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Severe and persistent Dandruff

Hi friends.
Can any body help me in ridding severe dandruff on my
head, eyebrows
and mustaches; rather all hairy parts, exclusively
chest, which itch a
lot sometimes.Hair glands
on my chest look
red and itching. Don't tell me about Sanicula,Arsenicum,thuja,flouric
acid, phosphoros,sulpher,kali sulph or Bediaga. I have
tried them all for
no avail. Let me tell you two other leading symptoms. I have lots of hard nodes here and there under my skin. The other symptom is that whenever I sleep my mouth fills with fatid water and my mouth feels hot and scorched. Whenever I sleep in daytime I feel whole of my body aching up at waking. I can not sleep more than one hour during day time.
  glenwood on 2005-11-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I note that you have used almost all the remedies for your severe dandruff. I have used Arnica 30c successfully for a similar condition and would suggest that you too use it in the water dose made up as follows:

Get a 500ml bottle of spring water
Pour out 50ml
Put in 3 globules Arnica 30c and close cap tightly.
Hit the bottle hard on your palm or a cushion and watch for the water to fizzle like when you open a bottle of soda. This is succussion and the way we increase the potency of the remedy to enable the body, in this case your hair follicles to improve with the remedy which is taken twice daily after succussion 6 times before each dose.

Report your response in a week after you start on this therapy.

Use Johnson;s Baby shampoo exclusively on your hair as it is possible that the shampoo you use is adding to your discomfort.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear joe Livera I am really thankful to you for typing such a lengthy reply for me and being the first one to respond my problem. And I have seen many of yours such quick responses to people's problems on this forum.You have a soft and kind heart in your body! Are you a Homeophisician? That said, I want to ask you how much of amount of that potentised water should I take as one dose?
glenwood last decade
My apologies as I did not specify the dosage which is just one teaspoonful to be taken after succussing the bottle 6 times before each dose.

I hope that your will overcome your chronic problem.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe and Doctor Kuldeep

I have used both of medicines-------Arnica 30 and phytolacca decandra------- recomended by you people for very little avail. could you please recomend me any new medicine. Condition of my dandruff is near to or may be it is Seborrhoeic dermatitis.
glenwood last decade
Dear Joe and Doctor Kuldeep

I have used both of medicines-------Arnica 30 and phytolacca decandra------- recomended by you people for very little avail. could you please recomend me any new medicine. Condition of my dandruff is near to or may be it is Seborrhoeic dermatitis. Recoment me what to do next. I don't want to resort to any other way to treatment.
glenwood last decade
Since you did not respond positively to the Arnica I would like you to use Suphur 1M in the water dose which is made up in the same manner that I indicated for the 30c above.

Please note that you may only use 1 teaspoonful per week as at this high potency you must not use it any more often.

You should observe an almost immediate response of your dandruff to the Sulphur 1M.

You may continue to take the Arnica 30 for your hair loss.
Joe De Livera last decade
Seborrhoeic Dermatitis has scales over red inflammed surface and in dandruff it is over normal skin. Dandruff is also called S.D. without inflammation. If it is S.D., arsenic alb 6C, 4 hourly and Radium Bromide 30C, once a week are the medicines. If you are interested, I will explain how to take in liquid dose.
sahai last decade
Dear Dorctor Joe, thanks a lot for your considerate reply. Dear Joe it will be little misleading not to tell you that my hair falling has mitigated considerably and I have noticed an improvement in my dandruff conditions upto 5% after the use of three weeks that is why I wrote in my previous post "to very little avail". Do you think it is considerable improvement? Actually I was expecting more quick results during this span of time. I have been using sulpher in the past, so I will not use it this time, rather I will like to stick to Arnica cos I have developed some confidence in this medicine, so I will continue using it.
glenwood last decade
Treating hair loss which is further complicated with Seborrhoeic Dermatitis is not the type of cure that you can expect to happen overnight.

Just yesterday you informed me that the Arnica that I had prescribed had not helped you and when I advised you to use Sulphur 1M in the water dose you now state that you had in fact noticed some improvement and that you do not wish to use the Sulphur.

This is the type of response that I have noticed sometimes which I feel is due to the fact that the advice that I and others who try to help those who post on this forum, is given free of charge.

You must realize that I too am only human and I feel for you and those who are suffering and try to help them in the best way I can. You must realize that it takes some time and effort to prescribe a remedy to you which you first state is ineffective and when I prescribe another you state that the first has helped you and that you do not wish to use the second which I prescribed on the basis of you latest report.

I regret that I cannot waste any more time on helping you as there are many others who would like to benefit from my advice.

