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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
1. Your age & sex
age 25/female

2. Describe your appearance i.e. weight, height, body type

about 5'4'..body type =thin
weight around 110lbs

3. What are the symptoms of your main health problem
facial puffiness/swelling but no pain

4. How & when did this main problem begin
I believe it began about 10years ago..i used to think its face fat, that i have chubby cheeks..when i got older, i realised its just puffiness

5. What makes the main problem better
I have not noticed anything specific that makes it better...not sleeping helps, but ofcourse i have to sleep, its a life requirement

6. What makes it worse
sleeping makes it worse

7. What other health problems do you have
no other major health problem..i 'used' to have low iron level, because of that my periods were coming too often..now my iron level is normal so normal periods

8. How do you feel mentally & emotionally (weepy, irritable, restless etc.)
I feel very happy emoitionally when my face is at its normal size..i feel like i want to go out, have fun etc..
when my face puffs up, i dont feel like meeting anyone..i feel down, sad..and sometimes i get this complain that why do i have this unusual problem and i get frustrated because my family doctor said they cant find any medical reason for this..so to them its a mystery...i really want some solution to this

9. Describe your personality (stubborn, easy going, always in a hurry etc.)
i like getting things done on time, I like being in control of my life decision and taking suggestion from my loved ones..im not stubborn, i do have this habit that i cant sit in one place for too long..i really LOVE walking around..sometimes i just walk around the house..it helps me relax..

10. How do you relax
walking around helps me relax..sometimes watching tv with family or friend helps..meeting my friend for coffee helps me relax
prayers help too

11. Do you normally fight or flight
I wont call it 'fight'..but i like dealing with the situation or problem..flight is not my way to handle things in life..
but when i deal with things, i like to be straight up, honest but respectful at the sametime..

12. What animals are you afraid of
dog, cat..any insects..i have not been around big animals such as horse or elephant so i dont know..but im not an animal lover..most scare me
I do like birds, but i think i am a bit scared of holding them..
im not an animal lover..but i dont hate them either..what i mean is im not one of those people who love to have pets and im not one of those people who would treat an animal badly

13. What situations are you afraid of (heights, closed spaces, ocean etc)
im hydrophobic, im scared of losing people i love..
i hate tight spaces, claustrophobic..
height scares me too

but when i say 'scared' i dont mean it to the extreme..i am scared at a normal level..
as in, if i was asked to go to a waterpark and go in a pool, i would..
i would try skydiving..ofcourse i will be scared..but i would try it with a trainer..
so my 'fear' is not too deadly

14. What occupies your mind mostly
this problem occupies my mind alot
and rest depends on whats going on in my life..if there is a problem, that will occupy my mind..
if there is some happiness (family wedding) that will occupy my mid

15. How do you respond to consolation & sympathy
i dont like being console or if someone shows sympathy..
when i think of consolation, i feel the person is not really understanding you, they are just saying 'yea dont worry, everything will be alright'..

i like facts..if i share a problem with someone, i want their real honest opinion on it..even if they think that their opinion is bad and may hurt me, i still want an honest suggestion not consolation..

and i dont like sympathy..i like people who can provide strong suggestions, supportive ideas, suggest options to deal with the problem..

16. Do you want to stay alone or with people
depends..when im happy, my face is fine..i like people around me
...sometimes when im tired or feeling down, i like to be with my family or friends..no one else

but if my face isnt fine, i dont like anyone around me..i dont mind family members around me cuz they know about this, they see me everyday..but i dont like anyone else around

17. How is your sleep
my sleep is normal..i have bad sleeping habits, sometimes i sleep late, sometimes i sleep ontime depending on my schedule..but i think i get good amount of sleep

18. Do you have any recurring dreams
no recurring dreams

19. What type of weather do you like and how it affects your complaints
i used to have swelling in hands/feet..but cold weather/rainy weather/or room temperature is best for my hands and feet..i get no swelling at all..and now that my iron level is normal, i barely get any swelling

face is not effected by temperature or weather

but when its winter, and if i catch a cold/flu, my face puffs up more than normal days..it puffs up ALOT more

20. Do you normally feel hot or cold
im normally cold..

21. What type of clothes you wear
i like keeping myself updated..
not too tight, not too loose..
i wear skinny jeans, shirts, long dresses etc

22. What foods you love
i love desserts, i love chips..
i love junk food..
but i dont like fast food that much (as in burgers, fries etc)
i love my homefood too

23. What foods you hate
i dont like trying food from other cultures
i dont eat goat meat
i dont hate any food though

24. What taste you love (sweet, salty, sour, bitter)
i love all of them..depends on what i feel like eating..

sometimes sweet, sometimes i want salty etc
25. What taste you hate
i dont hate it but bitter may not be something too pleasing

