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I too have been having the itchy scotum for several years. Been to a couple of doctors, pills, creams, overcounter, prescriptions. Nothing worked. Last week I was digging in the medicine cabinet looking for something to relieve the itching and I spotted the Caladryhl gel for poision ivoy/oak and minor skin irratations. I used a little dab and there was some stinging as I have scratch so hard I get bleeding at times. However, that went away in less then a minute and slept all night. I did not have the urge to scratch but if I did scratch then it was itching. I have been using this now for 5 days and I have to say. The itching is completely gone, even if I test scratch the area I don't have the urge to continue scratching.

This is great, after several years I seem to have found something that works.
It is made by Parke Davis.
itchnomore last decade
I have been dealing with the itchy sweaty mess as well and I have to say I prayed to the Lord on it and Ive been using 'Safeguard' brand soap for a few weeks and it has made a SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT! Hallelujah! I thank you for that posting! I can go back to sleeping comfortably now and not just on my back to keep from aggravating it. The sweatiness still occurs sometimes and makes it itch a little but i just apply a little baby powder and it helps stop it (There is also anti-itch powder by Gold Bond and Target that helps). Im still looking for something to completely rid me of the sticky sweat so I will try the B2 and Caladryhl gel and pray on that too. Im happy and inspired because I know VICTORY is on the way and I'm keeping the FAITH!

P.S. Does anyone else notice a swollen bump on either side of the scrotum that seems to be the source of the sticky sweat?

Thanks yall! We will get through this! Just believe! :-)
aocm01 last decade
Hi, for a few months i been dealing with the same issue.I have been tested for stds and dont have anything.My doc said I may have a fungal infection or some jock itch.but sometimes i have a crawling and itching sensation underneath my testicales.its not crabs or anything got checked for that.i think i might try the baby powder and see if the hypersensitivity thing is my issue to.this is really running me crazy.could this be due to medicine i been taking?
bigjmoney08 last decade
I have the solution to everyone's problem.

I have also been there...the constant itching, tingling, slightest touch makes you scratch harder and harder until you break the skin right off. It was to the point I was itching or hurting from the bleeding.

Until I found the solution. You have to follow these EXACT measures for cure.

1. Wash thoroughly (with scrubber and anti-bacterial soap)... that area gets very dirty (use a white rag and see how much dirt pilesup)

3. Shave your scrotum with a safety razor (2 to 3 blades, high quality). The hair keeps that area warm...(think fur on a dog for warmth, same concept)...be sure to keep this area shaved...prickly hair growing back in makes this area twice as itchy.

2. Use Anti-Fungal or Cornstarch Powder immediately after drying from wash. Be sure to get between the folds...this is the area that actually sweats from the skin to skin heat. Use liberally!

3. Wear boxers to allow this area to breathe during the day.

4. When you get home from work, change underwear or allow for air to get in this area and put some Petoleum Jelly (Vaseline) all over this area. (It keeps it from drying out, and if you need to scratch, it provides lubrication to prevent the sores).

Follow these 4 steps and I promise you that you will post on here later testifying that there is a HUGE difference.
been_there last decade
another frequently used remedy is Crot tig
PANNAKKAL last decade
Synalar C worked for me. Within a day or so the itch vanishes. Problem: long term use causes thinning of skin of the thighs which comes into contact with the scrotum.

Alternative is DERMOVATE. After one application the itch goes away. Then you only need to apply thinly every two days or so. Problem: As with Synalar C, this is not a permanent solution. The itch returns if you stop the medication for a week or so!!
I use a 25 gr tube of the cream every three months. I am dependent on it.
Flexibility last decade
I have had really bad perianal itching, with broken skin and a lot of irritation and sometimes itching all over, which started suddenly 29 years ago when I caught crab lice, which were treated within days at a GUM clinic, but the itching persisted and got worse, eventually breaking the skin and it ha been eczematous ever since and bad enough to prevent sleep.

I recently found out that these insects inject a protein when they drink your blood, which usually does cause irritation.

Four years after the episode with the lice, I got flu which settled in my ears and I got itchy eczema in my right ear that also persisted ever after.

Sometimes my skin has been so itchy all over that I have taken painkillers just to be able to sleep.

