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I am glad that I came across this forum.

I've emotional health issues and sexual problems.

my primary concern is the emotional one ( i think even the latter appears to be emotional too)- my experience is closer to what people describe as anxiety and depression.

I'll come with a complete lists of my symptoms.
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  Jara M on 2013-09-05
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
-let modesty not prevent a full statement [please] -
19 BST]
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anuj srivastava 8 years ago
Sex - M
age - 37

How it started:

Almost ten years now since I have this problem. Started following my immigration to where I am now and in a university setting. Well,the coarse load was not a problem as I am academically very competent. However, the pattern of life I was leading was very abnormal (no socializing). One of the principal challenges in this regard was that I am not conformist by nature which is at odds with, I think, what socialization in the west requires most. Socialization does not come in its purely social form too. One needs to embrace a world view ( could be political, economic and cultural) of the people to socialize with to be successful in sociallization.

My first experience with anxiety manifested itself in the form of Paranoia. I avoided eating for a political cause for more than three days and I had a bad breath there after - something I am known to hate during my previous life in my country. I thought people who hate that too and did avoid. However, I took it very far and there was another layer of circumstance which aggravated this situation. I was totally ignorant of what racism looks like and I was relating body language of people ( 'natives') with my bad breath which was not the case. I even tried to avoid going out. Later, I learned that I had a frown face and was not responding to the tricky 'smile' of 'people' and their body language was meant to be a response to that ( I guess) not to my breath. Of course most of the body language I get from people was meant to be a racist behavior which I mistook for something else. I was totally paranoid in that. It took me well over two years to get out of that. Yet, I did not even drop out. I managed to finish my undergraduate program doing a full course load and even a part time menial job.

Current Symptoms

-Sad feeling (and look too) - usually I am not aware of my sad look actually. I rather feel I have concealed my feeling...it Lets people down. I never smile when I try to it will be artificial and that makes me very uncomfortable
-Spit a lot ( even knowing that it is disgusting)
-noticed my lower abs and genital are so cold
-sleepy but insomina
-Enthusiastic suggestible
-fear ( I don't know of what)
-at times disoriented
-low energy most of the time
-anxious feeling and look
-too much intestinal and abdominal gas
-digestion problem - I get bloating & acid reflux
-Thirsty feeling - ( I during a lot of water)
-I sweat too
-Very irritable
-At times restless
-At times I could be very argumentative
-Tendency to dominate whenever there is discussion ( BTW, I tend to uphold and champion for values described as ' traditional values'), yet I could be repetitive at times.
-Suspicious ( I think this is something natural to me) but become more suspicious once I found myself in western society and culture as everything I observe was something totally I have never expected. I do not feel free ( Obviously this is very depressing) but I do not take it personally.
-Lack of motivation( e.g.. In job search, in projects I start - writing for instance)
-sleep was major problem ( now it is better for the last week or so )
-Recently, I developed craving for Ice creams ( it was one of the things I normally do not like)
-I feel better when I am with my social circles
-Recently I avoid meeting new people of a specific background as I think that they are very investigative ( but I understand that they are just that way, not a case of being investigative)

I forgot to enlist these symptoms

-Difficulty concentrating ( even during conversation I sometimes get lost out of lack of concentration)
-Over sensitivity
-Overreact and devote attention to tiny details
-Low stamina
-Shoulder and Lower abs very tense most of the time.

What have I done about it?

I did try to avoid psychotherapy and allopathic medication ( I was very scared of it and I still am). In stead, I did try to have some acupuncture since about seven or so years ago. However, I was unable to get it as often as I should as the rates are very expensive ( specially for a minimum wager like myself). I also tried to at times Yoga , and at other times work out (I used to enjoy work out even as a teenager back in my country of origin). The problem is that I was not doing neither the yoga (meditation) nor the work out regularly. I lack consistency in what I do after I got this problem.

