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I would prefer you to take liquid form. In case you can't source it, go for 3 pellets as one dose.

Don't crush or bite the pellets..just chew them as long as they don't get fully dissolved and absorbed.
rishimba 5 years ago
thanks ,sir
I'll be back with response of the medicine.
bieny 5 years ago
Let me know your condition after a week.If this works, its fine otherwise, we will try the second best indicated remedy.

So, keep me updated on your condition as you need to start a sustained treatment if this trial dose produces a response.
rishimba 5 years ago
hi rishi sir,
I have taken 2 doses of cocculus till now. After the first dose,first day, within 30 minutes I found major relief. The vertigo sensation dropped from 100 % to 30% but the effect started wearing out after 8-10 hrs and once it had worn out ,the floating vetigo sensation was back ,about 60% as intense as before , not full blown and it has stayed that way even after taking the second dose this morning. Also the headache is still there but mainly concentrated on the right eye ridge and right side of occiput.
rishi sir, In aspect cocculus has worked very well is the sharp, buzzing sound that I hear and also ear pressure. Both areas have shown great response.
will I have to take cocculus for a long time now to have the same effect as after the first dose ?
please advise, sir
thanks !!
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bieny 5 years ago
Good to know COCCULUS has shown response. This was a test dose to know if it was the right remedy. I feel you need to take it whenever symptoms relapse...or you can find out the frequency of a sustained dose, based on how long the potency holds.

For acute conditions, take one dose of 30C daily for a week and then let me know your overall condition.

Don't increase the potency as long as this potency shows response.
rishimba 5 years ago
so I can take multiple doses a day when I feel the previous dose's effect has worn out ?? sorry for this inane question.
thanks !
bieny 5 years ago
Yes, you can take once in about 6 to 8 hours in acute situations.
rishimba 5 years ago
hi rishi sir,
I wan to update that I am doing okay and can go through my day without any medications . The vertigo sensation is about 50 % of what it was before and on turning my head sideways I get all dizzy. Also when I take the stairs, I get a rush of dizziness.
My ear pressure is much reduced though I get some sensitivity/pressure for about 10sec , 2-3 times a day . The ringing is much reduced , not gone , but both frquency and the intensity are reduced.
bieny 5 years ago
That's good to hear. It may take some time but now I am convinced that this is the right remedy for you. Follow some rules...

Take a dose only when symptoms relapse.

Don't increase potency as long as this potency shows response.

Go for the next higher potency when this potency doesn't show any response...but take only a single dose to see how long it holds.
rishimba 5 years ago
hi rishi sir
A few observations.
1) I am feeling a bit more ear pressure for two days. It comes as a blocked feeling ,stays for about 2 mins and then goes away but the frequency has increased. A couple of days back it used to happen for about 2-3 times a day but now it is persistently present ,like something has masked my ears. Ringing,buzzing has much reduced (fingers crossed ! ).

2) no headaches . Neither vertex nor occiput.

3) vertigo - I feel my vertigo has reduced in scope and spread.Earler I used to feel wobbly, shaking and swaying sideways but now the sideways spread and wobble has got concentrated and restricted a lot. Though the spread ,sway has got narrowed down ,yet the intensity is as it is. I feel spaced out , imbalanced.

4)sir, I also want to ask , as the mental exertion makes my vertigo worse,even after taking cocculus . Like ,say, studying/reading for a couple of hours exacerbates the dizziness. vertigo wont go away until I stop studying/reading ? :( :'(

sir please tell about ear pressure ( am I relapsing ? ) and about new symptoms of spaced out,imbalanced , floaty type of vertigo
I take a dose of cocc ind 30c every morning . If I miss , dizziness becomes severe.

Thanks !!
bieny 5 years ago
In your case ear pressure will be cured by PULSATILLA.

Whenever you feel pressure in your ears, take a few doses of PULSATILLA 30C once every 4 hours.

I am hopeful these two remedies will keep you comfortable. Later you can take single doses of higher potencies for long term relief.

You may have to take weekly doses of PULSATILLA 1M for some weeks. For now, it seems pulsatilla is your constitutional remedy.
rishimba 5 years ago
Thanks for replying sir,
which potencies of pulsatilla should I start with ? should I purchase both 30c and 1M ?
bieny 5 years ago
Start with 30C initially and go higher to 200C and then 1M if the earlier potency doesn't give full relief.
rishimba 5 years ago
I'll get pulsatilla and start with 30c .
bieny 5 years ago
rishi sir,
This post is not about my usual carping about my health.
sir, wish you a great and a prosperous happy new year 2015. May God keep showering all the greatest gifts of life on you.
Thanks !!
bieny 5 years ago
Thank you bieny. I wish you and your family a wonderful 2015.

Do come back to share your notes once in a while after taking Pulsatilla.
rishimba 5 years ago
Thanks for your wishes ,sir.
I have taken 2 doses of pulsatilla 30c . It has helped my ear fullness/sensitivity. Frequency reduced greatly.
vertigo showed improvement initially just after taking the dose but it is the same as before now.
For how many days/doses should I take puls ? can I take it twice a day ?
also should cocc be continued ? cocc 30c has not been showing the same effect as it had shown in the intial few doses.
please advise.
thanks ,sir.
bieny 5 years ago
Sure, you can take a sustained dosage of Pulsatilla or Cocculus if it helps.

It is expected that after a few weeks, you may either get finally cured or the remedies would stop working at all. In the latter case, you will have to start the next higher potency.

Take a dose whenever symptoms relapse. It could be once a day or once every alternate day. Its up to you based on the results you get.
rishimba 5 years ago
hi sir,
I am holding up well. The dizzines/vertigo episodes are present but now there is larger time gap between two episodes,also same thing is with ear pressure/fullness.
sir, I am taking pulsatilla on a daily basis and cocc on alternate days . Will this long term usage lead to any aggravation ?
thanks a lot !
bieny 5 years ago
If your episodes of vertigo and ear-fullness are getting more and more infrequent and the intensity of the suffering is getting weaker, there is no problem with the doses.

In case you see any of the two or both getting worse, just stop taking further doses for some days till the conditions stabilize.

This is the only way to slowly get cured of this chronic problem.
rishimba 5 years ago
hi sir,
pulsatilla 30 has grown less and less effective over the past couple of days but cocc is still working.
should i switch on to pulsatilla 200c ??
thanks !
bieny 5 years ago
Pulsatilla is considered to be a mild remedy. You should go for 200C now.
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rishimba 5 years ago
hi sir
I have got pulsatilla 200c in liquid form.
how should i take it and at how frequently ?
bieny 5 years ago
Take 3 drops in some 10 ml water as one dose. Repeat only when you relapse. On doing it a few times you will know the frequency.
rishimba 5 years ago
Thanks sir !
will update in a couple of days :)
bieny 5 years ago
hi rishi sir
I have taken 4 doses of pulsatilla 200c for 4 days till now and it doesn't seem to work. No respite from vertigo/dizziness and ear fullness. On one day i suffered intense aggravation and was experiencing intense dizziness and drowsiness for a day after too.
while pulsatilla 30 was wroking for about 3-4 hrs , puls 200 hasn't alleviated any symptom yet.
cocc 30 still works for about 6-7 hrs after that dizziness starts to creep in.

what should I try now ?
thanks !!!
bieny 5 years ago

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