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reduce weight

hello doctors,
i am 20 year old female experiencing an abrupt increase in my weight even after gyming for 2 hours a day in atleast 5 days of a week!
i am fat from my very childhood and have a lot of weight accumulated around my lower abdomen, thighs and buttocks...
i joined gym in 2012 , i weighed 79 kgs at the time...by 2013 i was 65 kgs...then i had to leave gym as i had my university exams...due to some other reasons i could not join gym back for around 6 months and so i became 72 kgs...now from last 8 months i have been gyming regularly for 2 hours a day ...5 days in a week on an average and i am gaining weight instead of reducing it...now am 75 kgs...my trainers are surprised because they keep telling me that noone else has such a tough workout in gym as me...i run 5kms at treadmill too..they say that 'would there had been someone else ..she would had become to the size of a pea'!!
now that fact that aftyer such a lot of pain and hard workout am not able to get any positive results...
to help you further i would start with my past history:
i was diagnosed with PCOD in 2010 when i had a problem of irregular menses and there bluish black rashes all over my body and they felt like a lump...i took homoeopathic treatment and rashes disappeared and menses became regular (although the dr had some form of code language i suppose so i don't know it was which rememedy that it was which remedy that cured me)
then i joined gym in 2012 and the rest you know..
mind: irritable , roused to anger easily especially when contraindicated , adverse to mental and physical workout, every and any small thing affects me, can not tolerate cold air in face,i love a lot of attention and so feel depressed a lot when i don't get it(which happens a lot often),can not sleep before 2-3 am and can not wake before 9-10 am,sometimes extremely happy sometime extremely sad, gullible , fickle minded, want to be at the top but due to my dislike for any kind of mental or physical workout i never reach there, easy go attitude towards life
sleep : i sleep on my abdomen , with my feet exposed out for getting air and i keep moving my feet (left particularly) continuously till i fell asleep,unrefreshing sleep , days look sluggish and i feel sleepy throughout the day
abdomen : bloats after drinking water or eating food , bloats before the onset of menses , intestines are too slow therefore i defecate in around 2-3 days
desires : i like to eat rich , fatty , junk food and i also have a sweet tooth so i crave for sweet..a strong craving for sweets...i crave stimulants but they increase my body heat and acne breaks out all over my face after having them
i overeat sometimes and tend to eat beyond my capacity..my trainers keep insisting me to go on a strict diet but am a food lover so it's just not my cup of tea!
could you please suggest me some treatment without going for any particular tests as i don't want to worry my parents!
if you could suggest me some treatment it would be of a great help..
thanking you sincerely
eagerly waiting for your reply.
  archita gupat on 2014-07-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear Archita,

Start taking 3 tabs each of the cell salts, Nat phos 6x, Calc Phos 6x Cal Flour 6x-
take them all at one time, dissolve under the tongue, and take these
one hour before each meal. So that is 9 tabs, 3 times a day.


You absolutely have to change your food choices and cut out the sweets.
Your food choices are disturbing your metabolism and things are not
being absorbed right, leading to slow bowels, and storing of fat.

Google how much protein you need for your height and weight.
Then figure out how to get the grams of protein in every day and make
that good, healthy, lean protein.
Have a bowl of some type of salad once a day. If you get the protein correct
you will stop craving the sugar.
When you work out at the gym like you do- your body needs more energy,
and it will want more food and more sweets and more junk- if you eat
the protein your body will get the right energy which will feel satisfying
and you will not crave this other stuff.

Your body is asking for energy and that is why you crave stimulants also-
you are simply putting the wrong fuel into you.

The cell salts or tissue salts help on a cell level- they correct imbalance.
These particular salts help with assimilation of starch and fats.

Take these for a week, and report. The rest is habit changes so you
have to make a plan and see how it works for you and little by little
you will stop craving those things and the weight will go.
simone717 6 years ago
thank you so much doctor..i will definately try and change my eating habits and my habits over all...just wanted to ask i go gyming by 7:30 - 8:00 pm in the evening nd probably return by 10 pm..so what should i have after coming back...people have suggested me for a bowl full of boiled vegetables but thaT SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE....can i have a bowl of curd?
archita gupat 6 years ago
i also wanted to ask will this really help me in reducing my weight and how much time is it going to take?
archita gupat 6 years ago
Hi- Yes you could have curd- But it is best not to eat at that time of night.

The body has cycles, people are advised not to eat after 8 pm bc that
is when the body goes into a rest mode, and doing gym at that time,
also sets the body up for 'activity' so it would be better to do this
in the morning.

