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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
--Does acne hurt when touched
yes acne hurt when touched. It's more of a pimple rather than acne.
But it does hurt
--Anything or any activity which makes it worsen or improve
I have not noticed any activity that has improved this. I'm eating healthy but still no improvement
it's like this seems to have a 'mind of it's own' I get these pimples randomly. During the day, or morning or night. but I get atleast 1-2everyday
I recently had a fever, cold body ache, I felt that might have made it worse.
Your periods regularity, flow, clots
regular periods. On time.
Flow: heavy on first 2-3days. Not clots
Any discharge other than periods, if so, its details---no other discharge

How are you feeling emotionally
during this problem
as I told you, my feeling is 'I wish I hadn't taken Lachesis, I regret taking it' but I don't want to curse anyone.. I just pray often that this goes away so I can be happy to have my normal skin back. I don't feel like going outside. Sometimes I complain to god and ask Him to heal this.

I do feel worried bcuz I'm delaying my life plans.

Any supplements, herbs, special foods, treatments etc. you are taking
or have taken in the past.
--Garlic treatment in the past and iron supplements
currently, no supplements. No treatments. No herbs.

facial puffiness is still there. When there is no puffiness, my pimples look smaller. I feel better to see my face in mirror.

Let me know if this is okay
mallick 8 years ago
Pictures of acne required.
fitness 8 years ago
Please have a dose of Kalium Bichromicum 200c, just one dose and report back.
fitness 8 years ago
Ok, i will order the remedy and keep you posted

I have a question for my personal info..i asked you this earlier too before taking Lachesis..
--Based on what matching symptoms
you thought Lachesis was a suitable remedy?
I know lachesis symptoms worsen during sleep.
(kali bich is also listed under that)
but lachesis is listed of blood thickening.

This is basically for my personal information..so i know what your thoughts were on my condition which made you prescribe Lachesis.
This way i get a better understanding of what does and doesn't work for my condition.
All the details from you are greatly appreciated. Thx
mallick 8 years ago
My evaluation is that the overall drug picture of Kali Bichromicum especially amelioration with discharges makes it the remedy of choice.

Imo, the stopped up catarrahal discharges are the core cause of your puffiness issues.

All the remedies abuse in your past has played a havoc which your surface symptoms are not showing.

You can read kali bichromicum in materia medica, if you feel that it is the fitting remedy, you can take a dose.

Its your health in the end, I can only suggest what makes the most sense to me based on my knowledge.
fitness 8 years ago
I had my doubts about mucous membranes. And I remember mentinoning it to you ealier.
I will order the remedy
I understand how it may be the cause of my puffiness.

But i was always abit confused abou. Lachesis and how it matched to my issue..could you explain me your ideas about Lachesis and why you decides to try a dose given my symptoms.

Thanks. All your help is truly appreciated
mallick 8 years ago
Sleeping into aggravation is a Grade-4 Lachesis symptom i.e. the highest grade, alongwith that the total drug picture indicated Lachesis.

The problem with superficial knowledge about any field is indicated classically in your relegating Lach to blood thickening which in actuality has nothing to do with that remedy.

There are a few facts in your case which are exactly in line with how people usually respond during stress e.g. stating you NEVER had acne which is contrary to your earlier stated case history.

You came to the forum when you had all avenues exhausted, even homeopaths.

I could have taken up a couple of other cases instead of writing this all, so I think you'd be better off with someone else on the forum who has more time to do the teaching & explanation.

Still, I thought I owed the above explanation, now that's done please seek advise from any of the other competent prescribers on this forum.

Think twice & get another opinion before using Kali Bich as now you are on your own.