After reading about homoeopathy, I saw a homoeopathy practitioner about seven days ago ( BTW Expensive ($100- and he wants additional $40 for additional visits) ) He gave me some remedies. But he did not even take as much detail as he should, I think. I am about to finish one of the remedy( he didn't tell me the name, BTW). And after that, I will start another one which lasts for a week probably. Btw, he did not tell me the things I have to avoid. E.g.. The day I started taking the remedy, I also took raw garlic (almost one whole garlic ) with a honey

So far the only change I noticed is that I am sleeping better. I am also getting something like a brain wave ( not sure if that is how I should describe it) an intense one on the left side of my brain and sometimes in the center of my head and right side too. Intestinal and abdominal gas was intense recurring too.


I did not happen to see this website before visiting the practitioner. I saw it when I try to do further research on homoeopathy.

I sincerely believe in the healing power of natural medicines and I believe in God too ( I would have gone mad if it was not for my faith in God). I would appreciate it very much if professional doctors in this forum could provide me with a step by step prescription to treat my anxiety.

p.s My panaroid situation is no longer with me now ( at least in its form it manifested itself first)


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Jara M 8 years ago
actually - I noticed that most of your descriptions match with my situation. I should have used that in stead, I think.

Look forward to hearing from you.
Jara M 8 years ago
Hi Jara,

Even tho you wrote a good description, you still have to go thru
the form the way Anuj designed it and answer, yes or No and
put in the other things he asks for. These questions are based
on specific remedies and your answers will make clear to him,
choices of remedies, bc some can be similar to each other.
simone717 8 years ago
Here is filled out form:

let modesty not prevent a full statement [please] -

-WHATEVER IS NOT AS IT SHOULD BE IS A SYMPTOM AND MUST BE RECORDED. (The success of the prescription depends largely upon your ability to describe your symptoms.)

-While taking medicines the use common sense in diet avoid everything you know to be hurtful, or doubtful.

-Don’t use camphor, perfumes, liniments, gargles, and likes.
-In case you have inhibitions in divulging symptoms in the public forum,you can send it to my E Mail,by clicking on my name.
4 Check out these undermentioned threads for describing your symptoms.


What is your chief complaint? anxiety

When did this complaint start? about ten years now

What was going on at this time? ( examples: emotional upsets, disappointments, illness of others, accidents, injuries, travel, new foods or
What is your opinion of the cause of the complaint? change in life style, among others

List other main complaints after this and give the same information.


Please list what medications you have taken for your complaints, Allopathic or homeopathic. I am taking some homeopathic remedy- not sure the name
symptoms for the choice you made?
If you have or are under the care of an MD or other homeopath, please list the tests you have had if any, and what advice you have been given. -IF YOU ARE TAKING TREATMENT FROM ANY ONE ELSE IN THE FORUM,THEN PLEASE LINK WITH THREAD. Did blood test recently, all seems arlight

write yes or no in capitals in front of the u/m symptoms.will review the case.

Sudden, intense ailments from fright.
Anxiety and restlessness with complaints.
Fears that do not subside. No
Faintness or dizziness upon waking up. - Yes
Sudden fever with one cheek red, the other pale
Intolerance of pain. No
Painful urination with anxiety -No
Pains followed by numbness and tingling.No
Eye pain and injuries No
Throbbing headache. No
Unquenchable thirst. Yes (sometimes)

Emotional upset
Fear -Yes
Anxiety -Yes
Extended period of unusual or continued mental exertion -Yes
Diarrhea - Yes -Ofen times, not always
Craving for sweets and salt. Yes Craving for strong flavors.Yes
Enthusiastic and suggestible, with a tendency toward peculiar thoughts and impulses. Yes

Anxious -Yes
Anxiety associated with later stages of head cold, with sneezing
Asthma worse after midnight, fears suffocation while lying down
Fearful -Yes
Irritable- Yes
Restless -Yes
Sleepiness but insomnia - Yes
Thirsty for frequent small drinks
Weak and exhausted -Yes
Desires air but sensitive to cold -No
Vomiting with or without diarrhea after eating and drinking - Yes -some times

Increased perspiration -Yes
Night sweats -Yes
Cold hands and feet -Cold hands + lower abs Yes, not feet
Dizziness -Yes
Nausea -No
Ravenous hunger -No
Aversion to fats -No
Craving for eggs-No
Eyes sensitive to light-No
Pale face -No
Large appetite with slow digestion -Yes