26. Do you want to eat indigestible foods (chalk, mud….)

27. How is your thirst
normal..i try to drink water to keep myslf hydrated..

28. Do you have dry lips & mouth

29. Any coating on tongue first thing in the morning
30. How is your skin
some acne, scars..dry skin

31. Details about your sweat (perspiration)
when im nervous, i sweat..otherwise i dont sweat alot or anything

32. Any problems with ears, nose, chest, throat
no real problem..

33. How is your stool & urine

34. How is your sexual life & desire
i am single..no sexual activity ..
desire i think would be at the normal level

35. Males genitals (erection, pain etc.)

36. Females menses details for regularity, flow, clots, discharge other than menses
when they started, they came too often..twice a month due to my low iron level..
suddenly in 2010, the iron level went back to normal on its own and menses became normal, once a month, regular cycle..
back in 2012 march iron went down on its own, menses came twice again..now i have realised its all related to iron level, so i keep my iron level as normal and so menses are regular

37. What illnesses are running in your family, mother’s side & father’s side & brothers/sisters

nothing specific other than
mallick 9 years ago
Hi- when was the last time you had
your thyroid levels checked out?
simone717 9 years ago
The thyroid issue is in the family
so I get my thyroid levels checked out very frequently
my doctor has said that all reports (previous and recent) show normal levels..so I don't have that problem

no medical reasons diagnosed for my face issue..my doctor has gotten every test done to clear all doubts

Thankyou..plz let me know
mallick 9 years ago

thanks, I just thought that might have been overlooked-
I have another question for you-you said that this began
around 5 years ago-

Have you been sleeping in the same room most of this
time or not?
simone717 9 years ago
I don't know the specific number of years
I know I have had this for a very longtime..I always thought that I have fat cheeks..
But in the past two-three years I realized that if it was face fat, then my face size would not change through the day..I meant fat can't be increase/decreased like that

I'm guessing I've had this issue for atleast 5-6years or even more..probably around the time I got menses..but I met a gynaecologist, she said that if my face puffiness increased during menses time every month, then it can be a hormonal issue..but my issue is an everyday problem..my guess is that it started years ago

to answer your question, I haven't been sleeping in the same room..changed bed, pillows, bed sheets (to check for allergy)..changed rooms due to different houses..even tried sleeping on the carpet..tried elevating my head using three pillows..etc

plz let me know if you have anymore questions
mallick 9 years ago
Hi again,

ok then, it could not be allergies or mold (environmental)

Fitness is in charge of your case, I was just trying to
see if there was some block to cure being overlooked,
preventing a remedy from working correctly.

I am sure Fitness will come up with another remedy for you.
simone717 9 years ago
Yes, I checked for allergies..Thank you Simone

waiting to hear back from Fitness..thankyou
mallick 9 years ago
How are you mentally & emotionally after sleeping

What do you mean that you can't sit in a place for too long, please explain

Would you consider yourself a restless person

Do you have a preferred sleeping posture or position

Please give details of your periods i.e. flow, clots, cramps

Any other discharge between periods
fitness 9 years ago
Sorry, I meant I can sit in one place for long if I'm working, watching tv
but I prefer not being stuck in one spot as in being lazy
so I normally just walk around when there is nothing to do..I find it boring and lazy to just sit on the sofa

But if I'm watching tv with family, I can sit

I won't consider myself restless
sometimes when I'm stressed I feel restless..so I walk to feel better

I don't have any specific sleeping posture..I don't have any preference
sometimes I sleep left side or right, sometimes on my stomach..but mostly I sleep either left side or right..I don't sleep on my
back facing the roof...

Menses: I get cramps, sometimes more cramps, sometimes less..I avoid taking any medicine..it's a natural thing so I stay warm until it goes away naturally..if pain is too much then I might take advil or Tylenol (pain relievers)

not a lot of clotting, but once cramp pain is gone, I get some blood clots

I know a few people that experience cramps or clots and it's normal for females as they say..so as long as my cycle is regular, I don't worry ..
I avoid allopathic medicine due to side effects..

One thing I've noticed, getting a cold/flu makes my face problem worse..
And when I get a cold, I never get fever or cough or runny nose..just bodyache, headache, nose hurts..as if everything is stuck inside..I recently got a cold, at the end I had to take anti-biotics n then finally my nose started running n it all got better
mallick 9 years ago
I answered the other questions in my above post

answering the other two below

I don't get any other discharge between periods

after sleeping, when I wakeup in the morning, I feel good if my face looks good..my mood, mind, everything feels really good relaxed..but when I wakeup with puffy big face, which is everyday, I feel down..

