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I've been gluten free for about 10 days now, I have to admit in the beginning I thought it would be challenging seeing that most foods contain some kind of wheat/gluten, but I soon habituated and after noticing the results I don't quite miss the foods which aggravated my condition. As far as my diet It hasn't changed radically at all. Rice is gluten free and it should become a staple in your diets, since I'm south asian this transition was easy for me. So for all you who are considering going gluten free heres my advice, first do some research, read up online about foods containing gluten and visit a health food store and familiarize yourself with gluten free products. You can buy gluten free bread made from rice flour, its kinda pricey about $5 a loaf and it comes frozen and lasts about 4-6 months. after I write this Im going to make myself a tuna sandwich, also try gluten free pancake mix available in the health food isle in your grocery store. In your first week you must be diligent and make sure you consume nothing with gluten so you can test to see if you halitosis goes away, no breaded chicken fingers no burgers with bread crumbs in them(read the ingredients), and oh yeah I'm sorry to say this but beer contains gluten, thankfully their is gluten free beer. You should notice results in the first 2-3 days after eliminating it from your diets. As far as my diet here are some things I eat. For breakfast a couple of eggs with bacon and beans and oj. Lunch, beef chili (beware some processed meats including cold cuts may contain gluten again read the ingredients) for diner grilled chicken with potato salad and rice. I also live at home and my moms makes a lot of indian dishes which I eat(she thinks I'm crazy that I no longer eat roti. Roti is the bread we eat with our dishes) Since I enjoy cooking it's not as hard for me since I can make my own meals from scratch but it may be hard for some. If your going for take out, again Id recommend something with rice in it. Im from Toronto and their is a lot of diversity in the foods available, try jerk chicken with rice and peas, or some Mediterranean souvlaki with rice and potatoes, no pizza and burgers.(just to note almost all frozen burgers from your supermarket contain bread crumbs, so I'd recommend you make your own with fresh ground beef, they are tastier and cheaper than the frozen varieties, If anyone wants I can give you my recipe for my ground beef burgers,and you will obviously be eating these with gluten free bread)Heres a link for additional info on gluten containing foods.

Anyways I hope this helps, you guys can do this it's not hard, good luck to all.
ragingbull last decade
Oh and happierthaneverbefore, I haven't tried the gluten free pasta yet, but im looking forward to trying it after your positive review on it.

ragingbull last decade
hi folks. it has been nice to hear that many of you have overcome problem of halitosis by eliminating gluten from diet. However, one common think in all of your diet is, its gluten free and SUGAR free. After reading PNDHater's comment i found that whenever i eat food with high sugar, my problem is getting worse. Diet with SUGAR increase PND and eventually it increases halitosis.We all suffer from candida. in which yiest grow rapidly compare to other people. which tend to increase halitosis.So i am going on SUGAR free diet for a week and then post a result. It has been 8 yrs since i am suffering from halitosis. Tried everything in vain..but this theory is looking promising..will get back to you in week..cheers.
kabir last decade
To Kabir, Have you had an endoscopy to check your stomach for a 'Hietus Hernia'? Have a look on the net about it. That's what I have and anything I eat makes a bad smell. An operation is needed to cure this problem. Good luck.
BBguy34UK last decade
I think there are maybe two different problems here with one symptom.

I cut out gluten and the problem went away, it seems raging bull has also had success.

I would suggest anyone reading this first cuts out gluten and if this doesn't work then try cutting down on sugar as this is a much more dangerous and involved experiment.

I personally would not recommend cutting out sugar, the impact on your body could be worse than the halitosis.
happierthanbefore last decade
By the way happierthanever after, if you think that some gluten free breads are too crumbly or tasteless, try a brand from el peto, its a brown rice bread and ive tried the ones that crumble and its a night and day difference between taste and texture.
ragingbull last decade
i have no idea i have to follow glutton free diet or anti candida diet.My main aim is to get rid of halitosis.i am going for strict diet for 10 days.

2 eggs, 1 green apple, little garlic

lunch: rice or rice product with vegetable

dinner: beans and rice with vegetable

please give suggestion..is this ok..[i am vegetarian hence dont consume meat]
kabir last decade

what country are you from? (in England we have gluten free sections of the supermarkets which are excellent)

vegetarian and gluten free is difficult, but lots of potatoes, rice, corn and oats will easily supplement the wheat, rye, barley and spelt that you are losing.

I had nachos the other night with cheese on, last night I had egg, chips (and gammon). Check the ingredients list.

One thing that I found is that no-one is allergic to oat gluten. The problem is that some people are so badly allergic to wheat gluten that the odd ear of wheat that creeps into an oat field will affect them.

Beans, nuts, lentils are great, and then there is all of the fruit and vegetables that you can try.

