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I had several mercury fillings. I have gotten them replaced with white (composite) fillings over time. I actually had a heavy metal urine test done. The results showed mercury levels on the higher end, but still within normal range. I still have to go back to the doc and get his feedback on the results.

Please don't rush and get your fillings replaced by any dentist. Please do some research and find a mercury-free dentist who will take the proper precautions when replacing the fillings with white ones. Taking out the fillings improperly will only increase your exposure to mercury vapor.

Btw, as I mentioned before, you might also want to check out:


One thing some people have discovered about the source of their BB and white coating on tongue is that it could be due to wisdom teeth that are impacted. Some people have been completely cured by getting their wisdom teeth extracted.

I have two impacted wisdom teeth on the left side. There is a pocket around the bottom one which is probably trapping food and bacteria and giving off a bad smell. I am getting these extracted this week.

I'll provide an update after the procedure.

Good luck.
dreamweaver last decade
To Dreamweaver... Havent heard from you for a few weeks and wondered how you were.
I have been following these posts for a long time and wanted to ask a question to you all. Does your BB get worse then better within a type or cycle? i.e. My bb is at it's weakest at the beggining of the week then gets gradualy stronger throughout my working week. My sking on my hands also crack and bleed at the end of the week! Does anyone have else have similar symptoms?
Thanks guys!
BBguy34UK last decade
Hi BBguy,

I'm doing well, thx for asking. I had two of my wisdom teeth removed a week ago, so I'm still in recovery mode. Whether it has made a difference in my condition or not remains to be seen. It'll take another couple of weeks for the wound to heal completely and then I will be able to tell more confidently whether things have gotten better or not.

That's an interesting observation you have made regarding your breath and the weekly cycle. I really can't say that about myself. As far as the cracked skin is concerend, I do have that. It's a genetic condition that runs in some members of my family.
dreamweaver last decade
Hey guys/gals, I share your pain: I have had this problem since high school, maybe before that. I Have GERD, which my ENT says causes excessive mucous production. In addition, I have allergies, and a deviated septum. As a result, I have severe post nasal drip, and all the lovely smells that come with it. People can smell it from 20 feet away, and that is with nose breathing. Most of these volatile odors are caused by anaerobic bacteria. My theory is that it is a type of bacteria that inhabit our mouthes and the back of our throats/sinuses and it is very resistant to mothwashes, even hydrogen peroxide. Or, we are not able to reach the bacteria with our methods. I have tried every product listed on this forum including sinus irrigation, and many expensive visits to ENT, and halitosis doctors/dentists. To no avail.... I work in a Microbiology Lab, so I know how bad bacteria smells, and unfortunately, that's probably the culprit. I don't have tonsil stones, cavities- in contrary, my dentists have told me my hygeine is impeccable. Kinda ironic. Coffee definitely exacerbates the smell, in fact, aside from water intake, eating or drinking anything makes it worse, which tells me that we are literally feeding the bacteria. antibiotics have not worked either. Hydrogen peroxide overuse has given me that whtitsh coating, or made it worse, and. Until someone comes up with a way to eliminate PND, and kill the odor causing bacteria carried in it, we are screwed! It's like some of us were cursed with some unique bacteria that has colonized and will not leave no matter what we do!.
sadlady last decade
i want to add my own assessment regarding the white coating at the back of the tongue. i believe that it is directly related to the post nasal drip from the sinuses. you notice that the coating resides directly where the nasal and oral cavity meet.

one major problem is that many are looking for one solution that fits all. that just isn't going to happen. i even saw one post where the poster was insisting that bb comes only from the oral cavity. not true...that many be the most common but certainly not the only source. after 10 years of dealing with this issue, this is the advice i would give:
1. ensure that you have top notch dental and gum health and support it with 1st class hygiene.
2. ensure that you have complete digestion health, sufficient fiber and healthy stool appearance in color and general appearance. if not start looking for the food culprits, that might be fat, processed food, liquor, dairy products, spicy or breads etc.
3. ensure that your sinuses are healthy...get a scan to be sure. use a nasal irrigator.
4. gerd can be a major culprit...don't eat for 3 hours before you go to bed...keep water by your bed to sip on if you wake up during the night.