No one can tell you how long this is going to take. It is a lifestyle change
and work with your body- never shock the body and make hard changes.
Work with it- these are old habits.

You have to PLAN this out- plan your food for the week, and see how
you do with it, you might crave things the first week and then by the
second week not crave them at all- so go slow.

Remember muscle weighs more than fat-What you want is to look toned
and fit-that is what you are looking for, not the scale numbers. The body also likes things regular, eat at same time, sleep at same
time, so you are doing a major remodeling here. It took time to get
where you are and it will take time to get into a new space.
[message edited by simone717 on Sat, 05 Jul 2014 18:23:56 BST]
simone717 6 years ago
Logging in to observe progress.
Joe De Livera 6 years ago
dear doctor,
thank you sooo much for your advise. but i do have a query i do not look that fat...i look ok...i mean by seeing at me people will never be able to tell my weight ...even if they had to guess they would say 62 or 63 is it ok with me?
are you seriously suggesting that the numbers on the scale might be misleading?
in that case m 5ft 4 inch please tell me my ideal weight according to my height.
thank you
archita gupat 6 years ago
Hi- if you are 75 kg you are probably
overweight by 10 to 15 pounds.

You should read this site and google
how to measure your BMI-rather than
look at the scale. You will see what I mean when you read this.


Your diet needs to be cleaned up anyway
bc you are eating the wrong foods at
the wrong times and that throws off
your metabolism. I don't think you
understand the protein part- someone
telling you to eat a bowl of vegetables-
that is carbs not protein. The protein
will stop food cravings for sugar ,
high fat and junk.
[message edited by simone717 on Mon, 07 Jul 2014 20:05:50 BST]
simone717 6 years ago
dear doctor,
thank you for replying and m sure understanding your concept of having protein instead of fats and junks...i have already started following a different diet regime and also recently included protein in my diet...as of now am already feeling lighter..
thank you so much on providing me with such imp piece of information :) :)
archita gupat 6 years ago
Hi- yes it takes some time to get used to doing things a new way,
and it will be hit and miss for awhile. However, once your body
gets used to having enough protein ( and of course all the other
good foods you need) cravings just go away and you have steady,
good energy, and your skin, nails, hair etc will be looking very good too.


simone717 6 years ago
hello doctor..:)
happy to report to you that i have been able to reduce 2 klgs as of now... thank you sooo much...:)
one more thing this green coffee diet is becoming too famous should i try it?..have you heard about it? you can also check the link below and tell me your opinion on this..
archita gupat 6 years ago
Hi- I have seen it and it really is a type of scam to get you to buy
products. You don't need extra things, eating correctly, exercise like
you are doing, will work.
simone717 6 years ago

In this post, I want to follow up on the cell salts. Have you been taking them?

Please give a percentage of how much better- or put same, or if it
is worse put percentage and list worse.

1.Irritible, angry when contradicted

2. unrefreshed sleep

3. cold air bothers the face

4.Need for attention

5.cravings for sweets

6. bowels don't move for 3 days

7.bloated abdomen

Anything else you may notice that is better or worse.


simone717 6 years ago
hello doctor,
sorry was late in replying as i have my college from 9 am to 4 pm nd den gym...anyways
answers to your questions:
1.irritable , angry when contradicted - 88/100
2. unrefreshed sleep - 70/100
3. cold air bother face - 89/100
4. need for attention - 95/100
5. cravings for sweet - 80/100
6. bowels don't move for three days - 23/100
7. bloated abdomen - 75/100
archita gupat 6 years ago
Thanks Archita, those results are good. I want to know
more about the bowels.

Please describe the stool.

Is the frequency still every 3 days?
simone717 6 years ago
heya ,
yeah my stool is like ummm..recently i've started drinking a lot of water so the stool actually comes in the morning as well as night after i drink water....now i don't wait for 3 days and feel a lil bit light over my days too
archita gupat 6 years ago
Ok- well if it is coming twice a day- why is the percentage
listed as only 23 percent better? ( am confused)
simone717 6 years ago
actually m sorry ...ther';s a bit confusion over here....m not telling the percentage about how much it got better but it's the percentile of the ailment m still experiencing...:(...that means i experience discomfort in stool very very rarely..
archita gupat 6 years ago
Ok, I understand.

The cell salts were to help with the weight
loss and constipation. You can keep taking them for another week and report
simone717 6 years ago

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