I am still no nearer to a cure, as I am sure there is no homoeopathic remedy to treat this.
anon539 last decade
I have the same problem. Many times people are not helpful because if they didn't learn it and it goes against some law of they learned in school then it basically goes against their religion. Cut out the sugar and this will solve your problem. I'm not sure what it is but I have read about yeast surfacing to the skin but doctors think your nuts, even though its not their nuts that are itching. My appoligies for the human condition, pittiful isn't it, but then no one said people where perfect and this is heaven, sometimes I think its quite the opposite, especially the prideful human condition.
ichy2 last decade
I have had the same problem. I have found a cup of fat free yogurt in the morning and evening as well as a clove of garlic twice a day is very helpful. Vinegar helps but can be painful. Soaking in a hot bath with a mild vinegar is very helpful also.
johnsoda last decade
Vitamin B2 knocked out the itch in less than 2 days!!!!!!
johnsoda last decade
The 4 step seems to just address the symptoms. Years ago I tried to fight the yeast problem.

Not using a quality program to replace the friendly bacteria in the gut after antibiotics. Yeast takes over the small intestine which can lead to all kinds of degenerative diseases. Google it.

There are thousands of bugs that the human body is host to. No one wants to make that a big public deal. E.G. there is a worm that lies dormant in your eyebrow's until you die, those are the worms that come out to eat your brain when you die. You didn't need to know that right? Likewise there are many species of bugs all over your body that can cause problems.

There is a book I heard of but have not read yet. The guy talks about taking hot and cold showers alternately one after another in a specific order that most of these bugs can not live through. It is supposed to cure many problems.

As for the small intestine stay away from flour and sugar. You will also loose weight right away and live longer.
ichy2 last decade
Today, medical mycological knowledge laggs well behind that of bacterial diseases.

Candida albicans is a dimorphic fungus. That is, it grows as both mycelium and yeasts. This is one reason why there were so many names given to this fungus. This fungus is found among the normal flora of the mouth, digestive tract, and vagina of perfectly healthy people, but under some circumstances, and for reasons unknown, it may cause severe and even fatal infections, with lesions and eruptions of the skin, nails, mouth, bronchial tubes and lungs. The reason for this outbreak is difficult to pinpoint since the fungus is generally present on and within the body of healthy individuals. There are suggestions that there are special strains of this species that are pathogenic. This is suggested by the fact that this disease can be contagious and epidemics have occurred. Predisposition may also play a role in infection. Oral infections known as thrush is relatively common. There are various infections on the body that may be at the Doctor Fungus website.

Unlike bacterial diseases, fungal diseases are more difficult to treat. Often topical and oral treatments are long term and may only be partially successful in controlling the fungus, if they work at all. Many infections will be chronic and if you are fortunate enough to rid the infection from your body, there is always the possibility of recurrence of the disease. Why the difficulty in treating fungal diseases? Many serious bacterial diseases have been successfully treated and usually without side affects from the drugs used. This usually is not the case with treatment of fungal diseases. The reason for this is that fungi, like people, are eukaryotes, making the two types of cells similar, at least more similar than to bacterial cells. There is enough similarity that when attempts are made to rid your body of a fungal infection, with chemicals, it is difficult to find a treatment that can remove the fungus without doing significant damage to your own cells.
ichy2 last decade

For the last 6 years I was suffering from a terrible itch in my scrotum and penis, which spreaded to be anal itchyint as well.

There was no redness, or any rash. I have showed the itching areas to a number of doctors, and they could not see any physical marks which might indicate why i am itchying.

Desipte that fact, they gave me all kinds of creams, loations, alovere, powders, moistness loations. Here are some of the names of medicines i have tried and DID NOT HELP: Esracain, Threolone, betacorten, A.D.Gel, A-DERMA, Cetomag...

Than, they sent me to the lab, looking for a fungus. That came out negative.

They said it is because i sweat a lot, and that i need to put moistness cream, wear untight boxers, take 2 showers a day..yada yada yada.

I tried Homeopathy and Naturopathy medicines which did not ease the itch.

I than started thinking about what i was eating. I tried taking off things from my menus. Didn't help.

Finally, one of my doctors suggested i change my shower soap. Instead of a regular soap, he told me to use BABY OIL bathing soap. THAT WORKED!!!!!!! I am currently washing all of my upper body + scrotum areas with this oil, my legs with a regualr soap, and my hair with a shampo. VERY IMPORTANT: when you wash your head from the shampo, tilt it so the soap will not touch your upper body and from there to the scrotum. make sure the soap drops straight to the floor so the only thing that touches your scrotum is the oil soap.

