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Any homeopath need help for my autistic son

Hello,I am a mother of 5 yrs old son with autism.he has different behaviors and most of all is his spitting that is so embarrassing.and we need help about his pinching,and biting.
  eshal1234 on 2013-11-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Patient ID: Sex: Age: Nature of work: Habits:

Please answer the following questions in a descriptive manner after careful analysis and recollection of previous experience and happenings.

1. Describe your main suffering? State the correct location.

2. What other physical sufferings do you have in your body?

3. What mental sufferings / feelings do you have associated with your physical sufferings?

4. What exactly do you feel when you are at your worst? Describe the sensation in your own words.

5. When did it all start? Can you connect it to any past event or disease?

6. Which time of the day you are worst?

7. What are the things that aggravate your suffering and those that ameliorate the same? Example: time, temperature, pressure, rubbing, washing, eating, tight clothing etc.

8. Do you think your sufferings have relation to any external stimuli (like, change of place) or any internal biological changes in the body, like, menses (in females)?

9. When do you feel better, during hot weather or cold weather, humid or dry weather?

10. Describe your general mental set up? Are you Moody, Arrogant, Mild, Agreeable Changeable, Nervous, Suspicious, Easily offended, Quiet, Arguing, Irritating, Lazy etc.

- How do you feel before or during a thunderstorm?
- Do you like being consoled during your tough times?
- Are you sensitive to external stimuli like smell, noise, light etc?
- Do you have any typical habit or gesture like nail biting, causeless
Weeping, talking to one self etc?
- How do you feel about your friends, family, your children and especially your husband / wife?

11. What are your fears and do you dream of any situation repeatedly?

12. What do you crave in food items and what are your aversions?

13. How is your thirst: Less, Normal or Excessive?

14. How is your hunger: Less, Normal or Excessive?

15. Is there any kind of food which your body can’t stand?

16. Is your sweat normal or less or more? Where does it sweat more: Head, Trunk or Limbs?

17. How is your bowel movement and stool type?

18. How well do you sleep? Do you have a particular posture of sleeping?

19. Do you think you are able to satisfy your sexual desires in general?

20. Do you have any strange, peculiar or unusual symptom or feelings? How are you different from others?

21. What medications have been taken earlier by you to treat the diseases and do you have any particular symptom surfacing after the medication?

22. What major diseases are running in your family?

23. Describe, how do you look like? Describe your overall appearance.

(For Females)
24. If your menstrual cycles are not normal, please describe the irregularities, like pains, moods, flow type, clots etc.

25. What major diseases have you had in your life and when. Please write them in a chronological manner.
rishimba 8 years ago
Out of the known causes of Autism, that are-

-Mental trauma before or after birth.

-Over dominating parenting and verbal or physical abuse over the child.

- Toxic effects of heavy metal vapour inhalation.

- Genetic factors.

- Side Effects of immunisation.

You have to reflect and find out the most probable cause of autism of your child.