Good luck.
fitness 8 years ago
Yea, I have never had this type of pimple and for this long
I did mention to you that I used to get one or two acne during my periods when my iron was low. Which was months ago

what I wanted to know was the 'reason' why you thought Lachesis was for me. Which I still don't know

as a patient seeking advice, I think it's okay if I asked why a certain thing was prescribed to me especially if it produce such horrible results.
However, as I've always said, I appreciate you taking the time. But i would really suggest not starting on cases if you are uncomfortable expalining reasons why I prescribe a certain remedy.
I hope you do realise that Lachesis has produced very negative results that I've been dealing with.
So yes, you do owe me a very.detailed explanation.
However, if you feel Okay with this little explanation then I guess I have nothing more to say
as I said, I'm still not sire why the remedy was given to me and I deserve to know it
you can work on other cases but if you can't see the importance of explaining to ur patient about ur outlook on their condition. Then I'm afraid you will only end up with more people unsatisfied.
We come here for help. So o suggest keeping your mind 'open' when you enter a case.
Thanks for taking your time. I do wish I had not taken Lachesis. I'm on my own and I wish I had stayed on my own. Things were much much better before I took thy remedy. Not only do I have face full of scars and pimple. But I also keep getting new ones. I'm 25, and something like this has NeVER happened. As a person treating someone, you should learn how to take criticism. It will only help you in the long run.

Anyways. I guess it's useless trying to explain anything
mallick 8 years ago
Also, I have never consulted a homeopath for this specific issue 'facial puffiness'
I did go in for my mentruation cycle long time go which was fixed by my low iron level.
And that process happened a year ago now
Months before I consulted you for this issue.

And I was okay with the homeopath here. But they are just outrageously expensive. So I thought once I'm treated here, I will western union you the money for your treatment and time. As your email says 'pay after cure'.

Anyways. Like I said, try keeping your mind open. You are dealing with someone's health here.

Thanks bye.
mallick 8 years ago
Please see your replies to the first & second questionnaire, when asked about skin, you wrote 'acne' and then 'acne, scars'. So please don't say you never had it. You already had it and most likely it was severely suppressed by the use of remedies left, right & center.

Anyways, I wish you good luck with your health.
fitness 8 years ago
I just wanted to add a comment here.

Looking at the way this case progressed, it is absolutely certain that Lachesis did not produce the worsening of the acne, seeing as how it happened 6 weeks after the dose. That is not an aggravation, and there is no reason to connect a remedy to it when it was taken such a long time previous to the event.

Diseases and symptoms can aggravate for lots of reasons, the main one being because the disease continues to evolve. There can be also many reasons found in the person's life, in their habits, in the environment.

IF a remedy produces an aggravation, it will happen within the first 1-5 days. It may or may not die down quickly, but it will start within that time. In 20 years of clinical practice I cannot think of a single case where the aggravation started after that.

Your chronic disease is responsible for your symptoms and the ongoing pattern of those symptoms, including a general worsening. Considering the terrible kind of homoeopathy you were subject to previously, it may have been made harder to cure - this is a possibility although again not really easy to ascertain.

There are no separate problems, there is one problem, caused by your vital force being out of balance. This is why we only give one remedy at a time.
Evocationer 8 years ago
As I had explained earlier, I started getting these adverse results soon after I tool the first dose of Lachesis. And then again the second dose. As perceived by you.
This has never happened in my entire life.

The homeopathy treatment I received before was from a qualified registered homeopath who is very well famous for treating every big and small illness. And me or Any of his patients has never had any issues with his work.

As far as my problem being 'chronic'. It certainly isn't a chronic problem otherwise It would have definitely had some other major effect on me.

As for your time, I did plan on paying you once I was treated.
Although I still don't know based on what symptoms did you came to the conclusion that Lachesis was right for me. And that's what I asked you earlier. It's a strong remedy and it has Triggered something wrong in my body which is causing all this.
I do regret taking it and I'm more than sure I would have managed without this remedy.

I came on this forum long after my previous treatment. There ia no reason to blame the failure and adverse effects of Lachesis on anyone else. Almost every patient on this forum has been to doctors and have taken much stronger medications before. No patient here is a newborn baby.
That still doesn't mean the failure of ur prescribed remedy should be
blamed on other things.