It took about 2-3 weeks from the day i started using this oil until the itching stoped. So be patient. The name of my soap is 'AMOL', from Dr. fisher ( i live in israel). On the package it sais it contains Camomil and Azolan for skin relaxing. (it might help you locate a similar oil at your country).

I do not have a good explaination to this solution, since i took allergy tests which did not result in any positive allergies.

I have been the happiest person in the world, since i stoped itching, and i hope that if you are reading these line, you will be happy too, very soon!!!
yoave last decade
Likewise, I had the same problem as you have all described. It started with jock itch, which was treated with Clotrimazole - a regular, over the counter cream. It seemed to do the trick, eliminating the redness and itching in the groin area within a few days. However, the itching on my scrotum never seemed to completely go away, although upon inspection of the skin, looked completely normal. It persisted for over a year, so I just suspected that the jock itch fungus never got completely eliminated. I continued using the Clotrimazole, and it would help, but the itch would return as soon as I stopped using it.

I did all the other things as well, like wearing boxers, using baby powder, etc. to keep the area dry, because my scrotum always felt a bit moist.

However, nothing seemed to completely get rid of the itch. So after reading the above posts about hypersensitivity, I got to thinking, maybe it was itching because it was just too dry? So I did the exact opposite of what was intuitive, and applied moisturizer (sparingly). And to my surprise, it worked! The itching is basically gone now.

I think that perhaps the medicated cream was making me feel better only because it acted like a moisturizer, and not because of the ingredients. Ironically, maybe it was the extended use of Clotrimazole that was making my skin feel moist and sensitive?

I should also add that at the same time, I decided to use my daily facial cleansing toner on my scrotum, as I figured if it cleaned/exfoliated my face, it wouldn't hurt to clean my scrotum a bit more thoroughly as well.

Obviously, this combination may not work for everybody, but if you've tried everything else, it may just work for you.

Fyi, the facial toner I use is Clinique Scruffing Lotion 2.5. And the moisturizer is Nivea SOS Body Moisturizer.

Good luck and please post if it works for you too.
neb314 last decade
I am not endorsing this, only sharing information. Expert opinion, reasoned analysis, and similar stories welcomed.

I have looked at this problem quite closely from experience. Similar symptoms as first post, but also a tightness on sides of penile shaft, and front 'juncture' between penis and scrotum, along with.

I've spent alot of time trying various treatments, early on, like 8 years ago, from various drying agents, antifungals, powders, aloe, etc. In my case, I first noticed the condition around 2000 or so, and noticed also that pubic hair had become thinner, or even missing in region of interest (primarily the right side in my case, Initially, I picked at it, made small pin pricks, etc, and ultimately decided to simply leave it alone, which I did for about 8 years. during that time some of the pubic hair returned, but there remained a noticeable bald spot in the pubic hair on right hand side, and over this time period, noticed that the itch persisted, and the scrotum became noticeably denser during this time. I began to look closely again at this about 6 months ago due to continued itching, and a kind of unpleasant realization that during the preceding years, I had put on some weight, notably in the thigh region, and that the growth in my thighs was accompanied by noticeable discomfort (i.e. chafing of inner thigh, tightness,itchiness and a noticeable decrease in the hair on inner thight. After taking significant time, I noticed in general that the itching was coming from well below the skin's surface, and that scratching the surface only begged the question. The theory that had made sense to me was that collagen./cholesteral/ pubic hair had grown into the scrotum, instead of the hair breaking through the skin, the cholesteral draining down , and the collagen doing whatever it does ( I frankly do not understand what this collagen is, although I am inclined to suspect that it is really hair that never become hair due to its subsurface growth.

So very long story short: I spent months poking, prodding, and otherwise perturbing the scrotal area, as well as thigh on the right hand side. I went extremely slowly so that I didn't make any huge actions that I would regret later. I won't bore with details, but only state that I am quite sure that my condition was indeed a subcutaneous growth of material that ultimately impeded normal drainage, led to a concentration of cholesteral buildup in the area.

This began to alarm me. I have not looked at various cancers, infections, etc, of the pubic region, but I am quite certain that this condition is quite possibly a cause of unwanted, and unwelcome cell growth. I need to look at the physical properties of these sorts of ailments to know if what I have is a precursor to that. This is a very interesting question.