Things become simple if the cause is known.
rishimba 8 years ago
Thank you so much for reply rishimba.
My son was diagnosed first in 2010 as autistic when he was only 2 yrs old.but his symptoms began started right after his MMR vaccine first dose in 2009 when he was 16 months old.he started getting respiratory infections mainly croup frequently and been treated for that by steroids orally and inhalation form.in few months he had 6 - 7 croup attacks.last word I remember was mama he said when he was in so much distress and gradually he last all his language,social skill and all developmental milestones those he get very early.after his diagnosis we searched on Internet and started doing something that we can do.he was very fat boy at that time he was 45lb ,craved for milk drinking gallons of milk a day and his diet was mainly junk and packaged food.we changed it stop feeding him milk started on rice milk but he did not like it so west oped all type of dairy.no sugar at all except honey and his GERD problem his weight problem got controlled.we did some biomedical approach but it made him so hyperactive so we left it after few months because we were not able to get any language.his pain threshold was very high like if my little nephew hits him or even drags him he stayed senseless.did not hit him back after diet he got back and started reacting.we did diet for a year.he still eats healthy diet less sugary,no packaged food we only go to McDonald's very really.diet is mainly home cooked stuff.meat vege and fruits and water no sugary juices.his wt is 56lbs,he is generally very strong and healthy looking boy but still anemic.we did homeopathy for few months and got good results but still no language we actually did CEASE Therapy in homeopathy by a doctor in Virginia.he used some regular homeopathic remedies such as belladonna ,stramonium,hyosyamous,cuprium metallicum etc.but all were in 200c potency.i noticed one thing when we were using CEASE he reacted very strongly to 30c potency of CEASE remedies.now his current symptoms list is
Biting,spitting all day and rubbing it over spits on anything like on carpet,floor,his iPad etc.pinching,not sitting for few seconds.drinking moderate amount of water and holds last sip of water in his mouth and sprinkle it all over the floor.flapping and clapping his hands and making sounds like wooooow with his mouth.he is doing all this to others he used to hit his head but not now a days he does it when really frustrated,don't like to stay inside the house feels happy when taken out in fresh air or parks.likes to play in mud or sand.likes squishy mad mushy things he used to mess up with his poop when not potty trained but now thanks God he is potty trained i put on pull-up only at night.like to eat chocolate only pure chocolate whether semisweet or sweet.he some times get constipated,now a days he has some trouble with his tummy when he wakes up he passes gas and strain a little bit.which he never had for long time.usually he has one bowel movement everyday.i feel like he has headaches some times his ears got red when he is in distress and cry and pinches other because he can not tell what's wrong with him.this can happen anytime.genrally in school he stayed happy they never complained of pinching or any other behavior other than spitting.his sleep is better now but sleeps very late at night usually at 11 or 12 o clock. But once asleep he stayed asleep. He used to wake up in between and cries and wants us to take him out of home in the middle of the night in between 2 or 3 o'clock .his family from father side has some behavior issues like ADHD but no one diagnosed or treated his father has mood swings or aggressive and frustrated easily and his grandfather also has symptoms like that other than this they have high blood sugar and blood pressure issues in his father side.his father side has another issue of thalassemia minor in which their red blood cell size is small and he is anemic too but he seems like a healthy and happy child.generally.whatever I wrote is in best of my knowledge.and if you need any more info please let me know I want to start him because I know only homeopathy can heal him.God bless all of u who read this and suggest me remedy.thanks again.
eshal1234 8 years ago
Reading your post I am lead to believe that your son's croup/respiratory symptoms were not treated properly but were suppressed with steroids. This could be the prime cause of his autism.

For the time being, let me go ahead with a treatment based on the above. If this doesn't produce results in all potencies, we will change the line of treatment and assume that the MMR vaccine could have been the trigger for his autism.

I will ask some more questions to confirm his constitution type:

