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Okay thanks
I will order the remedy on this forum and I'll take it as soon as I receive the remedy

I see that you are also doubting that this maybe related to sinus, nose issues..I feel that too..so Im looking forward to trying this remedy

can I re-start my iron supplements? I don't take those over the counter tablets..I take natural iron supplement, it's basically extract of
liver in a liquid form..
mallick 9 years ago
there are two types listed under available store remedies

Pulsatilla Nigricans
Pulsatilla Nuttaliana

which one should i get?
mallick 9 years ago
fitness 9 years ago
i had ordered pulsatilla nigricans 200 but there was some delivery issue so i havent been able to take it yet

but i want to report something..
the time we started the treatment, my periods were regular, i was just here for the swelling issue..and as i said, i only get acne or pimples when my periods are irregular..so i was not really getting any pimples..then i took lachesis single dose (two times) as u suggested..after that you asked me to stop taking everything until my next period cycle and take garlic in my meantime..
i have been noticing from about 2months, im getting pimples on my face and scalp constantly, and its leaving scars too..like one pimple after another which is very very unsual because my periods have been completely normal and in my entire life, i never got pimples unless my period were irregular..

i havent taken pulsatilla yet, im a little confused why this is happening..no change to diet, no changes in lifestyle etc..please let me know
mallick 9 years ago
Are you implying that Lachesis is causing the acne?

Please write the dates of taking Lach and the dates when you started getting acne.

How are your periods.

Can you confirm that you are not taking any supplements.
fitness 9 years ago
Honestly speaking, I'm confused about what's causing the acne.

My periods have been regular. Date was 13th this month. I got them on 12th. N last month was same. So that's fine

I haven't taken any other medication or supplements. No diet change either

I will check on the forum when I took Lachesis. But I believe it was late oct or early nov. I don't have exact date written. I'll check when it was delivered n
to me n let you know.

It's really strange because I never get pimples when I'm on regular
periods. I was hoping you could suggest something?
mallick 9 years ago
Okay, so I just checked. I ordered Lachesis on October 15th received it around October 20th. So I took it late october or really early in november (sorry I can't remember the exact date)

during November, my periods date was around 23rd but my periods came on 15th (after I took Lachesis). Before that, my periods were coming much closer to the actual date. At that time, I thought 'maybe it just came early this month so il wait one more month n see what happens'

so then my date changed to 15thnov...then in December (periods came on 13th) and now January
(periods came on 12th) My periods
came close to the date but starting November I have constantly been h
getting pimples n I'm stillgetting them

I'm not implying that Lachesis caused it. I'm actually just confused. And I want know your opinion on it. Lachesis n garlic were the only two new changes. N as I was telling you, I have never gotten acne with regular periods. My periods went irregular in nov after Lachesis, but now they ate regular again. Pimples started November but they haven't stopped. My skin was clear till end of October. N now it's getting bad.

Please let me know ur opinion on this. I'm still waiting for pulsatilla to be delivered.

mallick 9 years ago
Did you use to get acne with your periods earlier on before using supplements.

After Lach, now your periods are regular and on time without any supplements?
fitness 9 years ago
No, my periods were regular before Lachesis. When I took Lachesis, periods got abnormal that month. And now they are back to normal, they were normal before Lachesis.

I only used to get acne when I had irregular periods months ago. I never get acne with regular periods. After Lachesis, Ive been getting pimples almost everyday.

Supplements wise. I use to go on and off taking natural iron medicine. It's not really a medicine, it's a natural remedy. And I try to cover my iron with food too, food rich in iron
so I'm not on any supplements now, and I wasn't on any supplement before. My periods were regular when we started the treatment. They became irregular after Lachesis, now they are back to normal. But my acne just doesn't stop. Everyday, a new one. And I never get acne when my periods are Regular.
mallick 9 years ago
How is the puffiness.
fitness 9 years ago
Puffiness is the same. No changes
mallick 9 years ago
If the only change in symptoms since the response to the questionnaire has been acne, then please take a dose of Puls when it comes.
fitness 9 years ago
Yes the only change is acne. But I have never ever had such severe acne. I'm getting one or two everyday, and my whole is basically covered with acne now. I do think Lachesis caused it since that's the only new thing I have taken in a longtime. Do you think we used an incorrect remedy? I have never had sucha reaction after taking any homeopathic remedies in the past

I am actually afraid of taking Puls now.the situation is actually worse than what I started with. My skin was clear, now I'm worried about puffiness and a really bad skin. It's been over a month and acne hasn't gotten better, just keeps getting worse

Let me know. Thanks!
mallick 9 years ago
A remedy is incorrect if it brings out symptoms which you never had.

An aggravation of something you had once is a clear sign that you used something in the past which suppressed your acne instead of curing it.

I think that suppression is causing the puffiness which will stay unresolved unless we address the core issue.

The choice is yours.
fitness 9 years ago
My acne has always been self-healing. The only time I have had acne is when my periods were irregular (low iron). Once I took care of the iron level, periods got normal and acne was cleared off my face on it's own

I really don't think anything had suppressed these pimples.
I have never had this type of pimples, and that many everyday.
it seems more like a reaction to taking Lach. and Lach is a strong remedy.

I won't lie, I'm a bit scared in taking Puls now. I really regret taking Lach since it has caused alot of damage on my facial skin.
I'll take a few days and decide if I want to proceed with Puls, and let you know

thanks, I do appreciate your help.
mallick 9 years ago
I also wanted to ask you, so far looking at my case, what do you think is causing this puffiness?
Do you have something in mind that you have doubts about?

I'm honestly confused. I have been confused about this for years.
mallick 9 years ago
The body & symptoms don't lie. The mind can forget!

I am certain its suppression which you did knowingly or unknowingly. Lach just removed that.
fitness 9 years ago
I hope for my sake that you are right and I'm wrong.

I guess you're speaking from a homeopathic perspective and I'm speaking from what i know about me 25yrs..
Like i said, i really hope you are right and i'm not..because you being right will work in my favour. I do believe that certain remedies can cause 'reactions' which isn't exactly an aggravation of a suppressed symptom

As I've always said, i do appreciate your help, i appreciate that you are taking the time to look into this case, thank you.

I wanted to ask you: after studying this case, is there anything specific that you think might be causing this? I know you said we have get to the core issue, but do you think you know what the issue might be? I've been confused about this for years, so it'll be nice to know what you think so far? Thanks again.
mallick 9 years ago
Also, i will be taking Puls soon, i will report any symptoms or changes after that.
mallick 9 years ago
I am not sure about the cause but one thing I know is that its a long standing issue and you have been trying out things before coming to this forum. Those things may have been wrong and made the problem harder to solve.
fitness 9 years ago
Yes, I tried several remedies, one to get my periods regular, which are now regular
Second, for water retention in hands/feet, which is now good too

I will be taking Puls tomorrow. Will let you know about changes, if any.
Any suggestion for my pimples, they are really not stopping n leaving scars..let me know?
mallick 9 years ago
Take Puls as advised and then report back.
fitness 9 years ago
I took Puls a few days back, no changes..
pimples: there is a new one almost everyday, leaving dark scars

have not notice any changes in mood, or anything else..
mallick 9 years ago
Please take a dose, just one dose, of Tuberculinum 200c and report back.
fitness 9 years ago

Took the remedy..no changes.

But I am still getting atleast two new pimples everyday since Lachesis..Skin has gotten covered with pimples, it has never been like that.

Please let me know. thanks!
mallick 9 years ago
Please send me a picture of your face with close up of acne.
fitness 9 years ago

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