Nervousness -Yes
Apprehension -Yes
Anxiety prior to an examination or public performance- Yes
Fatigue and aching of whole body -YES
Limbs, head, eyelids heavy -No
Headache -No
Scalp sore to touch -Yes
Sore throat -Yes
Lack of thirst -No
Dizziness, trembling, fatigue, dullness -Yes

Vomiting - in the past Yes
Sensation of a lump in the throat -No
Chills with fever
Thirst during chills -Yes
Chills relieved by warmth-Yes
Cramping pains in the abdomen or back -No
Headaches that feel like a nail driven into the side of the head -No
Skin very sensitive to drafts -No
Introspective -YES
Sad -YES
Tearful - Sometimes Yes
Rejects company - No
Disappointed - YES
Grieving- YES
Insomnia from emotional distress - YES
Nausea relieved by eating -No
Eating intensifies hunger- in the past , not now

Exhaustion -Yes
Deep anxiety and inability to cope
Jumpy and oversensitive -Yes
Startled by ordinary sounds -yes
Backaches -YES
Nervous digestive upsets - YES

Shakes head without any apparent cause -
Facial contortions-Yes
Gassy, constipation or diarrhea- YES
Sour belching - YES
Claustrophobia -
Irritability - YES
Digestive upsets with gas and bloating -YES
Craves sweets, warm food and drink -some times
Night cough -NO
Wants to be alone -NO
Cranky on waking -YES
Bullying tendency -NO
Fear of failure -Yes
Breaking down under stress -YES

Tongue feels dry -YES
Mucous membranes dry -
Nausea -No
Insomnia -Yes
Claustrophobia -
Migraine headache -
Vomiting - in the past
Pains around eyes- some times
Craves salt and dry foods
Weepy but won't let others see it. (Wants to be alone to cry.)
Consolation aggravates them -NO
Angry from isolation- YES
Fright, grief, anger -YES
Nervous, discouraged, broken down - YES
Depressed -YES

Anxious -YES
Fearful -yes
Weak- YES
Associated with hoarseness -YES
Tight heavy chest -Yes
Dry rasping cough -Yes
Burning pains in stomach, abdomen, between shoulder blades -YES
Thirst for cold drinks that are vomited -NO
Nausea -NO
Night sweats -Yes

Sensitive -YES
Weepy -no
Wants attention and sympathy ? not sure
Changeable symptoms and moods -YES
Craves open air -YES
Sensitive to heat -YES
Dry mouth with lack of thirst -YES (recently)
Rich food upsets stomach -YES
Insomnia from recurring thought -YES
Head colds -NO
Loose cough, worse at night -NO
Delayed menstrual period with scanty flow -NO

Worry -YES
Overwork -YES
Headaches -NO
Difficulty concentrating -YES
Exhaustion, -YES
Over sensitivity -YES
Overreact and devote attention to tiny details -YES
Low stamina -YES!

do you have a mind which you feel is perverted?
are you arrogant? Somewhat arrogant
do you over estimate yourself? NO

feeling of being controlled by another - YES
out of sorts with your rhythms -YES!
feeling of living out someone else's expectations
feeling as if you are being fed off emotionally or psychologically
feeling of losing your will -YES
over estimatimation of energy reserves -YES
full of self-denial - No
you become a rescuer, addicted to rescuing people -YES
drained -YES
feeling of becoming a doormat -YES
you have forgotten who you are -YES
let me know the color of your .TONGUE - dry whitish


1.Cracked appearance of the tongue with or without pain, hardening and inflammation.

2. Swollen,numb ,stiff,with pimples on it,white ,furred,.Bitter taste in morning with headache.

3.Flabby,resembling a layer of dried clay.Yellow coating at the base/clay colored coating.Taste sour ,soapy.

4.Clean red/furred,with headache.Dark red swelling.

5.Mapped.Swelling of tongue,appearance,grayish white,dryish,/slimy.

6.White/slimy/brownish.Seems as if it would cleave to the roof of the mouth due to dryness

7Yellow and slimy coating.Witish edges(sometimes),Insipid taste or taste lost.Lips , tongue and gums white


8.Clean with pain in the stomach. /Coated white with loose motions/bright red with rawness in the mouth.Left side sore,eating painful.

