feel ur throat move down)and breath out. You may smell a sulfur smell.
keep hoping last decade
Hello everyone, anyone else have had their tonsils out with success and it helped their halitosis???
castertroy003 last decade
just wanted to report that i am hitting the liver flushes and coffee enemas. it's sort of a lot of work that is why i have been unable to get around to it. i've done one enema and 3 flushes. I think i sense a little difference in the consistency of my nasal drip and the smell. i believe this to be because my gull bladder is starting to clean itself out. most of the stories have read the flushes and cleanses all took time work. i will report back again later.

-peace out
cajual1 last decade
Have any of you considered treating this as a fungal problem? What about doing the candida diet with homeopathic Candida albicans? Check this out:


I would personally never pay these kind of prices for this product when you can make your own for $25, by putting pellets in water.

If you don't know how to make a wet dose, make a new post to the forum 'How do you make a wet dose?' and I or someone else will answer.

3 of my close friends are on this remedy right now and are feeling great. My breath always smells better when I take antifungals. That's why I mention this here.
Cordial last decade
I didn't read through all of this, but have any of you tried a neti pot? I prefer Xclear nasal spray for my usual allergy sinus problems, but for post nasal drip I think the neti pot is more effective. Don't know if it'll help with the chronic pnd or not. Hope so!!
mugsy234 last decade
Dear lavalamp,

Could you findout a solution for this problem?

I am also a victim of exactly the symptoms suffering from the past many years.

Please help me out !

God Bless !
pnd_man last decade
hello guys,
I am suffering from this problem since 8yrs. Life has become pathetic becaeuse of this halitosis.During these i have tried many things in vain.This is to inform you guys about which things mostly wont work for you.i dont have solution but i can tell you what not to do to get rid of this problem.
1) i used many mothwashes.Dont waste yr money behind these useless thing.Even i have used latest mouthwash from Dr.kartz[therabradth fame].His mouthwash is the best among wht i have used but it doesnt eliminate halitosis completely.
2) i removed my tonsils. Dont ever try to remove tonsil to get rid to this problem. Belive me my bad bread didnt even reduce to 0.005% after removing tonsils.
3) i did endoscopy. Doctor told me that you have little GERD[every one suffers from little GERD]. I took medicine but it didnt work.
4) took antibiotic to reduce sinus.but it didnt work

conclusion: After 8 yr of different method i think post nasal drip is cause for this. There are two kind of pnd.1) normal pnd[body tend to produce more mucus] 2) smelly pnd[at the back of the throat bacteria treats our mucus as food and try to decompose mucus.during process by product is VSC[volatile sulfer compound].. We all suffer from smelly pnd. I know the cause but even after 8yrs i m suffering from this. Please try to find proper remedy.This is screwing my life badly.
kabir last decade
Dear Kabir,
I am sorry to hear you have suffered such a long time with this problem, just like myself. You mentioned that you know what is causing your PND, could you tell us what it is? As I have the same problem and not sure what's causing it. Maybe we need to try and minimise the amount of PND we have be reducing whatever is causing it? I find that fatty oily foods and bread give me alot of PND. What causes yours? Also the others on here, please reply and tell us what gives you PND if you know! Oh, what other treaments have you had apart from an endoscopy Kadir?
BBguy34UK last decade
Anyone has a solution to this decease ?

Please help !

Is there anyway to stop PND completely ?
pnd_man last decade
Please try this :


This helps me a lot !
pnd_man last decade
I did endoscopy but my gastroenterologist gave me green signal.GERD is responsible for morning bad breadth.It will not cause halitosis for entire day.
Nasal spray is temporary solution.We cannot get rid of PND completely with nasal sprays.
For me its not oily food that cause the PND. Whenever i eat or drink cold food[like icecream] or a food which contains high sugar level[like sweets]My PND increases.

People in this post mixing sinus with PND. sinus is developed at upper part of nose. while PND is a condition where your noseglands tends to produce more mucus.which gathers at back of the throat and decompose protein and produce VSC(volatile sulfer compound) ..these VSC are screwing our life..For getting rid of it i have started 'pranayam'. it will take time to improve but we may find solution for all time...
this is paid site.but i will post free site soon
kabir last decade
Thank you for your reply and information Kabir. I am sure we all look forward to your results from the rajshri website. I have also read somewhere that metal filling in the teeth can cause problems. I have a few and one very large one, so maybe the metal (whatever it is made from) is causing a reaction with something causing the PND possibly? Anyone have metal fillings on here that has caused them to have PND or bad breath?
BBguy34UK last decade
hmm. I personaly feel that my bad breadth is coming from back of the throat. If metal is responsible then is should come from mouth..but this cannot be ignored completelh.