Sometimes the face is not too big and puffiness goes down a little faster.,so those are my better days
mallick 9 years ago
Lachesis 200c is still coming out as a strong remey.

Please take two doses 12 hrs apart. Just two doses. Not daily.

One dose is one pill. Dissolve the pill under the tongue.

If liquid remedy, put one drop of the remedy in half glass of water, stir and take one tea spoon from it. That’s one dose. Use the same mixture for subsequent doses, if required. Don’t refrigerate the mixture. Put it anywhere covered, away from direct sunlight.

First dose: At night before sleeping.

Second dose: 12 hrs after the first dose.

Report back with changes observed.

Also, please answer these questions:

How do you feel clothes that are tight around the neck

How does your puffiness respond to cold application and warm application

How did your anemia get better on its own, did you take iron supplements
fitness 9 years ago
okay I will take the doses and let you know

I do not like clothes that wrap around my neck..so I don't anything like that

I have never applied anything warm/cold on the face.. I've read online about cold compress or warm showers helping..I haven't tested it alot to be honest

and anemia..the doctor said I don't exactly have anemia according to medical terms but my iron level is abit low..I was really young then, sometimes I would take iron pills n then stop taking them..suddenly in 2010, my menses cycle got regular, I dropped weight too, and my iron level came out in the normal range when I got blood test done..I was not taking any iron supplement at that time..it's a mystery my doctor said
when my iron got normal then menses got regular and my acne started clearing up..my skin got clean in few months

then in 2012 march, my menses cycle started twice a month again, n abit weight gain..so I got concerned n went to a homeopath.. He tried different remedies but nothing was helping..
after blood test, we realised my iron kept going low.. he suggested me
some natural iron supplements and I started taking them regularly and it brought my iron level back to normal.
And my menses got normal again..so I figured our that menses
cycle n iron were connected..now I take those supplement everyday and menses are regular

the first time, everything went normal on it's own..I still don't know how

but this time (2012) I took supplements for things to get normal
now with normal menses cycle, my acne is slowly clearing up too

also, my weight changed/dropped in 2010 when things got normal..I got really thin actually.. But even before that, I was never fat or overweight..

And samething this time.. I gained abit weight when things got abnormal..once they started getting normal, I lost that bit of weight

I will take the dose and let you know

also, my homeopath once said that in winter I can take three pills of influenzium before going out to avoid catching flu..do you want me to avoid taking that for now? I will just take Lachesis and let you know like I did before..thank you
mallick 9 years ago
Thanks for updating.

These are crucial pieces of info that were not mentioned earlier on hence I was getting stumped.

Please STOP all supplements, remedies and let the real symptoms come out. I am pretty certain that I will be able to get to the right remedy then.

You mentioned that you never get nasal discharge, please connect the dots, if you are taking remedies (Influenzum) without any reason, your body will respond in ways that a homeopath will get stumped.

Things never change on their own, their always is a reason.

How may & what potency influenzium have you taken.

What other remedies have you tried (potency, dose and dates)
fitness 9 years ago

I took 3pills of influenzium but I stopped it

I have not been taking any other remedy.
I do take iron suplement everyday which I mentioned to you earlier

currently I'm not taking any remedy besides the one you asked me to take

In the first detailed post, I did mention that I never get fever, cough or nose discharge..this time I got bit of cough n nose discharge only
'after' I took anti-biotics..
I thought nose dlscharge was needed n it happened after I took meds.

past year, I took few remedies for my menses issues. Then face issues
currently I'm not taking any remedy besides the one you asked me to
I will let you know my observations and changes

plz let me know if you want anymore details.
mallick 9 years ago
Also, this no nasal discharge and no fever has always been an issue with me..everytime I get a cold

I took 3pills of influenzium 200ch to avoid catching a flu 'again'
this was only 'after' I got the flu and I took anti-biotics and it was fully gone
after all that, I thought that I don't want to catch it again, so before leaving the house, I took influenzium 3pills..

the homeopath I was seeing last year suggested doing this in winter (since we have strong winter here)..he said his family follows that too..take three pills before stepping out to avoid catching a flu etc
he is a registered homeopath here

currently I'm not taking any remedies besides Lachesis
mallick 9 years ago
What other remedies have you tried in the past (potency, dose and dates)
fitness 9 years ago
I dont remember all the remedies that I tried..most were for my menses issue which got resolved by taking iron pills..

i do have a few with me and i can give you the names..but i certainly dont remember the dates..it was all last year..

R20 orgnanotherapy Dr reckeweg and Natrum Carb 200Ch, was the last ones i tried for swelling issue..now my hands/feet dont swell unless im in extremely hot weather..hands n feet use to have bit of pain when swelled..dont have that anymore..
he also tried dulcamara on me..no results

just the face issue is still there

the other remedies that i tried in 2012 were mostly for my menses..we stopped all remedies after seeing that iron was fixing everything
mallick 9 years ago
As you said you have tried few remedies for menses & swelling, it will help me to know the names & potencies you have tried so far.

