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I tried contacting Shankarg, I got no response either. Anyway I sure hope that everyone is hanging in there. I have been on natrual remedies such oil of oregano, grapefriut seed extract, flax oil, and other flora sources, I have also started to eat more lean meals such as fish(mostly) and chicken..I cheated a few times by eathing chinese rice and chicken and had a small portion of a spaghetti dish, so I have not been perfect. I still don't know if it has made a difference or not, I have no one that I can trust to ask, and I really would hate to pressure my children about it, they love me so much, I just hate to continue to embarrass them. I have been reading this and other forums and the one thing I realized about all of us is that we have wonderful lives, some of us are college students, some of us are in great professions already, some of us are mothers and wives, husbands, fathers, and we all want to rid this ugly thing that we lives with us everyday. Start praying about it if you have not started already.
cobbh last decade
Hi all, Has anyone read the BB Bible and tried these Therabreath remedies by Dr Harld Katz, he's the guy with the BB clinic in Cali. I read a post earlier where Kabir I believe, says he tried everything in vain, and is planning to visit this BB clinic. I am no where near Cali, but I plan on trying his remedies. I've been doing lots of readings and it seems as if we may need to eliminate the Volatile Sulfur Compunds. This is the most effective info I think I have had in 3 yrs. I am currently trying halitonic, along with flax oil, gapeseed, oil of oregano, parsley..I plan on doing a total Detox, then get on these therabreath remedies. Let's keep this post going guys. Let's keep praying too. This is way to evil
cobbh 5 years ago
I hate to burst your bubble cobbh or be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately Thera Breath I think is all a bunch of crap. I tried it years and years ago and it simply did NOTHING for me except take my money. I really think it’s a problem that’s going on inside our body that causing us to have this problem I could be wrong but that’s just a suggestion on my end. I also wanted to ask if anybody ever heard of Dr. Sebi??? Supposedly he’s the one that found a cure for AIDS, herpes and a whole other diseases; he’s also the one Lisa “Lefteye” Lopez from TLC went to go see in Honduras where she died. But anyways I’m currently using his products which are the “Cell Cleansing, Maya Tablets, Seamoss Bladderwrack Mix, Viento, and the Green Food Plus”. This is my third day using the products and so far I’m not seeing any results. I’m a give it a bit more time like about 3 weeks and if I don’t see any good outcome then I’m off to the next thing. I’ll keep everybody posted to let you guys know the status and if anyone uses any products and haven’t seen any results PLEASE LET US KNOW so we can avoid these scam busters…
Made In Dade last decade
Come on made in Dade, give me a break. I was really hoping for a miracle here. Are you kidding me, Therabreath does nothing?? This is just shamful. I already made a purchase, so I may as well just give it a try, I guess it would not hurt. I am still on Halitonic, It only seems to work for a very short time,like maybe 30 mins to an hour..I think?? I just started a Colon cleanse, after that I am doing a liver cleanse. Have you or anyone in the forum tried the liver cleanse? I keep seeing on related sites that could be the problem inside, so that is my next mission. I was really counting on therabreath though..dang. Well anyway I hope we are all doing well, let's hang in their ok guys..Bless
cobbh last decade
besides being an avid reader and poster on this site.. im also a college student.
this semester i had a science class that really changed the way i looked at this problem. i think i might be starting to realize why everyones symptoms (and potential cures) vary. the reason is because there are several factors that contribute to Candida. i can almost guaranteed we all have a candida yeast overgrowth in the intestines, if you haven't already realized that thats what our condition is called. many people have side effects that dont include bad breath but one thing that makes us all similar is our common symptom of bad breath which u can bet is a result of candida, and therefore a direct result of what we eat. i have to theories.
1. my first theory is based on the fact we all either have, or are at serious risk for, type II diabetes. The reason why some people dont see results when they take sugar out of you diet is because, for us, the yeast has penetrated our bloodstream. Which means that any meal you eat, will increase your symptoms because anything you eat increases your blood sugar to some degree. The idea of the candida diet is to starve the yeast, and this can be achieved by eliminating sugar HOWEVER, you will not see results in a week. From everything ive read serious candida cannot be cured in less than 2 or 3 months. one common thing on this forum is that no one has stuck with any diet or approach for more than a few weeks because they get discouraged.