9.Mapped/numb/stiff.Coating slimy/clear/watery,with small bubbles of frothy saliva covering the sides.Taste lost.Vesicles on the tip.Sensation of hair/dryness of mouth and tongue.

10. Yellow creamy coating at the back part of the roof of the mouth./ Moist, creamy or Golden yellow coating at the back part of the tongue.Blisters and sensation of hairs at the tip.Coppery /Acid taste


11.Dirty ,brownish green/grayish-green.Taste bitter.Palate very sensitive- Better taking cold things.Burning blisters on the tip.Bitter taste.Blisters on the cheek or inside of the lips, rather than the tongue.

12.Ulcers on the tongue,sensation of hair on the tongue

13.Flabby, toneless, with visid mucus in mouth. Bitter taste.

14.Sensitive, slightly inflamed, small blisters on margins, bright red tip. Burning in mouth.




feeling of suffocation when wearing a tie.

any funny sensation in the body,delusions etc


sleeping habits,and any other peculiarity under the sun your body and mind is experiencing which is not normal.


-Sensation of coldness in the back between the shoulders.

-Part of the body being separated from the rest of the limbs.

-Sensation of a ball in rectum like an apple or potato. Diarrhoea and constipation are also cured with this symptom. Sensation of sand in the eyes.

-Something alive moving about in the abdomen or chest. (Remedy for violent foetal movements as well as in cases of imaginary pregnancy).

-Burning sensation as if sparks or burning coal were falling on parts which are cold to touch. Cannot bear to be covered.

-As if teeth too long.

-Feels as if two noses.

-As if insects crawling on face.

-As if bone in throat.

-Downward dragging from shoulder. As if tied up in knots.

-As if something passing out of rectum. -Yes

-As if flies and spider crawling all over body.

-Burning sensation as if pepper were sprinkled.

-Burning sensation relieved by heat.

-Head remedy for burning sensation in any part. Sensation of tight band round the head. Lump of hair in throat. Lump of ice in chest. Mouse running up arms and chest.

-Burning sensation.

-Sensation of cobwebs, bugs or insects crawling on face.

-Sensation as if cold air is blowing on him. Sensation of dust in the air passages causing cough.

-Sensation of sinking.

-Sensation of emptiness. -YES!

-Sensation as if he had swallowed a small ball which remained at the pit of the stomach; as if intestines are being drawn towards spine.

-Distressing sensation of damp clothes on the spine.

-Sensation of nail driven into the brain; as if boiling lead were passing through the rectum; as if anus would fly to pieces during stool; as if legs were made of wood; as if body was made of glass and would break: as if something alive is bounding about inside the body.
-Sensation of something alive bounding about inside the body.

-Sensation as if walking on the ends of the bones of the legs and did not have any feet.

-Sensation of cobweb on face; tries hard to brush it off.

-Sensation of great coldness of the surface of the body with a desire to uncover. Great heat or sweat with desire to cover. Sensation as if cold air was blowing on covered parts.

-Sensation of a rat running up the legs. Sensation of passing electric current from head to limbs.

-Sensation as if something alive were walking about in head in circles. Sensation of red hot iron in vertex. Sensation of an opening in abdomen through which air passes. Sensation of coldness in stomach after eating. Sensation as if heart is dipped in water or there is water in chest. Sensation of shortening of right limb.

-Sensation of a cap on head. Sensation as if her head was on the pillow but knows not where the rest of the body is.

-Sensation as if the head is in a vice from ear to ear over vertex. Sensation of sticks in the throat like fish bone.

-Sensation of face growing large.

-Sensation of bandages about the limbs and body. Fish bone sensation in the throat. Sensation of constriction in esophagus down to stomach every time he swallows a morsel of food. Sensation of creeping as of ants in the back and legs. Sensation of cobweb or dried white of egg or dried blood on the face.

-Sensation as if a black cloud has settled all over her and enveloped her head, so that all is darkness and confusion; it weighed like lead on the head. Waving sensation in the brain. Sensation as of a bolt through neck to vertex.

-Sensation of coldness in all the parts of the body, e.g. stomach, throat, chest, tips of fingers etc. Sensation as if ants were running through the whole body when lying down with anxious and difficult breathing. Obliged to get up and open windows for fresh air which relieves. Immediately on lying down again these sensations return.