Let us know how you get on.
happierthanbefore last decade
yes i did my endoscopy..everything is ok according to doctor
i have tried following things to get rid of halitosis.
1) removed tonsils in vain
2) did endoscopy..everything was ok
3) take some antibiotic for sinus
4) tried all mouthwashes in vain

i liked protocol of happierthanbefore..it may b gluten or sugar which is causing pnd and halitosis..i am on strict diet for 10 days.

i am going to eat lots of fruits and veges and for starch i will eat rice and lentils.
kabir last decade
Hello to all,

What is the oil that you use to cook food?

Please reply.


shankarg last decade
I'm sad at the same time relieved to see so many other people who suffer from the same problem I have suffered from more than 10 years now.

I have have been to dentists, had periodontists do extremely expensive gum cleaning procedures on me even after he told me that my gums were fine, I have gone through cat scans, rectification of my deviated septum.

There are few short term remedies that I did want to share but I am not sure If this forum is still active or did most of you find a cure in a gluten-Free diet. I would like to hear more.

Well I can see that Gluten-Free diet seemed to work for the most of you.
bbsince1995 last decade
Well Since I am new to this forum. Although we all share same problem which is halitosis which as a huge impact on life,

I want to find out who is exactly in the same boat as I am.

So here:

I am totally healthy, healthier than most people, athletic.

I have no sinus symptom such as headache, or sinus pressure or breathing problem, I breath good out of both my nostrils.

I probably have the whitest and the shiniest teeth and the healthiest gums.

But the worst breath in the whole entire world, and a flow of mucus that if I went to the sink and started to spit it out, I could go for ever and ever.

Once I took it as a challenge and i kept clearing my throat and spitting out the mucus in the sink for a straight hour and a half but the thick clear white mucus keeps on flowing and flowing and its never ending. Kind of reminds of the play 'Macbeth' when his wife goes; 'All the water of red sea could not wash away the blood on my hands'

I say all the ocean in the world would not be able to get rid of the amount of mucous I'm producing lol.

I'm going to give the gluten-Free diet and post back in 3 days.

Take Care.
bbsince1995 last decade
By the way, I forgot to add that the only reason I know that my horrendous breath is from post nasal drainage is because the doctors usually conclude that the turbinates and membranes and nasal lining deep inside close to my throat are inflamed and swelled.

Thats how I know.
bbsince1995 last decade
Have not been on this forum for awhile. Hello everyone,it seems like we have a mini- breakthrough since there are a couple of you that agree the gluten-free diet works. I just started the diet 2 days ago, however, i think i might have taken in some gluten by accident. Gluten is apparently everywhere and you have to be very careful not to eat foods that have been cross contaminated. Oats is one of them. Gluten, (from what i read)can be hidden in sauces and a lot of other stuff. I'm praying you are right raging bull, and that this diet works for me as it has worked for you. So far, I haven't noticed a difference but i think it's because i might have been exposed to it and i wasn't aware. I went to Trader Joes and bought these kind (brand)protein bars that are gluten free,and also bought a protein powder shake from met-rx that is also gluten free. I'm going to stay strict to the protein bars and the shake and maybe some fruit & rice. I hope in a week or so i can say good riddens to socially debilitating disease. I will update you guys. Please keep the info going guys. Couple of questions for the guys that this has worked for:
1)Did your tongue go back to normal color?
2)How long did it take for you guys to notice that the halitosis went away?
3)Is there less mucus in the throat & nose?
castertroy003 last decade
to bbsince,
our all bad breath is due to post nasal drip. however everyone is having different reason for post nasal drip. every one is having different alergy which causes pnd and pnd caused bb.so find out yr reason of pnd
kabir last decade
Some ?'s for Happierthanbefore:
1)Can you clarify bunged up feeling in your head? I don't understand.
2)Before you did gluten-free diet, did your nostrils alternate in breathing like describe by lavalamp on pg. 1?
Some ?'s for Kabir:
1)So are you suggesting that we not have any sugar at all? because fruits have natural sugar. Can i eat fruits?
castertroy003 last decade
thanks kabir, Today is my first day on Gluten-free diet and I think I feel better. But I will find out the truth when i go in public tomorrow.

I did eat burger king fries today, although I am not sure if it consists of gluten or not.
bbsince1995 last decade

The bunged up feeling is like when you have a cold and your ears feel like you are not quite hearing as well as you should.

I always had one nostril which I couldn't breath through, it alternated as often as daily.

bbsince1995, I always wonder about burger king fries, they taste too good to be just potato and oil.

I would recommend not getting too much into the protein shakes, atkins gives you bad breath and that is a high protein diet.

Good luck though, I really hope it works for you.
happierthanbefore last decade
Good luck to you guys, please keep us updated on your progress. You should hopefully see results in the 3rd or 4th day.
ragingbull last decade
If Gluten-free diet is not producing any results for Post Nasal Drip, please try non-plastic containers for having water, juice, beverages, etc.