research candida diet and theres a start, but i think i might have realized another major factor that is not related to sugar/diabetes. i need to have at least 3 people who are able to get in contact with me via msn messenger who can answer some questions.but i will leave questions on here as well.

the 2nd theory revolves around the fact that pathogens (such as yeasts and fungi) thrive in anaerobic environments. what does that mean? that our conditions could be worsened when oxygen is lacking. it follows that oxidizing may be beneficial in treating our condition. i know your asking, HOW DO I GET OXYGEN IN ME, haha. well im sure you can google oxygen products and pay an arm and a leg but the easiest way is to DRINK MORE water aka H2O. ive started drinking at least 4 cups of water with a diet that is high in sugar and fat and ive noticed some improvement. that means that even when im not eating what im suppossed to, i can make progress simply by drinking alot. this made me think back to high school, when i used to drink a gallon of water a day. i still had bad breath then but i think my breath has got much worse over the years. so i need to know
1. how much fluids do you drink a day? (make sure to clarify what kind of fluids)
2. do you drink while your eating? directly after? (i know in my case i hate drinking with a meal and only drink after meals if i feel thirsty)
3. how much fruits and vegetables do you eat a day? do you eat them before or after your regular meal?
4. give a detailed description of your daily diet, including an example of EVERYTHING you normally would eat in a day. also include how much of each food you eat.
5. how much exercise do you get on a daily basis, again be specific.

i know this reads like a survey but i think our answers could really lead to a cure. after hearing your answers i will be able to conclude if my general theory of oxygen is key. if it is, drinking water alone, wont cure us, but oxidation in general will be a major factor. if that is the case, i think i might have a diet/cure/lifestyle plan, that will cure our bad breath.

leave answers in a post and
leave your msn messenger addresses like this: earlrobinson2 at hotmail dot com
you have to do that because they wont let you add email addresses. that is my email and msn messenger, feel free to contact me using that and hope that i will be able to contact some of you using instant messenger because we can exchange information so much faster that way.

thanks everyone and i must say i have suffered this condition for 5+ yrs and i can honestly say that i think i have found a cure. if my theory seems correct based on your answers, i will test my theory in a 2 month trial, and post my results as i go.
PNDhater last decade
thank u so much bb healer for giving so much attention to our problem,gud to c that there is sumone who understnds our problm n is interestd in solving it.well the answers for your questions are as follows:
1.my fluid intake is very less,i hardly drink 3 cups of water a day
2.i do not drink while eating.i only drink after meal if i feel thirsty
3.i eat vegetables only in lunch n meat in dinner.i eat fruitz daliy.
4.i often eat junk foods, n go for hotelng alot(atleast7-8 tyms in a month)i dont like fatty foods n i usually fatty food.i luv friuts n i drink milkshakes alot
4.well as i am a muslim so offer namaz,it is kind of an exercise in whch i have to stand for few minutes n then bend n then then again have to stand straight,i offer prayrs 5 tymz a day.apart from prayers i do not exercise bcoz i am a medical student n i have to sit n study all da tym.
well i think d info i have provided is enough n ihope u will find a solution.tc bye