-Sensation of weak, hollow and gone feeling in head.

-Sensation as if the chin were elongated to knee.

-Sensation as if head and nose would burst; as if loose bones rubbed against each other in the nose; as if a hair high up in the nostril; a hair on back of tongue. Sensation of a drop of urine remaining in urethra. Sensation of choking on lying down.

-Sensation of a hole close by into which he was in danger of falling. Of a weight between the scapulae compelling her to bend forward.

-Any bang, shock or bad news is felt in the stomach. Sensation or fish bone or splinter in the throat. Stubborn sensation of chilliness at noon.

-Fish-bone sensation in the throat. Sensation as if lice were crawling over surface; worse from heat, motion and at night.

-Sensation as if a worm crawls in right ear, and commences boring anterior wall of auditory canal. Sensation as if paper or pin is forcing through the pit of stomach causing her to rise and double up with screaming; pins seem to come from each side; sensation of sand under lids.

-Sensation of apple core stitching in throat.

-Absence of sensations points to this remedy in any ailment.

-Sensation of hair in the throat.

-Sensation as if treading on cotton.

-sensation that if he drank water he felt as if it did not go down the esophagus. Sensation of coldness in vertex. Sensation of cold water running through the veins. As if pregnant; as if he had committed a crime; as if peppermint has been eaten, coldness in the mouth and throat;, as if something alive were rising from stomach to throat; as if knives were cutting bowels; as if hot coals in abdomen and intestines.

-Sensation as if feet are rising until he stood on his feet.

-Sensation as if a thread were hanging down the throat.

=Sensation as if a thread were hanging on tongue.

=Sensation as if gentle shocks of electricity were passing through h the body.

=Sensation as if an animal were snapping and tearing off small portions inside the abdomen. Crawling as from fleas on back, arms, abdomen, thighs and ankles; actual spots like flea-bites appear on various places, lips, nostrils; etc. It has violent itching.

=Sensation ass if heart were cold. Coldness in spots

=Sensation as if thighs are too tightly wrapped; of water in forehead! of coldness, crawling; numbness in legs. Sensation off retraction of the abdomen.

=Sensation of a nail driven into brain.

=Sensation as if wet cloth were applied to body on going out of doors.

=Sensation of heat and fire in the eyes. Sensation of coldness of spine downwards.

=Sensation as if foot is perspiring.

=Sensation that head was open and wind went through it. Sensation of cold cloth round brain. Sensation that the back is in two pieces. On swallowing sensation of hard substance in trachea.

=Sensation of hair lying on fore-part of the tongue.

=Sensation as if abdomen and stomach were hanging down relaxed.

=Sensation as if something is dragging her down from the waist and immediately thereafter feels as if upper part of the body were floating in the air.

=Sensation of crawling of ants in the brain which travels down the body and leaves at the toes. She wants the body wrapped up but wants head in cold air.

=Sensation of motions in the head; feeling of looseness of the brain.

=Sensation of heaviness of lower limbs and feet. Numbness and jerking of limbs.

=Sensation as if lifted up by hair.

=Sensation of closely fitted cap on head.

=Sensation as though drops of water were tickling from heart.

=Cold sensation about the heart.

=As if he had swallowed broken stones. As if insects crawling on back and shoulders. As if a hand round head.

=Sensation of ants crawling round in the abdomen.

=In the morning sensation of not having slept enough.

=Sensation as though the stomach was turned upside down, accompanied by burning feeling in the chest.

=As if head with ears not his own.
=Sensation of a cord or band around the limbs, especially round the leg under the knee. Soles sensitive to pressure when walking.

=Sensation of sticks or fish bone in the throat. The patient wants every thing cold.

=Stick in the throat when swallowing, patient wants warm things.

=Sensation of sand in the eyes.

=Sensation as if the hair were pulled. Soreness of the hair follicles. Better by wrapping the head tightly.

=Fish-bone sensation in the throat.
=Sensation of quivering all over the body and in the limbs without visible trembling.

=Sensation as if stomach hanging or swimming in water.