if none of these things work, you need to park yourself in the office of an internist and get liver, gallstone, pancreas and kidney function test.

good luck
Nomad last decade
well i have been doing heavy internet research and I found out it's not just my breath but I have a very bad odor that comes from my nose. For the past year I have tried cleansing, washing sinuses, and diets nothing has worked! I searched the internet yesterday and found something that could be the problem. I think we have a rare condition called atrophic rhinitis or ozena.
girlwithbadbreath last decade
This is no doubt a bacterial chemical imbalance in the nose and upper respiratory area. Most ENT's I have seen really dont understand this disease and can make much more money for less work with minor sinus/allergy patients. I think a good lab bacteriologist who is properly trained to take a good culture and identify the fungus or bacteria would be a good start to treatment. Then a patient must go'Cold turkey' with no sugar,wheat,milk bread,starch or alcohol. Stick to eating celery,carrots and mango's and drinking lots of water and eating pure garlic every 3 days.Also avoid eating Red meat.
Nasal congestants every 3 days,steroid nose spray, and mucuos thinner with plenty of steam must be used at the same time and irrigate with salt,baking soda,and a small drop of hydrogen peroxide 3 times a day. DO not irrigate just before going to bed because the sinuses tend to swell at night when laying down and the water can become trapped and infection may set in. Instead, use a nasal decongestant right before going to bed to open nasal passages and use a good steam humidifier at night. Saline nose spray should be applied every 45 minutes during the day to ensure moisture. this would 'Starve' the smelly bacteria that depends on fat,sugar,carbonated drinks, and starch to survive. After about 4 to 6 months of starving the bacteria, a full long course of anti-biotics identified to fight the bacteria found in the culture should provide the 'knock-out' punch to more fresher breath. The problem is that there may be small traces of bacteria still in the small pockets of the sinuses and they will lay dormant waiting to grow and feed so the diet would have to be a life long committment. The problem is that most people have to work and need heavy food for energy and dont have the luxury of being able to maintain a dust-free and clean air enviroment that will initiate the sinuses to produce less mucuos which causes PND. This takes a lot of will power and determination especially if you like sugar and starchy foods. But starving the bacteria over a long period is the key. if you have nasal obstruction, then it's very important to see an ENT who can find a solution to stop the blockage. Take a fresh sandwich bag of celery to munch on all day and drink plenty of water with saline nose spray to clear the PND and that will make your breath fresher.Make sure you only chew sugar free gum and the garlic will also mask the smell.Folks will accept the garlic and gum smell and just assume you had a slice of pizza for breakfast or lunch.
Folks will laugh and giggle but confidence will quiet the crowd every time.Good luck to all.
Fighter last decade
Hey all,
I'm new to the thread but definitely not new to the disease. I've also got some pretty evolved experience with this disease and treatment. I, as most of you, have tried virtually everything. I've had the bb and constant mucus for the better part of 10 years. Most recently I have had my esophagus and stomach scoped and have schedule turbinate and sinus surgery for sinusitus.

I can tell you this disease does not come from the stomach although what you eat can clearly contribute to the odor.

I had some success when on the atkins diet several years ago. The protein diet did change the viscosity of the mucus. It didn't coagulate as much which required less hacking. I spit 30 times a day and keep a garbage can near my bed so I can expel the crap throughout the night. It appears that we produce more saliva and mucus than a normal person. It appears the saliva smells a bit too. That would lead me to believe that the problem comes form deep within.

I did also have some success with GSE. The first time I gargled with it I noticed several small balls in the sink. I had no idea what they were but they sure stunk. After some investigation, it turned out they were tonsil stones. I then told my doc and he prescribed me an antibiotic which killed the bacteria holding the stones in my throat and tonsils. I began spitting them out for the better part of a day. Needless to say, these little balls produced some serious bad breath. My breath is better now but the mucus has returned since I have gone back to my normal eating habits. Apples and garlic seem to help with some of the mucus issues I have. It seems though that the odor comes with the mucus, and the mucus transports the odor from the stagnant mucus within my sinuses. Is this fungal or bacterial. Knowing that the GSE seemed to kill the bacteria holding the tonsil stones in place, that leads me to believe it is fungal. I have tried candida treatments which again seemed to help a bit, but the headaches were tremendous. I gave up. A doctor I saw did tell me it takes a long time to defeat a systematic fungal infection so maybe had I stuck with the candida treatment and diet, I may have defeated this.