my email addres is sarah4u2day at hotmail dot com,if nyone wants to contact me he or she can n i wil try to reply as soon as possible
zeeks last decade
I too would like to thank PNDhater for such attention on this matter. So here are my habbits: I drink 50-60 ounces of water daily, at least one cup of pau d arco tea, I may drink a cup or less of orange drink(TGLee)maybe 2 or 3 times a week. 8 ounces of coca cola on a weekly avergage when I consume alcohol, which maybe 3 days out of the week..It's either Hennessey, Jose Cuervo,Paul Masson, or something fruity like Boones fam or Wild Rose. Again this is a weekly average no more than 3 days a week, and not heavily..just to unwind at the end of some days. I developed of habit of not drinking while I eat..I have improved over several months though..usualy it's water or the TG Lee drink. Hardly eat fruits, I noticed a real bad odor like rotten teeth when eating them..like apples,or grapes, furits that are realy juicy. I typically eat veggies with every meal. For breakfast my usual is three scrambled eggs with tomatoes and green peppers. No breads or meats. Lunch is Fish, 2 or 3 planks(Talapia,Salmon, Tuna), or baked chicken,2 or 3 wings or legs, with veggies like Carrots, cucumbers, and green peppers, and tomatoes with honey dijon vinegarette dressing. Same for dinner,some times I include rice..rarely though maybe twice a week. There are times when i eat out..it's usualy Hungry Howies Cheese Pizza..nothing else on it 3-5 slices..only once a week sometimes. I also enjoy chines food, I usualy order shrimp with chinese veggies, that includes rice. I have that Once or twice a week. I do buffets once or twice a month..that's where my fried foods come in, it's always the same, Fried fish, fried cocanut shrimp..then I go to broiled fish, green beans,cabbage,brocolli, with cheese(teaspoon), Rotissuere Chicken. If I eat dessert it's banana pudding. I don't eat deserts at home, I usualy snack on trail mix, either the tropical mix or the sweet and nutty mix. I get 20-30 mins of cardio each day. I sure hope I covered everything that helps you to help us.
cobbh last decade
I’m sorry if I made you a bit discourage cobbh and trust me I know what the feeling is like but we all have to be honest here and share what we tried so that we all can be aware and get some type of info on what it did for the person. Who knows maybe the therabreath do work for you, there was some other posts here in this forum earlier where someone said they tried therabreath and it didn’t work. Go ahead and give it a try just don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work. A question I have I guess mainly for PNDhater is why a person would see result in a 2 or 3 month span of changing their diet when they haven’t seen any in a month. How long does it take to cure a body or to get rid of the toxins/fungus/bacteria? If something works shouldn’t you see results like sooner or later within weeks or maybe days; even if it’s a small percentage of results?
Made In Dade last decade
Made in Dade-I will try not to feel discouraged, it's just that sometimes I wonder what the heck is really going on? I know several people with rotten teeth, and don't have BB.They even have stuff caked up between their teeth and gum line like everyday and they don't have bb..I'll take that over bb any day. I'm sure they dont mind it either.HaHa Well any thanks for being honest..this is really the most honesty I have received re my own bb. I am now trying to find out if it's a mouth and/or nose problem..I think someone looked at me the other day as if to say..'could you not breathe' Let's keep hope alive, keep sharing and most of all keep praying
cobbh last decade
to madeindade- in response to your question, i do feel that you are making small improvements but they are too small to notice. people will still react somewhat do your breathe and this will cause you to think that you havent made any progress. i mean its not easy to rate the problem on a scale of 1 to 10 ESPECIALLY when symptoms can be worsened by hydration and stress. im sure youve all noticed that stress makes it worse and whats more stressful for us, then a social situation.also in terms of more than a month, there is a dieoff reaction, which causes the symptoms to get temporarily worse. this is a sign that you are winning the battle.
ive done a 180 in thinking about consuming sugar, by reading these posts, thinking back to how my problem started, and from my diet experiences.
First let me give u a brief background of how i think my problem started. When i was younger like 11-12 i used to eat nachos and cheese late at night. the cheese was always burnt and i always went to bed with a full stomach.
then i started to have stomach pains and vomiting very frequently for a half a year to a year. after this was over, im pretty sure i continued to eat late but did not vomit nearly as much. i believe this is the period when i was shifting my stomach flora from good bacteria to bad bacteria.

