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Please send me a picture of your face with close up of acne.
fitness 9 years ago
Ok. I'm outside right now. I will send you a picture soon

I can describe the acne. It's more like a pimple. I see a red spot n then slowly that red spot raises a white head, once the white stuff is out, then it turns into a dark brown scar. This has been going everyday.

Please let me know about the cheek swelling. I've seen no changes. Let me know what are your thoughts on it.
mallick 9 years ago
I will await the picture.

Is your acne still causing scars after the dose of Tuberculinum. Please observe carefully and then tell me.
fitness 9 years ago
Can you send me the email address that I sent you the pictures from initially.

I remember creating a gmail address specifically for my face matter but i cant seem to remember the email address.
if you have the email on file, could you please let me know.
mallick 9 years ago
Click on my username.
fitness 9 years ago
No I meant my email address that I used to send you pictures before

I had created an address for this issue, but I can't remember that email.
So I was wondering if you have my email and if you can tell me the address I used. If u don't have it, I will make an account again. No problem
mallick 9 years ago
I don't have it. I delete mails regularly.
fitness 9 years ago
I've sent you the pictures.

my skin was fully clear before that. Infact, it has never been like this all my life.

Problem is, I keep getting one or two new pimples everday since Lachesis. The breakout haven't stopped
mallick 9 years ago
Haven't received yet.
fitness 9 years ago
Please check your junk folder, sometimes gmail sends it to junk if it's an unrecognized email address
mallick 9 years ago
Did you have this acne ever before in your life

If yes, how was it cured

Can you relate the facial puffiness with the acne in the past
fitness 9 years ago
That's what I was telling you, I have never had this type of acne and that many ever before in my entire life.

I used to get maybe one or two in a month or months, only when my periods were irregular which was years ago, n the moment my periods were normal, the acne disappeared fast. My skin was always very clear as you saw in my other pictures

I have never experienced this. My periods are also regular

after taking lachesis, I started getting this acne almost after a week, n the periods I got were not as regular.
But my periods are regular again. This acne won't stop. My skin was
always very clear

swelling is not related to this.
mallick 9 years ago
Please take another dose of Pulsatilla, just one dose and report back.
fitness 9 years ago
If you haven't taken Pulsatilla as yet, don't take it. Rather have a dose of Phosphorus 200c. Just one dose and report back.

I have reviewed your case again and this is another remedy coming up strongly.
fitness 9 years ago
I took the remedy. No changes
I only keep getting acne and dark brown scars.

I looked into few things. Lachesis is snake poison n it's a very strong remedy, stays in the body for 48days. I took two doses so I don't know how long this will keep going on. It's a reaction Lachesis is causing inside me
because I know for a fact that I've never experienced this before and you had seen my pics, my skin was clear

My face has gotten really bad after Lachesis
mallick 9 years ago
I think a recap of your case is due here.

Here are the remedies that you have tried before coming on this forum:

Posted by you on Nov 01'.....Around the time we were working on getting my menses cycle fixed. i was given these ( idont remember the dates and how much doses i was asked to take, and in what order they were given to me)

Sepia 200ch
Thlaspi bursa pastoris
bovista gigant 6ch
cinchona off 6ch
thuya occidentalis 200ch
drosera 10m
cocculus indicus 30 ch
carbo vegetabilis 30c,12ch, 6x
sulfur 30ch

the ones below, were for swelling as far as i remember..sometimes the remedies were given together..

calcarea carbonica ortrearum 200ch
tuberculinum 200ch
natrum muriaticum 200ch
dulcamara 30c
natrum carb 200ch
R20 organotherapy Dr reckeweg

natrum muriaticum S9- 6x(to check whether the face swelling is because of uneven water distribution in the body..but it didnt help)

ferrum metal 6ch, 30ch, 200ch-for iron

we first started working on the menses isusue..worked on it for about a year, i got alot of medical tests done to make sure..and at the end, we just ended up with iron that made everything alright...'

The only facts we can be sure of in a case are what the body tells in terms of symptoms.

There is something in your case history which is not right.

Your body is getting rid of some form of suppression and I am not sure what it is. Seemingly you are not aware of it either.

Here is what I have prescribed for you so far:

Oct 20: I suggested Lach 200 single dose. No effect.
Nov 01: Another two doses recommended. No effect.
Jan 14: You report for the first time of increase in acne.
Jan 24: Puls 200 advised. No response.
Jan 28: Tub 200 advised. No response.
Feb 09: Phos 200 advised. No response.
fitness 9 years ago
If Lach 200c is causing this acne outburst, it can be toned down by Lach 30c. Please have a dose of Lach 30c, just one dose and report back.

Otherwise we can antidote it altogether by using Coffea 200c, one dose.
fitness 9 years ago
yes I had gotten homeopathic treatment done a longtime before I came on this forum.
I was given those medicine for regularity of menses. after trying few remedies, We figured that my low iron level was causing irregularity of menses, and which also made my hands and feet swell n pain. Which is a common symptom for people with low iron.
So I was given ferrum metal and natural iron intake to bring my iron up..which made my menses regular, no acne, n ofcourse the swelling was

I came on this forum months n months after the treatment. Almost a year after.
I do know that there is 'something' that causes my face puffiness. I mean ofcourse there is something. and to find the answer, I came here.

I do not think that my body was suppressing anything that caused this breakout of numerous pimples.
there is a problem related to my face. But I do think that Lachesis was a wrong and a very strong remedy. It has triggered something wrong in my body which is not only causing pimple on my face, but also on my scalp.