The cure:

While I still have quite alot of treatment to underfo, I feel very strongly through trial and error, and many mistakes, that the most direct way to fix this problem is by piercing the scrotum, and releasing the fluid/hair built up in the scrotum, and also in the channel between the thigh and scrotum. The key, here, is that you only use the natural channels in the scrotum that nature provides. There are very definite such channels, and to get creative almost always leads to a painful, and unhelpful result. To find these channels, simply scratch your scrotum in the most satisfying way, and your fingernails will trace them out. I would draw a diagram, but this forum doesn't allow.

Again, having gone about it knowing nothing, I believe I have learned something like an optimal way to do it. You start with the fold of skin nearest to the shaft of the penis. This fold 'turns a corner' that is particularly amenable to scratching. Instead of simply scratching it (which actually may work if done regularly), pull a pin or needled in the channel towards yourself. As with anything you attempt in this area...GO SLOW, and eventually you will find it very easy to find the natural 'channels' that need to be scratched. If you feel sharp pain, or a dull ache, then stop immediatlely. If you find that a scratch produces almost no feeling (i.e. dead tissue), but that it feels very good in terms of 'itching the scratch', and is accompanied by significant bleeding, then you are on the right track.

This sounds really gross, I realize...and borderline masochistic or whatever... and actually, it is pretty gross. I am frankly going through so much hydrogen peroxide and Alcohol to keep things sanitary that its something I try not to draw attention to!! Masochistic, however, it is not. I have no desire to harm myself, have no weird fascination with bleeding, cutting myself, and no psychological predisposition for castration and whatnot...I like my nuts where they are, and would like to see them happy and healthy for years to come!

When I began this process something like 8 months ago, I had basically no hair on any part of my testicles, today, I am finally getting hair springing out all over the place, particularly out of the channels I speak of above. There is also a fine 'peach fuzz' evenly distributed around the testicles where there was nothing previously.

If you try this, you will find the process both really nasty, putrid (I believe is the word) blood to issue from the affected region. interestingly, however, there is no scarring I can see. You can have a major issuance, and be a bloody mess, jump in the shower, towel off, and look and feel totally normal.

If anyone considers this, be prepared to spend, literally, hundreds of hours of painstaking work. The only payoff is the feeling when you do get a critical channel opened up, and the intense pleasure that really is like finally scratching the worst itch.

I don't know how much longer I will have to go at this. If I had healthcare, I would run this past a very knowledgeable physician, but hopefully this board will suffice. my hope is to get the pubic hair back on the rhs of the testicles, hopefully get at least some of the growth to return on the inner thighs (It began to appear very shortly after breaking a critical strand in the thigh over the past two days. . Beyond that, I feel for some reason that I would really need to spend a week getting, sweating, and importantly, getting major amounts of sun. I think the absence of these is a pretty major contributor to this type of condition.

I would really appreciate any input that any very knowledgeable person in this area might have here. I have a ton of questions that I would love to have answered before completing this treatment. For instance, could the cholesterol/fibrous/buildup in the scrotum be a natural defense against anything? That would be bad if so. I can't imagine its a great thing but I do not know. Also, although most of the drainage seems to be exterior, I suspect that there is internal loosening and discharge of this cholesterol laden fluid...It would be great if it went straight to the anus, and out, but I can't tell if this is the case or not. The bottom of the scrotum appears to be completely isolated from the colon/anus, but stuff ending up there must have someplace to go! Anyone know the answer to this?

Finally, any certain dangers I am not considering would be nice to know about if there are experts reading this. No fear mongers, please, only people who are sure of clear reasons for serious concern.
okokokok last decade

I have been suffering with a wicked scrotum itch for several years. I did some research on candida and probiotics.

I took 7 high potency probiotics 2 times a day.
Within 3 days the itchign started to suside.

Keep this up for 2 weeks and maintain it. The itching is gone.

I used the Jarrods brand. No refrigeration required.

Best of health.
nomoreitch last decade
SodenHealthySkin dot com

I had been told (and i thought) it was jock itch so i was doing about anything that I could to keep the area dry since jock itch is caused from over-sweating.