Do not bother me any more in the future.
Joe De Livera last decade
I am eagerly intrested in using medicines you have named. However, let me tell you that I have been using Ars.Alb 3x for quite some time. I noticed some sort of improvement but then it came to a halt. However, radium brom is new to me, so I will like you to explain how to use it for better results. You are Eningeer by profession. That is nice thing to know! You are vateran homeopath as well. I am thankful to you for your good response to my problem!
glenwood last decade
I am really sorry that I did offend a noble and considerate lady like you. Look, I did not write in my post that Arnica did not do me any good. Actully, there is an idiom in english which is "to no avail". It means that the thing did someone not good or ones efforts brought no results. But I amended for my purpose. I wrote a sentence "I have used both of medicines-------Arnica 30 and phytolacca decandra------- recomended by you people for very little avail" That actually meant that It did me some litte good. I am sorry for not being very clear in my post. Please don't get annoyed. I can not afford your annoyance, because you are serving a very noble cause of humanity, pleople like you are not less than an Angels. I have started to feel a sort of burdon at the level of my heart after reading your reply. Please forgive me or I will not forgive myself. Waiting or your reply. Glen!
glenwood last decade
I am sure you have posted such an affectionate note for Joe because, besides his qualities of heart, you have to be always nice to lady(?) Joe. After reading, Joe will have such a laugh that he will not only forgive you but immediately attend to your problems.
sahai last decade
OK Glen I shall forget your last post and your definition of "to no avail". Your use of the phrase "for very little avail" is not recognized at least in the English spoken in England as the phrase used is "of little or no avail".
So much for that.

Since you have noticed that the Arnica has indeed helped you, I would recommend that you keep using it in the future as well as it should help the growth of your hair and also serve to eliminate your Dandruff.

You may like to know that I am a 76 years old male and I have used Arnica 30 nightly since 1996 as it has helped me to maintain my BP at 120/80 pulse 65.

You would have noticed already that it has helped you to sleep more deeply than before and it is possible that it is this sleep which the Arnica promotes that may be helping with the growth of the hair.

Please report your response in a few weeks.
Joe De Livera last decade
Doctor Joe!
I am so sorry for taking you some soft-hearted middle-aged lady. However it is nice to know that you are energetic man even at 76. I am pleased to see that you have shed your annoyance. I am sorry for not being able to log on to reply. Keep up your noble ambition, it is only and shortest way to claim for nirvana or heaven. I am using Arnica 30 and want toa continue all my life like you! I have sorta belief that it will support and supplement my VITAL FORCE. One thing I want to know, is distilled water of "nestle" equal to spring water?

Dear Sahai.
Thank you for your good and amusing remarks in your post.
glenwood last decade
hello, i am from the philippines and have plenty of patients having a problem of of dundruff.

will you find it a shampoo named SELSUN BLUE ,it has a content of selinium sulfide. or if you cannot find that brand of shampoo look for a shampoo that contains the selinuem sulfide.

also used arnica 30x as i read from other advices from you.

hope it will help you.
brother last decade
Dear "Brother"

I have already used this shampoo but it did not give me any benefit.My dandruff is severe and stubborn than that shampoo's efficacy. However, thank you so much for showing your care! I will use Arnica as per recomended by Dr. Joe!
Have good time all your life!
glenwood last decade
Dear Joe

Let me bring it in your notice that I have used arnica 30 for two months or so but I have got very little benifit. What will you suggest now for me?
khan-kamran-khan last decade
Joe De Livera

I myself have used arnica more than two months but I don't have seen very good recovery. I saw a sort of improvement started and then it stoped. and since then it is there. What will you suggest me next. If you are going to advise me Sulfer 1M, I have used that already.
glenwood last decade
Arnica helps with the growth of hair and does not have any impact on Dandruff.

Many remedies are used for controlling Dandruff and before you use them it is essential that you STOP using Selenium which is a very toxic chemical.

We shall start with Phytolacca 6c in the liquid dose 1 teaspoonful taken 3 times daily after succussing the bottle before each dose.

I would like to have your response in 2 weeks or earlier if you see an improvement.
Joe De Livera last decade
I have read all the posts on here but I am afraid to try any of these. I have suffered from severe dandruff(bleeding of the scalp) on a regular basis for over a year now. I've tried various shampoos and none seem to work. Could someone recommend what I should try...I would greatly appreciate any help!!!!
lbisaac last decade
Dr. Joe De Livera,

i have been a regular visitor of this site. i also have been suffering for dandruff for quite some years now and has resulted in thinnign my hair. i am 36 year old and quite healthy.

Can i also try arnica 30c as you mentioned in this thread.(arnica montana is also same right- i checked the pharmacy here. they have arnica montana)

please reply.

reenajose last decade
just type naturalinblck (with out space) in the google search engine.

Hope this solution help...to those who has dandruff problem
superx2won last decade
Does anyone have confirmed results of arnica 30 or phytolacca on dandruff
Cher 3 years ago

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