This disease appears systematic and the odor and the mucus appear to be symptoms. Unfortunately most advice and products I have tried only treat the symptoms to a small degree. In order for us to conquer this disease, we need to determine the origin of the mucus and smell. Dietary changes may be the best option at this point. It appears this is a result of some sort of bacterial or fungal infection. It has caused me to be severely depressed and anti social. My daughter told me once how bad my breath smelled and now I am subconscious of even getting close to her. That sucks tremendously. She even makes fun of me when I spit form the car window when we are driving. This is a disgusting and debilitating disease. It destroys your personality and optimism. At times I've said I'd rather has some form of cancer which at least has a sense of resolve and usually provides some sort of remission. This disease never relents. My girlfriend cannot believe the amount of crap that comes out of me throughout the day, and it is everyday.

I have just gone to a holistic Dr. who ran several tests to the tune of $1000. I will inform the thread if and when he finds anything. He is performing virtually every form of testing from saliva and blood to thyroid and hormone. Hopefully something turns up. I have postponed my surgery until I know more.

Good Luck to all!!!
food4thought last decade
Dont even think about the surgery or the holistic doctor. I have had success with an atkins/candida style diet. this method will definitely take months maybe upwards to a year. i have recently had much greater sucess, and overall health benefits from a raw vegan diet called the 80/10/10 diet. i guess the simplest way to put it is you can either cut out carbs/sugars or u can cut out fats and processed foods and get most of your calories from fruit sugar. this method still will take a while, i would guess 2 months, but i feel noticably better on this diet than on the atkins/candida/ low carb diet. If you do the 80 10 10 diet and you experience cravings it is usually for meat (suprisingly) i have allowed myself some 'clean' meat ie; low fat lean meats like chicken breast or fish to ease the cravings. honestly even without a tiny bit of meat the 80/10/10 diet seems much more sustainable. i usally try to eat fruit 3 days then have a day of fats like avocado/ shelled nuts (preferably walnuts or almonds) and then do the last 3 days of the week on fruit again. If you eat ALOT of greens everyday i think you atually feel alot better on this diet than whatever you eat normally. the great thing is that your symptoms are also reduced just as they are on the atkins.
i have heard many sources that say that this is as difficult as a heroine addictiion and i completely agree. I also agree (sadly) that cancer would probably be easier to cope with in the long run. i do think this systematic problem will eventually lead to cancer, especially colon cancer. I have recently also started looking into the Ph miracle diet and the Hallelujah diet. I think the ph levels have more to do with this than anything. while i can attest than 80/10/10 raw vegan works best, there are definitely some foods outside of this which work well. My current diet is abbout 80% raw with the other 20% from quinoa and sweet potatoes- (both alkaline producing carbs). this diet has worked wonders but i still expect it will take a few months.
hope this helps. i doubt doctors will be worth the money but a holistic doctor may. this problem is 100% holistic there is no doubt about that. everything from the food we eat to the air we breathe contributes to Ph levels in our body and our overall health. Excercise is also key as im sure uve already found out.
good luck and lets keep these posts going
PNDhater last decade
I agree with the thought of a ph stabilizing diet. I did at one point try to increase my alkalinity and reduce my acidity. If you take a look at food high in alkalinity you will find a lot of vegetables and fruits. When you look at acidic foods you will find all the things that taste good, as in breads, pastas, fatty and processed meats, sugary foods and beverages, etc. It would appear lowering ones acidity will also benefit many other diseases and ailments. You can check your ph levels by doing a simple paper/saliva test.

If these diets were not so damn difficult, I feel I would have resolved this problem. I truly believe though, that this disease is onset by trauma, genetics, or a lowered immune system. I believe again that the mucus and odor are symptoms of an underlying more severe systemic problem which may be alleviated though diet. There are many people who have cured themselves from cancer and other systemic diseases through purified diets. Look at the red head from taxi for example...can't seem to remember her name. Suzanne Summers may be another. A conformed diet is a lifestyle and you need to reduce the temptations that surround you on a daily basis.