3 doctors told me that it was jock itch and said stuff like 'well you must sweat alot' (which is true) 'so thats why you have it'

Finally i moved a little farther south of Baltimore to Laurel and figured id see what a doctor would say out here. By the grace of God Almighty I came across Dr Soden. He listened to me tell my story of dealing with that for about 2 years or so and I told him all the things I did to try to treat it and he let me tell it all and after I finished naming everything (I made a list on my blackberry lol) Without flinching he said you have dry skin and thats the problem. WOWZA and I was doing all of these treatments trying to keep the place dry since it seemed moisture was the problem (powder and everything), but that was actually working to HELP the PROBLEM.

My solution: a perscription for a 'compound' of
'Triam' 0.1% (which is an abbrivation for something so consult your physician)
mixed with
God Almighty's BLESSING!

I almost immediately noticed the difference!!! I dont think I itched like that even after the second day! Now its been about a year!!!

I wanted to share this with yall because it's truly a BLESSING for me to not have to deal with that itch!!!

aocm01 last decade
I had same problem. I am not sure what triggers this. But my best guess is stress. Someone did mention in here about blow drying. He is right. Blow drying takes away itch. Another reason for itch on scrotum is if you have shaved your scrotum. It's not after you have shaved but it's because of those tiny hair that is growing back. Most of us might notice leathery scrotum or thin folds on scrotum. If so then these tiny hairs are making contacts with your skin between these folds resulting in intence itching. There is one more thing. Don't let sweat stay on or around your scrotum. Not sure what it is.. but by end of day within 12 hours there is this black dirt kind of thing that builds around and on my
scrotum. So I try to clean my scrotum with just water. Powder will just make your scrotum too dry so make sure at night before you sleep you wash your scrotum and apply oil. This will help a lot.
ItchyMan last decade

I have suffered with itching scrotum for over 8 years. Anyone who has the same thing knows the type: leathery balls, cracks in skin where it folds. Its not fungal, its not bacterial, no amount of cream, medicine, antibiotics will work. No dermotologists can solve it, etc...

Note I am not a doctor, and what I am suggesting will probably not work if your problem is fungal or some other kind of parasite... but here is THE solution:

I learned this by accident, but it works and has cured me:


#1 a shower head that can make a 'jet' setting or 'massager' setting and spray a sharp jet of water
#2 a scaling hot water supply
#3 Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion, unscented

The problem with endlessly itching scrotum of our type is that you scratch, the skin breaks, it heals and itches, you scratch, the skin breaks, etc... The real cause of this (for non fungal/parasite situations) is that you had dry skin at some point. Maybe you used powders, or were irritated from soap etc, but it really started as dry skin.

The secret is to break the chain of scratching and moisturize until the skin turns back to normal.

Here is how to do it:

Set the showerhead on the 'jet' setting where it makes a sharp stream of water. Turn water to scalding hot temperature.

SLOWLY and CAREFULLY position scrotum itch spots into the stream. You will instantly feel a deep satisfying feeling of a deep SCRATCH that finally hits the endless itch you've had for years. Yet- the skin will not be broken!!! Do this until all your itch spots finally are scratched, then towell off, and then apply the Aveeno lotion as you just were in shower and skin is now dry.

You will notice that the itching is gone. And stays gone. Repeat this once per day until all your skin is healed, the broken cracked spots are better, and your skin is back to normal.

Keep moisturizing so that you never dry out again.

I have very good doctors, have tried hundreds of medicines, coal tar, Dead Sea salt etc... nothing worked until now. I always had a feeling that this needed a 'physical' solution rather than medicine- and indeed it does work. I can scratch without breaking skin, moisturize, and I'm finally healed.

I am interested to know if this helps anyone else.
ballz227 last decade
my problem started with antibiotics. at first i thought it was hives because i was also using a new detergent.

i used all kinds of creams and lotions and it seemed to help for an hour or two. but it kept coming back and it was looking real bad down there. upper thighs - one side a flat reddish rash the other side red bumps.

after some research i found out antibiotics can cause fungus/ yeast problems. and from a lot of reading i think hives, skin rashes, and itching stem from fungal problems.

anyway, after washing my clothes many times i finally read that rinsing with vinegar helps get rid of detergent residue. so when i finally washed my clothes again with that, it helped a lot.

but the main issue was the jock itch/rash and what has really been working and Immediately Stopping the itch, is cleaning/wiping with Apple Cider Vinegar, using a cotton round. you might want to dilute it some because when i first used it, it was so bad down there that it burned (Cold Shower!). because of that i use 70% Apple Cider Vinegar and 30% Water. Do half and half if you want and then work your way up.