There are two kind of PND. first one is normal one. Another one is smelly PND. I have seen people with high PND but they dont suffer from halitosis(bad breath). My PND level is average but i suffer from chronic halitosis.Even trying all sort of stuff i cannot get rid of even morning bad breath. Do u guys suffer from halitosis? If yes, can you tell me the intensity.
Free site for 'pranayam' is:http://youtube.com/watch?v=C-Uac4C4dhM&feature=related
[It is in HINDI but you guys can still understand yoga..]
kabir last decade
Yes Kabir,

I also suffer from chronic halitosis since many years.
Have you tried nasal irrigation with saline water as i mentioned in my previous post.It gives good relief though it is not a premanent solution to the decease.
No idea how this smelly PND can be stopped.
pnd_man last decade
To Kabir, Regarding the tooth fillings: I did not mean that the smell is coming from the tooth or filling. I meant that the metal used as filling 'could' be causing an elergic reaction to your system, thus possibly the cause to producing smelly PND. Everyone is different and everyones body reacts to different things. So maybe thats something to look into? I do suffer from a very bad smell from my mouth and nose, but the main problem is actualy finding out WHERE it is coming from. I have seen many ENT specialists, also gasto, lung, and others. I have had many tests by many specialist with no satisfation! The only test I can not find to have done is a 'source of smell' test! This would actualy benefit all of us so we could actualy find out where this smell is coming from and fix the source!! I know of one place that have a machine called a 'Halimeter', but these are generaly used in dentists practices around Harley Street. Very expensive, as you have to book youerself in privately and have many things done through them. So after a few thousand pounds later they may still come back to you with - your teeth are fine and it's your pnd thats causing the smell!! Anyway, has anyone actualy been able to technicaly find the source of their smell??
BBguy34UK last decade
to BBguy34UK, yes you may be right..different people can have different cause.but our symptoms are quite similar.I have also visited number of ENT,gastro,dentist in vain.I am also not sure from where this smell is coming from[may be back of the throat]. I found some use and throw kind of halimeter on Dr.kartz's website therabreath.but i dont trust his medicines. i have bought his products. it works better than others but its so costly. PND MAN has tried nasal irrigation but i think that its temporary remedy. we have to find a source which is producing extra mucus.I am physically healthy guy..but even after brushing for 15min, i can feel bad breath next second. its horrible..Hope together we will conquer this.
kabir last decade
Alright guys, thought I would share my story with you, see if yours is similar.

About four years ago my girlfriend told me I had really bad breath. Obviously, I was very embarrassed, I started cleaning my teeth a lot more, flossing, etc. I went to the dentist and he couldn't see a problem so he did some X-Rays turns out I had an abcess under a tooth which had previously been root-filled. They removed the tooth. I have a hole there now.

The problem did not go away, it was the same as before. I started to get quite down about it and lost a little of the large amount of confidence I had. I went to see my GP and they were very unhelpful. I started chewing gum and buying a spray to mask it.

I went back to my dentist (a different one by this point). He took and X-ray and found an abcess on the same tooth on the other side of my mouth. I had it taken out - anything to get rid of the bad breath.

Unfortunately it didn't go - my confidence is really starting to take a knock now. My GP suggested that it could be a dry mouth and she noticed that I sniffed a lot. I convinced myself that the bad breath was because I breathed in through my mouth because my nose was blocked up all the time. The GP sent me to an ENT surgeon and he stuck lots of probes up my nose. I had no polyps or anything which would obstruct my airways but gave me a steroid spray to use four times a day.

It didn't help.

Two years on from the start of this condition I got pneumonia - I was 23 and very healthy. They gave me very strong antibiotics and the smell went away for a week.

I correlated the two and immediately began a new method of attack with my GP - I want antibiotics to keep this under control. He prescribed me amoxycilan and it did nothing for me. He then prescribed me an anaerobic antibiotic and it worked perfectly - got rid of the smell in one day, wow.

I was over the moon and went back to the GP for some more at which point he told me he could not give me any more as it was a dangerous drug if taken in large amounts.

I was at the end of what I could take. I was very low in confidence having been the most confident person anyone knew four years before. My (now) wife was incredibly supportive but there was a definite strain, we could not go on like this.

My doctor had mentioned the phrase PND before now - so I typed it into Google and I arrived here. I read a post by someone called PNDHater, and that he was cutting out meat, diary and gluten. I decided to do the same thing. Within two days the smell was gone - never to return.

Not only was my bad breath gone but so was the bunged up feeling that I had had for four years was gone too (you don't realise it is there until it is gone).

I gradually added things back into my diet and found that it was gluten that caused the problem.

If I eat even a very small amount of gluten in any form then I feel completely bunged up in my head - I can't breath through my nose properly and I have what they call a post nasal drip.

I have done a lot of research on this since and have uncovered a lot from peoples' anecdotal evidence.

The problem it seems is that the digestive system is linked directly (in that chemicals can transfer) to the sinuses.

The sinuses can block up due to this and stagnate, once the same fluid has been in your sinuses for a few days it starts to smell.

An indirect consequence of this is an increased propensity for pneumonia because of the bacteria which can form more easily.

I really hope this helps even one other person, it ended four years of my life that were plauged by this problem.

Good luck to you.
happierthanbefore last decade
thanks for the post, happierthanbefore. I have also noticed a correlation between my post nasal drip and the consumption of any food with gluten in it. I am going to immediately go on a gluten free diet to see what happens. Been suffering with these symptoms for far too long.
dissident last decade
A big thank you to happierthanbefore. We all appreciate your info. I am glad you are over the problem. I will be trying out gluten free products, but was wondering what your average daily meals would consist of with a gluton free diet? I currently have Oats with soya milk in the mornings, with heinze soups for lunch and then chicken with rice, or pasta, or steamed fish for the evening meal. Peoples input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
BBguy34UK last decade

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