the new theory i will be testing for the next 2 months will be a 80% raw vegan diet. in this diet 90% of my calories will come from sugar in the form of fruit. the key is to eliminate all meats, fats, as well as nuts and seeds(which raw vegans even each)two days a week i will get most of my calories from plain yogurt, with probiotics which will help to restore good flora. these two days will also provide me with the vitamin b12 and protein i need to be healthy. everyday try to eat close to 4 large salads worth of vegetables, but these cannot be consumed with fruit. food combining is important in our case because we want to speed up the digestive process so we can allow or stomach to heal. therefore i will eat all fruit meals and then eat all vegetable meals after at least 4 hrs. the other key to the diet will be plenty of water, rest, whatever excercise im physically able to do, antifungals, and probiotics. the yougurt probiotics also much be eaten in meals seperate from vegies but you need to allow longer like 6-8 hours before eating another meal, following yogurt. this diet will be extremely intensive and require 120% committment and dedication. as i think ive said before this battle is 100% mental and 100% physical.
to briefly explain why fruits and vegetables and why raw, its because they have natural enzymes that allow them to be digested faster than cooked foods. also if you eat carbs with meat or protein, the carbs turn to sugar. If you know food combinations u know that this food combination causes digestion to slow. combining protein and sugar will cause the sugar to rot and therefore, probably aggravate our conditions even more. theres so much else i could say and im probably leaving stuff out but ive written so much already.

if u have any further questions feel free to ask and i will respond asap
PNDhater last decade
PND-Can you give me an example of what type of raw veggies you will be on, I would like to give this a try also. I understand about the mental and physical commitment. For me not eating meat is going to be a challenge. What about seafood like shrimp? Also what kind of fruits, as I stated earlier, fruits scare me, I can always smell BB when I eat them. I know you have written so much already, if you have anything else to offer/suggest please do so. It's needed and appreciated.
cobbh last decade
well in order to test this theory its critical that you dont eat meat at all, and especially not with fruit. if u eat shrimp and fruit the fruit will rot, ferment, and aggrevate the condition more because the protein in shrimp slows the digestion process.

REMEMBER THIS IS MY THEORY(it goes against many of the anticandida diets but there is science and doctors who support this type of diet)

veggies- any low starch veggies raw (google low starch veggies if your not sure) NO AVOCADOS or other high fat fruit/veggies if im forgetting others

basically the key is as close to no fat as possible.

fruits- low glycemic index fruits- example: apples, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, oranges (no bananas or starchy fruits)
the key with both fruits and veggies is to eat hydrated foods to help digestion.
Prunes and dried apricots are the only dried fruits i would recommend (low glycemic index). for those that dont know glycemic index measures how fast a food raises blood sugar. we tend to think sugar itself causes this problem but thats actually untrue, the yeast has proliferated our bloodstream so raises in blood sugar is what causes our problem to get temporarily worse. however, when u eat a piece of pizza for instance, the fact that your symptoms get worse doesnt just means your blood sugar has raised, however solving the problem has nothing to due with sugar at all. it has to do with restoring the good bacteria in the stomach so the yeast cant overwhelm our blood. eating all meat and fat will keep your blood sugar low, and therefore youll experience less symptoms but because these foods have little vitamins and minerals or are cooked they do not help to restore good bacteria. actually i believe meat especially will do just the opposite. any other questions, like i said feel free to ask
PNDhater last decade
Hey you guys what’s up??? It felt like forever since I last been here. But anyways last I was here I mention a Dr that found cures for many diseases and I had tried several of his products. Weeks later of trying his stuff and none of it had worked not even the slightest bit. $400 plus dollars is all down the drain, and the rep had the nerve to say that I may have to try the $500 dollar package or the $1,000 dollar plus package. I said the hell with that and I will continue doing research on my own. One thing I notice is that every company or brand that says that they help with the problem always mentions that it will work and when you do spend the money and try the product it doesn’t. I think our best bet is to avoid these people and we all just stick together and find the answers ourselves because they will tell you anything you want to hear to make a profit even if they know their products doesn’t work. I just thought I give you guys an update, hey cobbh did the Thera Crap oops I meant Thera Breath product worked for you???
Made In Dade last decade
Greetings fellow sinus sufferers.Been a sufferer for years..here is my 2 cents:
-Bad Breath Sunus Cure/Cleansing Products 'Dont Work' and you are better off getting a sinus irrigator.
-Make sure you visit your dentist, I found out that I had an upper tooth root canal that was rotten and the roots were stuck in my sinus cavity which irritated my sinuses and the bad tooth also contributed to bad breath. I had oral surgery to remove the roots and the tooth.
-Grapeseed extract/Therabreath and any other product that taste bitter,stings etc. take away your ability to taste and smell and you 'think' the smell is gone.
-my theory is that certain people have a gene that causes inflamation from foods,air quality, and nasal blockage and lack of nasal drainage.
-There is really no cure until a 'Bacteria Vaccine' can be invented to be given just like allergy shots in conjunction with:
1.Irrigation with sea salt, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide 3 times daily.
2.Have surgery or Turbinate reduction to fight off chronic inflamation.You will have to live in a bubble with clean humidity or an extremely cold climate to escape this disease.
3.Take steroids,decongestants and anti-histamines and follow the instructions on the bottle.
4.Drink Hot Green tea with honey and lemon.Honey is a natural bacteria fighter and I use it to get rid of the bacteria in the back of the throat that causes bad breath.
5.Drink Plenty of water and at least 6-8 hours of sleep a night.
6.Avoid:Starch/red meat/Fruits high in natural sugar/Smoking/Drinking Alcohol which dries sinuses/Homes with black mold and indoor carpet.
7.Only chew sugarless gum and be careful that overuse of gum can still cause fungal infection smell reactions in the sinuses
8.If you are having a meeting or around a lot of people, it is better to just have a cup of Hot Green lemon tea with honey to block bad breath instead of chewing dry, stale gum which will give you bad breath again after about 30 minutes of chewing. I am not a doctor and the comments above are based on my personal experience with PND,Chronic Sinusitis and inflamation of the sinuses. Goos luck to all.
Fighter last decade
Made in Dade-no results from therabreath. Breath only feels fresh for a short period of time, then it's back to dookie..(no ofense to anyone) I keep the produts just so my kids can benefit from it. I have always coughed up little yellow chunks that smells like crap, I mean crap. But after getting a GI test a year ago, they couldn't find anything. Lately I have been drinking lots of water, and eating lots of salad. if I eat meat, it's chicken. sticking to hot tea, with parsley,mint, and cilantro. Fighter-thanks for the input. Please feel free to share any other tips. Stayin positive
cobbh last decade
Hellow Everyone, ive been reading all of these comments for about an hour. here is my story.