1. Which part of his body sweats more? Can you describe the smell of his sweat?

2. Has he been always overweight right from the beginning?

3. What are his cravings in food presently?

4. Have you ever seen him eating or chewing chalk, coal or pensil ends?

4. Does he get tired soon after playing or running for a while?

5. What kind of physical ailments does he suffer from these days?

6. Does he prefer hot weather or cold weather? What kind of weather does he prefer?

7. Does he sleep well?
rishimba 8 years ago
Thank you so much rishimba.i am going to answer your question.he does not sweat much now a days but before starting him on anything like diet or any other medication or even before we know that he is autistic,he sweat profusely from his head,he used to sweat usually at night or any time when he ai sleeping.after starting diet he stopped sweating in his head area.then after starting homeopathy he started sweating again and again in same area.he now a days sweats but in very hot weather and in his armpits and has normal stinky smell if not washed for that day and sweat amount is not enough to soak his shirt.
His birth wt was 6 lb and 4 ounes and was very weak.he through up his formula milk a lot .then his doctor changed his formula milk to soya lipil Enfamil.he got better on that.he had he had scalp dandruff problem from the very beginning of his life and been treated by steroid creams and now using ketoconazole shampoo.after one year on infant formula we switched to whole milk and then he started getting fat.he became overweight.we also noticed he got very bad diaper raises most of the times may be started when he was 9 months old and comes and goes till we stated diet.
His weight got controlled after diet and now he has normal wt.
He craves for sweet things specially chocolate and ice cream with strawberry or chocolate flavor.
He chews everything he gets from floor and chew into pieces and rub it over the floor including hard shells of pistachio,crayons,pencil,eraser etc any thing that can be chewed.but I never saw him chewing things like chalk or coal but he did chew pencils but not for to eat them just chew them and through them on floor and play with them.
He does not get tired soon.
He does not have any physical ailment any time.he looks very healthy and does not have any physical problem.
He does not have any preference I think but likes to play outside in open air in park or enjoy swimming and he also enjoys air when it is blowing and touching his face he really wants to feel it and enjoys it so I think he stays more comfortable and playful in hot weather than cold.
He sleeps late at night like after 12 o'clock but once asleep he sleep through all night and I have to wake him up for school at 7:30 am.but for the last 3 to 4 days he is having some gas problem so today he wake up before his time he is passing a lot of gas and not able to empty his bowel completely so he is not able to get good sleep.he has been treated for his sleep problem by kali phos homeopathic remedy.and also used saccharum officinale 6x for his stomach problem .
I hope these info will help you find a good and effective remedy for my son.hope to hear from you soon and God bless you for your kindness.
eshal1234 8 years ago
Hello dear rishimba,I forgot to tell you few of the things.first he has family history of asthma his great grandmother had asthma,and his fathers uncle had asthma too.one of his sever symptom is oversensitive to sound he covers his ears when we turn on vacuum cleaner or pressure cooker.he gets frustrated easily.he likes to watch himself in mirror,he goes to bath room and climbs on the sink to see himself,and make different babbling sounds and laughs a lot.other thing is he taps on the soft areas like sofa cushions,doctors office couch that has foam inside.spits over them and rub it over.
With love and respect.
eshal1234 8 years ago
Dear eshal1234, Since you have shown some trust on me as a homeopathic physician for your child, I would request you to keep this trust during the whole treatment process. Do not get affected by other prescriptions in the middle of the treatment that could wash away all efforts of mine.

Let me also tell you, I will work on this case to the best of my abilities and we both should not leave a stone unturned.

As I said, we will try out the first remedy in all potencies and only then go to the next prescription, if required.

The first prescription is CALC CARB 30C two doses, each 30 minutes apart. Wake him up one morning and give him one dose. Put him to sleep back and then after about 30 minutes, give him another dose. Do not allow him to get up from bed for the next 2 hours.

Buy CALC CARB 30C from two different pharmacies and two different brands if possible, just to increase chances of using a good stuff. Go for good brands like Boiron, Helios or Reckeweg.

One dose would be typically 3 drops of remedy in some 10 ml of water.

Give him simple food, no sweets, no coffee, no excess salt and no peppermint etc.

Watch him for next 10 days and if you see absolutely no response, you should go for CALC CARB 200C exactly in the same way. Similarly, we can go higher another step if 200C doesn't work.

Keep me updated every 7 days.

Best wishes.
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rishimba 8 years ago
Thank you so much Rishimba.i will definitely follow you.the remedy brand you mention only carry pellet form in Boiron I can get it from whole foods but these are in pellet form only and I visited their web site and they don't carry in dilution form.if you can please send me some links to order them or if we can make our own dilutions from pellet.please I need your help in this regard. We live in New York USA.i have not found any local homeopathic pharmacy here.
eshal1234 8 years ago
Or can we give him in pellet form if so then what is the dose in pellet form.he can take remedy in pallet form and I think I can easily put remedy in his mouth without waking him up because once he is awake he will not stay in the bed.please help me and let me know what is best for him.
eshal1234 8 years ago
Yes, you can give 2 pellets into his mouth as one dose.
rishimba 8 years ago
Ok thanks a lot.i will start it on this Wednesday.
eshal1234 8 years ago
Hello Dr Rishimba,
How are you?today I am going to report what changes i have seen in my kids condition.I gave him 2 doses of calcarea carbonica 30C from boron brand as directed by you.i wake him at 6 am and give him 2 doses 30 minutes apart.and kept him on bed for next 2 hrs.after that he played for an hr and then got back to sleep for next 3 to 4 hrs.that day was more or less better than before behavior wise aft that day we have seen gradual improvement in his behavior.still bites and pinches without showing signs of anger.less frustration. He mostly gets frustrated when not able to tell us what he want to eat.before he gets angry and bites and pinches without any reason.and had headaches frequently and not even able to tell us he has headache we understand it by his behavior and his red ears his ears becomes red when he has something going on in his body specially in his head.i have not noticed red ears since remedy use.he still spits that is his main problem,still goes to bathroom and takes off his pant even he does not need to pee.much calmer than before sits for long time on sofa to watch his favorite nursery rhymes,still repeatedly listening any one part of the nursery rhyme or music in that.still not willing to eat different varieties of food but much better than before eats well not very less or more.he has his preference in sweets for example he eats chocolate or any chocolate flavor cup cakes or muffins.does not like dried textured cake,he likes moist brownies or cakes with rich chocolate flavor.does not eat home made custards or kheer.his bowel movements are much or less better,less gas in lower part of his gut that bothered him and he used to pass a lot of gas before remedy use.these are the positive changes I have observed so far.today was 6th day after remedy.i am waiting for your response what should be the next step.
eshal1234 7 years ago
eshal1234, I am doing very well today..Thank you!