Keep the spirit alive!
food4thought last decade
I FOUND A CURE!!!I have had HORRIBLE bad breath for 10 years from PND. I used antibiotics, all the nose sprays in the world and nothing helped. Finally, my dr prescribed me prilosec 20 mg which I took twice a day. Once before dinner and once after dinner. Also, I used a nasal irrigation. It is the Neilmed brand bottle, high volume and low pressure. It works wonders!! I hardly ever have a bad taste in my mouth anymore and no bad breath. Please give it a try!!
pndridden25 last decade
Been there, done that...I am glad for you if it is working for your issues. One of the wretched aspects of this problem is that there is no one single problem, it varies from person to person. I actually remember one poster coming online and insisting that all odor issues are oral in nature having to do with teeth decay, gums, proper hygiene etc. In his mind there was no other answer. Unfortunately the problem can come from at least half a dozen different areas including oral hygiene. There are the sinuses, tonsils, lungs, GERD, hemorrhoids and each of these issues have sub sections. My best advise is to consider everything…find a doctor willing to go on an expedition with you eliminating one thing at a time. If the doctor is unwilling to listen, move on to another doctor. In my estimation, doctors have a very poor record in this area and they don’t put a sufficiently high importance to it…they don’t realize how devastating it can be to someone’s quality of life. Good Luck!
Nomad last decade
It's definitely true that different situations apply to each individual suffering with this disease due to polyps, deviated septums, allergies, gerd etc. But it looks like the main culptit for me is 'Mucus build-up due to lack of drainage in the nose, allergies, and 'Constant dryness of the nose during inflammation. I am now working on a device that will allow a nasal aparatus to fit over the nose and mouth hooked up to a humidifier or warm steam device. Chronic dryness occurs during the average 6 to 8 hours of sleep and if warm steam can encourage the nose to stay moist and cause mucus flow, it will eleviate the inflammation and open the airway for better breathing. Now if someone can just invent a strong anti-bacterial shot to fight off the bacteria and the FDA come up with a certified diet for Chronic sinusitis sufferers, we may see a little light at the end of the tunnel. Doctors usually can make more money for less time treating patients less severe nasal issues but I still recommend seeing a doctor to identify any structural problems or referrals that may be needed to see other specialist to deal with this condition that slowly deteriorates quality of life. I tried seeing different doctors but in a healthcare network, they all know each other and usually notify each other if a patient is difficult to treat or give the new doctor a 'heads up'. It's definitely a disease that a doctor must have or suffer his or herself to truly understand how to treat it. Unfortunately, I dont know any ENT's who have Chronic Sinusitis although I have been treated by some doctors who have really Bad Breath.
Fighter last decade
I am more and more seriously considering the surgery to my sinuses. However, I have heard so many horror stories regarding this surgery that I am having a hard time making the appointment. My ENT wants to trim the turbins and open up new drainage passages to my sinuses while attempting to clean out the sinusitis and remove a cyst. He assures me that this should help my problem and eventually alleviate the mucus that has built up in my lungs and airway. He feels that the odor is coming from the stagnant mucus and feeds to an area in the back of my throat and tonsils thus creating tonsil stones. He also believes that the really hard to cough up stuff that comes from deep in my lungs and bronchial airways should eventually dry up as a result of the surgery as well. That he said should take several months however. I believe this to be true to an extent. The hacking is ridiculous and the tonsil stones smell horrible. So if he were to help my mucus flow and in turn make the mucus more viscous, then I should be able to swallow what is draining and my saliva should flow better hopefully keeping food and mucus elements from collecting in my tonsils and throat area. He said over time my lungs and bronchial airways should clear as well seeing as there would be no more gummy, sticky mucus flowing into my airway and lungs at night when I sleep. This all sounds good on paper for it seems that my problem definitely consists of these symptoms; mucus, throat clearing, spitting, coughing, and tonsil stones. I have had my stomach scoped and lungs x-rayed. All checks good there. I did have an abnormal reading from my liver blood test however and I do know that the liver can definitely influence odors throughout the body.

Is there anyone on this thread that has had the sinus surgery? Was your surgery a success or failure? Would you recommend the surgery?

