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Daughter with autism

My 5 1/2 yo daughter Clarita has been diagnosed with PDD-NOS, a condition on the "autism spectrum". Approx. 43" tall, 40 lbs.

The pregnancy: bleeding at 1 month, turned out she had a "failed twin" who miscarried. Severe, constant morning sickess from months 2-4, didn't subside until beginning month 5. Mother couldn't stand the smell of garlic or meat. Couldn't eat meat during pregnancy, ate soy protien shakes and fish instead. Didn't know about mercury in tuna. Mother also experienced very strong libido throughout pregnancy. Wanted a natural birth but water broke and labor failed to progress; Clarita was delivered by c-section after 48 hrs attempting to induce labor. Birth experience was disappointing.

Infancy: Clarita slept through most of her first day after birth (epidural effects?) She had difficulty learning to nurse, lost some weight and developed jaundice on 3rd day. Had to stay in hospital under bililights. Took her to lactation consultant who helped us, and Clarita soon learned how to nurse. She was nursed exclusively till 7 mos, but not totally weaned until 2 1/2 yrs.

As an infant she acted typical socially, but she had low muscle tone from birth and reached all her motor milestones a little late (didn't roll over until 6 mo, sit up by self till 9 mo, crawl till 11 mo, walk until 18 mo.)

Autistic symptoms began around 16-17 mos old. Didn't have much speech but lost what little she had. Stopped making eye contact, never played with dolls. Therapy began at 20 mo - speech, OT, PT and Early Intervention special ed.

Has received TEACCH, ABA, Sonrise, various nutritional therapies, sensory integration, auditory intergration, gluten-casien free diet. Now on Specific Carbohydrate Diet to control persistent yeast infection in colon (seems to be cured now).

Has made great strides in eye contact, attention span, awareness of her world, but could stand to improve more in those areas. Still doesn't use much speech; less than 20 words, speaks only single words and not consistently. Stims vocally, however, using loud vowel sounds, some consonants.

Often happy but when she gets overwhelmed or upset, she lies over a chair, seems to stimulate genitals while lying there. Squeezing her hands and feet and putting light pressure on her back seems to help her.

Hearing is sufficient to develop speech, though she's had a few ear infections which were treated with antibiotics. Vision is slightly nearsighted but does not wear glasses. No skin problems; a recent case of dry skin is better now, was probably caused by bubble bath. Bites fingernails, asks for lots of salt on her foods, loves barbeque sauce. Seems to sleep okay.

Remedyfinder recommended Sulphur two months ago. She received 200C about 2x/wk since then, I've seen some promising improvements in behavior. Not talking much more, though. I'm very concerned about her not talking.
  rose70 on 2004-06-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Appetite fine, likes to chew on paper but doesn't swallow it. New baby sister born in January, may be adjusting to that change.

Shows affection to parents, grandparents and caregivers. Gives hugs, then grabs person's hair, pulls your face close to her face, presses her face against yours and says "ERRRRRRR" very loudly. That's how she shows affection.

Was afraid of men with deep voices, but hasn't exhibited that fear in the past few months. Has no concept of ownership; will take food from others' plates. Cannot be disciplined, cries excessively if scolded, does not seem to understand what she's done wrong.
rose70 last decade
Rose : I know you will hate that answer but you really need to go to a professional, experienced homeopath (where do you live? I might get you in touch with someone) with your daughter as she probably needs so called constitutional remedy -the homeopath needs to see her and you, will ask many questions and when she/he selects the right remedy the very subtle and complex case management begins.
Please read book by Amy Lansky
Impossible cure:a promise of homeopathy - she writes how her son was cured of autism with carcinosin, LM-potencies-but your daughter may need something else of course.
Astra2012 last decade
We live in the NYC area, in one of the outer boroughs but right now we probably can't afford a homeopath. I know of one in this area who is very expensive and does not use just single remedies. Another local homeopathic clinic appears to have closed down; email and phone # don't work.
rose70 last decade
Rose: this is a thread at another forum about autism-they have very detailed questionnaire and they will help you.