There is nothing more joyful and satisfying for a physician than knowing about his patient's health improvements!

Now that you know the remedy of your child, you need to take care of him till he completely gets well. You know that 30C is creating a good response in him, so don't change the potency till he is responding to this potency. Keep giving him this potency exactly in the same way, whenever you see his conditions entering a plateau or going down-slope.

Repetition of the dose may be after 15 days or 20 days or even more. There is no thumb rule for repetition. All depends on his condition and symptoms. As a mother, you will be the best person to know when he will need the next dose.

Once the potency is fully exhausted and ceases to create a response in him, you should go for 200C potency in exactly the same manner...and so on.

Just keep me informed once a month.

Take over!
rishimba 7 years ago
Thank you so much ,I will keep you informed.hoping for more healing for my son.
eshal1234 7 years ago
HelloDr Rhishimba,I forgot to tell you that we gave him calc carb 30C on Thursday morning and we were in other state to visit his grandparents it is more than 10 hrs drive from our home.on Saturday when we left from there on our way he got some throat irritation and at night when we reach home he slept and during sleep he got croup again but at that time I did not gave him anything and in next morning I gave him some herbal tea with mulath and gul banafsha in it.croup and husky voice got better with that and he had fever(low grade mildly warm) with that and I gave him syp Advil and got better but now he has cough on and off.this morning he was coughing but not very frequently but when he came back from school at 4pm he was warm to touch and coughing continuely.cough is dry,nose is also stuffy but not running,chest is clear it is just dry cough which is bothering him a lot today.i wounded if it is his remedys effect or just seasonal because weather is not very cold and I am giving him high doses of vitamin c continuely.if it is seasonal then is there any other remedy we can use for his dry cough,and what would be the dose?
eshal1234 7 years ago
It is a very good sign. Old ailments that had been suppressed are now coming back.

Remember I told you this autism has been caused by suppression of croup by steroids.

Please don't give any allopathic medicines. This croup will go off and the child will fully get cured.

Coming back of old symptoms is indeed a sign of complete cure.
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rishimba 7 years ago
Thank you so much Dr Rishimba,I will take care that next time for not using any allopathic medicine.i will watch for any other changes in him and update you.Thank you again.
eshal1234 7 years ago
Dear dr Rishimba,I am planning to give him second dose of his Cal Carb 30C this morning,it is 5:30am here,but he sounds like croupy when he taken a deep breath.please guide me because I have two questions.
First is can I give him second dose now while his some of pinching and biting behave and hyperactive behavior came back last night and now he is breathing like croupy?
Second question is what should we do if his croup is very severe because sometimes his croup is so severe that he can not breath and it is life threatening,is there any other remedy we should use because it is so distressing that we have to give him breathing treatment with epinephrine.
Please guide me because today is Sunday and I can give him remedy only on weekends because of school timings.
eshal1234 7 years ago
You can give him CALC CARB 30C repeatedly if his croup symptoms become severe.

As long as his croup is not getting suppressed by steroids again, he will be fine.