i dont know how i realised i had this problem, i just became more aware and self conscious over time. my symptoms include white tongue at the back, bad metallic/bitter taste which never dissapears no matter what you do. blocked nose permently and mucuss in my throat and obviously a bad smell from the mouth and the nose. i also have developed chronic asthma, a year ago i could run for hours, now i literally cannot run for longer than 5 mins, if you were to look at me you would never guess, i am fit & slim. its also worth noting that i have had a skin condition (acne) for over half my life and i believe this is related.

this disease (and yes it is a disease) has destroyed my social life, i cant look anyone in the eye when i speak to them, not even my family, i hold my breath when im near people, when im buying things from shops because i cant bare to let them smell it, (i cannot smell anything from my nose but i know others can).

but heres something thats keeping me going, I finally know how to get rid of it, ive been studying it for years, GPs re clueless about this condition, they just try to get rid of you because they have no answer, but the answer is simple, its caused by allergies, thats all, you need to find out all your allergies via a prick test. make sure you ask for a food one too.

my allergies are;
all Fruits
Dust Mites
some vegetables, (cucumber)

if you avoid your allergies then eventually the problems should clear up, its rather hard for me because dust mites and grass are almost unavoidable so ive requested immotherapy for the dust mites.

im also taking the advice of someone from here that says to avoid gluten/white flour & complex carbs altho as im allergic to fruit and nuts i think i might die (lol joke) im going to take vitamin supplements and plan out my diet late this evening ensuring that i get a balanced one (again that may be hard for me). i strongly advise people to ignore things like therabreath/liver cleansing and crap like that, it wont help. this is to do with allergies, im positive, you might not even know you have them, i didnt, your allegies change over time also so its worth checking every few years.

please if you have any questions email me - i will check it regularly and will update you with my progress.