Astra2012 last decade

I hate to say it, but that forum is full of back-biting and rivalry between people calling themselves expert homeopaths. Gives us all a bad name...
stuartm last decade
Sorry, what I meant to say is why have you referred rose there? There are no answers, just unpleasantness.
stuartm last decade
Really? Sincerely- I never noticed it!
They have this detailed questionnaire and I always thought are willing to help.
Like Snoopy (by the way she is from Philadelphia)-she is very knowledgable and helpful.
This thread is about someone with asutism--Rose may then decide for herself.
Autism is curable with homeopathy but management may be complex-although with the child I'd use LM-potencies and the remedy selection... well... homeopaths can be wrong too, and actually Rose may decide to learn homeopathy herself and select the best remedy for her daughter.
Astra2012 last decade
Stuartm-we posted at the same time-actually you were faster fractions of a second) so I reply to your post now.
The forum you refer to was "infested" by self-proclaimed sceptics but in fact they were looking for a fight. Dr.Bhatia-the owner of this place-is from India-and they are VERY tolerant to all people, but after many trials of first reasoning then fighting back (probably your timing) most homeopaths decided that it had no sense and it's best to leave. Only then the place was changed-we had to register anew, cases have the section separated from discussion. One of the cases is from mother of 10 year old autistic daughter-this is the thread I recommend that Rosee read.
And I like their questionnaire-the moderator asks for a detailed symptom description, true, but my guess is: not everybody reads or follows.
Astra2012 last decade
Rose: in Murphy's repertory there are 5 homeopathic remedies for autism in children:
CARCINOSIN (which cured Amy Lansky's son)

Only one of them will cure!
If it's caused by vaccination-chances are it's either carcinosin or thuja.
Opium is illegal in the US, I don't know about Can.i. (marijhuana-but homeopathic)- and what's worse, based on the info you gave it is C.I. that looks most promising - as in its picture is dual reality, the second self-like a twin )
Take your time-read the pictures, select the best-most fitting remedy-you know your daughter better than any homeopath would do eeeven after long interview.
Astra2012 last decade
Cannabis i. is not sold here, I see-seem that it's also illegal here (I'm from PA now but for some time I lived in New Rochelle!)
I never needed any of those two-I'm sure you'll find the way.
Astra2012 last decade
I read your post more carefully now and noticed two things
1. symptoms developed at 16-17 mos-so maybe it is after vaccination after all!
2. she likes eating salt-thhis is characteristic for nat-m.!

So any of them could be now.
And only one will work.
Astra2012 last decade
I tend to think it may have developed because of the mercury in some of the vaccines at the time.

Nat-m is also evidently good for someone who is slow to talk, so that looks like a possibility for that reason as well. That was one I was considering.

If I decide that one of those is the right one, would it be okay to start her on 200C? How often should I give it?

I probably will end up going to a classical homeopath in this area eventually. Any recommendations?
rose70 last decade
200c is kind of high to start self-treatment. I believe 30c would be better (or even 15c if she is sensitive).
Let's say you decided to try nat-m 30c. Buy spring water in 1l bottles (evian is fine, but any would do). Pour away about 300 ml and on the bottle draw a scale (more or less-you really do not have to be exact)dividing the rest into 7 parts (you may glue it).
To this water add one dose of nat-m 30c. Succuse (bang the bottom of the bottle at some soft surface, some use palm, i bang at my thigh.) 40 times.
This will be your stock solution (ss). Every day or every second day (you will decide, I'd go for every day with 30c, every second day with 200c) pour one part of the ss into a glass, fill up to about half with water - and that's what she will drink from time to time all day long (or 2 days)
Now: each time you take part of ss you have to succusse 1-12 times-how many times again depends on her sensitivity-by succussing you potentize=make it stronger. Also each time she sips some water from her glass mix it with a clean spoon-you also potentize it a bit that way and according to Hahnemann our vital force doesn't like when remedies are repeated in the same potency (the exception are LM-potencies).
The ss will last 1-2 weeks. After that take at least a week off. If you don't see any improvement then do the same with nat-m 200c.
If you see an unquestionable
improvement STOP any dosing, let it flow, when it stops-give a dose and watch.