As I said before, I appreciate you took the time. Although you should keep an open mind when it comes to ppl you are treating. Some patients like to know why they are given a certain medication. And that's wat I asked you when you prescribed Lachesis and that's wat I asked you yesterday.
even legally, doctors are required to explain patients what medicine they are prescribing and why
a good treatment is only one where you address all the questions. Ppl come here to you for their 'health' issues

I think yo should think about it eforw reacting and defending yourself. Like I said earlier, I pray for my sake that you are right and I'm wrong. It gives me no pleasure to sit here n point put Lachesis over n over again. Incase you forgot, your success in this case would have been my cure.

I've had already alot of trouble after taking this remedy. Plz kindly, I don't want to further stress myself by arguing back and forth. As a patient, I've cooperated the way I should

Facial puffiness isn't a chronic issue. I've had all the medical tests done for it. I'm sure it's a small problem, I just need the right eye for it. As for now, I'm stuck with the bad skin caused by Lachesis.

Thx again for taking ur time. I do appreciate it. Bye.
mallick 8 years ago
The effects didn't happen 6weels after the dose. It started happening the second day. And also changed my periods cycle that was normal for over a year
I kept my patience for weeks hoping it will get better n then I reported.
My family noticed a sudden breakout of pimples the next day.

Anyways thanks you.
mallick 8 years ago
I wasn't trying to attack you, I was trying to educate you. You have stated a few times that you are confused about what is going on. I was only trying to explain how this works, to clear up that confusion. There is nothing wrong with not understanding how homoeopathy works - it is a complex system of healing.

All we can go on is what you report. In fact our job is to be objective and to maintain clarity around things like exact timing of symptom appearance, old symptoms returning, new symptoms appearing etc. It is important to be as sure as we can be on what is happening, so that mistakes are not made. I agree practitioners should take responsibility when they might be at fault, but it is just as important to not blame the medicines when they are not responsible, as this can change the whole course of the subsequent interviews (in the wrong direction!).

I was just pointing out, as Fitness did, that you reported no changes after each dose of Lachesis, even weeks afterwards, even when asked directly about your skin. You only mentioned it on 14/1/14 and then say it has been going on for 2 months.

What I do notice, when I go back again and look carefully at the posts, is that the other thing that happened around this time was you stopped your supplements. You had said that your irregular menses and acne cleared up on starting the supplements, so this is the most likely cause of your skin reacting the way it is. It almost certain that the supplements were suppressing your condition, and we know that suppression causes the problem to actually worsen over time, so that when that suppression is lifted the problem returns in a worse form than before.

This is why we try to avoid suppression at all costs. When it has been occurring, it is always a more difficult case we end up dealing with, because the suppression must be stopped to get cure, but on stopping it the case often gets worse, sometimes much worse.

However, unless the symptoms come out, it can be difficult to find the right remedy, or for the right remedy to work properly. This makes our job harder and can be more difficult for the patient to bear as well.

'Chronic' in homoeopathy means a problem that does not clear up on its own, and has the tendency to degenerate over time. It does not have to have a major effect - you could have a chronic wart, or a chronic case of dandruff. However, chronic diseases regardless of where they situate themselves, all come from within, from the patient's own disordered vital force.

Even if a remedy triggers something into happening, the continuation of the event comes from within the patient themselves. As Fitness had said earlier, it is possible Lachesis removed the layer of suppression, allowing the internal problem to come forth again. It was always there, and now it is visible. I am not convinced Lachesis did this (or anything at all) and that it is more likely the removal of the suppressing influence of the supplements which is responsible.

Nothing can be triggered, that does not exist within the patient. Grief can do it, a cold can do it, the sun can do it. Yet these things are not the cause - it is what is inside of you, your chronic disease, your miasm, which causes the symptoms to come forth. No remedy stays in the body - there is nothing in the remedy to stay there. A remedy causes an instant effect, to which the vital force responds. If it is curative then the response is to relieve the symptoms.