I think the surgery should help me. I seem to breath fine but whenever I blow my nose, nothing really comes out. It all seems to travel down my throat and collect in various places along my airway and esophagus. So if the mucus associated with my sinusitis was cleaned out and future mucus flow redirected then my main problem should be fixed. Again, without the mucus I don't think I would have the bad breath, constant hacking problem, or tonsil stones.

I have tried virtually everything else other than moving myself from my home to another climate. Wisconsin air seems to intensify this disease.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.
food4thought last decade
I have had previous nasal surgeries. The first procedure was done after I was having trouble breathing and chronic inflammation. The ENT told me that he noticed that I had extremely large turbinates, so he literally burned the turbinates with an electrical type tool to reduce the turbinates. This improved my nasal openings and breathing but increaesd air intake so my nasal passages were dry constantly especially during the dry weather seasons. I was spraying saline spray up my nose every 20 minutes and a humidifier is a MUST. Don't be caught without one. Also if you work in a dry area or outdoors the constant dryness and inflammation will bring on more bacterial infections and Bad breath. My next surgery was endoscopic sinus surgery and maxillary sinus antrostomy to remove polyps. It changed my whole breathing pattern and felt really weird and sometimes brought on panic attacks because once they go in and operate, you will have to adjust to the new way of breathing. I used to love to sing, but after the surgery, it changed my ability to reach pitches that are changed in the nasal area when I sing. I am now facing more surgery because the bacteria and mucus blockage has caused more polyps and I also had a cyst show up on my latest CT scan. I am now living abroad and my present ENT is new to the field and seemed to want to avoid surgery, much like a car mechanic who refuses to work on a car after realizing that someone else has worked on it and didn't finish the job. He suggested that I avoid surgery for now and updated my medical records suggesting that I be given a longer term of antibiotics to treat any further sinus infections along with a nasal steroid to shrink the polyps. Most medical information will tell you that it is very rare for a patient to die of chronic sinusitis, although I am aware of a recent death to meningitis due to an untreated sinus infection. So, even with my complications, I still would tell anyone to seek treatment(nasal steroids/antibiotics) or surgery, especially if blockage is an issue. My advice is:1. Don't be shy or timid about asking how much experience this doctor has had in treating sinus issues even if you have to go on the web and look up his/her school and background history. If they are not going in your nose with an optic device and showing you on a overhead screen clearly what the problem is, then be very cautious. Research so you have kind of an understanding about how the nasal, throat and tonsil areas work..I didn't do that my first surgery and took the docs word.
2.No matter how quick he or she tries to get in and out of the treatment room during visits, ask questions and make sure they go over CT scans and explain the surgical procedure along with the CT scan.
3. There will be a lot of soreness, bleeding, crusting and dryness which is excellent breeding grounds for bacteria. Make sure you have a good humidifier, neti pot to irrigate to keep passages clear after surgery and most of all make sure the doctor is willing to give a long term post surgery antibiotic that will help clear you up in the hard to reach spots of the nasal areas during recovery.
3. Take a longer period off than the recommended 5 days that they push for recovery time. Optic surgery is still a new procedure and it's main selling point is that you can have the outpatient surgery and heal and be back at work within a week. Take additional time to let the sinuses heal and reduce stress from work or school that can complicate the healing process. My problem was that the surgeries went o.k. but the bacteria was allowed to stay in the nasal areas which causes more white blood cells and inflammation. I had tonsoliths also, but I used part hydrogen peroxide and sea salt and gargled for 15 minutes at a time 3 x a day and would open the back of my throat as much as possible to allow the solotion to drain down the throat into the tonsils without actually swallowing the solution. The tonsil stones would completely come out and I don't have them anymore.
Fighter last decade
It all sounds bad. I don't know how necessary my surgery is, although my ENT did prescribe me the highest most powerful dose of antibiotics on the market prior to offering the surgery as an option. The antibiotics did not clear the sinusitus. He did scope me with imagery projection, so I was able to view his findings as he went. He couldn't get in the sinus cavities where the sinusitus resides but did show me the narrowing and turbinate areas of which he was considering trimming. He also showed the path of post nasal drip which again is my worst symptom.