oh and i meant to say that since ive been trying to cure myself for the last few years ive learnt a few things that do not help. ill post them in my next update because this email is massive.
PND_uk last decade
hi all, i just got back from shopping, i bought some salmon steaks, leafy salad, carrots, runner beans, baby sweetcorns, (and two movies for some escapism lol)
i avoided anything containing milk, gluten, wheat, sugar etc. if this doesnt work then ill be devasted but im confident over time it will (peoples storys on this forum have confirmed that it does work), and even if for some reason it doesnt i still have the long term hope of immunotherapy to dust mites which is year round. if that doesnt work either i will just give up and go and live in the mountains with my dog lol. stay positive people! i have a question though, i bought some vix vapour rub as a decongestant as i want to get rid of all the mucous at the back of my sinuses, is this recommended by anyone here because i read that it can lead to it coming back and being worse?
PND_uk last decade
update - there has been an impovement i think, there is less mucus for sure and my tongue is pinker. i can breathe through both nostrils although one is still slightly blocked. last night before going to sleep i avoided my normal routine of toothpaste and my antihistamines because they both contain lactose (sugar), maybe that has had a positive effect?

also i didnt really say all of my symptoms - here they are.

1.bad smell from nose and mouth
2.mucus in my throat and nose all the time.
3.extreme asthma
4.skin condition
(one point worth adding is that mucus is in my stools)
6.migranes, (maybe twice a month or if i excersise)
7. face pressure - this is due to the sinus problems, im curious to know how many other people have a bluish tint around their eyes, near the tear duct - i read that people with this have very bad sinus problems, its definatley true for me.
8. fatigue - this is terrible, i get in from work and i sleep for half of the evening.
i remember going to the doctors and writing a list just like this so they could diagnose it better, the doctor said it was in my mind and that it wasnt my fault but it was just stress and that was causing a chemical reaction in my mouth, i believed him and i was over the moon because i thought i was cured. i wasnt. since then ive been to the doctors/ent specialist at least 10 times, i wasnt even diagnosed with ashtma for most of the appointments even though i said the same thing each time.
PND_uk last decade
day two - my tongue is very pink now
PND_uk last decade
Hey PNDhater I was just curious and wanted to know did your theory work???
Made In Dade last decade
i am on day 7 of my zero fat diet. yes it is working even better than the all meats and fats diet. however, like i stated before your cant notice he results u want in less than a week. think about how long this fungal infection has been growing. we should consider ourselves lucky to be able to knock it out in a few months. the way my diet is going now i could see myself having very good breathe within a month but again i wont make any promises until i see for sure. this first week was and continues to be very difficult. ive posted many times that i think our conditions are simiilar to that of a drug addict. i realize now how much actual pleasure the wrong foods(which worsen my breathe) give me. i think u have to see the bottom coming at u (in life i mean) just like a drug addict in order to have what it takes to follow this diet. the last few days ive had zero energy but i know from all myself that this trend will reverse itself. like i said my bad breathe is decreasing, still not where i want but i am seeing results about double as fast as i did when i cut out carbs and ate only fats protein and vegetables. i think this proves that u can eat an entirely sugar diet, as long as the sugar comes mostly from fiberous fruits and you eliminate fat. once again if u eat sugar and fat the diet wiil not work because fat hinders the way our body processes sugar. on day 4 i ate a plate of eggs to test this theory and immediately got much more pnd then before. i think the fruit diet is much better than the fat diet because your digestive system becomes healthier and stays extremely regular, and i think the whole root of the problem is digestive.

if u didnt believe it, believe it, ive found the cure. however the cure alone wont save u, you'll need to do some soul searching and see if you have the strength mentally and physically to detox your body and rid it of the candida fungal infection.

two more things i wanted to mention. meat is out on my diet but i think eventually i will be able to add lean meats, like chicken breast and also egg whites because they do not have the fat.

for now though i have noticed the best results eating a raw vegan diet called the 80 10 10 diet. however for the first month or so i will try to consume as close to zero fat as possible.

i will keep you all posted as the weeks go on. ive never been so dedicated and dont expect that i will be breaking the diet. however relapse is always possible. if i rid myself of the symptoms in the next few weeks then we will know 100 percent that i have the cure and my theory was correct. if i can be certain of this i will even allow you all to contact me by phone. this is because i think people suffering from this problem need an instant support system instead of posts that take days to get responses. i know we all want to maintain our privacy but i am interested in starting a support group via phone for anyone interested. hopefully we can work it just like sponsors for drug addicts.