I do not know what it has done in my body to produce these results. But it definitely is a 'reaction'. I don't hink it had anything to do with my initial problem.

I did think about an antidote for Lachesis but I researched more into the idea. Even if I take an antidote, it 'might' reduce the effect of Lachesis but the remedy itself will create it's own effects on my body. I don't really think my body needs random remedies just to kill the effect of first one.
Plus i can not get rid of the mess that has already happened on my face n scalp.

I know homeopathy is about testing remedies through symptoms but it doesn't mean that we test every remedy on the body. Strong remedies can produce strong unwanted results like Lachesis did

as of now, I really don't know how to fix this. And I really don't think this is caused by my initial problem. I feel it's a separate problem that has arises bcuz of Lachesis.

I'm actually very concerned about my face. I have to see more pimpleseveryday.
And as I said, this reaction is not connected to my initial issue
mallick 9 years ago
Okay, I'll order the remedy you said
mallick 9 years ago
My pimples have not stopped since the day I took lachesis 200
And my initial problem for which I came here isn't gone either.

I have ordered and recently received the remedies.
Let me know what should I do.
mallick 8 years ago
Aggravations don't last this long. There is something else going on here. If your original symptoms are the same then I can revisit the case to see what is going on.
fitness 8 years ago
I haven't had this ever. I'm actually really worried. My entire skin is filled with scars and pimples. N the facial puffiness is same.
Now even my skin looks bad. And I keep delaying my engagement bcuz of it

they say one dose of Lachesis stays in the body for about 48days. I took two days.
My doubt is that those doses have triggered some bacteria or something to go wrong. Which is now making
this pimple breakout everday. I'm guessing lachesis is made from
snake poison it was probably strong to trigger some bacteria

sure, you can revisit the case and let me know.
mallick 8 years ago
This space is too short for me to explain that its not Lachesis which is doing this. Either knowingly or unknowingly you have missed out on some crucial info about your case. Whatever it is we will address it. Anyways.

Need these details, answer EVERY word asked below:

Acne pictures
Does acne hurt when touched
Anything or any activity which makes it worsen or improve
Your periods regularity, flow, clots
Any discharge other than periods, if so, its details
How are you feeling emotionally during this problem
Any supplements, herbs, special foods, treatments etc. you are taking or have taken in the past.
fitness 8 years ago
see, I'm not pointing out Lachesis to blame you. I do appreciate that you take out your time.
I'm just saying this because the time this episode of pimples started, my skin was clear, and Lachesis was the only change
the day I took it, within 2-3days I started getting pimple. Like one after another. N the periods I got after taking Lachesis, they were earlier than my regular date.

My periods had been normal before that.

Your questions below:
I will send you pictures soon
--- Does acne hurt when touched
yes, it hurts. But it's not cystical acne. It's more like a pimple. Starts off red, then raises a white head. Which later turns brown.

Anything or any activity which makes it worsen or improve
--I have tried drinking water, eating healthy. But I get atleast one pimple everyday.
--Your periods regularity, flow, clots
periods are regular. The one after Lachesis was early. Now it's regular. Heavy flow first 2-3days then gets less.
--Any discharge other than periods, if so, its details
no other discharge
--How are you feeling emotionally during this problem
I'm concerned about these pimples. They are just not stopping. N I really regret taking Lachesis. As I told you, I'm delaying my engagement.
--Any supplements, herbs, special foods, treatments etc. you are taking
or have taken in the past.
I used to take iron supplements. Natural version. But my iron level has been normal for a very longtime now. So no need for supplements. I don't use herbs.
I'm planning to apply turmeric paste to my scars. But bcuz it leaves a yellow mark, I'm hesitant.
I did try that garlic thing u told me to, that's the only home treatment I've done. And I think that was back in October.
mallick 8 years ago
I can't prescribe without qualifying statements, so think and reply when you have answers like the example given below:

EXAMPLE: 'Pimples get worse when I eat fried stuff, they get better if I sleep a lot.

I am scared that it will never get better, I am angry and want to curse everyone.'

I need symptoms & details like these.

So give ALL answers again and reply to every WORD in my questions, you still have not done it.
fitness 8 years ago
--Does acne hurt when touched
yes acne hurt when touched. It's more of a pimple rather than acne.
But it does hurt
--Anything or any activity which makes it worsen or improve
I have not noticed any activity that has improved this. I'm eating healthy but still no improvement
it's like this seems to have a 'mind of it's own' I get these pimples randomly. During the day, or morning or night. but I get atleast 1-2everyday
I recently had a fever, cold body ache, I felt that might have made it worse.
Your periods regularity, flow, clots
regular periods. On time.
Flow: heavy on first 2-3days. Not clots
Any discharge other than periods, if so, its details---no other discharge

How are you feeling emotionally
during this problem
as I told you, my feeling is 'I wish I hadn't taken Lachesis, I regret taking it' but I don't want to curse anyone.. I just pray often that this goes away so I can be happy to have my normal skin back. I don't feel like going outside. Sometimes I complain to god and ask Him to heal this.

I do feel worried bcuz I'm delaying my life plans.

Any supplements, herbs, special foods, treatments etc. you are taking
or have taken in the past.
--Garlic treatment in the past and iron supplements
currently, no supplements. No treatments. No herbs.

facial puffiness is still there. When there is no puffiness, my pimples look smaller. I feel better to see my face in mirror.

Let me know if this is okay
mallick 8 years ago

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