If the remedy is perceived as an attack instead (which occasionally happens, although rarely from single doses, more likely from taking a remedy repeatedly for a long period of time) then the vital force will throw up its defences (your symptoms). It is always the vital force that maintains these symptoms, not the remedy. In fact anything could do this - a change of weather, losing your job, a blow to the head - a remedy can be perceived in the same way. It is something the vital force has to react to, but the way it reacts is the same way it reacts to other threats.
Evocationer 8 years ago
firstly, I'm sorry, i thought that i was still speaking to Fitness who is already aware of the case..thats why my response was according to that mindset

going back to what i said, yes it is wrong to blame the remedy, but its not wrong if i know that the remedy was the only thing that caused it.
now let me explain why i feel that way..i used to have low iron levels almost over a year ago, every now n then the level used to go down, precisely because I'm not that much of a meat eater. but low iron levels are very very common in most women, due to those low levels, my periods were irregular and only during the time of my menstruation cycle, i used to get one or at most two acnes, which is very normal as well..many women with clear skin will tell you that they get one or two acne around that time and it clears up soon after..anyways, my irregularity of menses was cured after i realized it was only due to low iron level.

i came on this forum almost months and months after..and then according to Fitness instructions, i still made sure I'm off all medicines and supplements to have a clear system.
when i was prescribed lachesis, i did ask Fitness that based on what similarities is he prescribing me this remedy, but i did not receive a detailed answer. but i went ahead with the remedy trusting his judgement.
i took the first dose, and noticed a few pimples, so i thought it happens and i shouldn't make a big deal of it since Fitness is only trying to help me, i also sent him information on his personal email including pictures.
then he suggested me to take a second dose and i did mention to him that lachesis is known as a strong remedy, snake poison extract, ..but again i trusted his judgement. He asked me if i noticed any changes in my 'facial puffiness' and i told him i didn't. but i did not realize the pimples situation would go that bad. then he asked me wait for any changes, and i waited almost four weeks and i can tell you everyday of those four weeks i kept getting pimples.. there are different types of pimples and acne, and this type i have never gotten and never in my life have i gotten a pimple EVERYDAY.
so i finally went back and tried to remember what may have caused it and i realized the ONLY change in my life during that time was that i took lachesis...besides that, there was no stress, no diet change, no environment change etc etc.
so immediately i reported back to lachesis and i told him that i looked into the dates and this has started right after taking lachesis..
whether he choose to admit it or not, its entirely his choice..as a patient i can guarantee that i trusted his judgement and did exactly how he asked, my responses were always quick as well..and i took my great deal time to make sure that lachesis was the only thing that caused it.
like i said earlier, as a patient, his success would have been my success..so clearly it gives me no pleasure.and i have said this before too, i appreciate that he took the time out
however, not answering my questions and just walking away is wrong both professionally and ethically.

i do believe and i know that lachesis has triggerred something wrong in my system that my pimples are still endless.
Fitness has seen my pictures and he knows very clearly that my skin was always very clear, maybe thats why he choose to walk away somewhere knowing that he may have messed up...not to mention, i went through this forum, and he has done this a few times to other patients as well..
i have had all tests done and i do know that facial puffiness has nothing to do with this sudden breakout of pimples. i always told him i have doubts about mucous and finally he came down to the same idea and prescribed me a remedy for that. this almost sounds like guess and check..

sometimes an incorrect remedy especially one that is this strong, can trigger adverse effects which may not be related to the situation at all. there have been many medical mishaps, including ones in homeopathy. so i find it extremely irresponsible of practitioners here can easily say that no remedy would do this and even if it did, then its probably for something good.
i read into homeopathy too.

anyway, as i said earlier, damage is done because of one person's mistake and still to this day, i don't know exactly why he choose to prescribe lachesis, which he never bothered explaining...i have read his conversation with a few other patients and he has done this a lot, every time things get complicated and patient asks questions, he choose to walk away stating that he has better things to do etc etc..

as of now, I'm the one facing the consequences of taking lachesis

if you have any further questions, please feel free to ask, i haven't made any mistake here so i don't see any reason to run away.

mallick 8 years ago
As i mentioned, i more than convinced lachesis caused this REACTION which is completely unrelated to my issue..

my issue has to do with water retention, or mucous issues, nothing related to suppression of acne and pimples or anything related.

the homeopathy treatment i went through did not suppress anything, it only gave me the ability to realize that low iron levels were causing my menses irregularity, which then i fixed through natural iron supplements.
my facial puffiness was a separate issue altogether, even when i was going through any other treatment or even medical tests, i never had all these pimples.
pimples/acne cannot be related to water retention issue, even a common man can understand that.

