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possible acid reflux

Hi, my 15 month old son was colicky, had a lot of gas and fussiness since about 2-3 weeks old. We switched formulas to enfamil gentlease to see if that helped. he was very fussy, screamed alot and didnt sleep well. Pediatrician said he just had colic and needed to sleep more. Another pediatrician said it may be silent reflux so he was on zantac for 30day at 3 mos. It helped a little. I didnt want him on meds so we just rode out the storm and he was a screamer, bad sleeper etc for months. we did sleep training etc but he still would wake up several times a night crying. He was still spitting up at 14mos from the formula or milk or even yogurt. So,
We took him off milk and have been giving him almond milk for 2 months now and its been a bit better. he eats really well though. he has bad breather and is always pinching, grabbing his tummy and sucking his thumb. I've said all along he has stomach issues but I jsut dont know what the 'issue' is. We took him to a gastroentologist and they did a blood panel and he has no allergies but may have a milk intolerance. when I said he has bad breathe they though acid so prescribed prilosec. it worked like a charm for a few days. he slept great, woke up happy (he's never woken up happy... EVER) and was in good spirits except for the bad diahrrea :( so I took him off it and 3 days later wow back to cranky, whining rubbing his tummy, runny nose etc. ugh. Also, he has had 4 ear infections this year already :(
I've read the posts and I see that the nat phos 6x has worked for infants so I am hoping this will help my toddler.
any additional advice would be welcomed. Thanks Tracey
  TJP_2013 on 2013-09-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The nat phos 6x is a good first thing to try here. There
are other remedies for colic if that does not work.

Joe de Livera developed this protocol and you can read about
it on his site www.joedelivera.com.

You can get the nat phos 6x cell salt from Whole Foods or
Vitacost ( hylands brand) they are tiny tablets.
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simone717 last decade
Logging in to observe progress.
Joe De Livera last decade
I've given my son 1 tablet after dinner saturday night. he was very fussy and woke after about 2 hours but then went back to sleep after I comforted him. Today I gave him 1 tablet 3x's today after his almond milk or food. He seems to be doing well today. I did notice this after his afternoon nap that he drank a bit of almond milk and seemed to regurgitate it or maybe something came back up. he did not drink much almond milk but then an hour later had dinner, ate well and was in good spirits. He went to sleep easily tonight. I will keep posting his progress. thanks!
TJP_2013 last decade
nice. ( thank you Joe)

You may wish to go to a 1/2 tab now - he is responding
very quickly.
simone717 last decade
He slept all night and woke at 5am (his usual time!) this morning was ok but he was super fussy for his morning nap. He wouldn't sleep and was drooling a lot. His molars are breaking through so that could be a big part of it. I gave him only 1/2 a tablet after his breakfast. We will see how the rest of the day goes.

How long should I do this regime? and does it or will it work in just a few days? Does it make the acid go away completely or will I need to go back to this regime periodically?
TJP_2013 last decade
Yes it can work in a few days and then be no longer needed.

Each person is different and you work with remedies on the
basis of how the person is reacting.
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simone717 last decade
I wanted to check back in since my son was doing well so I slowly stopped the nat phos 6x. but after 2 two he started getting loose stools and spitting up again. he is off all dairy for 6 weeks+ now so I still believe he has an acidic stomach. His poor bottom is super sore from the poop and he screams when we change his diaper. I started the nat phos 6 again today so hoping it helps reduce the acid in his belly and clear up his stools so they don't burn his bottom anymore. I feel like I should just keep him on the nat phos 6x but how will I know when his acidic stomach is clear? thanks!
TJP_2013 last decade
You said he was teething. What color are the stools? Try giving him Cal phos
30c 2 pills under the tongue, do
3 doses 4 hours apart. kids get loose
stools when teething and Cal phos
is a big remedy for teething. You can continue the nat phos 6x-
but report back the day after you give the Cal phos. You can
dissolve the pills in a tsp. of water - The 30c should be at Whole Foods
or you can order it off this site.
[message edited by simone717 on Sat, 21 Sep 2013 05:44:48 BST]
simone717 last decade
HI his stools are a bit like mustard or a little green. yesterday they were very soft and this morning soft and he went 3 times in an hour :(
I have the hylands teething tablets which has cal phos 6 in it. He already got his 3 molars in and I do not see or feel any that may erupt anytime soon. there is another molar brewing but it is not even close to breaking through gums.
Not sure it its teething anymore. I gave him a bland breakfast of toast and banana with water so hopefully he will be better today. Thanks!
TJP_2013 last decade
Have you been giving him Hylands teething tablets lately?

If so how many days, and how many times?

Too much nat phos can cause loose stools, but this seems
like it is going on after you stopped, so I wondered about
the Hylands- bc that has multiple things in it.

You can buy Calendula Cream at Whole Foods and put this
on his rash, it will soothe and heal it.

Ok then- I would try 3 doses of Chamomilla 30c for this.
2 pills under tongue or in water, 4 hours apart,
3 doses in one day.

Report back in 24 hours after the last dose and we can
see what goes on. This is for reflux and loose stools.


Simone 717
simone717 last decade
hi Simone
I gave him the 2 tablets of chamomilla 30c 3x yesterday along with a 1/2 tablet of nat phos after he ate and he was ok. he would not nap well in the afternoon and did nto sleep well at all last night. He went down to sleep fine but gets up crying after a few hours and was very difficult for him to get back to sleep. he woke up very cranky today. He has a clear runny nose so it could be a slight cold or teething. I do not see where any teeth are about to break through so not sure about teething. His stool was a bit thicker and kinda mustard looking and smelled acidic this morning.
should I continue with this regime today?
TJP_2013 last decade
Hi- please get the cell salt Kali mur 6x for the cold and give him one tablet 3x today. Continue a couple 1/2 tabs of nat phos.

What was the reaction after the Chamomilla? Did you notice

Since there is a cold coming on- update me after he has
had the Kali Mur 3x and we can see what is going on.
simone717 last decade
hello, my son seemed to do better with the kali mur 6x and only a couple half tabs of nat phos. He was not any better at all with the chamomilla. he hasnt been sleeping well at all at night and wakes up every few hours and cries out. he was in good spirits today and napped this morning but would not take an afternoon nap. I felt inside his mouth and its possible the 4th molar is going to break through soon. it felt more prominent. I gave him some childrens motrin tonight as he keeps rubbing his ear which is a good sign the teeth are bothering him. He hasnt been coughing much at all and his runny nose has lessened. he does wake up congested though. He has a very bad rash on the back of his neck. not sure what from. it's red bumps.
Today all he had was 2 Kali Mur and 1 1/2 tab of nat phos. and i gave him some camilia for teething (only 2 vials) made by boiron which contains chamomila 9c hpus, phytolacca decandra 5c hpus and rheum 5c hpus. His stool was a little watery after dinner tonight and mustard looking.
TJP_2013 last decade

Please do not give him anymore of the boiron vials.
I don't quite understand what that is, but I do know
that Chamomilla antidotes Rheum, so the combo
seems counterproductive. And if you have too much
Chamomilla, it can aggravate and make the child even
more irritated. I don't think he reacts well with that

Teething itself can give a child loose stools, fever, fussiness,
and difficult sleep.

Continue on with the kali mur and nat phos and add in
Cal phos 6x 1 tab 3x a day, to help with the teething. Don't
do any combination remedies.
simone717 last decade
ok thanks so much!
TJP_2013 last decade

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