And just wiping/ scrubbing has Healed it Big Time. The skin is looking and feeling more smooth and clean.

A lot of health sites say to use the organic apple cider vinegar. but i've been using the store brand. it works just fine.

but the real main issue, for me, is to heal from the inside out. Taking vitamins, olive leaf extract pills (antifungal) coconut oil (anitfungal).

Research these things! Earthclinic website has helped me a lot.

Cure yourself and Heal. Good luck!
cleanit last decade
mani_jee last decade
Years ago I visited a dermatologist who had been my fellow in immunology asking about my itchy scrotum. He laughed and said 'what's with you old guys and your itchy balls?' He prescribed Nystatin and triancinilone (antifungal + cortisone derivative) - it really never worked. Here is what I have found to work. Make a dilute solution of Clorox (about 1pt Clorox + 6 parts water). Apply liberally to wash cloth plus soap and wash the area well. [you may need to play with dilution - too strong can burn!] When I finish that I put a 'hand'full on the affected area - finish showering and shower that area to rinse off last. My presumption is that the itch is caused by the fungus monila/candida which integrates into the skin cells. I also sleep with a device I made that keeps my scrotum away from my body - like a sling. That diminishes the heat and sweaty affect.
Sometimes I apply the Nystatin + and I am not sure if that helps. (I have tried antibiotic creams with no results - except for the 'fishies' which accumulate under the foreskin after sex.
Lastly, a theory: Monila/Candida is endemic to women and the vagina is an ideal incubator. I really think that older women have fungi that are antifungal resistant.
Itchundercontrol last decade
The problem is bacteria. I suffered for many years. Get a antibacterial hand sanitizer and apply it when you are itchy and before bed. And make sure you are using an antibacterial soap when you shower. Don't waste your time with all this other stuff. Trust me it works.
imbetter last decade
I'm suffering this skin disease for almost 15 years up to now... It started when I'm just 12 years old, and now I'm already 27... I went to a dermatologist before and he prescribed me with DIPROGENTA OINTMENT and ITERAX (Hydroxizane Tablet). It can stop the itching and make my scrotum normal, but the problem is, I don't want to use that medicines for my whole life. And also, I can't see those medicines here in Saudi Arabia. I'm an Overseas Filipino Worker... Please help me guys how can I cure my skin disease here in KSA since I already used my medicines that I brought from the Philippines. It can really affect my working here. Thank you!
pinoyinriyadh last decade
It seems that all of us men are in the same boat. Hopefully the posts have been helpful to most folks. I've recently seen a second dermatologist (after pretty much losing so much hope with my doctor and the previo0us dermatologist I saw) but she seems to have a good understanding of the situation. I was diagnosed with LICHEN SIMPLEX CHRONICUS, which is a disorder that leads to chronic itching and scratching. You can google it for more info. Basically, it's an itch and scratch cycle ending up in the thickening of the skin. This made a lot of sense for me as the itching would not go away with anti-fungal or bacterial treatments. Mild steroid creams worked but only temporarily. It also explained why there was some form of flaking on the pubic hair region (which could easily be misdiagnosed for a fungal infection). Initially the dermatologist prescribed a very strong topical steroid (Dermovate ointment) + Lamisil + a combination of calamine and camphor (to soothe the itching). The combination worked for me and gave me relief. I had the option to continue using the ointment, however, as the skin has thickened from scratching, I opted for steroid injections instead (yes, massive ouch!!!) as a long term cure. It's been 2 weeks now and I haven't felt any itching. However, it is also importatnt to be conscious NOT to scratch as the disease is CYCLIC - i.e. the more you scratch, the thicker the skin gets and the worse it gets. I hope this helps as I empathize with everyone and understand how frustrating, annoying and painful the condition can get.
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hope4usall last decade
Here’s what helped me:
By prescription, Clotrimazole (1%) and Betamethasone Dipropionate (.05%). This is a cream which you apply to the scrotum twice a day for two weeks. For me, it didn’t kick in for several days, during which I got some relief from Gold Bond Anti-Itch Lotion (although that stung at times.)

Other tips:
Use a blow dryer to dry thoroughly after showers or baths.
Use a commercial lubricant rather than saliva for sex/masturbation.
Snoofle last decade

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