If 200c ss is used up without improvement... post here and we will worry - and decide what's next.
Astra2012 last decade
Thank you. One more question: what form of homeopathic medicine should I use? pills, tinctures, etc.
rose70 last decade
It doesn't matter-whatever form you can buy (but from reliable place!)

Actually there are 2 remedies for autism that you may try yourself: nat-m (likes salty things) and thuja (from vaccinations, often yeast infections).
Read about them to select the one that fits your daughter better-and start with that one.

I also remember your other question.

I know only of a good homeopath from Philadelphia and she has no experience with autism-so I asked around-will let you know if there's someone worth trying (the problem is that many homeopaths are not -like regular drs-and you don't know that until you actually talk with that person).
Astra2012 last decade
if thimerosal (form of mercury used as filter) in vaccinations---is causation , then treatment need be started with sulphur--
1 dose sulphur 30c--note response--take note of all new symptoms (never ,in entire life,had before)--this guide to next remedy---if old symptoms arise (had before at any time in life),then sulphur ''gave good response''--observe-- may need change potency...
John Stanton last decade
Interesting, since Sulphur was originally recommended (for other reasons) by RemedyFinder a few months ago. Description of Sulphur personality I read sounded a lot like her and my husband - and a little like me too!

She's been getting 200C Sulphur (5 Boiron pellets) about 2X/wk, and I've seen some improvement. Is that a good brand? Dose to high? Not frequent enough dosing? Should I make a stock solution of Sulphur, as described above?

She doesn't like to just leave the pellets under her tongue and sometimes crunches them a little; her autism prevents her from following instructions perfectly. SS might be better for her.
rose70 last decade
1 dose "only" and observe response---often complications from unnecessary repitition of dose.. stop giving sulphur and watch-wait---symptoms will guide to next step--as far as potency 200c is ok ---no more dosing though--
John Stanton last decade
Sulphur generally increases reactivity to other remedies-but you give one dose only - ss are better (in my opinion) if you want to treat chronic diseases over longer period of time).
Do not worry if she grinds the pellets with her teeth-the sugar pills act only as a carrier for the remedy solution - the remedy is absorbed immediately (fracture of a second).

Thuja is not only indicated for ill effects of vaccinations, autism,
and according to Murphy's MM for effects of mercury.
It also likes salty foods and has yeast infections.
What indicates sulphur?
Astra2012 last decade
Rose: This is referral to classical homeopath in NYC area-he is well qualified but I have no idea if he actually treated autism.

Pierre Fontaine RSHom (NA)
343 West 71st Street
New York NY 10023

Pierre Fontaine RSHom (NA)
262 East Main St. Suite A
Babylon NY
call for app't 212-334-7360

Pierre Fontaine RSHom (NA)
98-15 74th Ave.
Forest Hills (Queens) NY

And then, if you can see him when he's in NYNY, I'd recommend Will...
Will Taylor, MD
School of Homeopathy, New York
964 3rd Ave., 8th Floor
New York NY 10155-0003

If you have any question-post here.
Astra2012 last decade
Hello Rose:
How are you doing?
Astra2012 last decade
Fine; sorry I didn't post in a while. I've made an appt. with Pierre Fontaine; hopefully we'll be able to find her simulum(sp?). Thanks for all your help!
rose70 last decade
Thanks for replying. Let me know (please) how you're both doing under his treatment (altough I really understand how little-if any-time you have)
Astra2012 last decade
I want to drag this thread up for another mother-maybve Diana will get in touch with Rose...
Astra2012 last decade
Hi Rose:

How about your daughter? I need to know more information about remedy for autism, since I have a autism son.


diananick last decade

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