If Nat-Carb was working why did you stop it?

Did you take only one remedy at a time or a couple of them
fitness 9 years ago
i will look into all the names that i have and potencies..and i will post them here very soon..

Nat-Carb, i really dont know if it was working..it was given to me for swelling..my hands/feet were already better, they would only swell in extreme hot weather..otherwise they were fine..since my iron level was getting better, there waas no swelling pain either..

but he gave me natrum carb n said that this is my constitutional remedy and you only take this remedy once..

I didnt feel any major changes through natrum carb..but i took it once..my hands/feet are fine now too like they were getting fine before..

but my face issue was never resolved

When i started seeing the homeopath, he gave me few remedies at once, or sometimes just a single remedy to test for my menses to get regular..

i will post the names here in abit
mallick 9 years ago
Around the time we were working on getting my menses cycle fixed. i was given these ( idont remember the dates and how much doses i was asked to take, and in what order they were given to me)

Sepia 200ch
Thlaspi bursa pastoris
bovista gigant 6ch
cinchona off 6ch
thuya occidentalis 200ch
drosera 10m
cocculus indicus 30 ch
carbo vegetabilis 30c,12ch, 6x
sulfur 30ch

the ones below, were for swelling as far as i remember..sometimes the remedies were given together..

calcarea carbonica ortrearum 200ch
tuberculinum 200ch
natrum muriaticum 200ch
dulcamara 30c
natrum carb 200ch
R20 organotherapy Dr reckeweg

natrum muriaticum S9- 6x(to check whether the face swelling is because of uneven water distribution in the body..but it didnt help)

ferrum metal 6ch, 30ch, 200ch-for iron

we first started working on the menses isusue..worked on it for about a year, i got alot of medical tests done to make sure..and at the end, we just ended up with iron that made everything alright

we were working on the swelling issue from few months..hands/feet are better, also because menses and iron levels are normal

but face has shown no difference
mallick 9 years ago
after spending a year on my menses issue, and swelling issue,

i strongly believer that my iron level was directly the reason why i got irregular cycles..
One i brought iron back to normal, level, my menses cycles were normal and my acne started clearing up too
I also think that the swelling (with pain) that i used to get in my hands/feet, was also connected to iron

and maybe some of the remedies helped too..but i do believe the pain was related to low iron level..
alot of women get that

one thing, i always told my homeopath was that my face is very different..none of the remedies helped my face issue..and i get no pain..symtopms are different, and weather does not make it better or worse like in the case of my hands/feet..

the problem with him was that he listens less..i mean i know he was expert at homeopathy, but im the one with the issue so its very important to listen to what im saying instead of just assuming that he knows..
so i decided to switch to someone else..

thinking back to last year, when i was taking all those remedies, all confused for months, all that i really needed was regular good iron supplements to fix half my problems..

the only issue that i havent been able to figure out or connect to anything is this face problem.

please let me know if you have any further questions..thanks
mallick 9 years ago
As you can see for yourself, quite a mess has been created by taking remedies injudiciously. Stop seeing that homeopath, as the first step.

May I ask where are you located and how did you bump into this homeopath?

I wish I had known this at the start of the treatment and would have started off with on a totally different note. Anyways.

If you have not taken Lachesis as yet, don't take it.

If you have, keep me posted on how things go, especially the mental & emotional ones.
fitness 9 years ago

He is a registered doctor and a registered homepath in USA
I know many people that see him, he has years of experience in this field..and very successful cures for his patients

mayb the way I have listed the names of remedies seems like a mess..but I did trust his work
the only issue I had with him was that sometimes he doesn't listen..it's very important for a doctor to listen, he maybe the expert in his field, but I'm the expert of my symptoms..because he knew too much and was too educated in this area, he often assumed too fast

but I had no complains with his work..like any other homeopath, he was trying remedies to cure my problem..n later we discovered iron level as the root cause

the remedies he prescribed were given in a specific order, the way I have listed them there might seem

I have taken Lachesis, and I will keep you posted about any changes or observations including emtional and mental changes, if any

the remedies I listed above are all from last year, most for my menses issue

let me know if you have any further questions
mallick 9 years ago

if you think it will help you, I can send you pictures of my cheeks (normal and puffy)
You can provide me with an email address
mallick 9 years ago
If you click on my username you will see my email. You can send pics if they clearly show the difference.
fitness 9 years ago
Ok I will email you pics in few mins

thank you
mallick 9 years ago

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