I have already told you that 30c potency can be given repeatedly. For severe croup, you can give it thrice a day for some 2 to 3 days as well.

Just see that you don't go back to steroids.
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rishimba 7 years ago
Hello Dr Rishimba,thanks for quick reply.We are doing Autism journey for the last 4 yrs since my son is diagnosed,we are just waiting for his single word.last word I heard from him was MAMA when he was in so much pain and distress.we can understand homeopathy is the only way that can heal him naturally and deeply.we also know that now we know his remedy I have one more question for you is there any other remedy that can help him develop his language because he is nonverbal.We also heard about Bach flower remedies can we start them along with this remedy?
With love and respect.
eshal1234 7 years ago
Dear eshal1234, I am a follower of classical homeopathy and I don't really know how bach flower remedies would interact with calc carb in this case. Also, I am no expert on bach flower techniques.

Its better if you take advice from someone who knows better.

If the highest potencies of calc carb do not bring him back to normal, then i will suggest another remedy based on his presenting symptoms. Calc carb is suggested based on the assumption that his mental symptoms were due to suppression of croup by steroids.

As for now, you please follow the calc carb route going a step higher everytime the potency exhausts.

I hope his improvement will be seen once he recovers from croup. He is following the Hering's Law of cure. So, I am pretty hopeful he will be normal again.
[message edited by rishimba on Tue, 10 Dec 2013 04:06:20 GMT]
rishimba 7 years ago
Ok.thanks.I will follow you and update you with new improvements hopefully.by the way I gave him second dose on Sunday morning.he just sound croupy at once but he was fine and then I gave him 2nd dose.today he was so hungry when he came back from school.he ate two roti.he is still very hyper but pinching and biting is much controlled.
eshal1234 7 years ago
Hello doctor Rishimba,how are you?
I always thank God that I found you as my sons.doctor,he is doing great I gave him third dose of CALCAREA CARBONICA 30C.he is very calm and his aggression went down and is better to 80%.very little bitting,pinching and tantrum whenever he gets very frustrated.
Not covering his ears very often as he was doing when he hear loud sounds.much more cooperative and following directions.In a nut shell he is doing great still hyperactive but much better just get overexcited mostly in evening.After third dose last Sunday I noticed teeth grinding,but it is gone now.he has bad breath that comes and goes.
Dear Doctor I really need your help about my daughter she is 7 yrs old and recently diagnosed as EARLY ADRENARCHY.I am describing her condition please ask if you need more info,I really need your help since I have a strong trust on you.
She is 7 yrs old.
Birth wt 6ib 6 ounces
Full term,deliverd by c/section stayed in labour more than 48 hrs then c/section done because of failure to progress.given syntocinon for short time.
Had cradle cap during her early age but resolved after using steroidal cream and never returned.
She is very hairy all over her body specially on her back and arms hairs are thin.then when she turned 5 she started growing axillary hairs and body odor like adults.and now her pubic hairs are getting darker and thicker.no breast buds appear.endocrinologist did bone age and some blood test still waiting for results.mother and father have average height and both have thick excessive body hairs.my daughter also has bad breath started at the same age she started growing hairs in her armpits three yrs before.from her father side she has a history of diabetes to her grandfather and father but both are type 2.she is 52lb and height is normal for her age.please help me find a good remedy for her I know only homeopathy can help these endocrinologist can only label you with diagnosis and leave for mental and physical misery.
With respect.
eshal1234 7 years ago

I would like you to fill up my case taking sheet on behalf of your daughter giving answers to all my questions. I need to know her homeopathic constitution first before deciding any remedy for this.

You can do it in this thread itself. Copy paste my questionnaire and answer all the questions one by one.
rishimba 7 years ago
Hello dr Rishimba,this is about my son I gave him 3rd dose last Sunday and today I gave him 4th dose.he now weaping like asif someone snatches a toy from a kid for few second and then again showing normal.it started this morning and now getting worse.he is crying with tears and his nose is running.i noticed his hand were sweaty last night before this dose.he was very hyper this morning.i wanted to know if I am giving him doses too early,like the time between two doses?please help me with that what is the best clue to repeat a dose?
eshal1234 7 years ago

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