Since i am the one who went through this wrong treatment, i know that lachesis has only created more problems for me, hasn't fixed anything.
y question still remains, why was i prescribed lachesis? i see a reason for suggesting kali birch, but lachesis always didn't make sense. I regret trusting his judgement.

look forward to hearing from you thanks
mallick 8 years ago
I am afraid my attempts to educate you are simply causing you to become more frustrated. I apologize I was not attempting to antagonize you.

I can only tell you what my training and long experience has taught me. There are a number of things you are stating that do not agree with how homoeopathy sees it. It appears you are determined to hold on to those ideas, so I will withdraw from the conversation and leave this to Fitness. I really did just intend to clear up your confusion not add fuel to the fire of your discontent.
Evocationer 8 years ago

You are entitled to your views and I won't comment on that.

Please refrain from outright lying that I have walked away from other cases after 'messing' them up.

Please post the URLs here for 'few' such cases from which I have 'walked away' after 'messing' them up.

I have chosen not to prescribe anymore for your case as per your own words I have 'messed it up', now you have the option to continue with a better prescriber.
fitness 8 years ago
to evacationer: I hope you read both of my posts above. In which I did explain everything in detail.
I was not frustrated by tour comment however, I feel the same way. No matter how much I try to explain the sequence of events, I won't get my point across. Bcuz practitioners here are more hell bent on being right rather than adressing the issue, so I rest my case.
I was also trying to educate you about the entire case. Also, I still never received an answer as to 'why' I was prescribed Lachesis.

To fitness: I'm sorry to say this, but my perception of you was someone who is here to help people. As far as your time was concerned, I always planned on sending your fees after the treatment. I didn't plan on being a freeloader.
However, if my question about 'why' Lachesis was prescribed somehow bothers you, then I can't help it because after taking the remedy, I went through through adverse effects. I obviously can't lie, you have seen the before and after pictures if my skin.
Anyways, I did try talking to you about both remedies earlier. But walking away was ur decision. And yes, I've noticed you have done that for a few other cases. I'm a healthcare professional myself, and I don't walk away from my cases, I atleast make sure all the questions are answered. N if I stumble upon a mishap due to incorrect steps taken by me, then as a professional, I take responsibility for it
but as I said before, there is no use going back n forth about this. Each side has their opinion n neither one will agree to the other. Logically, it makes no sense to type long messages.
mallick 8 years ago
I won't let go lying. Period.

You have to post the URLs where I have 'messed up' other cases and 'walked away' or admit that you lied.

Please don't belabor the point that you wanted to pay, had I wanted that I would have asked.
fitness 8 years ago
I don't lie.
I have seen and read through atleast 2-3other cases on this forum where you choose to abruptly withdraw from the case stating the samething you said to me 'you wasted my time, I'd rather be working on other cases'. Blah blah
n I have read the patient's side too. There was no real reason to walkaway besides your frustrtion of their questions which they have a right to ask.
I'm not going to the work for you n read through the forum again, chances of your mishaps still being on this forum and not getting deleted is less. And even if they are not deleted by now, I still won't waste my time reading through them again

I haven't come across even one case on this forum where the practitioner has walked away wrongly besides your cases

I mentioned the paying part because you kept implying how importnt ur time was to me and other patients.

Like I said, don't create more troubles for me than you already have
if you can't answer my real and 'legit' questions then I see no point of wasting my time either
act like a professional please. Thanks
mallick 8 years ago
I have made my point.

I wish you good luck in your quest for better health.
fitness 8 years ago
I have made my point clear as well.
Although, it's very strange how noone ever answered the 'legit' question I asked. Instead,were just focused on proving themselves right

I wish you all the best and hope that your journey on this forum will somehow put some professionalism in you.

Thanks for your time.
mallick 8 years ago

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