My ENT has a very solid back ground and did originally practice in Canada. He has been a guest speaker at several national conventions. He is solid. I just am leery to take this step. He classifies a successful surgery as one that does not need a follow up surgery. I did get a second opinion and that ENT did say I was a good candidate for the surgery as well. I am worried about the downtime as I am a self employed small business owner and work seven days a week.

I clearly do not want to go through this surgery if it will offer little to no relief. If the mucus remains the same and is the same thickness and stickiness then the surgery would be a failure in my mind. I am hopeful that it would remove all traces of sinusitus and my cyst. It would then, in my opinion, relieve my post nasal drip which should alleviate my hacking and bad breath problems. I am not really worried about the dryness, rather I am more worried about the lack of success and the pain. My primary goal is to rid myself of post nasal drip which should rid me of my most disgusting spitting habit. It drives my girlfriend crazy and my daughter gets pretty disgusted. It would also be nice to be able to blow my nose and have something come out rather than a constant flow of mucus running down the back of my throat. I am hoping it will allow me to swallow better and not require constant throat clearing as I do now. Getting rid of the tonsil stones would be a bonus.

Are those moderate expectations or do I have my hopes set far too high??

Thanks for any insight. F4T.
food4thought last decade
Food4thought. All the research I have done say's that there is no cure for Post Nasal Drip and it is possible to have recurrence of polyps/cyst after surgery has been done to remove them. If I had to do this all over again, I would have taken small steps leading up to surgery as a last resort. Based on my experience with CS and PND here are my suggestions:

1.Request to see an allergist to find out what foods or organisms you are allergic to. (ex:fish,white bread or even dust mites or pet dander)
2.Request to have your PND mucus sent to a lab for culture to identify exactly what type of bacteria strain you have.
3.Identify any molds, dust, pets or diet you now have (alcohol,starches,red meat, sugars etc) and monitor what you eat and your enviroment.
4.Request that your doctor go in and do a full thorough nasal saline wash of your sinuses and drain your sinuses then go on a round of antibiotics using a good nasal steroid and mucus thinner along with antihistamines and decongestants and follow the directions very carefully to avoid rebound affects while at the same time writing down and documenting everything that you eat and whether your sinuses swell up after eating it or being in a certain enviroment.
5. Do everything you can within your power to reduce 'Stress'. Stress causes dryness of the mouth and bring on inflammation and anxiety.
6.Decide if taking all the medication (i.e.Mucus thinner, antihistamine,decongestant,Saline Spray,Neti Pot for irrigation,anti inflamatory meds etc) long term and dealing with the drowsiness and mood swings that come with taking this stuff is more beneficial than surgery to open any blockage you may have.Although you still have to take this stuff after surgery because there is no cure for PND..only treatment.
Try the above suggestions for about 6 months (since it looks like the doc is giving you an option between antibiotics and surgery) and if you are stiil having difficulty, then you can opt for surgery and have no regrets.
I can remember when I was at your stage and how it slowly deteriotated my quality of life and the effects of my loved ones. I now have to sleep on the couch every night due to the dryness and swelling at night(and that's with a humidifier in the room) and the smell that comes from my nose while sleeping. The spitting thing is something you alway's have to feel guilty about because it's so gross and disgusting(If your partner is Superficial,Romance gets thrown out the window at that point). Sounds like you have a really good ENT. Encourage him/her to explore and 'think out of the box' with you (i.e. nebulized or intravaneous antibiotics, acupuncture etc,) and hopefully you can avoid surgery and get the PND under control.
Fortunately I get to travel worldwide and locate to cultures that are more mature and accepting to our condition because they have diets which include a lot of ingredients (garlic,Indian seasonings etc.) that cause bad breath so I can openly talk laugh and feel comfortable without public obsession to recognize and overreact to different smells. But Western culture use advertising to manipulate vulnerabilities and sell products to fight smells
although it has been prooven that some toothpaste causes dryness of the mouth which actually causes bad breath)
which is why plain baking soda and sea salt is better for brushing and dealing with PND. Good luck
Fighter last decade
It seems almost pointless to have the surgery if it isn't going to help the PND. I am confused in that you can have a dry nose and sinus after surgery yet have the continual post nasal drip. That comment seems self defeating. Can you explain?

Also, can you tell me which type of Dr. will have your mucus tested. No ENT I've seen has ever presented that option to me. I would indeed like to know what bacteria is present within my problematic phlegm.