Plastic containers release toxic substances into water or any fluid/liquid, which several people are allergic to. Glass and metal containers are safer.

Wait patiently for 7 to 10 days, before you really could see any results. After 5 days, you would see some improvement.
shankarg last decade
This message here is for cajual1. I wanted to know did you wait till after you hit 2000 stones then the problem would go away and come back or did that problem happen after your first or second time doing it?? Where it would go away and come back?? When did you try it and how long did it take for you to get results??? That's if you got results...
Made In Dade last decade
ok I Tried the Gluten-free diet and it did not work for me.

are you guys trying liver cleanse?
bbsince1995 last decade
im gonna be as real as i can be with you guys..... i know the cause of the problem and have posted it before. its not gluten as i initially thought BUT you cannot eat any foods with gluten. HOWEVER and this is a big HOWEVER.. some foods that are gluten free still do not work on this diet. THE REASON because gluten free does not encompass sugar free. Sugar is what produces PND which in turn produces the smell. The problem is that table sugar, sugar from sweets and fruits is not the only way our body gets sugar. Our body turns carbohydrates into sugar and in turn, a large amount of carbs is equivilant to a sweet dessert and BOTH will produce PND. Even though i have known this for about a year i have still not been able to cure myself (this is were the realness comes in). Im not saying there is no cure but as i am a talented amatuer boxer i cannot afford losing the carbs. There will be a day in the near future where i will reattempt a 'Rehab' program and stick completely to the diet. However let me warn you right now that the diet is amazingly difficult... to the point that it sometimes seems impossible. WHY? because unfortunately are body does need some sugar to function... and if you take away sugar long enough 1 of 2 things will happen. Your body will attempt to convert protein and virtually anything else into sugar for energy. So eventually a chicken breast will affect your PND. The only thing that seems like it might work (and i have read some articles claiming it has) would be to greatly reduce the sugar you take in, but realizing that you still need to eat protein and likely some small servings of brown rice, millet, and other forms of non gluten carbs. The key is moderation and also mantaining the diet for a long period of time. YOU WILL NOT SEE THE RESULTS YOU WANT IN A WEEKS TIME. Trust me even if you dont eat for a week, you might still have some PND drip and you will deff be on the verge of passing out from low blood sugar if you havent fainted already. I am convinced that it would take a flawless 1 month type plan (very very similar to drug rehab) because your body will eventually start craving these 'bad' foods -Sugar- more and more. To be honest if you dont have tremendous self disipline and other worldy committment its not even remotely possible. I am starting a diet which does not eliminate carbs but does eliminate simple carbs. The only carbs im eating are rice, cream of wheat/cream of rice, and oatmeal. However because i need carbs to be able to perform in the ring the carbs i eat will be converted into sugar so i am hoping that within a month or two months i will begin to see favorable results. Sorry for the bleakness of this post but i think its better to know the truth. This is coming from someone who has suffered from this for over 5 years and has done countless hours of research. If you want to do your own research then you need to know that the condition is called Candida and its a yeast overgrowth in your digestive system. You will also need ANTIFUNGALS- oil of oregano is my favorite, garlic among countless others to supplement any diet attempt. But both the diet and antifungals go hand in hand without one the other is useless. Sorry for the length of the post but i feel this is a complete and total explantion of out problem. Also i noticed that some people are not understanding gluten free anyway. The simplest way to look at it is this. NO SUGAR OF ANY KIND and try to keep your carb intact as low as possible. Ive read someplaces that 40grams a day is best for candida detox. I realize 40 grams a day is a very dangerous task so i think its best to try to ween yourself off carbs because i guarantee we all eat to much of them.
Feel free to ask questions and i will try to clarify any misconceptions about the diet and candida in general.
I hope this helps and the most important thing is not to give up hope. If they can cure cancer patients than there has to be a cure for our disease.
PNDhater last decade
somehow i felt compelled to write this.... i am a man who wakes up at 6 in the morning and works out at least twice a day, takes college classes, and takes punishment in the hardest sport on the planet, boxing.
Still i want to be clear when i say that riding myself of this illness is harder than any boxing training. I would rather fight Mike Tyson than endure the detox part of the diet... so if you are serious about curing yourself you must know from the get-go what you are up against.
Sorry again if this is some what discouraging but this diet and detox is a battle and you MUST be prepared for war, otherwise you wont be able to handle it mentally or physically.
PNDhater last decade
i completely agree with you. Whenever i take a food with heavysugar [ chocolates, ice-cream, energydrink,] my pnd level reaches to peak. i was on glutten free diet for 5 days. i reduced my halitosis but however not completely.Now i need to find out which form of sugar is culprit more.
kabir last decade
Has anyone tried the Dr. Hulda Clark’s flush and had success with it??? If so please reply back ASAP as I’m so desperately looking for a way to get rid of this post nasal drip problem as with everybody else…
Made In Dade last decade

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