god bless everyone and anyone interested in more information on the diet or the phone support system, please respond. i find it hard to answer diet questions on here because it is a complex diet and it must be followed completely and properly. i would prefer to discuss it on instant messenger or phone.
PNDhater last decade
i was reading a post and forgot to add this in...

i have had acne for a while but on this diet my face has cleared up so rapidly its almost unbelievable. in only a week my skin looks amazing. anyone who also suffers from acne should seriously consider the diet ive suggested
PNDhater last decade

Good to hear that you're seeing improvement on the diet.

Are you able to manage your weight? I would think for a skinny guy like me, going on such a restriced diet would cause me to lose a lot of weight very quickly.

Keep up the struggle man, we're all rooting for you.

dreamweaver last decade
my weight has dropped and continues to drop. i guess if your more concerned with your weight than this diet is not for u. the main goal is to keep a healthy number of calories- 2000+ regardless of their source. i will say though, that because you will digest the foods on this diet so quickly, i think u feel like your not eating much at all even when im eating over 2000 cals. i am actually very ripped, 6 pack, big chest and everything, but i cant place my weight over this problem. if i have to be skinny hey its better than pnd and bad breathe.
PNDhater last decade
First of all, I wanna say THANKS to PNDhater for his tenacious effort at the research he's doing to try and help us find a cure. You are truly inspiring my friend.

Alright guys, I've been doing some research on my own have come across something very interesting. Based on research done by PND, I skimmed through some books on Candida Albicans. In this one section, the author talks about Amalgram Mercury dental fillings. Apparantly these fillings are detrimental to your health because the mercury is released when you brush your teeth or chew gum and it gets to your bloodstream and the rest of your body. It is also throws off the balance in your mouth and allow an environment for anaerobic bacteria to thrive. which is the root cause of the smell. There are also neurological effects like memory and mood swings. I have horrible memory and an attention deficit disorder which are all symptons of this. I thought I had 1 or 2 of theses fillings from what I remember but then i opened my mouth and I saw 6 fillings. I was awestruck. They look like they have a gun metal gray color to them. These things could be a huge contributor to all this suffering I've been going through all these years. You guys might be wondering why dentist are putting dangerous materials in our mouth if this is the case. As with anything, it all comes down to money, these fillings are cheaper to administer and the industry has been denying any detrimental health effects to the public for years but there was a class action law suit not too long ago against the fda for approving them and I believe they lost. On the FDA website there is a comment about possible neorological effects from mercury amalgram dental fillings. So I wanna ask you guys.

Do any of you guys have these mercury dental fillings?

Are you experiencing the symptons i was describing?

I truly believe that these fillings contribute to my pnd/halitosis/candida/digestive/memory/focus/lack of energy problems. Even if its just a small part i want to be rid of it. I'm going to be looking up different dentist to remove these fillings and fill them with something else. Let's keep going with those post guys. I totally support PND'S support group idea over the phone. We need to be as supportive to each other as much as possible because this thing not only beats us down physically but mentally and emotionally as well. LETS FIND THE CURE PEOPLE!!!
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I had several mercury fillings. I have gotten them replaced with white (composite) fillings over time. I actually had a heavy metal urine test done. The results showed mercury levels on the higher end, but still within normal range. I still have to go back to the doc and get his feedback on the results.

Please don't rush and get your fillings replaced by any dentist. Please do some research and find a mercury-free dentist who will take the proper precautions when replacing the fillings with white ones. Taking out the fillings improperly will only increase your exposure to mercury vapor.

Btw, as I mentioned before, you might also want to check out:


One thing some people have discovered about the source of their BB and white coating on tongue is that it could be due to wisdom teeth that are impacted. Some people have been completely cured by getting their wisdom teeth extracted.

I have two impacted wisdom teeth on the left side. There is a pocket around the bottom one which is probably trapping food and bacteria and giving off a bad smell. I am getting these extracted this week.

I'll provide an update after the procedure.

Good luck.
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