When it comes to diet, it is strange to me that the mucus builds so quickly in my throat and nose so soon after I eat certain foods. I mean the food has not even entered my gut before I feel the need to spit out accumulated mucus. It makes no sense. I have taken the full allotment of allergy tests and I have been told I have no allergies. I am allergic to Sulpha medications. So again, I am not certain as to why I build such large amounts of mucus during and just after eating? I do have pets, and I have had my house tested for mold, nothing there. I have purchased air purifiers and had my whole house heating and cooling system replaced to see if that may have been a problem. I would be willing to relocate to another part of the country if it helped my situation. Seeing as you travel often, do you find that different parts of the world or different climates help your PND and mucus build up?

Given my business, reducing stress levels is improbable. I own two restaurants and a night club where daily issues arise.

Regarding medications, I get extremely mean on antihistamines, sudafed, and the like. I try not to take them.

I couldn't imagine having to sleep on the couch, that would really hurt. It does suck having to spit and hork up sticky, stringy mucus throughout the day and evening. When I fly, it is a horrible experience for the people next to me. This truly sucks at so many levels. I am afraid to get close to people and have become extremely anti-social. Owning two restaurants and a club, I'm sure you can imagine how difficult that must be.

I am glad you have had some resolve and acceptance regarding this disease. I have not, and it gets the best of me everyday. If there was a colony of people who suffer from this, I would probably move there so as not to be such a burden and annoyance to my loved ones. I disgust myself, I can only imagine how they truly feel.

Good luck to you as well. Any further information is greatly appreciated.
food4thought last decade

The celia is what keep mucus thin and flowing through the nose.

When sinuses swell and produce thick mucus,it prevents proper drainage and the lower nose becomes dry much like plumbing that may circulate in some parts but leave lower pipes dry due to clogging.

Also, the turbinates serve as an insulator and when they are reduced can bring about 'empty nose syndrome'whereby lack of mucus flow and dryness bring on all kinds of complications.

Most ENT's won't mention the lab culture but many will request a blood test. Lab culture is alway's best but samples sometimes get lost.

Milk, ice cream,red meat, starches, sugars, alcohols,breads all make mucus thick. I sometimes get depressed when grocery shopping because almost everything in the store causes mucus to thicken for me.

Anywhere with short summers can be great for sinuses. Northern Germany was best for me because my sinuses would shrink all day due to the cold and mucus would stay thin. I never noticed anyone reacting to my breath and many days my breath felt fresh throughout the day because there was no inflammation to clog up thick mucus.

I relocated that year to the southern U.S.(a high allergy area and the swelling and infections started again.

Yeah..know how you feel. I have many hard day's with mood swings. Try to 'think outside the box' and try new things like teas,euculyptus,chlorophyll tablets and incense if you are on your turf and will have to talk a lot.

It is a very debilitating disease that will eat away at your quality of life and many folks have no idea that you may look healthy on the outside but very sick and mentally hurting on the inside.
Fighter last decade
Hello everyone, I have read every single comment in this thread and I wish to say I honestly think this a a diet issue. Why is that?

Well, I have been suffering form the following symptoms for only 1 month : PND, bad breath and white tongue. I have looked into the matters immediately and tried a bunch of stuff and meds. Ultimately, I learned about candida and decided to give it a try, as I've had many other symptoms of Candida in the past few weeks and months. In 24 hours of reducing my sugar intake, I can already smell a noticeable improvment in my breath. What I believe might be the cause of this quick improvment at the brutal change of my diet is the fact that I havent had this problem for years. Bacteria duplicates quickly and those who have been suffering from those symptoms for years probably have A LOT more than me to get rid of.