=Sensation of hair on tongue; worse when reading.

=Sensation as if teeth are too long.

(Note: - These are merely illustrations, a few which have occurred to other person, and are given that you may understand what is meant by sensations. Always give the locations as well of the sensations.)

(Note 1 :- This section refers to each disease, each sickness and to every symptom. No matter what the trouble may be it is necessary to be refer to this section. Be sure that the aggravation or amelioration you notice is from the course given.)
(Note 2 :- The time of an aggravation or amelioration refers to the year, the month, the week, the day, the night, or the hour.)
State at what time your troubles or any single symptoms, is made better or worse.
- State what season of the year, what time in the month, whether the phases of the moon cause either, what part of the week, what hour of the day or night the trouble or single symptom comes on or is made better or worse.
- Is there any position which you may assume that causes a particular trouble or any single symptom to be better or worse? It may be when you first lie down; or after lying down awhile or rising after sitting or on sitting after standing, walking; walking much; walking in the house or in the open air, or in the cold air ; or at night; running, running rapidly or slowly; when stooping over, after
stopping, or on rising from stooping; leaning the head backwards, forwards; to one side or leaning the head on the table or the hand; lying with head high or low; lying in some particular position ; crawling on the hand + knees or some other or many possible positions.

- Does anything cause the trouble or a single symptom to be better or worse ? It may be reading ,writing , music ascending or descending the stirs or a hill, biting the teeth together ,blowing the nose , before or after one of the meals, breathing, breathing deeply, when chewing food, when eating or drinking, closing or opening the eyes , looking up, down or sideways, from heat, cold, from warm or cold air heat of stove or sun, dry or moist air going into the air or going into the warm, sunlight or lamplight from excitement, fight, grief, grief, sorrow fasting, some kind of food or drink
motion or quiet, when nose is discharging or is dry, from gratification of passions , scratching, rubbing, beginning of sleep, during a storm, thunder storm, snow storm, swallowing food, drinking of saliva, talking, singing, hearing other talk or sing, music touch, turning over in bed, covering up or uncovering, wet dry, windy or cloudy weather.
(Note 3:- The above is given to impress on the mind the great importance of noticing what may seem to be little things.)

Jara M 8 years ago
Nux Vom 200
15 drops in a cup containing an ounce of water, sip one third of it, 15 minutes later sip the next third of it, and 15 minutes later take the last third of it.HALF AN HR BEFORE DINNER .dont repeat.

Lycopodium 200,five pills on day 2,5 and 8 half an hr b4 lunch

silicea 6x and kaliphos 6x,five tablets three times a day every day.

feedback every 4 days.
anuj srivastava 8 years ago
Thank you, anuj! Like I mentioned before, I am starting my second remedy tomorrow. How about if i report on the results I observed from the remedies i am already taking and then go on with your prescription?

Many thanks for your compassionate service

Jara M 8 years ago
not a problem.
anuj srivastava 8 years ago
Hi all,

As I mentioned before, I do not know the remedies the homeopath gave me( he only wrote number codes). It has been more than a week since I finished the remedies.

While taking the first remedy I was instantly feeling better and sleeping better.I was feeling relieved as I cleared a lot of mucus ( apparently not from the Nasal cavity) while taking the remdey. After my fourth day with the medication, I was getting a very bad headache and but sleep was still better. After the second remedy, I began to suffer from older feelings ( and their symptoms) again. And right now, I feel misearable.

-My sleep became so bad again that I had to get massage therapy and slept better after two days of chronic insomeia
-Most of all, I am feeling (and looking) very sad. The feeling is strong in the throat and middle of my forhead and sides.

Please share the remedy you think could help resolve the issue. And I would appreciate the opinion of other homeopath doctors too.

Best regards,
Jara M 8 years ago
it is a mild homeopathic aggravation,not to bother .leave all medicines for 4 days and give a feed back.dont have any other remedy to suppress your headache if it is bearable.
anuj srivastava 8 years ago
Thank you for the response.

it has been more than a week (may be 11 days) now since I finished the remedy.
Jara M 8 years ago
homeopathic aggravation,if it is over continue the medicines same way.
and how are you feeling now?
anuj srivastava 8 years ago

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