Also, here's a hint for your breath. Take 1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon after every meal and use it as you would some kind of mouthwash, swallow or spit it, it doesnt matter. It sure has helped me as well over the past few weeks, but nowhere near as much as a diet change that includes less carbs
PNDisawful last decade
Periodically, someone comes on this board with a proclamation that they have found the answer. Maybe the have and maybe they haven't. As I have said before, there are many causes and no one can claim to have found the answer for everyone. Having said that, I having a serious resurgence of hope. Recently, I found myself at my wits end with another reaction to the smell radiating from me. I, like most of you have done a great deal of thinking about this problem. The symptoms include tinnitus, and sore throat. One of those symptoms is gone and the other seems to be ebbing away. About two months ago, I completed a 6 week regiment of an antibiotic and I recently quit alcohol and aspartame. As to whether the odor is gone or ebbing is still to be determined but I have always believed that those two symptoms were related to the odor. What I believe actually began this turn around is a daily, three times a day regiment of steam inhalant (10 minutes) followed by a thorough cleaning with a nasal irrigator with soda and salt. The significant reduction of the tinnitus in itself is quite a payoff but I think this could be the big payday.
Nomad last decade
Okay so I have not posted anything on this thread in over 2 years and thats because Ive simoky cured my halitosis and did not bother coming back, well initially I wrote that going gluten free was the trick for me, however although this did eliminate my halitosis, I noticed that if I incorporated roti(flat indian bread) into my diet my halitosis did not come back, I began introducing more breads and then noticed that I was experiencing the same symptoms pre gluten diet. I realized that it wasn't gluten that was the problem, but YEAST! I began my yeast free diet, and after 3-4 days I did not notice any difference, but after about 5 days my halitosis was 100% gone and I could now take comfort in the fact that I could control this problem. So my advice to those willing to try this or to those who have tried this and and gave up after a few days, know that you have to stick with it for at least 1 week to see results, this is roughly how long it takes your body to eliminate the candida yeast from your system.

Good luck,
ragingbull last decade
Hi everyone.
I wanted to thank everybody for posting their comments on this forum because I now know that I am not suffering alone with this condition.
For the last few years I have had horrible BB, a thick coating on the back of my tongue, and large amounts of thick and slimy mucus which coats my throat and mouth.
Not only have I tried every product that I have come across but I have also seen many doctors, specialists, and dentists who either tell me that it is all in my head, or look at me as though I am insane when I describe my symptoms.
I am tired of Dr’s thinking that I am crazy just because they are unsure of this condition.
After everything that I have tried, all that I am certain of is that no rinse, spray, or pills have helped me yet.
I am going to try the yeast free diet to see how that goes.
Once again, thanks for all of the posts and support. Keep them coming.
rikii last decade
Dear ragingbull

With regard Yeast Free Diet..

I’ve done some reading about it and I found out that there are many type off this diet,

a very strict with no carbohydrates consumption allowed in it (no wheat of any kind, no potato, no rice!).

A less strict one with carbohydrate consumption allowed.

A lesser strict one with few kinds of fruits allowed.

Can you please tell us which type of Yeast Free Diet you are following,

also – kindly - can you tell us which kind of our traditional Indian food you found suitable for the diet ( can we eat rooti? what about plan yogurt?

Thanks in advance !!.
gulfro last decade
The good news is that their does not have to be a radical change in your diet. I actually was not even aware of the different variations of yeast diets that you listed, but for me I simply stopped eating breads with yeast (basically all sliced bread, buns, pizza). Roti is simply flat bread that does not contain yeast. Most flat breads in supermarkets are yeast free, these include tortilla wraps but just to be sure read the ingredients. You dont have to give up carbs or fruits or yogurt. There is yeast in beers and spirits but if your not a heavy drinker than a few drinks wont kill you, but for the first week of you trial diet I would not drink any beer. In essence what Ive found, for me thats is, is that breads are the main culprit of this problem, we North Americans consume a lot more yeast compared to the rest of the world and you will notice just how much when you give up breads. But I would like to reiterate from my last post that when you are trying out this diet stick with it for at least 1 week, if you notice after the 4th day that nothing has changed do not go to Mc Donald's for a quarter pounded, stick it through until the end of the week, and please post you results.
ragingbull last decade
i just discovered the solution to my problem of bad breath

through my nose that i suffered for 25 years. and it was not

thera breath (yes, i had tried it) or any other medical product or any

of the million home remedies that i found on the net or any of the

possible causes of bad breath that people have been delving deep

into. its so simple!!!!

indeed, god reveals his mysteries to mere children.

o my god!!!!!!

i will be living my life from this week.

25 years of horror are behind me.
please email me at : stbero at the rate hotmail dot com
ArvindVE last decade

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